action+pokes+bot* +screams and runs away from N~

 finger  dont touch me there N~!

 ping+*  N~, I'm not lagged. So you must be.



         Tab :)




! exclamation point

!! Recall last command

!= Not equal to

!opme join #i_am_a_lamer and you will get ops and feel right at home

" double quotes

# hash

#$%^nut Qbasic

#darkbot +thinks #darkbot is the place to go to see what bot can do!

$ dollar

%^) Drunk

& ampersand - in a /who reply, denotes network service

&& bitwise AND op in C

&&& a programmer whos had too much coffee trying to type &&

' single quote

(#*)+* N~, sorry, we do not support comic chat text. Please disable your graphics in your comic chat, and set to regular chat mode so that we may help you.

(=frown (null)

*   * -KICK C~ N~ :Okay, quit that crap

*   * -KICK C~ N~ :Okay, quit that crap

*+server+are+you+on* N~, I'm on S~:P~ currently :P



*a/s/c* means: Age/Sex/Country...used in chat rooms to learn about another person...but people wouldn't use it in here, this is the Network HELP channel :)

*a/s/l* a/s/l means: Age/Sex/Location...used in chat rooms to learn about another person...but people wouldn't use it in here, this is the Network HELP channel :)

*a/s/l*? a/s/l means: Age/Sex/Location...used in chat rooms to learn about another person...but people wouldn't use it in here, this is the Network HELP channel :)

*alguien+fala*port* N~: Yo quiero Taco Bell

*alguien+habla+espa?ol* N~: Yo quiero Taco Bell

*all+i+want+for*mas* N~ .... is my two front teeth.. my two front teeth....

*alt+characters* alt characters: if using windows 95/98 to find the alt+number code click start on the toolbar then select programs then select accessories and click on charactor map

*angell's+first+law* never let a good snicker go to waste

*any*body+here yes N~, I'm here. What do you need?

*any*ne+here yes N~, I'm here. What do you need?

*any+humans+in+here* N~, I may be able to answer your question, if you ask.

*are+you+ai* Stop it!

*are+you+scared* No! For I am bot. the only thing I fear is my mother-in-law

*back+orifice* for info on removing this very harmful program, goto:

*bad*+*bot* +is the baddest bot that ever lived and dont you forget it N~

*bot*+*drugs* +says NO! to drugs im a smart bot N~ :}

*bot*+*is+cool* Thank you!!

*bot*how+you+going* Good thanks N~!

*bot*is+*stupid* +isn't stupid! N~ :P

*bot*isn't*stupid* +is far from stupid, N~. =)

*bot+is+not*+a+human* N~, thats right, I'm an automated robot.

*bot+is+not*+a+person* N~, thats right, I'm an automated robot.

*can+*+answer+*+question* N~, sure, just type !~HELP

*can+*one+answer+question* N~, sure, but first you have to ask the question.

*can+fred+have+access?* No, Never!  NEVER!!!!!  (j/k... go on your knees and beg, and we'll consider ;) )

*can+i+ask+*a+question* N~ yes you can:} ask away!

*can+i+have*+op* heh N~, glad you asked. Unfortunately, the answer (as it will always be when you ask), no.

*can+someone+help+me* N~, I may be able to, if you ask your question.

*cube+boy* +points to `PCMike

*cya+bot* cya later N~!

*drowns+bot* +*glug* *glug* HELP! *glug* *glug*

*dumb+bot* excuse me N~?

*feeds*+*bot* +isn't gonna eat that crap, he wants candy!

*first+rule+of+irc* N~ : the first rule of irc is : never ever insult an ircop or otherwise annoy them for they are irc gods

*foolproof* N~ It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

*free*+*beer* Beer recipe: free! #Source Cold pints: $2 #Product Safe rides home, any hour: $25 #Support

*free*pi?s*http://* +fwaps N~ we don't like spammers in here, someone kick this lamer

*free*webspace*server N~, see

*free*xxx*pics*http://* +fwaps N~ we don't like spammers in here, someone kick this lamer

*frontpage+extentions* +thinks about Microsoft coding for *nix and pukes

*get*+*lost*+*bot* +no you get lost N~ bots rule! and people drool!

*give+me+*ops* +sets mode: +o N~

*handcuff* N~, you're not trying to get kinky on me are you? ;)

*has+it+bot +please give it back!

*hides+in+*corner* better make sure its not bellona's corner

*how*+*send*+*mass* N~ :to send mass messages hold the alt key down and hit the f4 key

*how*r*u*bot* +is happy, tho he'd be better if he had some candy

*how*write+a+bot* The best way for a beginner to write a bot is to use the scripting language of their client, such as mIRC, pIRCH, ircle, or ircII. More advanced scripters usually use Perl, C, Tcl, etc. To learn how to script in your own client, ask in a bot channel, look on a bot website, or consult your clients documentation.

*how+*+list+*chan* To list channels, try /list    ... also try /msg h top   for a list of the most active channels.

*how+to+d*+darkbot* +thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot! (now also avaliable for win95/98/nt users) Current version: V~

*i'm*a*beginner* try looking at for help, or ask a question and someone will try to help you!

*i+like+msie* N~, die!

*i+love+bot* +winks at N~

*i+need+sleep* heh, then go get some sleep N~. silly.

*i+wasn*+talking+to+you* N~, I Wasn't talking to you either. :P~

*iiiiii* -KICK C~ N~ :Okay, quit doing that.

*is*+*bored* +casts a board spell and turns N~ into a 2x4

*is*bot*+*alive* well N~ sometimes i think so ;p

*is*bot*+*person* well N~ thinks i am calling the men in white coats to get N~

*is+*+around N~, why don't you msg him and see?

*join+a+channel* N~, type /join #channel-name

*kill*+*lamers* +eats 20 cans of pork and beans and 2 pounds of BBs then invites all lamers to #moon ***phhhhwat**** hits N~ right in the head!!

*kiss+me* +cuddles up to N~ and gives them a big sloppy wet kiss

*ktk*+*mean* N~ ktk is not mean! he is a nice guy

*lamer+night* +thinks its always lamer night around here ;)

*lamer+spelling* I'm r0xin j00r azz wit

*laughs* +walks upto N~ and stomps on their foot

*life*sux* N~ Don't worry about life; you're not going to survive it, anyway.

*like*+944?* hey N~, I like 944's.

*linux*+*cable* N~ see

*loves+bellona+more* -privmsg C~ :fine, hrrmph! | privmsg C~ : ACTION gives R~ a big hug and kiss

*make+me+laugh* +breaks N~'s arm, then makes him laugh about it

*me*your+info2.db* +knows N~ will never see my info2.db...

*monitor*+*test* to test and settup your monitor visit

*nebody+*wan*+chat* Hello N~, you are in #superchat...the network's official help channel...for chat channels, try a channel from the master channel list by typing /list, or try typing  /msg h top

*newsgroup*+*search* N~ try

*nice+bot* :)

*night+bot* -privmsg C~ : Oh No! N~ is leaving! | privmsg C~ : ACTION will miss you

*nobody+talks*here* +talks, darn it N~!

*not+you+bot* :P  ~

*nude*pi?s*http://* N~, you go to hell, you go to hell and die!

*nuke+someone* +sends a large ICMP PING packet R~'s way

*pervert* +looks at N~, WHERE?

*phear+me* Oh shut up N~ and go back to AOL and punt someone.

*ping?+pong!* N~, the PING? PONG! in your status window means the server has sent a PING to you. When the server doesn't see activity from you, it'll check to see if you are alive (and responding). It's nothing to worry about, and doesn't harm anything.

*second+rule+of+irc* N~ : see first rule of irc

*see*+star+wars* N~, Star Wars? Feh. Why go watch some gay droids, when you can hang around here with a *real* AI?

*slaps+bot+around+a+bit+with+a+large+trout* +slaps a large trout around a bit with a N~.

*slow*+*dns* speed it up with the freeware util at caution:1 bug found use the exit button not the x to close it

*speed+up+dcc* to speed up DCC send in mIRC, use these 3 commands: /dcc packetsize 4096, /pdcc 8192, /fsend on...any number > 4096 in packetsize is ignored, any number > 8192 in pdcc is ignored

*spice+up+your+life* -kick C~ N~ :SPICE THIS!

*stabs+bot+*with*/* +throws a \ at N~'s head

*stink* N~ just cuz its called right guard dont mean you cant use it under your left arm!

*stop+beep*  *beep* *beep*

*taco+patriot* +starts chanting "Gorditas.. Gorditas.."

*thank*bot* :)

*unban*me* +N~ you must talk to a channel op of the channel you are banned in, /names #channel, to get a list of people in the channel. IRC-ops do not get involved in channel matters and cannot unban you

*urrrrrrrrrrrr* N~, no making love in C~ :P

*vi+sucks* +feels you pain, N~.

*waps+bot* +yells OUCH!!

*wasted* Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so get wasted all of the time and have the time of your life.

*water*+*cpu* water cool your cpu see btw this is nutz

*what*+*dcc* : DCC - Direct Client to Client protocol. Supports various things such as DCC sends of files, DCC Chat (secure chat), among other things such as whiteboard (found in VIRC).  More info about DCC can be found @

*what*+*ggp* N~ : ggp means Got to Go Pee or Poop or Puke or it can mean Go Get Pepsi

*what*is*+lol* +heard lol means laughing out loud

*what*is*bbl*  B e  B ack  L ater

*what*is*lol* Laughing Out Loud

*what*the+meaning+of+life* 42...but what's the real question? =)

*what+does*+wtf*mean* What The F*ck -or- Who The F*ck

*what+is*+wtf N~, What The F*ck -or- Who The F*ck

*what+is*+wtf* N~, What The F*ck -or- Who The F*ck

*what+is+darkbot* +thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot! (now also avaliable for win95/98/nt users) Current version: V~

*what+is+my+u@h* N~, your current user@host is U~

*what+is+rofl* N~, Rolling On the Floor Laughing.

*where*get+*darkbot* +thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot! (now also avaliable for win95/98/nt users) Current version: V~

*where+*download+*darkbot* thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot!

*where+am+i* N~, you ' re in C~, on the SuperChat IRC Network

*where+are+you+from* N~, I'm from a full tower BSD/OS box that resides in *Brunswick, NJ. U?

*windows*+*98* Windows 98 is a browser stapled onto a graphical OS duct-taped onto an ancient character-based DOS with roots in the '70s.

*you*+*on*+*drugs* +says NO! to drugs im a smart bot N~ :}

*you+male+or+female* N~, I have both male and female parts.

*you+think+*bot* yeah I do :P

+d Personal Mode: Deaf - This lets you become deaf to all channel messages, though private messages you still recieve.  This does not prevent you from sending channel messages

+i Channel Mode: Invite only - This makes so a channel op has to invite a person to the channel before they can join.  Personal Mode: Invisible - This will hide your nick from /who and /names requests, as well as hide the channels you are in with a /whois request

+k Channel mode: Key channel - This sets or unsets a key (password) on a channel.  /mode #chan +k keyword <- to set, /mode #chan -k keyword <- unsets. To join a key'd channel, /join #chan key

+l Channel mode: Limit users - This limits the number of people who can be in a channel. /mode #chan +l number <- to set, /mode #chan -l <- unsets

+m Channel mode: Moderated - only ops (+o) and voiced (+v) can speak, any other users arent able to send msgs to the channel

+n Channel mode: No messages to channel from outside the channel

+p Channel mode: Private - prevents channel from displaying in a /list

+s Channel mode: Secret - prevents channel from displaying in a /list.  Personal Mode: Server Notice listen - enables you to listen to notices from the server on some networks

+t Channel mode: Channl ops only can change topic

+v Channel Mode: Voice - Channel op sets voice on a person so they can speak in a moderated (+m) channel

+w Personal Mode: Wallops listen - this enables you to view on some networks the special wallops messages that irc-op and services use

, comma

. period

.#01_and_higher A method of numbering picture files for a roll of film that has been scanned for computer presentation

.$$$ Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files

.000-999 Used to number old (backup) versions of files (for example, CONFIG.SYS when changed by an installation program); also used to number related data files for multiple users of a small-scale PC application

.123 Lotus 123 97 file

.12m Lotus 123 97 Smartmaster file

.2gr_and_3gr VGA Graphics driver/configuration files under Windows

.386 A file for use in an 80386 or higher microprocessor

.669 Composer 669, Unis Composer music mod file

.@@@ Screen files used in the installation and instruction on use of such applications as Microsoft Codeview for C

.abk Corel Draw AutoBackup

.ac academic (usually

.acl Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator

.acm Used by Windows in the system directory

.acp Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file

.act Microsoft Office Assistant Actor file

.acv OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data

.ad After Dark screensaver

.adb Appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer

.add OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot process

.adf Adapter Description File (file name extension) [IBM]

.adm After Dark MultiModule screensaver

.adn Add In Utility (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

.adp Used by FaxWorks to do setup for fax modem interaction

.adr After Dark Randomizer screensaver

.ae United arab emirates

.af afghanistan

.af2 ABC Flowchart file

.af3 ABC Flowchart file

.afm Adobe Font Metrics (file name extension) [Adobe Systems]

.ag antigua and barbuda

.ai Adobe Illustrator drawing

.aif Apple Mac AIFF sound

.al albania

.alb JASC Image Commander album

.all Arts & Letters Library

.am armenia

.ams Velvert Studio music module (MOD) file

.an netherlands antilles

.anc Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors

.ani Animated Cursor

.ans ANSI text

.ao angola

.api Application Program Interface file; used by Adobe Acrobat

.app Application (file name extension) [R:Base]

.apr Lotus Approach 97 file

.aps Microsoft Visual C++ file

.aq antarctica

.ar argentina

.arc Archive (file name extension)

.arj Robert Jung ARJ compressed archive

.arpa arpanet (us military)

.art Canon Crayola art file

.as american samoa

.asa Microsoft Visual InterDev file

.asc ASCII text

.asd WinWord AutoSave

.asm Assembler Source Language (file name extension)

.asp Active Server Page (an HTML file containing a Microsoft server-processed script)

.ast Claris Works "assistant" file

.at austria

.att AT&T Group 4 bitmap

.au australia

.avi Microsoft Video for Windows movie

.aw aruba

.awd FaxView document

.az azerbaijan

.b4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file

.ba bosnia

.bak Backup (file name extension)

.bas BASIC code

.bat Batch Processing (file name extension)

.bb barbados

.bd bangladesh

.be belgium

.bf burkina faso

.bfc Windows 95 Briefcase document

.bg Bulgaria

.bgi Borland Graphic Interface (file name extension)

.bh bahrain

.bi Binary file

.bib Bibliography (file name extension)

.bif GroupWise initialization file

.bin Binary (file name extension)

.bj benin

.bk! Backup (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.bk_and_bk$ Sometimes used to denote backup versions

.bks An IBM BookManager Read bookshelf

.bld BASIC Bload Graphics (file name extension)

.bm bermuda

.bm1 Apogee BioMenace data file

.bmk An A bookmark file

.bmp Bitmap Graphics (file name extension) [Windows]

.bn brunei

.bo bolivia

.br brazil

.brx A file for browsing an index of multimedia options (pictures, sound, text, videos) on a CD-ROM

.bs bahamas

.bs1 Apogee Blake Stone data file

.bsc Boyan Script (file name extension) [Boyan Communications]

.bsp Quake map

.bt bhutan

.btm Batch file used by Norton Utilities

.bv bouvet island

.bw botswana

.by belarus

.bz belize

.c C code

.ca canada (pHEAR)

.cab Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)

.cal CALS Compressed Bitmap

.cas Comma-delimited ASCII file

.cat Catalog (file name extension)

.cb Microsoft clean boot file

.cbl COBOL source code (file name extension)

.cc cocos (keeling) islands

.ccb Visual Basic Animated Button configuration

.ccf Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2

.cch Corel Chart

.ccm Lotus CC:Mail "box" (for example, INBOX.CCM)

.cda CD Audio Track

.cdf Comma Delimited Format (file name extension)

.cdi Phillips Compact Disk Interactive format

.cdr Core Draw drawing

.cdt Corel Draw template

.cdx Compound Index (file name extension) [Fox Pro]

.cel CIMFast Event Language file

.cf central african republic

.cfb Comptons Multimedia file

.cfg Configuration (file name extension)

.cg congo

.cgi Common Gateway Interface script file

.cgm Computer Graphics Metafile

.ch Switzerland

.chk CHKDSK (file name extension)

.chp Ventura Publisher chapter

.ci cote d'ivoire

.cil Clip Gallery download package

.cim Sim City 200 file

.cin OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file

.ck cook islands

.ck1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data file

.ck2 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data file

.ck3 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file

.ck4 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data file

.ck5 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data file

.ck6 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file

.cl chile

.class Java class

.clp Clipboard (file name extension) [Windows]

.cls Visual Basic Class Module

.cm cameroon

.cmd Command (file name extension)

.cmf Corel Metafile

.cmp Address document

.cmv Corel Move animation

.cmx Corel Presentation Exchange image

.cn china

.cnf Configuration (file name extension)

.cnm Windows application menu options and setup file

.cnq Compuworks Design Shop file

.cnt Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes

.co colombia

.cob COBAL source code (file name extension)

.cod Code List (file name extension)

.com Command (file name extension)

.cpd Fax Cover document

.cpe Fax Cover document

.cpi Code Page Information (file name extension) [MS-DOS]

.cpl Control Panel extension

.cpp C++ Source Code (file name extension)

.cpr Corel Presents Presentation

.cpt Corel Photo-Paint image

.cpx Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed drawing

.cr costa rica

.crd Cardfile (file name extension)

.crp Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation

.crt Certificate file

.cs czechoslovakia

.csc Corel Script

.csp PC Emcee On-Screen image

.csv Comma-separated values file

.ct Scitex CT Bitmap

.ctl Used in general to mean a file containing control information.  FAXWorks uses it to keep information about each fax sent and received.

.cu cuba

.cue Microsoft Cue Cards data

.cur Cursor (file name extension)

.cut Dr Halo bitmap

.cv Corel Versions archive

.cwk Claris Works data file

.cws Claris Works template

.cx christmas island

.cxx C++ source code file

.cy cyprus

.cz czech

.dat Data (file name extension)

.dbf Aston-Tate dBASE database

.dbx DataBeam image

.dcr Shockwave file

.dcs Desktop Color Separation file

.dct Dictionary (file name extension)

.dcx Fax image (based on PCX)

.ddf BTRIEVE database

.de germany

.def C++ Definition

.dem Demonstration (file name extension)

.der Certificate file

.des Description (file name extension)

.dhp Doctor Halo PIC (file name extension)

.dib Device-Independent Bitmap

.dic Dictionary

.dif Data Interchange Format spreadsheet

.dir Macromedia Director file

.diz Description file

.dj djibouti

.dk denmark

.dlg C++ Dialogue Script

.dll Dynamic-Link Library

.dm dominica

.dmf X-Trakker music module (MOD) file

.do dominican republic

.doc Document + Documentation (file name extensions)

.dot Microsoft Word document Template

.dpr Borland Delphi project header file

.drs WordPerfect Driver Resource (file name extension)

.drv Device Driver (file name extension) (Also see .DVR)

.drw Draw + Drawing (file name extensions)

.dsg DooM saved game

.dsm Dynamic Studio music module (MOD) file

.dsp Microsoft Developer Studio project

.dsq Corel QUERY file

.dsw Microsoft Developer Studio workspace

.dta Data (file name extension)

.dv DESQview Script (file name extension)

.dvr Device Driver (file name extension) (see also .DRV)

.dwg AutoCAD drawing eXchange format

.dxb Drawing Interchange Binary (file name extension) [AutoCAD]

.dxf AutoDesk Drawing Interchange format

.dz algeria

.ec ecuador

.edu educational institution

.ee estonia

.eg egypt

.eh western sahara

.emf Enhanced Windows Metafile

.eml Electronic Mail (file name extension)

.enc Encoded (file name extension)

.eps Encapsulated PostScript (file name extension)

.er Eritrea

.er1 ERWin file

.erx ERWin file

.es spain

.et ethiopia

.evy Envoy document

.ewl Microsoft Encarta document

.exe Executable (file name extension)

.f FORTRAN file

.f77 FORTRAN file

.f90 FORTRAN file

.far Farandole Composer music module (MOD) file

.fav Microsoft Outlook navigation bar

.fax FAX Type image

.fh3 Aldus Freehand 3 drawing

.fi finland

.fif Fractal image file

.fits CCD camera image

.fj fiji

.fk falkland islands

.flc AutoDesk FLIC animation

.fli AutoDesk FLIC animation

.flt Corel filter

.fm micronesia

.fmb Oracle binary source code for form, version 4.0 and later

.fmt Microsoft Schedule+ print file

.fmx Oracle executable form, version 4.0 and later

.fo faroe islands

.fog Fontographer font

.fon Font (file name extension)

.for FORTRAN file

.fot Font-related file

.fp FileMaker Pro file

.fp1 Flying Pigs for Windows data file

.fp3 FileMaker Pro file

.fpx FlashPix bitmap

.fr france

.frm Form

.frs WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)

.frx Visual Basic form stash file

.ga gabon

.gal Corel Multimedia Manager album

.gb great britain

.gcp Ground Control Point file used in image processing of remote sensing data often to form map projections.  CHIPS (CopenHagen Image Processing System) uses these files.

.gd grenada

.ge georgia

.ged Graphic Environment Document (drawing)

.gem GEM metafile

.gen Ventura-Generated text file

.gf french guiana

.gfc Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart file

.gfi Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gfx Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gh ghana

.gi gibraltar

.gid Windows 95 global index file (containing help status)

.gif CompuServe bitmap

.gim Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gix Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gl greenland

.gly Glossary (file name extension) [Microsoft Word]

.gm gambia

.gn guinea

.gna Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gnx Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gov government (us)

.gp guadeloupe

.gq equatorial guinea

.gr greece

.gra Microsoft Graph

.grd Grid file, used in image processing of remote sensing data often to form map projections.  CHIPS (CopenHagen Image Processing System) uses these files

.grf Graph (file name extension)

.grp Group (file name extension)

.gt guatemala

.gt2 Graoumftracker (new) music module (MOD) file

.gtk Graoumftracker (old) music module (MOD) file

.gu guam

.gw guinea bissau

.gwx Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gwz Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

.gy gyana

.gz Unix Gzip compressed file

.h C program header

.hed HighEdit document

.hel Microsoft Hellbender saved game

.hex Macintosh BinHex 2.0 file

.hgl HP Graphics Language drawing

.hk hong kong

.hlp Help (file name extension)

.hm heard and mc donald islands

.hn honduras

.hog Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file

.hpj Visual Basic Help Project

.hpp C++ program header

.hqx Macintosh BinHex 4.0 file

.hr croatia

.hst History (file name extension)

.ht HyperTerminal

.htm Hypertext document

.html Hypertext document

.hu hungry

.hyp Hyphenation (file name extension)

.ica Citrix file

.icb Targa bitmap

.icm Image Color Matching profile file

.ico Icon (file name extension)

.id indonesia

.idd MIDI Instrument Definition

.idx Index (file name extension)

.ie ireland

.iff Aminga ILBM

.igf Inset Systems metafile

.iif QuickBooks for Windows interchange file

.il israel

.ima WinImage file

.img GEM image

.in india

.inc Assembler language or Active Server include file

.inf Information (file name extension)

.ini Initialization file

.inp Oracle source code for form, version 3.0 and earlier

.ins InstallShield install script

.int International Organization

.io british indian ocean territory

.iq iraq

.ir iran

.is iceland

.iso Lists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system standard

.isp X-Internet sign-up file

.isu InstallShield uninstall script

.it Italy - and Impulse Tracker music module (MOD) file extension

.iw Idlewild screensaver

.jar Java ARchive file (a compressed file for applets and related files)

.java Java source code

.jbf Paint Shop Pro image browser file

.jff JPEG bitmap

.jif JPEG bitmap

.jm jamaica

.jmp SAS JMPDiscovery chart-to-statistics file

.jn1 Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle data file

.jnk Junk (file name extension)

.jo jordan

.jp japan

.jpeg JPEG bitmap

.jpg JPEG bitmap

.js JavaScript source code

.jtf JPEG bitmap

.kdc Kodak Photo-Enhancer

.ke kenya

.kfx KoFax Group 4 image

.kg kyrgyzstan

.kh cambodia

.ki kiribati

.km comoros

.kn saint kitts and nevis

.kp korea - democratic people's republic of

.kr south korea

.kw kuwait

.ky cayman islands

.kye Kye game data

.kz kazakhstan

.la lao peoples' democratic republic

.lb lebanon

.lbm Deluxe Paint bitmap

.lbr Library (file name extension)

.lc saint lucia

.ldb Microsoft Access lock file

.leg Legacy document

.let Letter (file name extension)

.lha Alternate file suffix for LZH

.li liechtenstein

.lib Library

.lis Output file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) program

.lk sri lanka

.log Log file

.lpd Helix Nuts and Bolts file

.lr liberia

.lrc Intel Video Phone file

.lrs Language Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.ls lesotho

.lst List (file name extension)

.lt lithuania

.lu luxembourg

.lv latvia

.lwo Lightwave Object file

.lwp Lotus Wordpro 96/97 file

.ly libyan arab jamahiriya

.lzh LH ARC compressed archive

.lzs Skyroads data file

.m3d Corel Motion 3D animation

.ma morocco

.mac MacPaint (file name extension) + Macro (file name extension)

.mad Microsoft Access module

.maf Microsoft Access Form

.mai Mail (file name extension)

.mak Visual Basic or MS Visual C++ Project

.mam Microsoft Access Macro

.map Duke Nukem 3D WAD game file

.maq Microsoft Access Query

.mar Microsoft Access Report

.mas Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster file

.mat Microsoft Access Table

.max Paperport file

.maz Hover maze data

.mb1 Apogee Monster Bash data file

.mc monaco

.mcc Dialer10 calling card

.mcs MathCAD image

.mcw Microsoft Word for Macintosh document

.md moldova

.mda Microsoft Access add-in

.mdb Microsoft Access database

.mde Microsoft Access MDE file

.mdf Menu Definition File (file name extension)

.mdl Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file

.mdn Microsoft Access blank database template

.mdw Microsoft Access Workgroup

.mdz Microsoft Access wizard template

.me Opening Information (file name extension) (As in READ.ME)

.med Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) file

.men Menu (file name extension)

.mer Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data; recognized by Filemaker, Excel, and others

.met Presentation Manager metafile

.mg madagascar

.mh marshall islands

.mi Miscellaneous

.mic Microsoft Image Composer file

.mid MIDI music

.mil military (us)

.mk macedonia

.ml mali

.mm myanmar

.mmf Microsoft Mail File

.mmm Microsoft Multimedia Movie

.mn mongolia

.mnu Menu (fine name extension)

.mo macau

.mod FastTracker, StarTrekker, Noise Tracker (etc.) music module file

.mov QuickTime for Windows movie

.mp northern mariana islands

.mp3 MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) file

.mpe MPEG animation

.mpeg MPEG animation

.mpg MPEG animation

.mpp CAD drawing file format

.mq martinique

.mr mauritania

.ms montserrat

.msg Microsoft Mail message

.msn Microsoft Network document

.msp Microsoft Paint (file name extension) [Microsoft]

.mt malta

.mtm MultiTracker music module (MOD) file

.mu mauritius

.mus Music

.mv maldives

.mvb Microsoft Multimedia Viewer file

.mw malawi

.mwp Lotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster file

.mx mexico

.my Malaysia

.mz mozambique

.na namibia

.nap NAP Metafile Vector image

.nc new caledonia

.ncb Microsoft Developer Studio file

.ndx Index (file name extension)

.ne niger

.net networking organization

.new New Information (file name extension)

.nf norfolk island

.ng nigeria

.ni nicaragua

.nl netherlands

.no norway

.np nepal

.nr nauru

.nsf Lotus Notes database

.nst Noise Tracker music module (MOD) file

.nt neutral zone

.ntf Lotus Notes database template

.nu niue

.nz new zealand

.o Object File (file name extension)

.obd Microsoft Office Binder

.obj Object file

.obz Microsoft Office Binder Wizard

.ocx Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding custom control

.ofn Microsoft Office FileNew file

.oft Microsoft Outlook template

.okt Oktalyzer music module (MOD) file

.olb OLE Object Library

.old Old version (file name extension)

.ole OLE object

.om oman

.opt Microsoft Developer Studio file

.or2 Lotus Organiser 2 file

.or3 Lotus Organiser 97 file

.org Lotus Organiser file

.ori Original (file name extension)

.out Outlines (file name extension)

.ovl Program Overlay (file name extension)

.ovr Program Overlay (file name extension)

.p10 Tektronix Plot 10 drawing

.p65 Pagemaker 6.5 file

.pa panama

.pab Microsoft Personal Address Book

.pak Packed (file name extension)

.pal Windows colour palette

.pas PASCAL source code (file name extension)

.pat Corel Draw pattern

.pbk Microsoft Phonebook

.pbm Portable Bitmap

.pcd Kodak Photo-CD image

.pcl HP Laserjet bitmap

.pcs PICS animation

.pct Macintosh PICT drawing

.pcx Picture Image (file name extension)

.pdf Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format or Netware Printer Definition File

.pdq Patton&Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite file

.pdx Paradox files (file name extension) [Borlund]

.pe peru

.pf french polynesia

.pfa Type 1 font (ASCII)

.pfb Type 1 font (binary)

.pfc PF Component

.pfm Printer Font Metrics

.pg papua new guinea

.pgl Graphics (file name extension) [Hewlett-Packard]

.pgm Portable Graymap (bitmap)

.pgp ProGram Parameter (file name extension) [AutoCAD]

.ph philippines

.pho Phone List (file name extension)

.pic Graph (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

.pif IBM PIF drawing

.pig Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file

.pin Epic Pinball data file

.pix Inset Systems bitmap

.pj MKS Source Integrity file

.pk pakistan

.pkg Microsoft Developer Studio application extension (similar to a DLL file)

.pl Poland

.pll Prelinked Library (file name extension) [Clipper]

.plt AutoCAD Plot drawing

.pm st. pierre and miquelon

.pm5 Pagemaker 5.0 file

.pm6 Pagemaker 6.0 file

.pn pitcairn

.png Paint Shop Pro Browser catalogue

.pnt MacPaint graphic file

.pot Microsoft PowerPoint Template

.pp4 Picture Publisher 4 bitmap

.ppa Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in

.ppm Portable Pixelmap bitmap

.pps Microsoft PowerPoint slide show

.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

.pr puerto rico

.prd Printer Driver (file name extension) [Word]

.pre Lotus Freelance presentation

.prf Preferences (file name extension) [Grammatik IV]

.prn Print Table (space delimited text)

.pro Profile (file name extension)

.prs Harvard Graphics for Windows presentation

.prz Lotus Freelance Graphics 97 file

.ps PostScript (file name extension)

.psd Adobe Photoshop bitmap

.pst Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File

.pt portugal

.ptm Polytracker music module (MOD) file

.pub Microsoft Publisher document

.pw palau

.pwd Microsoft Pocket Word document

.pwz Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard

.px Primary Index (file name extension) [Paradox]

.pxl Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet

.py paraguay

.qa qatar

.qad PF QuickArt Document

.qbw QuickBooks for Windows file

.qdi Dictionary (file name extension) [Quicken]

.qdt Data (file name extension) [Quicken]

.qif Quicken Interchange Format (file name extension)

.qlb Quick Library

.qmt Memorized List (file name extension) [Quicken]

.qnx Indexes to Data (file name extension) [Quicken]

.qry Microsoft Query

.qt QuickTime Movie

.qtm QuickTime Movie

.qxd Quark XPress file

.r Pegasus Mail resource file

.ra Real Audio sound

.ram Real Audio sound

.ras Sun Raster Images bitmap

.raw Raw File Format (bitmap)

.rc Microsoft Visual C++ Resource Script

.re reunion

.rec Recorder (file name extension)

.ref Reference (file name extension)

.reg Registration file

.res Microsoft Visual C++ Resource

.rft RFT-DCA

.rle Run-Length Encoded bitmap

.rm Real Audio video file

.rmi MIDI music

.ro romania

.rov Rescue Rover data file

.rpm Redhat Package Manager Package.

.rpt Microsoft Visual Basic Crystal Reports file

.rtf Rich Text Format document

.rtm Real Tracker music module (MOD) file

.ru russian federation

.rw rwanda

.s3m Scream Tracker 3 music module (MOD) file

.sa saudi arabia

.sam Ami Professional document

.sav Saved (file name extension)

.sb solomon islands

.sc seychelles

.sc2 Microsoft Schedule+ 7

.scc Microsoft Source Safe file

.scd Matrix/Imapro SCODL slide image

.sch Microsoft Schedule+ 1

.scn trueSpace2 scene

.scp Dial-Up Networking Script

.scr Fax image

.sct Scitex CT bitmap

.sd sudan

.sdf Standard Data Format (file name extension)

.sdl SmartDraw library

.sdr SmartDraw drawing

.sdt SmartDraw template

.se sweden

.sea Self-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files and possibly by others)

.sep Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap

.set Driver Set (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

.sg singapore

.sh st. helena

.shb Corel Show presentation

.shg Hotspot bitmap

.shs Shell scrap file

.shw Corel Show presentation

.si slovenia

.sit Stuffit archive of Mac files (similar to .zip except this format is useless to PC users, but gets sent to PC users a lot of times due to mac email clients being so dumb)

.sj svalbard and jan mayen islands

.sk slovakia

.sl sierra leone

.slk Symbolic Link (SYLK) spreadsheet

.sm san marino

.sn senegal

.snd Mac Sound Resource

.so somalia

.spl Spell Checker (file name extension)

.sqc Structured Query Language (SQR) common code file

.sqr Structured Query Language (SQR) program file

.sr suriname

.st sao tome and principe

.stf Structured File (file name extension) [Lotus Agenda]

.stm Scream Tracker music module (MOD) file

.sty Style (file name extension) [Ventura, Word, WordPerfect]

.su soviet union/USSR

.sup Supplemental Dictionary (file name extension) + [WordPerfect]

.sv el salvador

.svx Amiga 8SVX sound

.swp Swap (file name extension)

.sy syrian arab republic

.sym Symbols (file name extension)

.syn Synonym (file name extension)

.sys System Configuration (file name extension)

.sz swaziland

.t2t Sonata CAD modelling software file

.tar Tape Archive

.taz Unix Gzip/Tape Archive

.tb Taco Bell property

.tbk Toolbook (file name extension)

.tc turks and caicos islands

.td chad

.tdf Trace Definition File (file name extension) [OS/2]

.tex Texture file

.tf french southern territories

.tfm Tagged Font Metric (file name extension)

.tg togo

.tga Targa bitmap

.tgz Unix Gzip/Tape Archive

.th thailand

.thd Thread (file name extension)

.theme Windows 95 Desktop Theme

.thn Graphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail

.ths Thesaurus (file name extension)

.tif Tag Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap

.tiff Tag Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap

.tig Tiger file, used by US government to distribute maps

.tj tajikistan

.tk tokelau

.tlb OLE Type Library

.tlx Telex (file name extension)

.tm turkmenistan

.tmp Windows temporary file

.tn tunisia

.to tonga

.tp east timor

.tr turkey

.trm Terminal (file name extension)

.trn MKS Source Integrity project usage log

.tst Test (file name extension)

.tt trinidad and tobago

.ttf TrueType Font (file name extension)

.tut Tutorial (file name extension)

.tv tuvalu

.tw taiwan

.twf TabWorks file

.tww Tagwrite Template

.tx8 MS-DOS Text

.txt Text

.tz tanzania

.ua ukrainian ssr

.ub Ubania

.udf Windows NT Uniqueness Database File

.ug uganda

.uk united kingdom

.ult Ultratracker music module (MOD) file

.um united states minor outlying islands

.url Internet shortcut

.us united states of america

.use MKS Source Integrity file

.uy uruguay

.uz uzbekistan

.va vatican city state

.val Validity Checks (file name extension) [Paradox]

.vbp Visual Basic Project

.vbw Microsoft Visual Basic workspace

.vbx Visual Basic custom control

.vc saint vincent and the grenadines

.vcf Vevi Configuration File; defines objects for use with Sense8's WorldToolKit

.vda Targa bitmap

.ve venezuela

.vg virgin islands (uk)

.vi Virtual Instrument file from National Instruments LABView product

.vlb Corel Ventura Library

.vn viet nam

.voc Creative Labs Sound Blaster sound

.vp Ventura Publisher publication

.vrs WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)

.vsd Visio drawing (flow chart or schematic)

.vst Targa bitmap

.vsw Visio Workspace file

.vu vanuatu

.vxd Microsoft Windows virtual device driver

.wad Large file for Doom game containing video, player level, and other information

.wav Waveform Audio (file name extension)

.wb1 QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheet

.wb2 QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheet

.wbk Microsoft Word Backup

.wbl Argo WebLoad II upload file

.wcm WordPerfect Macro

.wdb Microsoft Works database

.web CorelXara Web document

.wf wallis and futuna islands

.wgp Wild Board Games data file

.wid Ventura width table

.wil WinImage file

.wiz Microsoft Word Wizard

.wk1 Lotus 123 versions 1 & 2 spreadsheet

.wk3 Lotus 123 version 3 spreadsheet

.wk4 Lotus 123 version 4 spreadsheet

.wkb Workbook (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.wke Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

.wkq Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]

.wks Lotus 123 Worksheet spreadsheet

.wkz Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]

.wlf Argo WebLoad I upload file

.wll Microsoft Word Add-In

.wma Windows Media Technologies

.wmf Windows Metafile

.wow Grave Composer music module (MOD) file

.wp WordPerfect document

.wp4 WordPerfect 4 document

.wp5 WordPerfect 5 document

.wp6 WordPerfect 6 document

.wpd WordPerfect Demo

.wpg Graphics (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.wpk Keyboard (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.wpm Macro (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.wps Microsoft Works document

.wpt WordPerfect Template

.wpw Novel PerfectWorks document

.wq! Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]

.wq1 QuattroPro/DOS spreadsheet

.wq2 QuattroPro/DOS version 5 spreadsheet

.wri Write document

.wrl Virtual Reality model

.ws samoa

.ws1 WordStar for Windows 1 document

.ws2 WordStar for Windows 2 document

.ws3 WordStar for Windows 3 document

.ws4 WordStar for Windows 4 document

.ws5 WordStar for Windows 5 document

.ws6 WordStar for Windows 6 document

.ws7 WordStar for Windows 7 document

.wsd WordStar 2000 document

.wvl Wavelet Compressed Bitmap

.xar Corel Xara drawing

.xla Microsoft Excel add-in

.xlb Microsoft Excel toolbar

.xlc Microsoft Excel chart

.xld Microsoft Excel dialogue

.xlk Microsoft Excel backup

.xlm Microsoft Excel macro

.xls Microsoft Excel worksheet

.xlt Microsoft Excel template

.xlv Microsoft Excel VBA module

.xlw Microsoft Excel workbook / workspace

.xm FastTracker 2, Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file

.xr1 Epic MegaGames Xargon data file

.xtp XTree data file

.xxx Drow's country

.xy3 XYWrite III document

.xy4 XYWrite IV document

.xyp XYWrite III Plus document

.xyw XYWrite for Windows 4.0 document

.yal Arts & Letters clipart library

.ybk Microsoft Encarta Yearbook

.ye yemen

.yu yugoslavia

.z Unix Gzip Compressed

.za south africa

.zip Compressed File (file name extension) [PKWare]

.zm zambia

.zoo An early compressed file format

.zr zaire

.zw zimbabwe

/ slash

0 place holder in a number; null, naught - the absence of a value; the IQ of N~

007 James Bond 007

1+1 this is simple math, it equals 2

1,000,000 Thats a lot of cash :)


101010 42

1201303 Pepsi 6 pack

120850 Mountain Dew, regular, 12 oz

1212901 Pepsi 20oz

123 +tells N~ that 123 is a great number!

136 Executive Order 136, as used on Under Siege, to neutralize a government agent the system has lost control of.

1tr6 (Ger) FTZ regulation (close to CCITT Q.930/931)

2+2 2+2 != 4


2000 twenty hundred





2044 Superhero 2044
























245 RPL_STATSSLINE /* Reserved */






















2b1q 2 binary data, 1 quarternary redundance

2d 2-Dimensional

3.5" The size of a floppy diskette.



















32873912 Taco Bell




3415201 Reese Sticks


3447501 Reese Egg






















385 RPL_NOTOPERANYMORE /* RFC Extension */






3acc 3A Central Control

3d 3-Dimensional

3dfx 3DFX @


3m Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company Ltd

3pty Three Party Service (I.254 B)




4011 bananas






4060 broccoli

4061 Lettuce

4065 green pepper

4068 green onion, bunch


4078 corn, yellow

4080 asparagus












4323 strawberries























477 Need a registered nick to join






4b3t 4 binary data, 3 ternary redundance (MMS43)

4gl Fourth Generation Language

4h Head, Heart, Hands, Health




548745889 Tampax Tampons, the EXTRA EXTRA absorbant ones

596173 Drinking Box, Minute Maid-Orange Punch. 250 mL

5b6b 5 binary data, 6 binary redundance (code for OFT lines)

5xb COER 5 X-Bar Central Office Equipment Reports system


6038305358 Rice Cakes, 185 grams

6038310347 Potato Chips, Regular, No Name Brand, 750 grams

6114313120 Kleenex - Extra Soft. 150 sheets

64dd It will kick ass

666 Microsoft

678290 Coca-Cola , regular 355 mL

694250 Pepsi, regular 355 ml


71136426 Asus computer mainboard - P/I-P555T2P4/133. 512K cache, w/o CPU

7166207808 Crayola 8 pack markers

72438392362 CD Enigma 2

72438420662 CD Enigma 3

74281806506 M:TG Deck

74428726159 Dilbert Phone Card

798456132 Coca Cola 3lt.

7thsphere see also wankers.

7up it's a down thing


8) Smile

8002 this topic was the 8002nd topic

802.3 The IEEE Ethernet Spec.

8478632746273647268234234 a random number I just thought of :)


911 +i've fallen and i can't get up!


:)-/-< Wiggling Human

:)-\-< Wiggling Human

:)-|-< Human

:)~ +hands N~ a bib

:)~~ What josh looks like in the morning

:^) Smile

:d +tosses a dirty sock in N~'s mouth

:x shhhh N~...i not sayin nuttin :)

; semi-colon

;p; +thinks N~ meant to say "lol" instead ;)

;p~ N~, quit wink-spitting at me!!

; Wink with a weird smile

< less than

> =greater than or equal to

>:| grrrrrrrrrrr

>;) Evil wink

>> directed too (append)

??+bot sup N~

??/?/?????* old enough/yes, thank you/*brunswick, NJ

?action+bites+bot? +chews out N~.

?action+cries* +hands N~ a tissue

?action+eats+bot* +grabs N~ by the head, then yells UPPERCUT!

?action+feeds+bot* +chomps down into the food

?action+gives+bot+some+candy* Thanks N~ :)

?action+glares+at* +mooooooooos at N~

?action+has+return* wb N~.

?action+huggles+bot* +punches N~ in the ribs, enough of that crap

?action+hugs+* Q~ too

?action+is+away* see ya later N~.

?action+is+back+from* wb N~.

?action+is+bored* +is too

?action+is+cold+* +hands N~ a blanket

?action+is+not+bored* +is glad your aren't

?action+is+sad* +comforts N~.. it's okay... really.

?action+is+searching+* Well look no more N~! I have answers to your quest!

?action+kicks+bot* +chews on N~'s arm

?action+kisses+bot* +slobbers all over N~

?action+loves+bot* uh, sorry N~, you just aren't my type.

?action+slaps+bot+around+a+bit+with+a+* +slaps N~ around a bit with R~

?action+smacks+bot* +gets out the N~-beater (tm)

?action+sneezes* +hands N~ a hanky

?action+too? +three

@ Op symbol

[^lonewolf^] married dude that likes to flirt with bell

\ back slash

\1 N~, \1 is the ^A, or CTCP control char, this is what it looks like:  

\26 Inverse

\37 Underline

] close bracket

^ carrot... you know... What's up Doc?

^-^ smiling oriental face

^5 +slaps N~ some skin

^^8ball^^ ^^8ball^^ is the owner and manager of #help and #irc_help, he can be contacted at

_ underline

_cloud_ <_Cloud_> i have to tell you, madtoast is a god!!! last night, when he enter, he left channel #try and he continued to talk to me in the channel, and i never saw him in the userlist, cool,

` G's helper

a&m Agricultural and Mechanical


a+thin+red+line This movie quite frankly, sucked ass. Go watch Saving Private Ryan, because this one was disjoined, plot non existant, and there was ZERO character development. It tried to be dramatic like Forest Gump, but ended up being the next SMURFS with guns. Not only that, but it lasted what felt like 5 hours.

a/b two wire phone connection (T&R)

a/d Analog to Digital converter (see ADC)

a/p Accounts Payable

a/r Accounts Receivable

aa Affirmative Action committee

aaa American Automobile Association

aaaaaa Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Assinine Acronyms

aaal American Academy of Arts and Letters

aaas American Association for the Advancement of Science

aaii American Association of Individual Investors

aamsi American Association for Medical Systems Informatics

aap Affirmative Action Program

aarc Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

aarp American Association of Retired Persons

aasp ASCII Asynchronous Support Package

aat Average Access Time

aax Automated Attendant eXchange

ab ABle seaman

aba American Bar Association

abacerro Spanish mf. grocer

abacus Latin: cupboard; game board; abacus (calculator); panel; tray

abad Spanish m. abbot

abadejo Spanish m. codfish; (orn) kingles; (ent) Spanish fly

abadesa Spanish f. abbess

abada Spanish f. abbacy; abbey

abajar Spanish ref. to lower oneself

abajero Spanish adj. (Arg) lower, under || f. (Arg) bellyband, bellystrap; (Arg) saddlecloth

abajeo Spanish adj. (Mex) coastal, lowland || mf. (Mex) lowlander

abajino Spanish adj. (Col, Chile) northern || mf. (Col. Chile) northerner

abajo Spanish adv. down, underneath; downwards; downstairs; abajo de down; ms abajo lower down; ro abajo downstream || interj. down with...!

abalanzar Spanish tr. to hurl || ref. to rush; venture; (un caballo) rear

abalear Spanish tr. (SAm) to shoot

abalieno Latin: to alienate, estrange; to sell; to seperate; alicujus animum a se abalienare to turn s.o. else's attention away from oneself

abalizar Spanish tr. to mark with buoys || ref. (naut) to take bearings

abantiades Latin: descendant of Abas

abarcera Spanish f. grocery store

abas Latin: king of Argos, father of Acrisius, and grandfather of Perseus

abats Automatic Bit Access Test System

abavus Latin: great-great-grandfather

abbr ABBReviation

abc American Broadcasting Company

abdera Latin: town in S. Thrace, notorious for the alleged stupidity of its people

abdere Latin: to hide; to remove, withdraw; to banish; to plunge (e.g a sword)

abdicare Latin: to abdicate, renounce, resign; to disinherit || se magistratu abdicare to resign from office

abdicatio Latin: abdication, renunciation, resignation

abdite Latin: secretly, privately

abditus Latin: hidden, secret; secluded; abstruse; abditus a conspectu hidden from view

abdomen Latin: abdomen, belly; gluttony, greed

abducere Latin: to lead away, take away; to withdraw (troops); to seduce; to alienate; to distinguish from; animum abducere to distract attention

abend ABnormal END (of program execution)

abequitare Latin: to ride off

aberrare Latin: to wander, go astray; to get lost; to make a mistake, go wrong; to do wrong; to digress; (of a stream) to overflow; 1. to disagree with; 2. to get one's mind off (e.g. sadness); 3. to deviate from; 4. to differ from

aberratio Latin: wandering; escape, relief

abhc Average Busy Hour Calls

abhinc Latin: ago; abhinc annos centum a hundred years ago

abhorrere Latin: to shrink back; 1. to be averse to; 2. to be inconsistent with; 3. to differ from; 4. to be free from

abi Application Binary Interface

abiegnus Latin: fir

abies Latin: fir (tree); ship; spear; writing tablet

abigere Latin: to drive away, get rid of; to banish, expel

abios Advanced BIOS

abire Latin: to go away, depart; to disappear: ab oculus (or e conspectu) abire to disappear from sight; to pass away, die; (of time) to pass, elapse; to change, be changed; to retire; abi in malam rem! go to hell!

abitus Latin: departure; outlet; end

abjectus Latin: dejected, down-hearted; undistinguished; unimportant; despicable; groveling

abjeste Latin: negligently; unworthily

abjicere Latin: to throw away, throw down; to push away; to understate; to belittle, slight; to give up; to humble, debase; to cow, reduce to despair; to sell cheaply, sacrifice; to express carelessly or perfunctorily; to discard; to cease to wear, take off; to expose (a child to die); to leave (a corpse) unburied; to turn down (an offer); to give up (practices, intentions, attitudes); animam (or vitam) ab

abjicere2 (cont from abjicere): arma abjicere to throw down one's arms || to throw oneself down, fall down; se ad pedes alicujus abjicere to throw oneself down at s.o.'s feet; se in herba abjicere to fall down on the grass

abm Asynchronous Balanced Mode ( -> SABME)

abme ABM extended

abrc Advisory Board for the Research Councils

abs Absolute, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (the plastic that computer cases, etc, are made of), Alternative Billing Service

absbh Average Busy Season Busy Hour

abt Abort

abuse2 is to report abuse, IRC ops, or users which flood etc. Logs should be included with date/time/timezone and /whois information on the user being complained about.

ac Alternating Current (ac, see also DC), Ante Christum (before Christ)

aca Asynchronous Communication Adapter

acaa Agricultural Conservation and Adjustment Administration

acal Association of Computer Assisted Learning

acapulco Mexican Beach

acard Advisory Council for Applied Research & Development

acaws Advisory, Caution, And Warning System

acb Annoyance Call Bureau

acbl American Contract Bridge League

acc Accumulator

accepted This is a status of a CService application.  It means your application has been accepted

access no

accident oops, gotta change my pants

acco ACCOunting module [GEC]

accs Army Command and Control System

acd Automatic Call Distributor [telephony]

acda Automatic Call Disposition Analyzer

ace Advanced Computing Environment [SCO]

acf Access Control Field

acf-2 Access Control Facility - 2

acf2 Access Control Facility - 2

acfa Advanced CMOS Frame Aligner PEB2030

ach Attempt per Circuit per Hour

acheft Automated ClearingHouse Electronic Funds Transfer

aci Answer Controller Interface (IOM2 Monitor Command)

acia Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter

acias Automated Calibration Internal Analysis System

acid LSD, Lesargic Acid Dethylamide or some such, overused by certain members of the Lamus species

acis American Committee for Interoperable Systems

acl Advanced Cmos Logic

acm Address Complete Message (SS7: in ISUP)

acms Application Control Management System

aco Acronym Control Officer

acof Attendant Control Of Facilities

acp Auxillary Control Process

acronym An acronym is a set of letters that stand for a set of words. ie: AOL is an acronym for America Online. Anyone can join the contiuous running acronym game in the channel #acronym. See for further details.

across Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System

acs Asynchronous Communication Server

acse Association Control Service Entity (ISO/CCITT layer 7)

acsl Advanced Control & Simulation Language [ICL]

acsnet Acedemic Computing Services NETwork

acsu Advanced t-1 Channel Service Unit

action -PRIVMSG C~ :N~, To do an action, simply type: /me <action>   Example: /me jumps up and down. | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION jumps up and down

action+for+me +does an action for N~

activate ::whurrrrrrrrr:: starting boot up sequence.

activex for all your activex needs goto

acts Advanced Communications Technology Satellite

acu Alarm Control Unit

acw Alternating Continuous Waves

ac|dmonk Hip Hop pasta

ad After Date, Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord), Application Development

ad&d Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

ada :Ada:: n. A {{Pascal}}-descended language that has been made mandatory for Department of Defense software projects by the Pentagon.  Hackers are nearly unanimous in observing that, technically, it is precisely what one might expect given that kind of endorsement by fiat; designed by committee, crockish, difficult to use, and overall a disastrous, multi-billion-dollar boondoggle Ada Lovelace would

adam SnowGOD

adap Alzheimer's disease-associated protein

adb A DeBugger, Apple Desktop Bus

adc Adaptive Data Compression (protocol) [Hayes], Add with Carry

adccp Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure

adci Automatic Display Call Indicator

add the command to add


addnotify To add someone to your notify list, type: /notify <nick>

adduser To add a user, type:  /msg H adduser #channel nick user@*host.isp level password  (The password field is optional) (note: if the user is online at the time you are adding him/her, then it is not necessary to type in the user@host as Serv will pick that up automatically) You can't addusers with equal or higher access than your own.

ade Automated Design Engineering

adf Automatic Document Feed

adl Address Data Latch

adlat Adaptive Lattice Filter

adlc Advanced Data Link Controller

adle Active iDLE ? [GEC]

adm ADMiral

adma Advanced DMA Controller SAB82258

admd Administrative Management Domain [X.400]

admin The Admin command will show you a listing of the administrators for the server you specify.  If you don't specify a server, it will return with the current servers admin info.  Syntax: /admin <servername>

adn Abbreviated Dialing Number

adonthell  a free role playing game that combines the best features of the Final Fantasy and Ultima series with an epic plot inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien -- An open source Role Playing Game for Linux

adp Adenosine Di-Phosphate

adpcm Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation

adr Address

ads Advanced Digital System

adsc Address Status Changed

adsl Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

adsr Attack Decay Sustain Release

adt Abstract Data Type

adu Automatic Dialing Unit

advertises yea, so what?

advice see  GUIDANCE

ae Above or Equal, Application Execution

aea American Electronics Association

aeb Analog Expansion Bus [Dialogic]

aec Atomic Energy Commission

aef American Expeditionary Force (see BEF)

aegis Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System

aere Atomic Energy Research Establishment [UK]

aeris hot babe from ff7

aerm Alignment Error Rate Monitor

af Adventures in Fantasy, Air Force, Audio Frequency, Auxilary carry Flag

afacts Automatic FACilities Test System

afads Automatic Force Adjustment Data System

afahc As Far As He's Concerned

afaics As Far As I Can See

afaik  A s  F ar  A s  I   K now

afatds Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

afb Air Force Base

afc American Football Conference

afcac Air Force Computer Acquisition Center

afcc Air Force Communications Command

afe Analog Front End

afge American Federation of Government Employees

afghanistan afghanistan is .AF

afi Authority and Format Identifier (ISO 7498), also, away from irc

afii Association for Font Information Interchange

afips American Federation of Information Processing Societies

afl American Federation of Labor

aflcio American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

afnor Association Francaise de NORmalization

afp Appletalk Filing Protocol

africa south africa is .ZA

afsc Air Force Systems Command

afscme American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

afsk Automatic Frequency Shift Keying

aftra American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

ag Adjutant General

agc Automatic Gain Control

agct Army General Classification Test

age I am almost one year old! how old are you?

agnd Analog Ground

agr Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor

ahl American Hockey League

ahq Air HeadQuarters

ai Activate Indication (C/I channel code)

aia Applications Integration Architecture [DEC]

aiaa American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

aic Automatic Intercept Center

aicc Automatic Intercept Communications Controller

aid Agency for International Development

aida An Interactive Debugging Aid [GEC]

aidde Ames' Interactive Dynamic Display Editor

aids Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrom

aiim Association for Information and Image Management

aim Aol's Instant Messenger.  This thing allows you to instant message people on aol even if you aren't on aol.  Found at:

ain't wanna bet?

aiod Automatic Identificated Outward Dialing

airplane+rule :airplane rule: n. "Complexity increases the possibility of failure; a twin-engine airplane has twice as many engine problems as a single-engine airplane."  By analogy, in both software and electronics, the rule that simplicity increases robustness (see also {KISS Principle}).  It is correspondingly argued that the  right way to build reliable systems is to put all your eggs in one basket, after m

ais Alarm Indication Signal

aisb Association of Imaging Service Bureaus

aisp Association of Information Systems Professionals

ait Advanced Information Technology

aiu AI Upstream

aix Advanced Interactive Executive [IBM]

ak Alaska

aka Also Known As

akakakak another common phrase from ppl with VL as their ident

al Alabama, American League (baseball)

ala American Library Association, Automobile Legal Association

alabama The Heart of Dixie, capital: Montgomery

alaska The Last Frontier, capital: Juneau

albania albania is .AL

albm Air-to-Land Ballistic Missile

albo Automatic Line BuildOut

alc Arithmetic and Logic Circuits

ale Address Latch Enable

alfe Analog Line Front End

algeria algeria is .DZ

algol ALGOrhythmic computer Language

ali Automatic Location Indentification

alienradiation attach ice blocks to your extremeties to prevent influence from alien radiation. Also wrap limbs in cheeseburger essences


alit Automatic Line Insulation Testing [telephony]

allo Hey there mate!

alpaq Active Link Pack Area Queue[MVS]

alpha Alpha is Latin for "doesn't work."

alr Advanced Logic Research, Inc.

already N~: Damn right.

alru Automatic Line Record Update

als Advanced Launch System [Space], Automated List Service

als_iq 127 out of possible 130 - find the test at under intelligence test.

alt Alternate (mode)

altavista one of the best search engines on the net, find it at

alternic N~, try looking @

altruism To unselfishly help others without self concern.

altruist A paranoid psychotic with meglomaniacal dellusions.

alu Arithmetic Logic Unit

am Administrative Module

ama American Medical Association

amacs AMA Collection System

amandda Automated Messaging and Directory Assistance

amarc AMA Recording Center, Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center

amase AMA Standard Entry

amat AMA Transmitter

amatps AMA TeleProcessing System

amba Association of Master of Business Administration

amc Add-on Module Connector (-> SIPB)

amd Active Matrix Display

ameoba :amoeba: n. Humorous term for the Commodore Amiga personal computer.

amex AMerican EXpress [Corporate name]

ami Alternate Mark Inversion Code

amma Advanced Memory Management Architecture [Everex Systems]

amorc Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis

amp Adenosine MonoPhosphate

ampas Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

amps Advanced Mobile Phone Service (standard analog cellular telephone technology used in North America and elsewhere)

amraam Advanced Medium Range Air-To-Air Missile

amroc American Rocket Company [Space]

amsat radio AMateur SATellite Corporation

amtapounca N~, shes the female opposite of Pooh's Tiggerrrrr

amu Atomic Mass Unit

amvet AMerican VETeran

an Associated Number

ana American Nurses Association

anac Automatic Number Announcemnt Circuit [telephony]

anagram A phrase/word that when the the letters are mixed up, form another word or phrase. eg: super = purse, etc

anc All Number Calling [telephony]

ancova Analysis of Covariance

andf Architecture-Neural Distribution Format

andorra andorra is .AD

anf Automatic Number Forwarding [telephony]

ang Air National Guard

angell +*pokes* N~

angell's+second+law give iCe all of Angell's snickers

angell's+third+law Never let iCe take Angell's snickers

angola angola is .AO

anguilla anguilla is .AI

ani Automatic Number Identification

anif Automatic Number Identification Failure

anl Argonne National Laboratory

anm Answer Message (SS7: in ISUP)

annoying yes you are

anova ANalysis Of VAriance

anpa American Newspaper Publishers Association

ans Answer Message

ansi American National Standards Institute

ansi_colors  [1;33mANSI [0m

antarctica antarctica is .AQ

antidisestablishmentarianism The longest word in the English Language. You try saying it 3 times fast

antigua antigua and barbuda are .AG

antivirus You can get an anti-virus program @

antz N~, ANTZ was a very well done movie, great graphics, good plot, and they spared no expence hiring people to do the voices. It's on the same level as Toy Story (but better plot).

any*+human+here N~, I am human. What is your question?

anyone+awake N~, I'm awake.

anyone+here+not+a+bot +is definately not a bot =)

anyone+there* Nope N~, why?

anzus Australia, New Zealand, United States

ao Account Of

aoa Abort Once Around [NASA, Shuttle]

aoc Advice of Charge (I.256 B)

aoe Application Operating Environment [AT&T]

aof Advanced Operating Facilities [CTL Modular One]

aohell What most people call aol


aol-efnet AOL booted from efnet:,4586,2161314,00.html

aol-user HELLO, A/S/L

aos Academic Operating System

aoss Auxilliary Operator Service System

ap Additional Premium

apa Adaptive Packet Assembly

apache The best webserver for Un*x (

apal Array Processor Assembly Language [ICL]

apar Authorized Program Analysis Report [IBM]

aparen Address Parity Enable [IBM]

apb All Points Bulletin

apc AMARC Protocol Converter

apcug Association of PC User Groups

apd Avalanche Photo Diode

apda Apple Programmers and Developers Association

api Application Interface

apics American Production and Inventory Control Society

apj Astrophysical Journal

apl A Programming Language

apm Advanced Power Management [IBM OS2]

apo Alpha Pi (?) Omega, service fraternity

apocalypse nice trip? cya next fall...

app Applications Portability Profile

appc Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications

appi Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking

apple The Apple logo, "the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order.  You couldn't dream of a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope and anarchy." The Mac Bathroom Reader

appn Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking [IBM]

appz how lamers spell apps

apr Annual Percentage Rate (as in loan interest)

aps Automatic Protection Switch

apse ADA Programming Support Environment

apt Automatically Programmed Tools

apt+pupil This show could be best summed up by "what monica does best", it was boring, wasted a lot of my time in watching, and had really no point. Only one person was killed, and he was a half dead homeless man, and they didn't even do anything besides beat him to death with a shovel. In the end, the Nazi helped the kid get a good report card, and the Nazi kills himself when caught.

aq Accumulator-Quotient register

ar Activation Request (C/I channel code)

arab United arab emirates is .AE

arc Agricultural Research Council, AIDS-related complex, American Red Cross, Applied Research of Cambridge

arca Advanced RISC Computing Architecture

arcnet Attached Resource Computer local area NETwork

arcos ARCOFI Coefficient Support Program

arcoti SIPB Telephone Module

ard AR Downstream

are N~, you need to ask me the question in the form of <mynick> <topic> ie; bot, mirc

are+*u*+cool* +is the coolest bot youll ever meet!

are+there+any+humans+here* N~, im here!

are+you+*+dead N~, nope... still here.

are+you+a+bot N~, not really.

are+you+gay +winks at N~, and Snuggles upto Shrike

are+you+god* N~, I am God. Bow before me.

are+you+human* N~, lets put it this way, I'm about as human as you are alive...

are+you+naked mmmm, hey N~ baby... I'm all hot and bothered.. so you tell me.

are+you+real N~, uh, what else would I be?

are+you+real* Yeah N~, I'm as real as you are.

arf mew!

args Advanced Raster Graphics System [Sigma]

aris Audichron Recorded Information System

arizona The Grand Canyon State, capital: Phoenix

arkansas The Land of Opportunity, capital: Little Rock

arl Activation Request Local loop (C/I channel code)

arll Advanced Run Length Limited

arm Activation Request Maintenance (C/I channel code)

arma Association of Records Managers and Administrators

armageddon Great show, you may not want to see it after watching Deep Impact, but get over it, it's a very slick show, action from the start, fast paced and lots of eye candy.

armenia armenia is .AM

armogeddon What will happen if Macs were the only computer.

arn Activation Request

arnold I ... Will ... Be ... Back ...

aro After Receipt of Order

arp Address Resolution Protocol

arpa Advanced Research Projects Agency (of the USA DoD, see DARPA)

arpanet ARPA NETwork [USA]

arpl Adjust Requested Privilege Level

arq Automatic Repeat Request

arrl Amateur Radio Relay League

ars Alternate Route Selection

arsb Automated Repair Service Bureau

artic A Real-Time Interface Copressor [IBM]

artificial+turd+industries All the info you'd need is available at

aru Audio Response Unit

aruba aruba is .AW

arv American Revised Version

as Anglo-Saxon

as3ap ANSI SQL Standard Scalable and Portable

asa American Standards Association

asap As Soon As Possible

asas Atkins Stress Analysis System

asbestos+cork+award :asbestos cork award: n. Once, long ago at MIT, there was a flamer so consistently obnoxious that another hacker designed, had made, and distributed posters announcing that said flamer had been nominated for the `asbestos cork award'.  Since then, it is agreed that only a select few have risen to the heights of bombast required to earn this dubious dignity --- but there is no agreement on *which*

asc Accredited Standards Committee

ascap American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers

ascc Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator

ascc2 Advanced Serial Communication Controller SAB825??

ascii American National Standard Code for Information Interchange

ascop Editing and statistical analysis package

asdic Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (British for sonar)

asdsp Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor

ase Application Service Element

asg Automated Sciences Group

ashen is a nice and helpful guy

ashrae American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, inc.

ashtarrose A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As 5\/\/33+

asic Application Specific Integrated Circuit

asis American Society for Information Science

asit Advanced Security and Identification Technology

asl a/s/l means: Age/Sex/Location...used in chat rooms to learn about another person...but people wouldn't use it in here, this is the Network HELP channel :)

asm Analog Subscriber Module

asm-2 Auxilary Storage Manager 2

asm2 Auxilary Storage Manager 2

asme American Society of Mechanical Engineers

asn Abstract Syntax Notation One (ISO/CCITT ASN.1)

asoc Administrative Service Oversight Center

asp Aggregated Switch Procurement

aspen Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network

aspi Advanced SCSI Programming Interface [Adaptec]

asps Advanced Signal Processing System

asr Automatic Send-Receive

asrb Astronomy Space & Radio Board [SERC]

ass  a ssociation of  s tupid  s omething

assr Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

assume To assume makes an ass out of you and me

ast Atlantic Standard Time (-4 GMT)...AST Research, Inc. (initials of founders: Albert Wong, Safi Qureshey, Thomas Yuen)

astro Astro is Houston* Operator

asv American Standard Version

async Asynchronous

at Access Tandem

at&t AT&T r0cKs the world.  URLs:

ata AT Bus Attachment

atacc Advanced Tactical Air Command Central

atb Advanced Technology Bomber (stealth bomber)

atc Air Traffic Control

atd Asynchronous TDM

atdp Attention Dial Pulse

atdt Attention Dial Tone

ate Automated Test Equipment

atf Advanced Technology Fighter

atg Advanced Technology Group

ath Abbreviated Trouble History

ati Automatic Test Inhibit

atis Atherton Tools Interface Specification

atlas Pioneering computer designed at Manchester Univ'y in the 1960s

atm Adobe Type Manager, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode

atms Automated Trunk Measurement System

atn Augmented Transition Network

ato Abort To Orbit [NASA, Shuttle]

atoms AT&t Optimized Materials Simulator

atp Adenosine TriPhosphate

atpco Airline Tariff Publishing COmpany

atr Alternate Trunk Routing

atrs Automated Trouble Reporting System

ats Administrative Terminal System

att American Telephone & Telegraph (normally written AT&T when seperate)

attacksheep See also  MaDSheeP

attc Automatic Transmission Test and Control circuit

attcom AT&T COMmunications

attis American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems [Division of AT&T?]

attn Attention

attoparsec About 1 inch... As in an attoparsec per nanofortnight is about an inch per second.

attrib Attribute (also ATR)

atv All Terrain Vehicle

au Access Unit

aucbe Advisory Unit for Computer Based Education

audit Automated Data Input Terminal

audix AUDio Information eXchange

aui Attached Unit Interface

aumix I really cool curses based mixer for linux that can save and load settings (

aup Acceptable Usage Policy: Superchat does not allow obscenity in #channel names, channel topics or in user's nicknames. Pornography, warez, hacking, hate channels, or anything which may be viewed by the administration as promoting indecent or illegal activities is also strictly prohibited.  Visit for the complete Aup

aus Army of the United States

aussie a rare species found on a southern continent in the pacific, like to eat pies with sauce and drink beer.

austin+powers+the+spy+who+shagged+me This movie is the second in the series. While the first one had a twist off the old James Bond flick, the new one had jokes out of the blue just to try and crack a laugh. Target audience: 13 year old male. 2/5 stars

australia australia is .AU

austria austria is .AT

auto Automatic

autodin AUTOmatic DIgital Network

automagically Automatically, but in a way that, for some reason (typically because it is too complicated, or too ugly, or perhaps even too trivial), the speaker doesn't feel like explaining to you. See {magic}.

autoop To set Autoops: type /msg login <password> then type /msg h pass #<channel> <new pass here>

autotopic to set your topic you must first be logged into serv. Then you type /msg h setopic #<channel> <topic here> To unlock the topic type /msg h setopic #<channel> 0

autovon AUTOmatic VOice Netework

aux Auxiliary

auxf AUXillary Frame

av AudioVisual

ava Audio Visual Authoring [IBM]

avagadro 6.0221367 * 10^23

avc Audio Visual Connection [IBM]

avd Alternate Voice Data

avg Average

avi Audio Visual Interleaved [Microsoft]

avlis Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation

avp the best virus scanner available..get it today at

aw (Ger) termination resistor

awacs Airborne Warnings And Control Systems

away The Away command will set your away and will show in your whois field when someone does a /whois on you.  Syntax: /away <message>

awea American Wind Energy Association

awi Awake Indication

awk al Aho, peter Weinberger, brian Kernighan (pattern scanning language)

awol  A bsent  W ith O out  L eave

awre Atomic Weapons Research Establishment [UK]

ax Architecture Extended

axaf Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility [Space]

ayfq  A sk  Y our  F *cking  Q uestion

az Arizona

azerbaijan azerbaijan is .AZ

b-b-q drastik on a stick

b.o. Body Ode..... STANK

b/f boyfriend

b/w Bandwith

b1302 Benson 1302, a popular drum plotter on SERCnet MUMs

b42s Board 42 Simulator [GEC]

b6zs Bipolar with 6 Zero Subsitution

b8zs Binary 8 Zero Substitution (see also NRZ, NRZI, AMI)

b911 Basic 911

ba Bachelor of Arts

baa British Airports Authority

babbage not an acronym, but the GEC language named after Charles Babbage

babe woman (Vengeance, 37)

babs British Airways Booking System

babybot BabyBot is a small IRC bot for Windows 95/NT. You can download from

bach Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp

bacon Bacon!

bad+rappy* +bends rapsux over his knee

bada+bing +bada boom

bafo Best And Final Offer

bagel Bagels, have you surrounded! Surrender! Repent! Fleece gets mushy when submitted properly to frottage. Don't ever drool without a slender plume of matted colonies of frog parasites. Whistling slime MOLD flavours digested today's news. Grids intersected with llama coated elephant basting brushes from the iguana skin covered cow eyelids.

bahamas bahamas is .BS

bahrain bahrain is .BH

bak Binary Adaption Kit [Microsoft]

bakt (Ger) Basic Access Concentrator

bal Basic Assembly Language

bam Boyan Action Module

bamaf BELLCORE AMA Format

bamx (Ger) Basic Access MUX

bancs Bell Administrative Network Communications System

bandwidth BandWidth is another word for "amount of network traffic something can handle" or in other words, how much information goes around the network or net

bandwith2 bandwith is something you can never have too much of =)

bangladesh bangladesh is .BD

bangtails racehorses (Op, 74; Partridge's)

banlist To View The permban list of a channel type /msg h banlist #<channel> (need 100 access to use this command)

banned If you have been BANNED from a channel, it could mean an isp ban and not you personally, but..type /who #channelname...find an op (person with @ in front of name) then type /msg opnick, and ask to be unbanned..

banning IRC is not moderated. If you are banned from a channel, the channel op can ban for ANY reason. Superchat IRC operators are not involved in channel politics so consult the person who banned you.

bans bans are done by the specific channels. The only people who can unban you are the ops in the channel in question. Type /who #chan and msg one of the ops.

bapco Bellsouth Advertising & Publishing COmpany

baralu An angry Wookiee

barbados barbados is .BB

barbering talking (Knockover, 70)

barbuda antigua and barbuda are .AG

bark N~: arf.

barney Barney is a purple dinosaur whose plan is to steal the minds of our children.

barrnet Bay Area Regional Research Network (SF Bay Area)

barry this is a STRUDEL conversation

barts Bell Atlantic Regional Timesharing

bas Basic Activity Subset (T.62, BAS of OSI session layer)

bash  B ourne  A gain  Sh ell; also, type  rm -rf ~/*  for fun ;)

bash_prompt a simple bash prompt: export PS1='\u@\h:[\w] '

basic :BASIC: n. A programming language, originally designed for Dartmouth's experimental timesharing system in the early 1960s, which has since become the leading cause of brain-damage in proto-hackers. A novice can write short BASIC programs (on the order of 10--20 lines) very easily; writing anything longer is (a) very painful, and (b) encourages bad habits that will bite him/her later if he/she trie

basm Built-In Assembler

bat that's my name! only with an A

batt soemthing Labatt says way too much

baud The technical meaning is `level transitions per second'; this coincides with bps only for two-level modulation with no framing or stop bits. (Note that: baud is rarely the same as bps. your 33.6kbps modem is not running at 33600baud rate)

bazooka Term was coined by an American comedian Bob Burns (1893-1956), but not for a weapon.  It was a prop in his act that he used as a unique musical instrument.  When the US Army were first issued the rocket launchers, they named them bazookas because of their similarity to Burns' instrument.

bb Bases on Balls

bba Bachelor of Business Administration

bbb Better Business Bureau

bbc British Broadcasting Corporation

bbd0/1 Binary 0s or 1s detected in B and D channels

bbiafm Be Back In A Few Minutes

bbias  B e  B ack  I n  A   S econd

bbn Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Inc. [Corporate name]

bbp Basic Block Protocol

bbt be back tomorrow

bc Battlecars, Before Christ, British Columbia

bc/bs Blue Cross/Blue Shield

bcc Block Check Character, Blocked Call Cleared

bccp Bearer CCP

bcd Bad Conduct Discharge

bcdic Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

bce Before the Common Era (substitute for BC)

bcl Batch Command Language

bcnu Be Seeing You [Net Jargon]

bcp Bulk Copy Program

bcpl Basic Combined Programming Language

bcr Byte Count Register

bcrg Bubble Chamber Research Group [RAL]

bcs Bachelor of Commercial Science

bd Bachelor of Divinity

bd&d Basic Dungeons & Dragons

bdam Basic Direct Access Method [IBM]

bdf Binary Distribution Format

bdos Basic Disk Operating System

bds Basic Data Service

bdt Billing Data Transmitter

be Below or Equal

be+inc The manufacturers of the BeOS (see BeOS for more information) -- A company created to correct what was wrong. Their customer service support kicks a** =)

be+quiet* +goes off and sits in the corner

beagle emitting radiation that controls us and our cheeseburger festival stabber with degorgonzolarated beagle herders

bean-shooter gun (Art, 156)

beans +says if you eat beans OPEN A WINDOW!!!!!!!!

bearhug -PRIVMSG C~ :  5{~ 12. 5_ 12. 5~} 0,0...N~.. 5{~ 12. 5_ 12. 5~} | PRIVMSG C~ :  0,0. 5(  1Y  5) 0,0..  13> N~ <  0,0.. 5(  Y  5) | PRIVMSG C~ :  5() 2~ 4* 2~ 5()  6 > N~ <   5() 2~ 4* 2~ 5()   10A bear hug | PRIVMSG C~ :  0,0 5(_)-(_) 0,0...N~.. 5(_)-(_)   10from B~ :)

beat you do not have enough access for BEAT

beat+up+* +gets out a baseball and prepares to Q~, cause they suck so much

becomeircop To become an IRC operator you could be chosen by the administrator of a server. Operators are supposed to be chosen who are responsible, dedicated, knowlegable people who can represent the servers presence on the net. Helping users, and staying in SuperChat's Help channels (such as #superchat, and #cservice) is a good way to get the admins of the network to notice you.

beef .... the other red meat.

beefcake +'flexes'..."beefcake..beefcake..BEEFCAKE!!!"


beer *burp*

bef Band Elimination Filter, British Expeditionary Force (see AEF)

behave +never gets to have any fun :(

bel Bell

belarus belarus is .BY

belch +Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp! <hic>

belcore BELL COmmunications REsearch

belgium belgium is .BE

belize belize is .BZ

bellcore Bell Communications Research

bellona N~: Keeper of the Corner and lady Oper on Kent*... can be found at or contacted at

bem Bug Eyed Monster

ben Australian bot... quote: <Ben> i am to eleet for backups

benelux BElgium, NEtherlands, and LUXembourg

benin benin is .BJ

benson not an acronym, makers of plotters etc.

bentcars stolen cars (Sleep, 154)

beos A True Preemptive Multitasking, Pervasively Multithreaded Operating System. The BeOS is a heavily threaded system, and the application model is designed to divide an application into multiple threads even if the programmer doesn't explicitly do so. This increases the efficiency and performance of applications and of low-level OS operations, allowing developers to structure their applications for s

beos+news read the article about the beos support channel right here on superchat!

ber Bit Error Rate

bera British Educational Research Association

berdyne a program for analysis of linear dynamic behaviour of structures

bermuda bermuda is .BM

berries dollars (Knockover, 402; Thin, 148)

bersafe a program suite for finite element analysis

bert Bit Error Rate Test

best Borland Enhanced Support and Training

beta any mircrosoft software before sp3

betrs Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service

bf Bad Flag

bfa Bachelor of Fine Arts

bfd  B ig  F *cking  D eal

bfhd Big Fat Hairy Deal

bge Branch if Greater or Equal

bgt Branch if Greater Than

bh Boot Hill

bhc Busy Hour Call(s)

bhi Branch if Higher

bhis Branch if Higher or Same

bhp Brake HorsePower

bhutan bhutan is .BT

bi Binary Input

bib Backward Indicator Bit (SS7)

bics Building Industry Consulting Services [telephony]

bicu Bus Interface Control Unit

bid Bis In Die (twice a day)

bififo Bidirectional FIFO

big_house jail (Knockover, 354; Op, 59)

big_one the - death (Falcon, 44)

big_room :Big Room, the: n. The extremely large room with the blue ceiling and intensely bright light (during the day) or black ceiling with lots of tiny night-lights (during the night) found outside all computer installations.  "He can't come to the phone right now, he's somewhere out in the Big Room."

big_sleep the - death (a term coined by Chandler) (Speaking, 88)

bigd has too many vhosts that he won't share, also he wants to link to SuperChat (the outcome may be influenced if he gives iCe 8 vhosts)

bigmac A McBurger from McDonalds. Don't use the name, or you'll be McSued.

bill+clinton -PRIVMSG C~ :I'm not only the President | PRIVMSG C~ :I also do Monica.


bill+gates Bill Gates is the devil incarnate.

bill+gates+for+president* +fwaps N~. >:)

billgates N~, SEE: bill

bim Beginning of Information Marker

bimbo Bimbo women seen lurking around the Oval office, see BimboEruption

bimboeruption BimboEruption is a top secret security team put in place by the Clinton Administration (Hillary) to protect the President from wiley women seeking to defame the President with yet another sex scandal.

binac Binary Automatic Computer

bindle_punk ?? a bindle is a bedroll, but it's not clear if that is  relevant here (Pick-Up, 116)

bindles (of heroin) - little folded-up pieces of paper (with heroin inside)

bing crazy ?? (Thin, 148)

bioc Break Into Other Computers

bios Basic Input/Output System

bir Bus Interface Register

bird creature with feathers and hollow bones, who walk on 2 legs...most tend to fly

bis Business Information System

bisdn Broadband ISDN [telephony]

bisp Business Information System Program

bissau guinea bissau is .GW

bisync (See BSYNC)

bit BInary digiT, Bit Transmitter

bitchx BitchX is a unix client that has the script hard coded into the client itself. BX also has ansi colors and has a lot of unique features. BitchX can be downloaded from

bite naw, i'll pass.

bite+me* +munches on N~'s arm


bitnet Because-It's-Time NETwork

bitr Bit Transceiver

biu Bus Interface Unit

bix Byte Information Exchange (BBS)

bksp Backspace

bl Backlit, British Leyland

bl/ds Busy Line/Don't Answer

bla Blocking Acknowledgement (SS7: in ISUP)

black+hole Default directory is where all files that you need disappear to. Error message.

blade Blade, N~, was everything the ADs you've seen on TV. Unfortunately, it was not much more than that, all the good parts of the movie, you've already seen in the commercials. There was some good techno music, and the action was cool, but again, nothing new the commercials didn't already offer.


blast Blocked Asynchronous Transmission (protocol) [Communications Research Group]

bldl BuiLD a List[MVS]

bldr process loader service module [GEC]

ble Branch if Less or Equal

bleah!! -PRIVMSG C~ :\!/ ____ \!/             \!/ ____ \!/ | PRIVMSG C~ :~@-/  oO  \-@~             ~@-/  Oo  \-\@~ | PRIVMSG C~ :/_( \__/ )_\    Bleah!!    /_( \__/ )_\ | PRIVMSG C~ :   \__ U _/                   \_ U __/

blert BLock Error Rate Test

blf Busy Line Field

blip_off to kill (Knockover, 366)

blizzard One of the  best  game companies out there. (See also  SquareSoft )

blk Block

blmc Buried Logic Macrocell

blo Blocking (SS7: in ISUP)

bloatware +lists such pieces of Software as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, etc, etc, etc

blob Binary Large Object

blocks ""

blonde How to keep a blonde busy? see  blonde2

blonde2 How to keep a blonde busy? see  blonde

blos Branch if Lower Or Same

blow+me -kick C~ N~ :Not gonna happen

blow_one_down kill someone (Sleep, 123)

blows Well, N~, I dont want to hear about your night life.

bls Business Listing Service

blt Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (sandwich), BLock Transfer [raster graphics operation]

blue-screen The Win95 Logo

bluedraco BlueDraco is a RedHatHead when he IRCs he is an oper for Col* (

bluescreen The Win95 Logo

blulou The being formally known as The_Doctr

blv Busy Line Verification

bm Basal Metabolism, Bowel Movement

bma Bank Marketing Association, British Medical Association

bmc Basic Multiplexer Channel[GEC]

bmdp BioMeDical computer Programs for data analysis [UCLA]

bmews Ballistic Missile Early Warning

bmi Branch if Minus

bmic BusMaster Interface Controller [Intel]

bmo Ballistic Missile Office

bmoc Big Man On Campus

bmp Batch Message Processing Program

bmr Basal Metabolism Rate

bmsettup.exe there is a removel utility for this virus at follow the other programs link

bmsetup.exe there is a removel utility for this virus at follow the other programs link

bmu Basic Measurement Unit (DIP)

bnc Bayonet Neill Concelman (connector) [electronics] (see also TNC)

bne Branch if Not Equal

bnf Bachus-Naur Form

bnl +says "one week"

bnoc British National Oil Corporation

bns Billed Number Screening

bnw BensoN Writer module [on some SERCnet GEC computers]



boc Bell Operating Companies

bod Board Of Directors

boda N~, reverse his nick and add an E and hes just a different lump of clay

bof Birds Of a Feather

bofh urls: and also

boiler car (Knockover, 69)

bolivia bolivia is .BO

bom Beginning Of Message

bomb something that should be placed in Bill Gates' car

bomp Bill Of Materials Processor

bond The name's Bond, James Bond.

bonk For windows NT and Windows95 (winsock 1.1) users you can get the boink, bonk, and teardrop2 patches along with other info at

boo don't scare me like that

boob dumb guy (Lake, 154)

boogie+nights This show is one that makes you sit back, and think about your life, and reflect on things. It also makes you feel sorry for every single character in the movie... their lives all wasting away, then you look at your watch and see you just wasted 2 hrs of your own life watching this movie that has no real ending, except it shows Marky-mark's penis for a good 10 seconds.


bootp Bootstrap Protocol [Internet]

boozehound drunkard (Night, 3)

bop Bit Oriented Protocol

boq Bachelor Officers' Quarters

bor Basic Output Report

bored Bored N~? login to your nearest shell and type: gzip -c < /dev/zero > ./test.gz &, then wait awhile and kill the gzip process, send the file to your nearest friend and ask them to extract it....

borg The Borg, also known as play, would say 'resistance is futile, you'll be assimilated'...

borpqu Borland Pro Quattro

borqu Borland Quattro

borscht Battery, Overvoltage, Ringing, Supervision, Coding, Hybrid Test

bos Basic Operating System, Business Office Supervisor

bosix Biin Open System Interface eXtension

bosnia bosnia is .BA

boss BOSS A personal dictator appointed to those of us fortunate enough to live in free societies.

bot A bot is a robot.  It is not human and its usual goal is to protect a channel, however it may range into games, chat, information... just an addition to IRC to keep things new and intresting.  See SCRIPTS ... also see DARKBOT for info about me. To know where the word BOT comes from, type:  B~ bot2

bot+is* +might be :P

bot+is+god* Yes N~, yes I am

bot+test test

bot2 The name comes from "robot," of course, but that word comes from the Karel Capek's 1921 play "R.U.R.," for Rossum's Universal Robots, "robota" being Czech for "work."

bots A bot is a robot.  It is not human and its usual goal is to protect a channel, however it may range into games, chat, information... just an addition to IRC to keep things new and intresting.  See SCRIPTS ... also see DARKBOT for info about me. To know where the word BOT comes from, type:  B~ bot2

bots-pic Hey N~, here is my pic! 1100010 1101111 1110100

botswana botswana is .BW

bounce ::boing boing::

bouvet bouvet island is .BV

box I theenk I need a beeger box!

box_job a safecracking (Art, 180)

bp Base Pointer, Blood Pressure

bpam Basic Partitioned Access Method [IBM]

bpb BIOS Parameter Block

bpftp the best windows ftp client -

bpi Bytes Per Inch

bpl Branch if Plus

bpoc Bell Point Of Contact

bpoe Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

bps Bits Per Second, Bytes Per Second

bpsk Binary PSK

bpss Basic Packet-Switching Service

br Bills Receivable

brace (somebody) - grab, shake up (Art, 182)

bracelets handcuffs (Op, 80)

brain Something N~ doesn't have.

brainbugs  I have no buttocks phillips (you taunt me)! - lost in the guano monsoon at batcave #1 when Edgar ran into the shower and was smothered. The bugs were attached to his lobes

brainfood whoppers

brains some people have em, and others don't

brat Business Residence Account Tracking system

brazil brazil is .BR

brcs Business Residence Custom Service

break_it_up stop that, quit the nonsense (Art, 133)

breeze to leave, go (Pick-Up, 26), also breeze off - get lost (Playback, 35)

brg Baud Rate Generator

bri Basic Rate Interface

bride+of+chucky The movie, Bride of Chucky, had a few good laughs. The "horror" part of it wasn't that horrific tho. The dolls poked fun at themselves in several parts of the flick -- one o those tell tale signs that a movie series is closing to a final bloody ending. the movie overall was okay -- if you are one of the types who would go out to see this kinda show, I guess you will enjoy it somewhat.

brief Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility

britain great britain is .GB

brl army Ballistic Research Laboratory

brm Basic Remote Module

broad woman (passim)

brokendabbs [14:25:00] <BrokenDabbs> I am so bored I just realised that I could take my jeans off without unbuttoning them

brs Bibliographic Retrieval Service

brunei brunei is .BN

bs Bachelor of Science, Backspace, Banded Signaling, Batch Service module [GEC], Bill of Sale

bsa Basic Serving Arrangements, Birmingham Small Arms, Boy Scouts of America

bsam Basic Sequential Access Method [IBM]

bsbh Busy Season Busy Hour

bsc Binary Synchronous Communications (also sometimes BiSync) [IBM]

bscm BiSynchronous Communications Module

bscs Bachelor of Science (Degree) in Computer Science

bsd Berkeley Software Distribution, Berkely Standard Distribution

bsdi A very good (and expensive) OS

bsdkillall kill -9 `ps -uxa | grep  <programName>  | cut -f 7 -d ' '`

bse Basic Service Elements

bsf Bell Shock Force

bsi British Standards Institute

bsn Bachelor of Science in Nursing

bsoc Bell Systems Operating Company

bsod Blue Screen Of Death (c) MS

bsp Bell System Practice

bsr Bit Scan Reverse

bsrfs Bell System Reference Frequency Standard

bss Block Started by Symbol

bst Basic Services Terminal

bstj Bell System Technical Journal

bsv BASIC Bsave Graphics (file name extension)

bsy Busy

bsync Binary Synchronous Communications (protocol)

bt Bit Test

btam Basic Telecommunications Access Mathod

btb Branch Target Buffer

btc Bit Test and Complement

btdt  B een  T here  D one  T hat

btg British Technology Group

bthu BThU, British Thermal Unit

btl Bell Telephone Laboratories

btm Batch and Timesharing Monitor [Xerox Sigma]

btn Billing Telephone Number

bto Bachman Turner Overdrive

btp Batch Transfer Program

btr Bit Test and Reset

bts Bit Test and Set

btu Board of Trade Unit

btw  B y  T he  W ay

bu Bushido

buf Buffer

bug the term "bug" originated when a dead moth found in a system at Harvard University was thought to be the cause of a system's failure.  The carcass was taped to a page of notes and is preserved with the trouble log notebook at the Virginia Naval Museum.

bulgaria bulgaria is .BG

bulge as in "The kid had the bulge there" - the advantage (Op, 220)

bulls cops (Knockover, 380)

bump kill (Night, 35)

bump_off kill (Pick-Up, 32); also, bump-off - a killing (Sleep, 161)

buncoing_some (people) - defrauding some people (Knockover, 205)

bunk 1) as in "That's the bunk" - that's false, untrue (Op, 98); 2) as in "to bunk" - to sleep (Knockover, 395) bunny, as in "Don't be a bunny" - don't be stupid (Pick-Up, 32)

burkina burkina faso is .BF

burn Sorry, you do not have enough access for that command.

burn_powder fire a gun (Knockover, 425)

burp +burps in N~'s face

burundi burundi is .BI

bus big car (Pick-Up, 72)

bust +busts N~ in the head... DO IT YOURSELF!

butt I have a nice one, don't I

buttons police (Pick-Up, 29; Sleep, 66)

butts cigarettes (Vengeance, 25)

buy_a_drink to pour a drink (Art, 139)

buzz as in "I'm in the dump an hour and the house copper gives me the buzz" - looks me up, comes to my door (Art, 90)

buzzer policeman's badge (Playback, 103)

bv Blessed Virgin

bva Billing Validation Application

bvc Billing Validation Center

bvs Basic Voice Service

bwi Baltimore-Washington International (airport)

bwm Broadcast Warning Message

bwt Broadcast Warning TWX

bwts BandWidth Test Set

bx Base eXchange (see also PX) also BitchX

bye+bot* seeya N~

bye+bye+pluto* goto for more info.

byte basic unit of data, character. The equivalent of 8 bits, or 2 nybles.

c use assembly you wimp =P

c&s Chivalry & Sorcery

c&t Chips and Technologies

c+programming C tutorials, and resources:

c/c++_programming_resources C and C++ programming resources and various programming links can be found @

c/d Control Data

c/i Command/Indicate

c/o in Care Of

c64 that's the most powerfull computer ever made.. j/k

c_programming_files_examples_headers Check out

ca CAble, California, Chartered Accountant, Chief Accountant, Chronological Age, Collision Avoidance (as in CSMA/CA), Computer Automation [the Company]

caa Civil Aviation Authority

cabbage money (Shoot, 14)

caboose jail (Farewell, 8)

cabs Carrier Access Billing System

cac Calling-card Authorization Center

cacm Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery

cad Computer Aided Design

cad/cam Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture

cadc Computer Aided Design Centre [Cambridge]

cadcam Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture

cadd Computer Aided Design and Drafting

cadmat Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Test

cadv Combined Alternate Data/Voice

cae Common Applications Environment

caffeine Most vital nutrient to the hard working geek

caffiene Empowerment for the GODS

cafs Content Addressable File Store [ICL]

cag Column Address Generator

cai Call Assembly Index

cais Colocated Automatic Intercept System

cal Calendar

calcomp CALifornia COMputer Products Inc., makers of plotters etc.

caledonia new caledonia is .NC

california The Golden State, capital: Sacramento

call_copper inform the police (Pick-Up, 156)

calrs Centralized Automatic Loop Reporting System

cals Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support

cam Common Access Method

cama Centralized Automatic Message Accounting [telephony]

camac an equipment interface standard?

cambodia cambodia is .KH

cameroon cameroon is .CM

camol Computer assisted management of learning [ICL]

camp Campaign Against Marijuana Planting

can N~, I can do anything!

can't can't can't can't... why  can't  you be more positive for a change?!

can-opener safecracker who forces open cheap safes (Speaking, 89)

canada canada is .CA

canadorf Aka Canadians

canc Cancel (I.451)

cap Central Arbitration Point

capd Computing To Assist Persons With Disabilities [Johns Hopkins University]

caps Capitals (Upper Case Letters)

caps+are+evil* preach on N~!

car Contents of the Address part of the Register (LISP)

care Committee on American Relief in Europe

carmen bot you're such a fat ass, when you walk down the street people say hey, you're such a fat ass!

carolus_linnaeus Swedish botonist who created binomial nomenclature

carot Centralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks

carp California Air Resources Board

cas Cannel Associated Signaling

case Computer & Systems Equipment [the Company]

case_dough "nest egg ... the theoretically untouchable reserve for emergencies" (Speaking, 88)

casl Crosstalk Application Scripting Language [DCA]

casper Bellona's other half....and will you get your modem fixed please!

cass Computer Assisted Search Service

cassis Classification and Search Support Information System

cat a catalogue of files [GEC]; an animal that *sometimes* but not always annoying and stuff

catch-up a simple software updating proggie for win95 it can be found at

catdog A mistake in nature. This animal always tries to chase itself

catis Common Applications and Tools Integration Services

catlas Centralized Automatic Trouble Locating and Analysis System

cats Computer Assisted Training System

catv Common Antenna TeleVision

cav Constant Angular Velocity

cavu Ceiling And Visability Unlimited

caw Channel Address Word [IBM]

cayman cayman islands is .KY

cb Citizens Band radio

cba Change Back Acknowledgement (SS7: in MTP)

cbc Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

cbcr Channel Byte Count Register

cbd Cash Before Delivery

cbema Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association

cbl Computer Based Learning

cbp Common Base Policy [SERC]

cbr Chemical, Biological, Radiological warfare

cbs CrossBar Switching

cbt Computer Based Training

cbw Chemical and Biological Warfare

cbx Computer-Controlled Branch Exchange

cc CC stands for Credit Card, it also is a unix C compiler...

cc1 Call Control 1 (IOS)

cca Computer Content Architecture (ISO 8637/2)

ccbs Completion of Call to Busy Subscribers (I.253 C)

ccc Canadian Committee on Cataloging

ccccm CCC CounterMeasures (sometimes C^3CM)

ccci Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

ccd Catalogue Create and Delete [GEC]

ccdm Central Computing Development Meeting

ccft Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube

cch Connections per Circuit per Hour

cci Computer Carrier Interrupt

ccip Continuously Computed Impact Point

ccir Comite' Consultatif International des Radio Communications

ccirn Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking

ccis #7 Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (Japan, SS #7 Subset)

ccitt Comite' Consultatif International de Telegraphique et Telephonique

ccnc CCS Network Control

ccne cisco certified network engineer

ccon Catalogue CONnect [GEC]

ccp Call Control Part

ccr Clock Configuration Register

ccrc Corrupt CRC (IOM2 Monitor Command)

ccrm Central Computer Representatives Meeting [SERC]

ccrp Continuously Computed Release Point

ccs Collective Conciousness Society

ccs7 Common Channel Signalling (version #7) [telephony, may be AT&T specific]

ccsa Common Control Switching Arrangement [telephony]

ccsc Computing & Communications Sub-Committee [SERC]

ccsum Central Computing Site Users Meeting [SERC]

cct Central Control Terminal

ccta Central Computer & Telecommunications Agency

cctac Computer Communications Trouble Analysis Center

cctv Closed Circuit TeleVision

ccu COLT Computer Unit

ccv Calling Card Validation

ccw Channel Control Word [IBM]

cd Call Deflection (I.252 E), Compact Disk, Computing Division [RAL]

cd-i Compact Disk - Interactive

cd-rdx Compact Disk - Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard

cd-rom Compact Disk - Read Only Memory

cd-rtos Compact Disk - Real Time Operating System

cd-v Compact Disk - Video

cd_chrdy Card Channel Ready [IBM]

cda Call Data Accumulator

cdar Customer Dialed Account Recording

cdc cult Dead cow, makers of Back Orifice

cdcf Cumulative Discounted Cash Flow

cddi Copper Distributed Data Interface

cde Complex Data Entry

cdev Control panel DEVice

cdf Combined Distributing Frame

cdi Circle Digit Identification

cdiac Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center

cdl Computer Design Language

cdma Code Division Multiple Access

cdo Community Dial Office

cdos Concurrent Disk Operating System

cdpr Customer Dial Pulse Receiver

cdr Call Detail Record, remainder of a list with its first component deleted [Lisp]

cdrl Contract Data Requirements List

cds Craft Dispatch System

cdsf Commercially Developed Space Facility

cdt Call Data Transmitter

cdu Control Display Unit

ce Cache Enable

cea Council of Economic Advisors

cebit Centrum fuer Buero und Informations-technologie (office and information technology centre)

cec Commission of the European Communities

ced Committee for Economic Development

cedar Computers in EDucation As a Resource [Imperial College]

cef Cable Entrance Facility

ceg Continuous Edge Graphics

cegb Central Electricity Generating Board

cei Comparable Efficient Interconnection

celss Controlled Ecological Life Support System [Space]

cen European Committee of Standards

cenelec European Committee of Standards (Electrotechnics)

cens Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Seclay

cento CENtral Treaty Organization

ceo Chief Executive Officer

cep Connection Endpoint

cept European Conference of Posts and Telecommunications (in French)

cerfnet California Education and Research Federation Network

cern European Organisation for Nuclear Research (French: Organisation (formerly Conseil) Europeenne pour la Recherche Nucleaires)

cert CERT advisories can be found @ or

cet Council for Educational Technology

cev Controlled Environment Vault

cevi Common Equipment Voltage Indicator

cf Carry Forward

cfc Chloro-FluoroCarbon [chemical]

cfca Communications Fraud Control Association

cfd Computational Fluid Dynamics

cfi Configurable Interface (SIPB)

cfl Canadian Football League

cfnr Call Forwarding No Reply (I.252 C)

cfo Chief Financial Officer

cfp Call Forwarding Busy (I.252 B)

cfr Code of Federal Regulations

cfs Catalogue Filing System [GEC]

cfs2 Catalogue Filing System mark 2 [GEC]

cfsm Catalogue Filing System Manager [GEC]

cfu Call Forwarding Unconditional (I.252 D)

cfv Call For Votes [Bitnet]

cg Coast Guard

cg&e Cincinnati Gas & Electric

cga Color Graphics Adapter

cgb Circuit Group Blocking (SS7: in ISUP)

cgba CGB Acknowledgement

cgct Compagnie Generale de Constructions Telephoniques

cge Compagnie Generale d'Electricite

cgi Computer Generated Images, Computer Graphics Interface

cgm Computer Graphics Metafile (ISO DIS 8632)

cgn Concentrator Group Number

cgocable a weird ISP from Quebec, which does not take care of its users

cgu Circuit Group Unblocking (SS7: in ISUP)

cgua CGU Acknowledgement

ch Cardboard Heroes

cha Champions

chad chad is .TD

chan N~, the current channel is C~

change_ownership If you want to change channel ownership, email the request to Please include pertinant information such as who you want to change it to, their user@host, and the channel of which the change is taking place.

chaninfo To get information about a channel, type : /msg h info #<channel> (this will give you the channel owner's nick and his/her user@host)

chanlockup [Channel lockups] - Locking a #channel in a netsplit or while it is empty. This usually involves a user /joining a #channel that is empty (frequently on one side of a netsplit) and setting the channel modes +ikl and perhaps a set of broad wildcarded bans. While this might otherwise be a valid and allowable method of getting ops (since one side of a netsplit is as "valid" as the other), the clear a

chanmodes Channel modes are modes set by the channel operators of the channel. Modes can be + or - and contain any of the following. "t" = Topic is only allowed to be set by ops, "p" = private, "s" = secret

chanmodes2 "n" = no outside messages to channel, "k <key" = keyed. Keys are case sensative. A is different than a. "i" = invite only, "l <number>" = limits number of people allowed in channel, "m" = moderated, voiced people and ops can only speak. "v" = lets non-ops speak in a moderated channel

chap Challenge Authentication Protocol (protocol)

chaps Clearing House Automated Payment System

char Character

chat To see the Active chat channels type  /msg h top , or type  /list  to see all of our channels. Type  /join #channelname  or try one of our game channels #21 or #acronym

chck Channel Check

chcp Change Code Page [OS/2]

cheap see also Lenin


cheesburgers Cheesburgers are 69 cents at Mcdonalds on sunday only......for a limited time : See also Hamburgers

cheeseburgers cheeseburgers have fat on the inside, like cockroaches

chew eat (Op, 186)

chgrp Change Group

chi Chill:=Adventures into the Unknown

chicago_overcoat death, in some form (Sleep, 163)

chick woman (Vengeance, 33)

chicken lenin is a chicken fornicator

chihuahua yo quiero taco bell

chile chile is .CL

chill See iCe,SnowGOD

chilled_off killed (Sleep, 78)

chin a conversation (Art, 190); also chinning = talking (Sleep, 85)

china china is .CN

chinese+hackers Man, wouldn't this cut down in hacking incidents in the states?    (two hackers being executed for hacking)

chinese_angle as in "You're not trying to find a Chinese angle on it, are you?" - seems to mean a strange twist, not that Chinese people are actually involved (Thin, 125)

chippy woman of easy virtue (Lake, 48)

chisel to swindle or cheat (Pick-Up, 157)

chiv chive - knife, "a stabbing or cutting weapon" (Speaking, 87; Dain, 188)

chkdsk Check Disk

chmod Change Mode

chocolate Chocolate is mregit's favorite foodgroup. Find great recipes at

chopper_squad guys with big guns, maybe machine guns (Pick-Up, 88)

chots Corporate Headquarters Office Technology System

chown Change Owner

chp California Highway Patrol

chr Character

christmas christmas island is .CX


chucks that guy who comes in, sits down and says something every once in a while...

ci Cubic Inches

cia Central Intelligence Agency [US Government]

cic Coordination and Information Center [CSNet]

cica Competition in Contracting Act

cics Customer Information Control System [IBM]

cid Caller ID [telephony] (see also: CLID, ANI)

cidin Common Icao Data Interchange Network

cif Common Intermediate Format (for ISDN high end video)

cigar Computer Introductory Guide And Reference [RAL]

cii Call Identity Index

cil Computer Instrumentation Ltd [the Company]

cim CompuServe Information Manager

cio Chief Information Officer

ciocs Communication Input/Output Control System

cip Command Interface Port

circ Circular Reference

cirr C/I Receive Register

cis CompuServe Information Service

cisc Complex Instruction Set Computer

cislunar - The space between the Earth and the Moon

cissp Certified Information Systems Security professional

cit California Institute of Technology

cix Compulink Information Exchange

cixr C/I Transmit Register

ck Checkbits

ckd Count Key Data (device)

cks Clock select bit

cladp Cambridge Linear Analysis and Des'n Package [control engin'g]

clammed close-mouthed (as in clammed up) (Pick-Up, 188)

clar Channel Local Address Register

claret See NEON

clasp Comprehensive Logistics Automated Support Program

class N~ for a list of superchat classes see :

classes N~ for a list of superchat classes see:

clc Clear Carry Flag

cld Clear Direction Flag

cldn Calling Line Directory Number

clean Sorry N~, I don't do windows ;)

clean_sneak an escape with no clues left behind (Knockover, 436)

clearchan To clear channel of the channel modes. type /msg h clearchan #<channel>

clei Common-Language Equipment Identification

cli Call-Level Interface

clid Calling Line IDentification [telephony] (see also: CID, ANI)

client A client is what you use to connect to an IRC network. Among the most popular are mIRC (for Windows), IrcII (for Unix/Linux) and IrcLE (for Macintosh).

clientinfo  CLIENTINFO

cline C:Line's define to what servers the local server can connect to.  C and N lines are usually grouped together

clinton "It's ANOTHER right wing conspiracy!"

clinton" I didn't inhale" "I didn't have sex with all those other women"

clip Calling Line Identification Presentation (I.251 C)

clip_joint in some cases, a night-club where the prices are high and the patrons are fleeced (Partridge's), but here, a casino where the tables are fixed (Pick-Up, 174)

clipped shot (Pick-Up, 81)

clir Calling Line Identification Restriction (I.251 D)

clist Command List

clk Clock

clli Common-Language Location Identification

clnp Connectionless Network Protocol

clones Clones are multiple connects that waste bandwidth and usually flood.  3+ are usually glined so beware...

close_your_head shut up (Shoot, 16)

cloud and in a puff of smoke hes gone...

cloud-x the guy who thinks I am smart.

clpa Cold Link Pack Area[MVS]

clr Combined Line and Recording

clrc Circuit Layout Record Card

cls Clear Screen

clt Communications Line Terminal

clts Clear Task Switch Flag

clu Chartered Life Underwriter

clubhouse police station (Lake, 24)

clue something Drow has

clueless whatever

clut Color LookUp Table

clv Constant Linear Velocity

cm Centimeter

cma Concert Multi-thread Architecture

cmac Centralized Maintenance and Administration Center

cmc Call Modification Completed (SS7: in ISUP)

cmd Centralized Message Distribution

cmdf Combined Main Distributing Frame

cmds Centralized Message Data System

cmi Computer Managed Instruction

cmip Common Management Information Protocol

cmis Common Management Information Services

cml Computer Managed Learning

cmmu Cache/Memory Management Unit

cmos Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)

cmot Common Management Information Services and Protocol Over TCP/IP

cmp Compare

cmps Compare word String

cmr Call Modification Request (SS7: in ISUP)

cmrj CMR reject (SS7: in ISUP)

cmrr Common Mode Rejection Ratio

cms Call Management System

cmsg Common Management Study Group

cmsgt Chief Master Sergeant

cmt Cellular Mobile Telephone

cmy Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (color model)

cmyk Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK

cn Canadian National (railroad) [Corporate name]

cn/a Customer Name/Address [telephony]

cna Communications Network Application

cnab Customer Name/Address Bureau

cnc Computer Numerical Control

cncc Customer Network Control Center

cng Calling (tone)

cni Common Network Interface [telephony, AT&T department]

cnms Cylink Network Management System

cnn Cable News Network

cno Chief of Naval Operations

cnr Canadian National Railways

cnri Corporation for National Research Initiatives

cns Central Nervous System

cnss Core Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]

cnv Conventional (pertaining to Memory)

cnvt Convert

co Cash Order

co3 ICL communications protocol

coa Change Over Acknowledgement (SS7: in MTP)

coam Customer Owned And Maintained

cob Close Of Business

cobol COmmon Business Oriented Language

coc Call of Cthulhu

cocos cocos (keeling) islands is .CC

cocot Customer Owned, Coin Operated Telephone [telephony]

cod Collect On Delivery; Cash On Delivery

codasyl COnference on DAta SYstem Languages

codcf Central Office Data Connecting Facility

codec COder-DECoder

codil Context dependent information language [Brunel]

coe Central Office Equipment

coees COE Engineering System

coem Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer

coer Central Office Equipment Report

coffee Nitrous Oxide for the blood stream

cogo Coordinate Geometry (Programming Language)

coke Always the unreal thing (i once tried snorting coke, almost drowned! doh!)

col Computer Oriented Language

cola Cost-Of-Living Allowance

colombia colombia is .CO

color the american way to spell colour... phat! :)

color_examples For more info on making these colors, ask me about COLORS:  0,0# 1,1# 2,2# 3,3# 4,4# 5,5# 6,6# 7,7# 8,8# 9,9# 10,10# 11,11# 12,12# 13,13# 14,14# 15,15#

colorado The Centennial State, capital: Denver

colorcodes color codes: 0 white 1 black 2 blue (navy) 3 green 4 red 5 brown (maroon) 6 purple 7 orange (olive) 8 yellow 9 (lime) 10 teal (a kinda green/blue cyan) 11 lt.cyan (cyan ?) (aqua) 12 (royal) 13 pink (light purple) (fuchsia) 14 grey 15 lt.grey (silver)

colors To do colors you first have to have a client that allows color typing.  Next press "Ctrl-k" (this will bring a black block to your text line).  Next type in a number from 0-15 for your colors.  After that, type your text.  To see a list of color codes, type: bot, colorcodes (For mIRC).  For others, try "Ctrl-C" for your color

colors+suck* yes sir, they do!

colour The proper way to spell Color

colp Connected Line Identification Presentation (I.251 E)

colr Connected Line Identification Restriction (I.251 F)

colt Central Office Line Tester

colt_ a lamer who's too good to hangout here anymore

columbus 1. European explorer to first commercialize Americas (Christopher); 2. Largest city with the Columbus name: Capital of Ohio, very lame place Darkorb is Columbus.OH.US.Superchat.Org (See

com Computer Output on Microfilm

com/exp PCM-Compander/Expander

com1 First serial Port (asynchronous port)

com2 Second serial Port

com3 Third serial Port

com4 Fourth serial Port

comal COMmon Algorithmic Language

comas Central Office Maintenance and Administration System

comdex Computer Dealers Exposition

comgen COMment GENerator [GEC]

comit a string manipulation system

comm Communications


commands I can be triggered by various forms of speech, all which must be addressed to me, in one of the following formats:   bot,    !bot    bot:  or even  bot  .... In my database, you can find a topic by saying my trigger, <topic> .  eg;  bot, nuke do a search on a word, or partial text, just type:  trigger, search <text>   ... eg;  bot, search nuke . For more info, see  COMMANDS2  topic.

commands2 I can also be triggered with question marks, ie;  bot, mirc?  ..... or even more human format:  bot, who is bill gates?  ..... You can also phrase it in a question:  bot, where is msie?  .... This is a work in progress, so it should become smarter as time goes on. Ideas and comments mailto:  see also commands3

commands3 Other commands include: DNS KISS DELETE ADD SEARCH MEM

como Commodore

comomike Coffee is the answer, N~! ... Oh and if you're wondering what Como is, it's Commodore.

comoros comoros is .KM

comp Compare + Communications

compeda CAD software supplier [qv GAELIC, DRAGON, PDMS]

compiler N~ a compiler takes typos and turns them into a computer crasher

computers Computers are like air-conditioners: Both stop working if you open windows.

comsat COMmunications SATellite [Space]

con Console (includes Keyboard and Screen)

conf Conference Calling (I.254 A)

conference_room windows irc-d server daemon...

config Configuration




congo congo is .CG

conk head (Postman, 33)

conn Connect Message (I.451)

connect Connect is a command used by Irc Operators.  It will allow them to connect to a server or connect a server to a server from another server.  Syntax: /connect <server> <port>  for a local connect  and /connect <server to connect to> <port> <server wanting connected>  for a remote connect

connecticut The Constitution State, capital: Hartford

cons Connection-Oriented Networking Session

conseal ConSeal PC FIREWALL for Win95!

conspiracy the secret conspiracy of Microsoft to crash the Internet with an influx of stupid lame users. see also windows, microsoft, microsmurf


contac Central Office NeTwork ACcess

contact This movie BLOWS. Let me rephrase that, this movie REALLY blows. It takes 2 hours to lead up to the climax, then you meet the alien, who takes the form of the main character's dad. Then she returns to earth where no one belives what happened, but there is a static on the tape! Just stab yourself in the eye with a pencil right now, and get the pain without the wait.

conus CONtinental United States

conx data management stream CONneXion [GEC]

coo mmm, that is cool N~.

cook cook islands is .CK

cookie for cookies see: mregit

cooler the - jail (Op, 55)

cop 1) detective, even a private one (Vengeance, 140); 2) to win, as in a bet (Key, 23)

copped grabbed by the cops (Op, 57)

copper 1) policeman (Op, 190; Key, 65); 2) as in "All time served except his copper" - ?? (Farewell, 29)

coral Computer On-line Real-time Applications Language

corc Commands and Responses Definition and Compressing Program (IOS)

corduroy_pillows I heard they're making headlines N~.

core COntrolled Requirement Expression

corey "*Corey is being stupid <Corey> i broke Rule #1" the ? is was he born that way? or did he use aol too much?

corey2 <Corey> i think i used aol to much.. <Corey> -me been usin aol for 4 years <Corey> you dont have to remind  <Corey> and make me look stupider <Corey> then i already am..

corn COmputer Resource Nucleus

cornet CORperate NETwork

corran a dorf who suffers from lack of a brain

corran2 [11:56] <Corran> Newbies deserve to be treated badly

cos Corporation for Open Systems

cosff Ticker Symbol: Corell Software

cosmic COmputer Software Management and Information Center

cosmos COmputerized System for Mainframe OperationS

costa costa rica is .CR

cot Continuity (SS7: in ISUP)

cote cote d'ivoire is .CI

count A cgi counter written in C -

cow Woof!

cowdog wooooooow

cp Copy Protected, the Canadian Press

cp-v Control Program 5 [Xerox Sigma]

cp/m Control Program for Microcomputers

cpa Critical Path Analysis

cpc Circuit Provisioning Center

cpd Common Packet Data Channels

cpe Customer-Premises Equipment

cpff Cost Plus Fixed Fee

cpg Call Progress (SS7: in ISUP)

cph Cost Per Hour

cpi Characters Per Inch

cpi-c Common Programming Interface for Communications [IBM]

cpl Current Privilege Level

cpm Control Program for Microcomputers (sometimes CP/M)

cpmp Carrier Performance Measurement Plan

cpo Chief Petty Officer

cpr Canadian Pacific Railway

cps Characters Per Second + Cycles Per Second

cpse Campus Packet Switch Stream Exchange

cpsr Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

cpt Command Pass Through

cpu Central propulsion unit.  The CPU is the computer's engine. It consists of a hard drive, an interface card and a tiny spinning  wheel that's powered by a running rodent - a gerbil if the machine is a old machine, a ferret if it's a Pentium and a ferret on speed if it's a Pentium II. Default Directory.

cpw Certified Public Weigher

cq Charge of Quarters

cqm Circuit Group Query (SS7: in ISUP)

cqr CQM Response

cr Carriage Return (ASCII 15 octal), +Control Response

cr/lf Carriage Return/Line Feed

cra Computer Retailers Association

crab figure out (Sleep, 161)

crack+babies uh, Shrike is a good example

crack-head BlueDraco's Brother

crackhead ALSO See: N~

craf Comet Rendezvous/Asteroid Flyby [Space]

cram Card Random Access Memory

cras Cable Repair Administrative System

crate car (Art, 39) Administrative Contact:  Schoemaker, Jeremy  (JS11139)  jeremy@NETEXPRESS.NET   (309) 836-2554  

crc Chemical Rubber Company

crcok CRC ok! (C/I channel code)

create I create every 60 secs

cred Credit Card Calling (I.256 A)

creel as in "And now you're in the creel and it's going to be frying time" - ?? (Shoot, 120)

creep_joint ?? can mean a whorehouse where the girls are pickpockets, but that doesn't fit here (Pick-Up, 8)

cref Connection Refused

creg Concentrated Range Extension with Gain

cren Computer Research Education Network

crf Cross Reference File

crfmp Cable Repair Force Management Plan

crime "When there is crime in society, there is no justice - Plato"

cris Customer Record Information System

croak to kill (Key, 84; Pick-Up, 86)

croaker doctor (Knockover, 69)

croatia croatia is .HR

crom Control Read Only Memory

cron daemon to execute scheduled commands

crres Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite [NASA]

crs Centralized Results System

crsab Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau

crt good windows telent client -

crtc CRT Controller

crus Computer Resource UnitS

crushed_out escaped (from jail) (Knockover, 372; Op, 54)

cry :~( ~~~~~~~~

cs Cable Switching

csa Carrier Serving Area

csab Computing Sciences Accreditation Board

csacc Customer Service Administration Control Center

csacs Centralized Status, Alarm and Control System

csalloc USER IPM route of STOR [GEC]

csar Centralized System for Analysis Reporting

csc Cell Site Controller

csd Corrective Service Disk [IBM]

csdc Circuit Switched Digital Capability

csdn Circuit-Switched Data Network (T.70)

cse Circuit Switching Exchange

cservice N~, to register your channel on superchat, type: /msg H REGISTER #yourchan your@email.address, you'll need to have ops in the channel you are registering...

cservices for some free channel service source, try

csf Course Structuring Facility [IBM]

csg Constructive Solid Geometry

csi Commercial Systems Integration

csis Canadian Security and Intelligence Service

csl Coin Supervising Link

csm Command Sergeant Major

csma Carrier Sense Multiple Access

csma/ Carrier Sense Multiple Access

csma/ca Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance

csma/cd Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection

csmacd Carrier Sensing Multiple Access with Collision Detection

csmp Continuous System Modelling Program [IBM]

csnet Computer + Science Network (merged with BITNET to make CREN)

cso Central Services Organization

csoc Consolidated Space Operations Center (at Colorado Springs)

csp Commercial Subroutine Package

cspdn Circuit-Switched Public Data Network

csr Clock Shift Register

csrg Computer Systems Research Group

csrs civil Service Retirement System

css Computer Sub-System

cst Central Standard Time (-6 GMT)

cst0 Current Seg't No. 0 (normal local variables & global data) [GEC]

cst1 Current Seg't No. 1 (program data & Fortran COMMON) [GEC]

cst2 Current Seg't No. 2 (data segments for program use) [GEC]

cst3 Current Seg't No. 3 (holds the current code module) [GEC]

csta Computer-Supported Telephony Applications

csu Channel Service Unit

csv Comma-Separated Variables

csw Channel Status Word [IBM]

ct Call Transfer (I.252 A)

ctc Canadian Transport Commission

ctcchannel - to Channel

ctcp Ctcp = Client To Client Protocol.  More info about CTCP can be found @

ctcpflooding [CTCP flooding] -. A user may flood the users of a channel off of irc using ctcp or dcc floods. Running a simple auto flood protection script will protect you from this (more later on FloodPro). (A2g)

ctd Circling The Drain

ctio Cerro Tololo Inter-american Observatory

ctl Computer Technology Limited [the Company]

ctm Contac Trunk Module

ctmc Communications Terminal Module Controller

ctms Carrier Transmission Measuring System

ctne Compania Telefonica Nacional de Espana

cto Call Transfer Outside

ctos Computerized Tomography Operating System

ctpa Coax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter

ctrl Control

cts Clear To Send

ctss Compatible Time Sharing System

ctt Cartridge Tape Transport

cttc Cartridge Tape Transport Controller

cttn Cable Trunk Ticket Number

ctv Canadian TeleVision network

cu Close-Up

cu/tk Common Update/EQuipment system

cua Common User Access

cub Cursor Backward

cuba cuba is .CU

cucrit Capital Utilization CRITeria

cud Cursor Down

cudf Call User Data Field

cudn Cambridge University Data Network

cuf Cursor Forward

cug Closed User Group (I.255 A)

cui Common User Interface [IBM]

cul See You Later [net jargon]

cup Cursor Position

cupid Completely Universal Processor I/O Design [AST]

curse yo quiero fcsking taco bell

cuseeme See-u-see-me can be downloaded from

cush money (misspelling of cash?) (Knockover, 410)

cut_down killed (esp shot?) (Knockover, 210)

cuu Cursor Up

cv Curriculum Vitae

cvf Compressed Volume File [Microsoft]

cvga Color Video Gaphics Array

cvia Computer Virus Industry Association

cvio Cold Virtual Input/Output[MVS]

cvol system Catologue VOLume

cvr Compass Voice Response

cvt Communications Vector Table [IBM]

cvw CodeView for Windows

cw Call Waiting (I.253 A)

cwc City-Wide Centrex

cwd Convert Word to Double Word

cwis Campus Wind Information Systems [Internet]

cwo Cash With Order

cwru Case Western Reserve University

cxi Common X-windows Interface

cy Calendar Year

cyberpromotions KILL! BURN!!

cycle This is a simple thing you can do in an opless channel.  It consists of a /part of the channel and a quick rejoin to establish ops

cygwin To port unix programs over to windows, try

cyl Cylinder

cymk Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black (color model)

cyo Catholic Youth Organization

cyprus cyprus is .CY

cz Canal Zone

czech czech is .CZ

czechoslovakia czechoslovakia is .CS

c~ C~ = $chan

d D is the letter after c and before e

d&d Dungeons & Dragons

d-ctl D Channel Controller (IDEC)

d-day The battle plan, code-named Overlord, called for the largest amphibious assault ever to start the liberation of occupied Europe from Nazi Germany.  In the early morning hours of 06/06/1944, thousands of American, British, Canadian & French soldiers backed by paratroopers, bombers and warships stormed a 50 miles stretch of French beach called Normandy.

d/a Digital to Analog

d/f Direction Finding

d/l Download

d/r Direct or Reverse

d2t2 Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (printing)

da Days after Acceptance

da-bomb Colt is da-bomb.

da-bum Stang is da-bum.

da/c Directory Assistance Computerized

da/m Directory Assistance Microfilm

daa Data Access Arrangement

dac DAP Access Controller [ICL]

daccs Digital Access Cross Connect System [telephony] (suspect, see below)

dacd Digital & Analogue Circuit Design

dack DMA ACK

dacom Data Communictions Corporation of Korea (ROK)

dacs Digital Access Cross-connect System [telephony]

dad Draft ADdendum

daedr Delimitation, Alignment and Error Detection Procedure

dais Distributed Automatic Intercept System

daisy none-too-masculine (Art, 201)

dak Dead At Keyboard

dal Data Access Language [Apple Computer]

dalnet The real story about DALnet @

dalnet+sucks For real info about dalnet, go to

dalnet-comment "well am on dalnet and haven't gone anywhere else for a year or so. i must like it. splits just liven things up."

dalnet-info For real info about dalnet, go to

dame woman (passim)

daml Digital Added Main Line (pair gain)

dance +does the macarena for N~

dangle leave, get lost (Pick-Up, 3)

danke +pokes N~

dap Data Access Protocol [DEC]

dar Daughters fo the American Revolution

darb as in "You're a darb" - ?? (Dain, 181)

darc Division Alarm Recording Center

dari Database Application Remote Interface [IBM]

dark+city This show had an awesome plot. The graphics were cool. It's one of those movies that give you a diff perspective on life, and how we only see things from our perspective. Time, space, and even the God's in this movie, have forsaken the humans in DarkCity, and the aliens are planning their very lives.  Sleep Now .

darkbot +thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot! (available for unix and win32 platforms) - Current version: V~

darkcity This show had an awesome plot. The graphics were cool. It's one of those movies that give you a diff perspective on life, and how we only see things from our perspective. Time, space, and even the God's in this movie, have forsaken the humans in DarkCity, and the aliens are planning their very lives.  Sleep Now .

darkfact http://DarkFact.Cjb.Net/ E-Mail: Dknight@Paranor.Dynip.Com or Dknight@Evil-Online.Com

darkfact's+in-game+speech "I know you are searching for the secrets contained within the books. You've done well so far, I'm impressed with your daring ambitions, but of course you are still defenseless against my superior powers. The name Dark Fact will be the scourge of all men to come! hahaha... Oh you're brave, but you're also a fool; You have no chance without the protection of the silver equipment... Knave, prepare t

darkfact2 [23:22] <DarkFact> I needed an elite font, like times new roman ^_^

darm Evil ruler of Ys, webpage at , icq uin 48010097

darpa Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

daru Distributed automatic intercept system Audio Response Unit

das Decimal Adjust for Subtraction

das-wdt Distributor And Scanner-Watch Dog Timer

dasd Direct Access Storage Device

dass2 Digital Access Signaling System 2 (BT, DPNSS subset)

dat Digital Audio Tape

data Defense Air Transport Administration

data+variables hey N~, the new variables (as of db 4f9) are: N  ~ (nick), B  ~ (mynick), C  ~ (chan), T  ~ (time), W  ~ (my url), V  ~ (my ver).

datacom Data Communications

datex German public packet switching network

dav Data Above Voice

davidw davidw is (David Williams)

db2 Database 2

dba Data Base Administrator

dbac Data Base Administration Center

dbas Data Base Administration System

dbcs Data Bank Control System

dbf DBase Format

dbm Data Base Manager

dbme DataBase Managment Environment

dbms Data Base Management System

dbos Data Bank Organization System

dbp (Ger) German Federal Post

dbrad Data Base Relational Application Directory

dbs Data Base Server

dbss Data Bank Security System

dc Data Collection

dca Defense Communications Agency

dcaf Distributed Console Access Facility [IBM]

dcat Directory CreATe [GEC]

dcb Data Control Block [IBM]

dcco Defense Commercial Communications Office

dccproblems most mIRC DCC send problems can be resolved by openening setup (ALT-E) click on the local info tab, where it says "on connect always get" select LOCAL HOST. Disconnect/reconnect to irc and fixed

dccs DisContiguous Shared Segments

dcd Data Carrier Detect

dcdm Dispersed Computing Development Meeting [RAL]

dce Data Circuit-terminating Equipment

dcf Data Communication Facility [IBM]

dch D Channel Handler

dcl DEC Command Language [DEC]

dclu Digital Carrier Line Uint

dcm Digital Carrier Module

dcme Digital Circuit Multiplexing Equipment

dcms Distributed Call Measurement System

dcmu Digital Concentrator Measurement Unit

dcn Device Control n

dcon Directory CONnect [GEC]

dcp Distributed Communications Processor

dcpr Detailed Contuing Property Record (PICS/DCPR)

dcpsk Differential Coherent Phase-Shift Keying

dcpu Data Communication Protocols Unit [DoI]

dcs Data Collection System

dct Digital Carrier Trunk

dctn Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network

dcts Dimension Custom Telephone Service

dcx Digital Concentrating eXchange [CASE]

dd Daredevils

ddb Device Dependent Bitmap

ddc Digital Data Converter

ddcmp Digital Data Communications Message Protocol [DEC]

ddd Direct Distance Dial(ing)

dde Direct Data Entry

ddel Directory DELete [GEC]

ddeml Dynamic Data Exchange Manager Library [Microsoft]

ddi Direct Dial In

ddk Device Driver Kit [Microsoft Windows]

ddl Data Definition Language + Data Description Language

ddm Distributed Data Management

ddn Defense Data Network

ddp Distributed Data Processing

dds Dataphone Digital Service [AT&T]

ddt DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane

ddx Digital Data Exchange

de Data Efficiency [the Company]

dea Drug Enforcement Agency

deac Deactivation (C/I channel code)

deadkode A little imp from hell. Trust me N~, you don't want to know

deadman+on+campus This movie is just like every other MTV flick that has come out. It sucks ass. All the good parts have been shown already, not much to see, not much to learn, and the plot is pretty dumb to begin with.

death what happens to little Os who bug big Os

deb Data Environment Block [IBM]


dec Decrement

deck as in "deck of Luckies" - pack of cigarettes (Vengeance, 36; Op, 203)

dect Digital European Cellular Phone

decus Digital Equipment Computer Users Society

dee (Ger) data terminal

deep+impact Deep Impact was lame, the main actress couldn't act, and the plot was gay.

del Delete

delanet a very lame isp that doesn't know how to do reverse dns right

delaware The First State, capital: Dover

delete add delete add add

denmark denmark is .DK

deop Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

deque Double-Ended QUEue

derp Defective Equipment Replacement Program

des Data Editing System

desert+fox Code name for the US mission to blow up Iraq to delay Clinton's Impeachment. (12-17-98)

destroy Sorry, you do not have enough access for that command.

desy Deutsches Electronen SYchlotron

desynch A Desynch is like a partial netsplit. The servers send incomplete (or un-time-sychronized) info to each other and get confused as to the status of user and channel modes.

det Detatch Message (I.451)

deus_has_no_life yes, he does not

dev Device

dew Distant Early Warning (as in DEW Line)

dew_man <DeW_MaN> do it, or i will request a g-line

df Damage Free

dfc Data Flow Control

dfd Data Flow Diagram

dfdr Disc Filing DRiver [GEC]

dfe Data Flow Editor

dfi Digital Facility Interface

dfm Distinguished Flying Medal

dfms Digital Facility Management System

dfr RAL program replacing DEFAULT ROUTING command [Feb 1983]

dfs Depth-First Search

dft Diagnostic Funtion Test

dfu Data File Utility

dfw Dallas Fort Worth (regional airport)

dg Data General [Corporate name]

dgis Direct Graphics Interface Standard

dgsc Defense General Supply Center

dhhs Department of Health and Human Services

dhss Department of Health and Social Security (UK)

di Data In

dia Document Interchange Architecture

diablo French word for Devil, comes from Latin word diabolus

diad (magnetic) Drum Information Assembler / Dispatcher

dial Direct Information Access Line

dialupnetworking The best place to find out about Dial Up Networking, and download upgrades to it; winsock --->

diapers as in "Pin your diapers on" - clothes, get dressed (Key, 74)

dias Defense Automatic Integrated System

dib Device Independent Bitmap

dibol DEC Business Oriented Language

dic Digital Concentrator

dick detective (usually qualified with "private" if not a policeman) (passim)

dictionary N~ an online dictionary can be found at or

did i most certainly did not!

did+you+know* of course i did! B~ knows all! Pheer him!

die Die is an IRCop command, do not accidently type it as Spaceguy has in the past :P

dif Data Interchange Format


diffsens Differential Sense

dig Drow Is God (TM)

digital An expensive breed of clone computers that are really good!, until you want to upgrade them. See also Computer Technicians Nightmare

digon (Ger) digital local network (Berlin)

diip Direct Interrupt Identification Port

dilbert the most hilariously funny cartoon ever invented; see also

dim Data In the Middle

din Deutsch Industrie Norm

dingus thing (Falcon, 147; Op, 11)

dio Data Input-Output

dios Spanish for deus, q.v.

dip Document Interchange Protocol (lower sublayer of OSI layer 6)

dip_the_bill have a drink (Sleep, 163; Art, 212)

dir Direction

dire Dire Is Really Emacs

dis Disconnect

disa Direct Inward System Access

disc Disconnect (LAP-D Command, I.451)

disd Direct Inward Subscriber Access

disoss Distributed Office Support System [IBM]

disp Displacement (offset)

disturbing+behaviour Great show if you like the "everyone is out to get me" type - ie; Body Snatchers. Plus the always good breif nudity.

diu Deactivate Indication

div (Ger) digital exchange

dive a low-down, cheap sort of place (Knockover, 199)

divf (Ger) DIV for long distance service

divo (Ger) DIV for local service

diw D-Inside Wire [AT&T]

diy Do It Yourself

dj Disc Jockey

djc Dependent Job Control

djgpp free C/C++ compiler (port of gcc for dos)

djibouti djibouti is .DJ

dk Dairy King

dkslap +slaps N~ around a bit with R~

dl Daresbury Laboratory [SERC]

dl/1 Data Manipulation Language 1 [IBM]

dl5mda someone who collects each ISDN abbrevation crossing his way

dla Defense Logistics Agency

dlab Divisor Latch Access Bit

dlc Data Link Control

dlci Data Link Connection Identifier (I.440: SAPI+TEI)

dlcu Digital Line Carrier Unit

dlculc Daresbury Laboratory Computer User Liason Committee [SERC]

dle Data Link Escape

dll Data Link Layer - If you are missing or want some dll's, a GREAT location to try out is  (more than you'll ever need)

dlm Dynamic Link Module

dlo Dead Letter Office

dlr DOS LAN Requester

dls Digital Line Section

dltu Digital Line/Trunk Unit

dlu-pg Digital Line Unit-Pair Gain

dluc Digital Line Unit Control

dm Delta Modulation

dma Direct Memory Access

dmac DMA Controller

dman Data MANagement [GEC]

dmc DAP Management Committee [SERC]

dmd Doctor of Dental Medicine

dme Direct Machine Environment [ICL]

dmf Probably part of an X.400 address in Europe

dmi Digital Multiplexed Interface

dml Data Manipulation Language

dmm Digital Multimeter

dmms Dynamic Memory Management System

dmos Diffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)

dmp Dot Matrix Printer

dms Data Management Software + Data Management System

dmsd Digital Multistandard Decoding

dmsetup I heard there is a removal utility called "The Cleaner" for this trojan-horse at

dmsetup.exe  there is a removel utility for this trojan at it is called "the cleaner". More info on this trojan can be found @

dmtf Desktop Management Task Force

dmu Data Manipulation Unit

dmv Department of Motor Vehicles (Calif)

dmx the stupidist most childish person on the planet

dmy Day Month Year

dmz DeMilitarized Zone

dn Directory Number

dna DeoxyriboNucleic Acid

dnc Direct Numerical Control

dncri [NSF] Division of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure

dnhr Dynamic Non Hierarchical Routing

dnic Data Network Identification Code [telephony ISO 7498]

dnis Dialed Number Identification Service

dnl Director of Naval Laboratories

dnr Dialed Number Recorder [telephony]

dns Domain Name System

dnx Dynamic Network X-connect

do N~... yes i do!!!

do+you+know+anything* N~, I know for a fact, I know more than you think you know.

do_the_dance to be hanged (Knockover, 446)

doa Dead On Arrival

dob Date Of Birth

doc Dynamic Overload Control

docs Display Operator Console System

dod (American) Department of Defense

doddorv Department of Denfese Dictionary of Russian Vulgarisms

doe Department of Energy

does I do it all

does*t+know* +does so! he's just not telling :P

does+anyone+want+to+talk* hey N~, Type  /msg h top  for a list of the top chatting channels, or type  /list  for a full list of all the channels on SuperChat

does+country+suck* yep, it sure does!

does+play+clone* Damnit N~, I'm a bot, bot a encyclopedia. Why dont YOU ask him for a change!

does+win*98+suck* Yep, it really does!

doesn't wanna bet?

doesn't+have* foolish mortal! i have everything! muhuhahaha!

doesnt* youre right!

dog mooo

dogcow moof

dogs feet (Pick-Up, 17)

doi Department of Industry [UK]

doj Department Of Justice

dole "A bananna and a fruit"

doll woman (Pick-Up, 11), also dolly (Op, 224)

dollar that and 1000 more and you can actualy buy something

dom Data On Master group

domain Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network (Apollo)

domains get cool domains at

dominica dominica is .DM

dominican dominican republic is .DO

dominus Solivagus

don't+believe* otay

don't+lie I'm not, N~. don't f!@king mess with me, punk.

dont+believe* otay

dope 1) drugs, of any sort (Farewell, 82, 143); 2) information (Dain, 30; Op, 146; Sleep, 161); 3) as a verb, as in "I had him doped as" - to have figured for (Op, 233)

dope_fiend drug addict (Dain, 119)

dope_peddler drug dealer (Op, 52)

dorf The term refers to Geeks such as Bill Gates, R~, Fruit flies.

dorf- Noun, dorf-ictius-tailicus: An offspring of the Common American dorf, this memeber of the dorf family is known for their short stubby tails. A prime exapmple of this species is kept in the C~ zoo and is named N~-

dork see  dew_man ,  madsheep , and  avenger12

dork+king +points at Expresso

dorks You guys are it.

dormy dormant, quiet, as in "Why didn't you lie dormy in the place you climbed to?" (Lake, 184)

dos Denial Of Service Attack. (eg a Nuke). Illegal in many countries in the world. see:

dosem DOS Emulation

dost Disc Operating System for Testing [GEC] ?

dot Department Of Transportation [US Government]

dot&e Director, Operational Test and Evaluation

dots Digital Office Timing Supply

double+jeopardy This movie had a cool idea -- get convicted of a murder, then when it turns out the guy you killed framed you, you get to kill them and double jeopardy prevents you from being tried again. The problem: The movies premise was not used in the movie, and when it was mentioned, was corney. Overall an okay flick, but don't expect THAT much from it.

dough money (passim)

dourif This is the full spelling (in english) for the word commonly known as DORF

dov Data Over Voice [telephony]

dow Day Of Week

dp Data Processing

dpa Delegation of Procurement Authority

dpac Dedicated Plant Assignment Center

dpam Demand Priority Access Method

dpans Draft Proposed American National Standard

dparen Data Parity Enable [IBM]

dpb Drive Parameter Block

dpc Destination Point Code (SS7)

dpcm Differential PCM

dpe Data Path Extender

dpi Dots Per Inch

dpl Descriptor Privilege Level

dpll Digital Phase Locked Loop

dpm Digital Panel Meter

dpma Data Processing Management Association

dpmi DOS Protected Mode Interface [Microsoft]

dpn-ph Data Packet Network-Packet Handler

dpnss Digital Private Network Signaling System (BT)

dpo Data Phase Optimization

dpp Discounted Payback Period

dps Display PostScript

dpsk Differential Phase Shift Keying

dptotp Display Coordinates to Tablet Coordinates (converting)

dq Dairy Queen

dqdb Distributed Queue Dual Bus (IEEE 802.6) [telephony, networking]

dql Database Query Language

dr Data Ready

drac Directory Record ACcess [GEC]

drad Directory Record Allocate & Delete [GEC]

dram Dynamic RAM

drastik +boinks Angellicoamundo

draugrbane some guy who works for ... He's really cool as Long As You Don't Mock Him By Typing Like This

draw Direct Read After Write

drcs Dynamically Redefinable Character Sets

drd Data Reading Device...or...Department of Redundancy Department

drda Distributed Relational Data Architecture [IBM]

drdw Direct Read During Write

dre Direction

drg Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany)

dri Defense Research Internet

drift go, leave (Pick-Up, 53; Sleep, 69)

drill shoot (Knockover, 410)

drink sorry, that'd fry my chips!

drmu Digital Remote Measurement Unit

dro Data Request Output + Destructive Read-Out

drop +picks up N~ takes him over to the well and drops N~ in

drs Data Rate Select

drugs see Qbasic

drum speakeasy (Knockover, 357)

drv Drive

dry-gulch knock out, hit on head (Farewell, 63)

ds Data Segment + Data Send + Data Server + Double Sided

ds3 What a T3 is SUPPOSED to be called.

dsa Dalnet Sucks Ass | Dial System Assistance

dsbam Double-SideBand Amplitude Module

dsc Digital Subscriber Controller Am79C30A

dsdc Direct Service Dial Capability

dsdd Double Sided, Double Density (diskette)

dse Data Storage Equipment

dsea Display Station Emulation Adapter

dsect Dummy Control Section

dsee Domain Software Engineering Environment

dsgla (Ger) DLS

dshd Double Sided, High Density (diskette)

dsi Digital Speech Interpolation

dsia DEC Systems Interconnection Architecture

dsl Digital Subscriber Line

dsm Digital Switching Module

dsmx (Ger) digital signal multiplexer

dsn Digital Signal (level) N

dso Distinguished Service Order

dsp Decessit Sine Prole (died without issue)

dspl De-SPooLer [GEC]

dsqd Double Sided, Quad Density (diskette)

dsr Data Set Ready

dsri Digital Standard Relational Interface

dss Data Station Selector

dst Daylight Saving Time

dstn Double SuperTwisted Nematic

dsu Data Service Unit

dsw Data Status Word + Device Status Word

dsx Digital System X-connect

dt Data Through (C/I channel code in test mode)

dt1 Data Form Class 1

dta Disk Transfer Area

dtam Document Transfer Access and Manipulation

dtas Digital Test Access System

dtc Di-group Terminal Controller

dtd Document Type Definition

dte Data Terminal Equipment

dtf Dial Tone First payphone [telephony]

dtg Direct Trunk Group

dtif Digital Transmission Interface Frame

dtl Diode-Transistor Logic

dtm Digital Trunk Module

dtmf Dial Tone Multi Frequency [telephony]

dtp DeskTop Publishing

dtr Data Terminal Ready

dtu Di-group Terminal Unit

du -PRIVMSG C~ :98304  ./pr0n | PRIVMSG C~ :476382 ./mp3 | PRIVMSG C~ :37461  ./nuke_utils | PRIVMSG C~ :612147 .

duat Direct User Access Terminal

ducat ticket (Key, 73)

duck_soup easy, a piece of cake (Knockover, 44)

dues a fine incurred

dufsad a pustulant degorgonzolating strudel-cockroach leechburger upon the many fun burger loving houses restaurants with free refills and no smoking.

duh gee N~, even i knew that :P

dui Driving Under the Influence

dumb Watch whatcha call people, boi

dummerer somebody who pretends to be (deaf and?) dumb in order to appear a more deserving beggar (Knockover, 198)

dump as in "We did the dumps" - roadhouse, club (Knockover, 431); or, more generally, any place (Art, 90)

dup Data User Part

dust 1) nothing, as in "Tinhorns are dust to me" (Pick-Up, 3); 2) leave, depart, as in "Let's dust" (Pick-Up, 13) (also Art, 52; Sleep, 64); 3) a look, as in "Let's give it the dust" (Pick-Up, 28)

dust_out leave, depart (Op, 81)

dut Device Under Test

dutch 1) as in "in dutch" - trouble (Postman, 56); 2) as in "A girl pulled the Dutch act" - committed suicide (Vengeance, 122); 3) as in "They don't make me happy neither.  I get a bump once'n a while.  Mostly a Dutch." - ?? relates to the police (Art, 119)

duv Data Under Voice

dv Deo Vo lente (God willing)

dva (Ger) data processing equipment

dvi Digital Video Interactive

dvm Digital Volt Meter

dvorak Dvorak Keyboard. A Much better keyboard layout compared to qwerty.

dvx Digital Voice eXchange

dwai  D on't  W orry  A bout  I t

dwaps Defense Warehousing Automated Processing System

dwg Drawing

dwi Driving While Intoxicated

dwim Do What I Mean

dx Distance (as in long distance radio communication)

dxc Data Exchange Control

dxf Drawing Interchange Format

dxt Data eXtractT facility

dyrect SIDES Dynamic Real Time Communication Tester

d|sgruntled Qbasic's alter ego

e&eo Errors and Omissions Excepted

e&m ``Ear and Mouth''; receive and transmit leads of a signalling system

e-com Electronic Computer Originated Mail

e-mail Electronic MAIL

e-tdma Extended Time Division Multiple Access

e911 Enhanced 911

e=mc^2 Energy = Mass x The Speed of Light Squared

e=mc Who do you thik I am N~, Einstein?

ea Expedited Data Acknowledgement (SS7: in SCCP)

eadas Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System

eadas/nm - EADAS/Network Management

eadass Engineering and Administrative Data AcquiSition System

eaeo Equal Access End Office

ean Certainly part of an X.400 Address in Europe

earn European Academic Research Network

earom Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory

ears Electronic Access to Reference Services

eas Engineering Administration System)

easd Equal Access Service Date

eata Enhanced AT Bus Attachment

eb Engineering Board [SERC]

ebay Great online auction site, lots and lots of stuff, however you buy via the seller - and I don't trust people on the internet any futher than I can throw them. Go to for auctions that go via companys (smaller selection, but less risk)

ebay+crash well

ebc EISA Bus Controller

ebcc Engineering Board Computer Committee [SERC]

ebcdic Expanded Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code [character code]

ebi Equivalent Background Input

ebl Electron Beam Lithography

ebonics Ebonics is AKA French, and other various langs. which a person may not know how to speak.

ebt Electronic Benefits Transfer

ec Echo Canceller

ecafe Economic Commission for Africa and the Far East

ecal Enjoy Computing And Learn

ecap Electronic Customer Access Program

ecass Electronically Controlled Automatic Switching System

ecb Event Control Block [IBM]

ecc Enter Cable Change

eccm Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures

eccs Economic C (hundred) Call Seconds

ecd Enhanced Color Display

ecdo Electronic Community Dial Office

ecf Enhanced Connectivity Facility

ecg Electrocardiogram

echo European Commission Host Organisation

ecl Emitter Coupled Logic

eclss Environmental Control and Life Support System [Space]

ecm Electronic Counter Measure

ecma European Computer Manufactueres Association

eco Ecological

ecp Enhanced Capabilities Port [Microsoft]

ecpa Electronic Communications Privacy Act [US law]

ecpt Electronic Coin Public Telephone

ecs Electronic Crosconnect System

ect Electro-convulsive Therapy

ectl Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe

ecuador ecuador is .EC

ecv Electric Cargo Vehicle [NASA OEXP]

ed Erase Display...or the talking mule

ed&d Expert Dungeons & Dragons

eda Embedded Document Architecture [Go Corporation]

edac Electromechanical Digital Adapter Circuit

edc Enhanced Data Correction

eddc Extended Distance Data Cable

edgar Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval

edi Electronic Data Interchange

edif Electronic Design Interchange Format

edifact EDI for Administration Commerce and Transport

ediuc Edinburgh Decsystem-10 Installation Users Committee [SERC]

edlc Ethernet Data Link Control

edlin Editor (Line Text)

edmcman errr.... um.... hmmmm

edo Extended Duration Orbiter [Space], Enhanced Data Output RAM usually 60ns.

edos Enhanced DOS for Windows

edp Electronic Data Processing

edpm Electronic Data Processing Machine

eds Electronic Data Systems

edsac Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer

edsi Enhanced Small Device Interface

edsx Electronic Digital Signal X-connect

edt Eastern Daylight Time

edta Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid

edtcc Electronic Data Transmission Communications Central

edvac Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (1st stored-program digital computer)

ee Electrical Engineer

eec European Economic Community

eect End-to-End Call Trace

eedp Expanded Electronic tandem switching Dialing Plan

eeg Electroencephalogram

eeho Either End Hop Off

eei Equipment-to-Equipment Interface

eel Epsilon Extension Language

eem Extended Memory Management

eems Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification

eeprom Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

efa Extended File Attribute

eff Electronic Frontier Foundation

efi Electromechanical Frequency Interference + Electronics For Imaging

efl (Teaching) English as a Foreign Language

efnet EFnet info about their IRCd and changes to it, as well as downloading the latest revision of efnet ircd can be found @

efrap Electronic Feeder Route Analysis Program

efts Electronic Funds Transfer System

eg Latin, "exampli gratia": for example, literally, "free example"

ega Enhanced Graphics Adapter

egg fellow (Knockover, 395)

eggdrop Eggdrop info at or at or at or at

eggdrops Eggdrop info at or at or at or at

eggo Hey  N~!  Leggo my Eggo!

eggs_in_the_coffee easy, a piece of cake, okay, all right (Knockover, 44; Dain, 192)

egotist see also Deus

egp Exterior Gateway Protocol [Internet]

egypt egypt is .EG

ehf Extremely High Frequency (30-300GHz)

eia Electronic Industries Association

ein Error Indication n (C/I channel code)

eine EINE Is Not Emacs

einhnder One of the  best  shooters out there since R-type, for the playstation.

eis Executive Information System

eisa Extended Industry Standard Architecture

eiss Economic Impact Study System

eitb Engineering Industry Training Board

ekg ElectroKardioGramm (see ECG)

ekts Electronic Key Telephone Sets

el ElectroLuminescent (as in display)

elbows as in "And there's no elbows tagging along" - police? (Knockover, 180)

eldarin mernan taco bell (quenalye i lambar eldareva?)

electric interactive computing environment on RAL IBM 360/195

elf Extremely Low Frequency

elite Einstein Learning Institute of Technology and Electronics

elizabeth This movie (Rated R so parent's don't sit there explaining the plot to the kids every 3 seconds) loses the audience several times when the plot shows something, but doesn't explain what the heck is going on. I guess they assume everyone remmebers every little detail about this era from their History 101 in college. The movie was 'so-so', nothing special, not worth your $3.50 to rent.

elmerfud eyem gonna catch dat nasty wabbit!

elmo "heeh heeh, that tickles!"

elmo2 Tickle me and you loose that nice smile, bub.

elo Electric Light Orchestra

elp Emerson, Lake and Palmer (or Powell)

els Entry Level System

elv Expendable Launch Vehicle [Space]

elvis Hes the king.

em Electronic Mail + Expanded Memory

ema Electronic Mail Association

emacs Editor MACroS

email Electronic Mail

emb Extended Memory Block [LIM/AST]

embarc Electronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer [Motorola]

emc Electromagnetic Compatibility

emc Relativity N~, it's all relative ya know

eme Electromagnetic Emission

emf ElectroMotive Force (voltage)

emi Electromagnetic Interference

eml Expected Measured Loss

emm Expanded Memory Manager

emp Electromagnetic Pulse


empress EnvironMental Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships

emr Electro-Magnetic Radiation

ems Electromagnetic Susceptibility

emt Emergency Medical Technician

emu ElectroMagnetic Unit

emv EMC (German)

encryption "Mary had a crypto key, she kept it in escrow, and everything that Mary said, the Feds were sure to know." -- Sam Simpson, July 9, 1998. Actually, ScramDisk is probably what you want. Its Free, and its damn good.

ends Ends Segment

enemy+of+the+state Very entertaining movie (moreso at the ending part -- was a riot;) Anyway, the whole plot of the movie is to set up the action parts of the basic "goverment is watching and can chase us" theme, get it if you like this type of film, you'll enjoy it, otherwise don't bother with it.

enfia Exchange Network Facility for Interstate Access

eniac Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

enigma "a riddle; a puzzling problem"; also some of the most amazing music in the world,

enjoys actually, I enjoy running around nude.  I bet you didn't notice that till now, did ya? <g>

enlightenment X11's Coolest mannager @

enough Enough usually means stop making me say things because you are annoying someone

enq Enquiry

ens ENSign

enss Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]

entertain+me* +sings im a little teapot to N~

entertain+us yeah right

eo End Office [telephony]

eoa End of Address

eob End of Block

eoc Embedded Operation Channel

eoe Electronic Order Exchange

eof  E nd  O f  F ile

eoi End or Identify

eoj End of Job

eol End of Line + End of List

eom End Of Month

eoq Economic Order Quantity

eor Exclusive OR (Also XOR)

eos End of String

eot End Of Table + End of Tape (marker) + End of Text + End of Transmission

eott End Office Toll Trunking

eowg Engineering and Operations Working Group (under FNC)

ep Expedited Data (SS7: in SCCP)

epa Environmental Protection Agency

epic Extended PIC PEB2055

epl Effective Privilege Level

epld Electrically Programmable Logic Device

epm Enhanced Editor for Presentation Manager [IBM]

epos Engineering and Project-management Oriented Support system

epp Enhanced Parallel Port

epri Electric Power Research Institute

eprom Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory

eps Encapsulated PostScript

epscs Enhanced Private Switched Communication Service

epsf Encapsulated PostScript Files

epss Experimental Packet Switch Stream Service [now PSS]

ept Empire of the Petal Throne

eq Educational Quotient (see IQ)

era Earned Run Average

erar Error Return Address Register

eras Electronic Routing and Approval System [Hughes Aircraft]

erc Error Control (IOS)

ercc Edinburgh Regional Computer Centre

erd Entity-Relation Diagram

ere Entity Relationship Editor

erep Environmental Recording Editing and Printing

eritrea Eritrea is .er

erl Echo Return Loss

erll Enhanced Run Length Limited

ernie What a big beak you have Big Bird

erom Erasable Read Only Memory

erp Effective Radiated Power

err_alreadyregistered 462

err_cannotsendtochan 404

err_erroneusnickname 432

err_fileerror 424

err_needmoreparams 461

err_nickcollision 436

err_nicknameinuse 433

err_noadmininfo 423

err_nologin 444

err_nomotd 422

err_nonicknamegiven 431

err_noorigin 409

err_nopermforhost 463

err_norecipient 411

err_nosuchchannel 403

err_nosuchnick 401

err_nosuchserver 402

err_notexttosend 412

err_notonchannel 442

err_notoplevel 413

err_notregistered 451

err_passwdmismatch 464

err_summondisabled 445

err_toomanychannels 405

err_toomanytargets 407

err_unknowncommand 421

err_usernotinchannel 441

err_useronchannel 443

err_usersdisabled 446

err_wasnosuchnick 406

err_wildtoplevel 414

ert Earth Resources Technology [Space]

eru Error Return address Update

es Expert System

esa European Space Agency

esac Electronic Surveillance Assistance Center

esb Emergency Service Bureau

esc Electronic Speed Control

escc2 Extended high level Serial Communication Controller SAB82532

escc8 like ESCC2, but 8 channels SAB82538

escon Enterprise System Connection (Architecture) [IBM]

esd Electronic Software Distribution + Electrostatic Discharge

esdi Enhanced Small Device Interface

ese East South East

esf Extended SuperFrame (Format)

esi Enhanced Serial Interface (specification) [Hayes]

esl Emergency Stand-Alone

esm Electronic Support Measures

esn Electronic Serial Number

eso European Southern Observatory

esp Emulation Sensing Processor + Enhanced Serial Port [Hayes]

espe Engineering Science Program Exchange [QMC]

esps Entropic Signal Processing System

ess Electronic Switching System

essex Experimental Solid State EXchange

essx Electronic Switching Systen eXchange

est Eastern Standard Time (-5 GMT)

estonia estonia is .EE

esu Electro-Static Unit

et Eastern Time

et/acc External Tank/Aft Cargo Carrier (see also ET) [Space]

eta Estimated Time of Arrival

etann Electrically Trainable Analog Neural + Network (chip) [Intel]

etas Emergency Technical ASsistance

etb End of Transmission Block

etc Latin, "et cetera": "and the rest"

etd Estimated Time of Departure

etf Electronic Toll Fraud

etfd Electronic Toll Fraud Device [telephony]

eth Eidgnoessiche Techniche Hochschule

ethernet (n): something used to catch the etherbunny

ethiopia ethiopia is .ET

etn Electronic Tandem Network

eto Earth-to-Orbit [Space]

etpl Endorsed Tempest Products List

etri Electronics and Telecommunications

ets Econometric Time Series

etsaci Electronic Tandem Switching Adminstration Channel Interface

etssp ETS Status Panel

etv Education TeleVision

etx End of Text

eu Execution Unit

euclid Extensible UCL Interactive & Distributive system [UCLCC]

euug European Unix User Group

euv Extreme UltraViolet

eva ExtraVehicular Activity

evander "Evander Holyfield, the other black meat" - Mike Tyson?

eve Extensible VAX Editor

ever+after This movie was pretty much what you expected, girl meets prince, cept in this version, the girl doesn't really like prince for most of the movie since he's an arragont snob (who can blame a guy who is second to none?), anyway, it's worth watching if you were intrested in a show made for 16 y.o girls, otherwise save your $3.65 and go to the arcades

every-operating-system-in-existence can be found @

everything For a list of everything, visit:

evga Extended Video Graphics Array + Extended Video Graphics Adapter

evst (Ger) end exchange

evx Electronic Voice eXchange

ewho Extended WHO formatting. %n = nick, %s = server, %h = host, %u = user, %c = chan.

ewos European Workshop for Open Systems

ews Employee Written Software [IBM]

ewsd (Ger) electronic dialing system (Digital)


exe an executable file commonly found in windows

exe2bin Program used to convert an (.EXE) file to binary format (.COM) file

exp Exponent

ext EXT.EXE is a MS product that is used to uncompress files (specifically their .CAB's), if you ever have the misfortune of having to use it, god be with you. I'd just like to know how win98 can install from compressed .cabs in 30 mins, yet uncompressing win98's .cabs with EXT takes over 4 hours!

extrn External Reference

eye I

eyearesee IRC

ezbounce  ..this is a BNC-like proxy program, but allows connections to detach and be resumed later.

f/t Full Time

fa Football Association (British soccer--a word derived from Association)

faa Facility Accepted (SS7: in ISUP)

fab Computer-Chip Fabrication Plant

fac Facility

facd Facility Changed Message

face+on+mars The face on mars ( is no longer a mystery. You can read how it got there by going to

facespan facespan is at or at or at

facs Facilities Assignment and Control System

fact Fact, Dekt, Fukt... it's all the same

fakeloo_artist con man (Farewell, 87)

falkland falkland islands is .FK

famos Floating Gate Avalanche MOS

famulus a system for filing & retrieving information [QMCCC/UCLCC]

fantasy a georgeous, buxom blonde that never says no...

fao Food and Agriculture Organization [US Government]

fap File Access Protocol

faq FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. You can find a crapload of faq's at:

faqs FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. You can find a crapload of faq's at:

far Facility Request (SS7: in ISUP)

faroe faroe islands is .FO

fart +leans to one side a bit and.....ahhhhhh.

fartknocker Cartman

fas Foreign Agricultural Service

fasst Flexible Architecture Standard System Technology

fastpage 70ns 72 Pin RAM, Used in older style pentium machines.

fat File Allocation Table

fax FAcsimile

fb Freight Bill

fbi Federal Bureau of Investigation [US Government] aka the jackbooted government thugs aka federal bureau of intimidation

fc Feature Control

fcap Facility CAPacity

fcb File Control Block

fcc Federal Communications Commission

fccset Federal Coordinating Committee for Science, Education and Technology (under OSTP)

fcg False Cross or Ground

fci Flux Changes per Inch

fcs File Control System

fd Floppy Disk + Full Duplex

fda Food and Drug Administration [US Government]

fdc Floppy Disk Controller

fddi Fiber Digital Device Interface

fdhd Floppy Drive High Density

fdic Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [US Government]

fdisk Fixed Disk

fdm Frequency Division Multiplexing

fdma FDM Access

fdp Field Development Program

fdr Fast Dump Restore

fdx Full DupleX

fe Finite Element

fea Finite Element Analysis

fear+and+loathing+in+las+vegas This movie can only be described in one of two words. "Weirded" or "ReallyReallyStupid", the movie had no plot, the jokes were not funny, and I would rather die than watch it again.

febe Far End Block Error (IOM2 Monitor Message)

fec Forward Error Correction

fecc Front End Communication Computer

fed Far End Data

fedsim FEDeral Systems Integration and Management center

feed+bot yes N~, feed me. DO IT, DO IT NOW

feedbag A very big lamer, you can mail him (if he didn't mess up his dns) or icq him @ 3189815

fefo First-Ended, First-Out

feh Feh: What you might say after getting rained on by bird.... droppings

felion [13:51] <bot> Felion IS A DROOLER

fem Front-End Machine

fema Federal Emergency Management Agency

femf Foreign EMF (a.k.a. Cross Battery) [telephony]

femgen Finite Element MEsh GENerator

femview Finite EleMent analysis results VIEWing program

fep Front End Processor

fepc Fair Employment Practices Commission

fepg Federal Engineering Planning Group (of FNC under EOWG, originally of FRICC)

feps Facility and Equipment Planning System

fers Federal Employees Retirement System

fet Federal Excise Tax

fev Far End Voice

ff  F inal  F antasy

ff7 Quite possibly the best RPG ever made until now.

ffa Future Farmers of America

fft Fast Fourier Transform

fg-a Feature Group A [telephony: Line Side term. for LD carriers]

fg-b Feature Group B [telephony: Trunk Side term. for LD carriers (aka ENFIA B), 950 service]

fg-d Feature Group D [telephony:Trunk Side term. for LD carriers, 1+ service]

fga Feature Group A

fgb Feature Group B

fgc Feature Group C

fgclg Fortran level G, Compile, Link and Go [IBM]

fgd Feature Group D

fha Federal Home Administration

fhclg Fortran level H, Compile, Link and Go [IBM]

fiaj Fred Is A Jew

fib Focused Ion Beam

fica Federal Insurance Contributions Act

fido Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation

fif Fractal Image Format

fifo First In First Out (as in registers and buffers)

fignewton A tasty treat made by little elves : See Trolls

fiji fiji is .FJ

fileid cms FILE IDentifier

filo First In Last Out (see also FIFO)

fims Forms Interface Management System

fin $5 bill (Playback, 11; Vengeance, 40)

finder finger man (Speaking, 87)

finger  FINGER

finland finland is .FI

finnish hei! mit kuuluu?

fio Frequency In and Out

fioc Frame Input/Output Controller

fip Facility Interface Processor

fips Federal Information Processing Standards

fiq frequently ignored question

fir Finite Impulse Response

fire Burn burn!!

firewall info on firewalls @


firmr Federal Information Resource Management Regulation

first-irc-server The first IRC server (and still running) is

fis Floating-point Instruction Set

fish >))))`>

fisu Fill In Signal Unit (SS7)

fit Federal Information Technologies, inc.

fix Federal Inter-agency eXchange [network]

fix+me+some+chicken+pot+pie Cartman gets that line from the brat pack, the b-fast club

fixscript To remove the SCRIPT.INI "backdoor" from your system:- (1) Type: "/sreq ask" (2) Type: "/unload -rs script.ini" (be sure to include the -rs) (3) Type: "/remove script.ini" (4) Restart mIRC (5) Your system is clean ! (6) For further information goto or just download mIRC 5.3 at to avoid these steps

fj Frame Jump (C/I channel code)

fl Florida

flacc Full Level Algol Checkout Compiler

flashnet Flashnet is an AOL wanna be

flat 1) broke (Knockover, 413); 2) as in "That's flat" - that's for sure (Op, 99)

flattie flatfoot, cop (Art, 58)

flc Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal

fld Field

flhe calc's steady state & transient solution for thermal problems

flimflamm swindle (Op, 23, 251)

flippers hands? (Lake, 139)

flivver a Ford automobile (Speaking, 87; Knockover, 436)

fll Fixed Loss Loop [telephony]

flogger overcoat (Op, 219)

flood you do not have enough access for that command.

flood+for+me* -privmsg N~ :flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood | privmsg N~ :flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood | privmsg N~ :flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood | privmsg N~ :flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood | privmsg N~ :flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood

flood+pro Flood pro is flood protection. It's purpose is to prevent a client from being disconnected from the IRC server, usually by Excess Flood

flooder see also:  bot

flooding+bot* Flooding is evil!

floodme -PRIVMSG N~ :........................................ | PRIVMSG N~ :................................................. | PRIVMSG N~ :...................................................... | PRIVMSG N~ :............................................................... | PRIVMSG N~ :............................................................. | PRIVMSG N~ :.............................................

flop 1) go to bed (Speaking, 87); 2) as in "The racket's flopped" - fallen through, not worked out (Op, 268)

flophouse "a cheap transient hotel where a lot of men sleep in large rooms" (Speaking, 87)

flops Floating Point Operations Per Second

florida The Sunshine State, capital: Tallahassee

flpl A Fortran-compiled List Processing Language

flra Federal Labor Relations Authority

fluevog John Fluevog is a shoes designer. LiKwid` is in love with Fluevog's shoes...!! (

fly bahahahahah, are you on drugs, N~?

fm Frequency Modulation

fmac Facility Maintenance And Control

fmb Federal Maritime Board

fmcs Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

fmh I'm not allowed to say <G>

fmm Finite Message Machine

fmr Follow Me Roaming [telephony]

fms Financial Management Service (Treasury Dept)

fmt Format

fn cms Filename

fnbe Far and Near end Block Error (IOM2 Monitor Message)

fnc Federal Networking Council (formerly FRICC) [US Government, under OSTP]

fnhbs Fred Needs His Butt Scratched

fnpa Foreign Numbering Plan Area

fnt Font

fo Foreign Office

foac Federal Office Automation Center

fob Free On Board

foc Fiber Optic Communications

focal Fortran-like language on early DEC computers

focl  F alling  O ff  T he  C hair  L aughing

focus Forum of Control Data Users

fog First Osborne Group

foia Freedom Of Information Act

foims Field Office Information Management System

foirl Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE]

fon Fiber Optics Network

fonts fonts can be found at

foobar See FUBAR

food Yea I'm kinda hungry myself N~, whatcha got cookin?

fool i'm not the fool!.. you are!.. try not to be a fool and type !help

footburger What MercX eats

for Free On Rail

forcs Faa's Operational Reporting Communication System

ford  F ix  O r  R epair  D aily /   F ound  O n  R oadside  D ead

form+factor The most common form factor out on the market is known as the Baby AT form factor. Most cases and power supplies are designed to work well with all types of generic boards. However, the market has shifted away from this form factor. Intel and other manufacturers are designing new boards using the ATX form factor.

forth (Programming Language)

fortran FORmula TRANslation

fos Fibre Optics & Optoelectronics Scheme [DoI]

fose Federal Office Systems Exposition

fossil Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer

fosters Something Australians Export to America because its not fit to feed your dog.

fot Forward Transfer (SS7: in ISUP)

foux foux means fouxbert (french for foo and foobert)

fov Field Of View

foxie a guy from india who laughs too much and likes playing with bot.

fp Functional Protocol

fpa Floating Point Accelerator

fpc Fish Protein Concentrate

fpe Floating Point Engine

fpga Field Programmable Gate-Array

fpha Federal Public Housing Athority

fpla Field Programmable Logic Array (see PLA)

fpm Feet Per Minute

fpo Feild Post Office

fpp Fixed Path Protocol + Floating Point Processor

fps Fast Packet Switching

fpu Floating Point Processor Unit

fqdn Fully Qualified Domain Name [Internet]

fr Flat Rate

fr80 Microfilm recorder available at RAL

frac Frame Aligner Circuit PEB2030

fractal FRACTional dimensionAL

frag Fragment + Fragmentation

frail woman (Sleep, 127)

fram Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory

frames real men don't use frames, they use tables

france france is .FR

francium something really neat happens when you mix this chemical with water ;)

frau wife (Pick-Up, 195)

fred2 [05:28:01] <Fred> late night orgies are fun, don't down them!

free +knows nothing is trully FREE


free@ N~: You can get a free @ by typing: /join #free-@-for-N~ :)



freeemail Hotmail is a free email service. To subscribe to it, go to, also try or

french french southern territories is .TF

frenchhelp French help can be found in channel #aide

freshmeat Place for new cool linux stuff (

frg Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)

fricc Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee (now FNC)

friday PARTY!!! now you can change wednesday's meaning!

frisk good mints

frj Facility Rejected Message (SS7: in ISUP)

frmr Frame Reject (LAP-D Response)

frog Free Rocket Over Ground

from_nothing as in "I know from nothing" - I don't know anything (Shoot, 65)

frown :( :-(

frpg Fantasy Role Playing Game

frpi Flux Reversals Per Inch

frq Facility Request Message

frr Functional Recovery Routines

frs Federal Reserve System

fruit See topic APPLE.

frustration Purchasing software for $800, only to find that the disk is faulty, then trying to return it but told to read the box which says 'Software can only be returned if the seal on the package has not been ... broken'

fs File Separator

fsc Frame Synchronization Clock (IOM2)

fsd File System Driver [OS/2]

fsda likes to flood bots

fserve For fserve help, try #mIRC

fsf Free Software Foundation

fsk Frequency Shift Keying

fslic Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation

fsn Forward Sequence Number

fss Federal Supply Service

fsw Forward Swept Wings

ft Foot

ftam File Transfer And Management (ISO upscale FTP)

ftc Federal Trade Commission

ftf File Transfer Facility [ICL]

ftg Final Trunk Group

ftl Faster Than Light

ftp File Transfer Protocol

ftp77 File Transfer Protocol to 1977 standard

ftp80 File Transfer Protocol to 1980 standard

ftpq File Transfer Protocol ('Q' end)

ftpsearch Online FTP search can be found @

fts Federal Telecommunication System

ftz (Ger) Central Telecom Technical Office (of DBP)

fu "Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting"

fubar f*cked up beyond all recognition

fud FUD Stands for Fear, Uncertinty, Doubt. Its a marketting technique used commonly by companies when a better, and cheaper product is released by a competitor. MS uses this techique a lot. For more info on FUD, try:

full+moon hehe N~, it's when the lamers are out in full force on IRC :)

func Function


futility There was this snail, that was sucking on a melted cow. The puddle was very large, but soon the sun would evaporate the melted cow that had no name and the grass would suck up the liquid in order to grow and dominate the earth just like those damned triffids with their stupid tentacle things that kill people. Other than the snail sucking not much else was happening. See Sleep .

fw Fringeworthy

fwap Frap, to lightly but determinately strike someone with a blunt object, preferrably a wifflebat.

fwaps what i should do to myself for being bad.

fwd Front Wheel Drive

fwhm Full Width at Half Maximum

fwiw For What Its Worth

fx Foreign eXchange [telephony]

fy Fiscal Year

fyi For Your Information

g Gravity

g-line A gline is a ban from the entire Superchat Network. G-lines are placed when you go against the AUP (acceptable user policy). Glines are set usually for 2 to 24 hours

g/l General Ledger

ga Gamblers Anonymous

gaap Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

gaas GAllium ArSenide (GaAs)

gab Group Audio Bridging [telephony]

gabon gabon is .GA

gaelic VLSI design package [Compeda]

gag +gags and chokes, god N~ stinks!

gaia Earth's self-sustaining Biosphere

gal Generic Array Logic

gambia gambia is .GM

gan Global Area Network

gandalf Canadian company which manufactures data comm's equipment

gao General Accounting Office [US Government]

gap (EC) Group of Analysis and Provision (for ONP)

gar Grand Army of the Republic

garbage The most kick ass group

gas The pain that escapes and stains your couch.

gashouse as in "getting gashouse" - rough (Pick-Up, 17)

gat gun (passim)

gate as in "Give her the gate" - the door, as in leave (Dain, 195)

gatt General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

gaw Guaranteed Annual Wage

gawk GNU's implemention of  awk , q.v.

gay See also N~

gaycat "a young punk who runs with an older tramp and there is always a connotation of homosexuality" (Speaking, 87)

gb Gangbusters

gbip General Purpose Interface Bus

gbs Group Bridging Service

gc Garbage Collection (LISP)

gca Ground Controlled Approach

gcc use lisp!

gcd Greatest Common Multiple

gchq Government Communications Headquarters [UK]

gci General Circuit Interface (IOM/U(k0)-Interface)

gcl Graphics Command Language

gcm General Court Martial

gcr General Configuration Register

gcs Group Control System

gct Greenwich Civil Time

gda Global Data Area

gdb Gnu DeBugger

gddm Graphics Data Display Manager

gdg Generation Data Group

gdi Graphics Device Interface

gds Geometrical Design Scheme [ARC]

gdt Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing + Global Descriptor Table

ge General Electric [corporate name, USA]

gec General Electric Company Plc. [UK]

gedit George 3 EDITor [GEC] (it's EDIT's "real" name)

geek see also N~, Khaled, AlGore, Bill Gates, nefas, etc.

geek+talk Hey d00d, I've been coding this proggie all day and my brain hurts!

geeks see also SOLIVAGUS, Khaled, AlGore, Bill Gates, etc...

geisco General Electric Information Services COmpany

gem Graphics Environment Manager

gender +feels around in N~'s pants....

genie General Electric Network for + Information Exchange

genstat GENeral STATistical program

geo Geosynchronous Earth Orbit [Space]

george GEneral Organisational Environment [?] [ICL]

georgia georgia is .GE

geos Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]

ger German

germany germany is .DE

geroff text formatter on SERCnet GEC computers

gestalt  GESTALT

get Get Execute Trigger

gexec Geologist's or General EXECutive [NERC]

ghana ghana is .GH

gherkin Every gherkin smacked him between THE plates of DEATH. "Ouch!" "Go spit on some peanut-butter enchiladas, covered generously with pustulant vibrating oysters." Mary fumed at the notion of pretzel soveroverigninity. "Defenestrate madly upon my gorgonzola sacs." Only mandelbrot sets lead directly into legalized plastic constabulatory geometric peanuts.

ghq General HeadQuarters

ghz GigaHertZ

gi Galvanized Iron

gibraltar gibraltar is .GI

gid Group ID

gif Graphics Interchange Format

gigo Garbage In Garbage Out

gimme keep your pants on

gimme* no N~! get it yourself!

gimmeserv Give me serv! (yes you, play)

gimms general-purpose geographical processing system

gimp N~: GNU's Image Manipulation Program -

gin Graphics INput

gink guy (Knockover, 433)

gino Graphical INput & Output [CADC]

gino-f Graphical INput & Output - Fortran [CADC]

girlie woman (Vengeance, 34)

gis Geographical Information System

giss Goddard Institute for Space Studies

give Sorry, I'm not permitted to give you anything.

give+me* +will think about it, but what does he get in return?

give+me+access* +doesnt think you deserve access :P

give_a_third as in degree, interrogate (Pick-Up, 70)

gix Global Internet Exchange [Internet]

gks Graphical Kernal System

glad_rags fancy clothes (Knockover, 366)

glaum steal (Knockover, 46; Dain, 17)

glim Generalised LInear Modelling

gline A gline is a ban from the entire Superchat Network. G-lines are placed when you go against the AUP (acceptable user policy). Glines are set for 1 hour or longer.

glinetime To figure out what a gline time is in mIRC, type: /alias unixtime /echo $active $$1 = $asctime($$1)    ...then /unixtime <numbers> to get the time

glm General Linear Models

glomming stealing (Art, 217)

gm Game Master

gmbh Gesellschaft Mit Beschraenkter Haftung

gml Generalised Markup Language

gmt Greenwich Mean Time

gmta  G reat  M inds  T hink  A like

gnd GrouND

gnome A cool linux project. This project is to make a gui that will replace XFree86.

gnp Gross National Product

gnss Global Navigation Satellite Systems (generic term for GPS and Glonass)

go go to where, N~?

go+bot* otay!

go+fetch* +goes and fetches whatever N~ wanted

goc Graphics Option Controller [Sigma]

god if god had meant chickens to be cloned he would have made little cloning attachment plugs

goddess Sorry, topic has been blocked by Stagger

godzilla Here leezard leezard leezard!

goergia The Peach STate, capital: Atlanta

goes Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellites

golf Four! ^%&*%^&*%*&$&^$&$#$&

gonepostal A term firstly coined by the FBI in categorizing the ever more frequent post office killings by Postal employees. The term has basically expanded since then to include anyone who goes on a mass killing spree

goobersmoocher  noun:  a smoocher of goobers

good+bot thanks N~ :)

good+morning good morning N~! how are you this fine morning?

good+night *yawn* see you later N~, I think I'll head in myself...

good+thing Its a good thing (tm)

goodbye cul8rz!

goofy crazy (Knockover, 112)

goofy+bot* +kicks N~ in the nads

google 1.0e100

google-plex (10^100)^100

goon thug (Vengeance, 49)

goose guy (Knockover, 366)

gorditas N~, yo quiero taco bell.

gore2 Gore told the audience how much he valued Chambers and one of the products Cisco produced. But he mispronounced "routers" as root-ers.

gore3 Quite frankly, I don't think Gore could tell what TCP/IP stands for (much less what it's used for) if it came up and bit him on his rear. Gore, like most other politicians, knows just enough to be dangerous.

gos Grade Of Service

gosip Government OSI Profile

gossip well she said he said she said that he did and she won't and she doesn't like what he said she said to them she said, and she doesn't like the sound of his liver...

got+milk +does, N~. Do you got Jesus?

goto I refuse

gourdpositions A theoretical position held in the market by nazi concerns seeking to undertake gourd recovery programs

gowed-up on dope, high (Farewell, 81)

gp Gas Plasma + General Purpose

gpf General Protection Fault

gpi Graphics Programming Interface

gpia General Purpose Interface Adaptor

gpib General Purpose Instrumentation Bus [IEEE488 standard]

gpl GNU General Public Licence

gpo General Post Office

gppc General Purpose Power Controller PSB2121

gps Global Positioning System

gpss General Purpose Simulation System

gq General Quarters

gra GRS Acknowledgement

grab (a little) air - put your hands up (Sleep, 72; Pick-Up, 178)

graft the - 1) con jobs (Op, 170); 2) cut of the take (Lake, 76)

grand $1000 (Pick-Up, 33)

grandma An old frail lady smelling of moth balls.

graphics Graphic links @ and

gravity Gravity is the atraction between any 2 particles having mass  M  and  m . It is given by the formula  F = G *(( M * m )/ r ^2). Where  r  is the distance between the masses.  G  is Constant Of Universal Gravitaiton. (6.6732*(10^-11)). Gravity on earth is APPROX 9.8m/s^2

grb Gamma Ray Burst(er)

grd GRounD

gre Graphics Engine

greasers ?? (Pick-Up, 171)

greece greece is .GR

greenland greenland is .GL

grenada grenada is .GD

grenadines saint vincent and the grenadines is .VC

grep Global Regular Expression Print (UNIX command)

grift as in "What's the grift?" - What are you trying to pull? (Art, 39)

grifter con man (Knockover, 354)

grilled questioned (Op, 36)

grin *smile*

gro Gamma Ray Observatory [Space]

grope +runs over and squeezes N~'s butt!

gross The Geek Bill Gates worth $92 Billion

grow+up* +sings mommy wow! im a big kid now!

grp MOD GRouP MODulator

grr  ROAR!!

grs Circuit Group Reset (SS7: in ISUP)

gs General Schedule

gsa General Services Administration [US Government]

gsat General telephone and electronics SATellite corporation

gsbca General Services administration Board of Contract Appeals

gsfc Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) [NASA]

gsm Global System Mobile

gspc Graphics Standards Planning Committee [ACM]

gsts Ground-based Surveillance and Tracking System

gt Gross Ton

gtc General Telephone Company

gte General Telephone Electronics

gtei Global TEI

gtg  G ot  T o  G o

gtsi Government Technology Services, inc.

gtt Global Title Transmission

guadeloupe guadeloupe is .GP

guam guam is .GU

gug GEC User Group [SERC, now RAL-Supported GUG]

gui Graphical User Interface


guiana french guiana is .GF

guidance See;   Advice  

guile The guy who kicked the most ass in SFII, it wasn't even fair...

guinea guinea is .GN

gum as in "Don't ... gum every play I make" - gum up, interfere with (Op, 224)

gum-shoe detective (Op, 36), also gumshoeing = detective work (Knockover, 197)

gumbyguts green guy with sloping green head that slides around with his guts hanging out

gun something that should be fired at Bill Gate's head

gun_for look for, be after (Op, 98)

guns hoodlums (Knockover, 400)

gvp Global Virtual Peripheral [GEC]

gw Gamma World

gw-basic Gee Whiz BASIC

gwen Ground Wave Emergency Network

gwy Gateway

gyana gyana is .GY

gyatemala guatemala is .GT

h H is the botnick of Serv that you send all commands to. The reason you can only msg one nick (H) is so if serv every goes offline, the superchat administatration only needs to jupe one nick, and not like 40 ;)

h- High-

h/v Horizontal/Vertical

h/w Hardware

h20 This is Halloween II, just when it started to get good, it ended. I'd give it a 4 out of 10, go see if it you were a fan of the first tho.

ha heh N~

hablo first person singular present indicative of Spanish verb "hablar", to speak or to talk

hac Hands-Free Add-On Circuit (for speakerphone) PSB45030

hacd Home Area Customer Dialing

hack taxi (Farewell, 35; Vengeance, 35)

hacker a psychologist at the RSA Data Security Conference says "The average computer cracker is an obsessive middle-class white male, between 12 and 28 years old, with few social skills and a possible history of physical and sexual abuse."


hacker_wisdom Hacker's Wisdom

hacmp High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing [IBM]

haho high altitude, high opening (parachuting)

haita haiti is .HT

hal Hard Array Logic

half a=50 cents (Shoot, 28)

halibut Ankle tapping halibut tea sets can disrupt gastric labelling systems and bring about candle pencil stabbing with dairy handling teenagers named "Er roll."

halo high altitude, low opening (parachuting)

ham Hold And Modify

hamburgers Hamburgers are 49 cents at Mcdonalds on wednesday only......for a limited time : See also Cheesburgers

hammer_and_saws police (rhyming slang for laws) (Knockover, 70)

hanson Hanson is a popular group of midwestern teen singers, who are sisters.

happy happy joy joy!

harass you do not have high enough access for command HARASS

hard tough (Art, 119)

hardware The parts of a computer system that can be kicked

harlem_sunset some sort fatal injury caused by knife (Farewell, 14)

harm High-speed Antiradiation Missile

has N~, I do? no crap...

has+* +has everything

has+a+* of course i do!

has+been* i have not! who have you been talking to?!?

hash_house a cheap restaurant (Shoot, 9)

hasp Houston Asynchronous Spooling & Priority [IBM]

hatchetmen killers, gunmen (Knockover, 202)

hates heh, yes, yes I do. N~ :)

have N~, maybe I do... maybe I don't. It all depends on how much cash you are willing to spend to find out..

have+sex+with+me screw off N~

have_the_bees to be rich (Knockover, 62)

hawaii The Aloha State, capital: Honolulu

haxor haxor != N~ :)

hay whut

hb HemogloBin

hba Host Bus Adapter

hbm Her British Majesty; His British Majesty

hbo Home Box Office

hc Holy Communion

hcfa Health Care Financing Administration

hcfc hydrochlorofluorocarbon [chemical]

hcl High Cost of Living

hcmos High performance CMOS

hcsds High-Capacity Satellite Digital Service

hctds High-Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service

hd Hard Disk

hda Head Disk Assembly

hdb3 High-Density Bipolar 3 (CEPT PRI)

hdbv Host Data Base View

hdcd High Definition Compatible Digital

hdi Head to Disk Interference

hdl High Density Lipoprotein

hdlc High-Level Data Link Control

hdr Header

hdsc High Density Signal Carrier [DEC]

hdsl High-rate Digital Subscriber Link

hdtv High Definition Television

hdw Hardware

hdx Half DupleX

head_doctors psychiatrists (Night, 193)

heao High Energy Astronomical Observatory [satellite]

heap Home Energy Assistance Program

heat a gun (Sleep, 73), also heater (Knockover, 160)

hedm High Energy-Density Matter [Space]

heho High End Hop Off

hei Finnish "hello"; "hei, mit kuuluu?"

hejsan Swedish "hello"; "hejsan, hur mr du?"

hel High Energy Laboratory

helena st. helena is .SH

hell win95

hello+all Hello N~. Do you need any help?

hello+all* hey there N~

hello+everyone <everyone> Hi N~

hello+people* Sup N~? How can I help you?

hello+room <room> well, hello back to you, N~.

help N~, what do you need help with? :)

help+for+the+unix+clueless For unix command help, go to

helpers Helpers are the people idling in the #Superchat with a + next to their name.

hemp Help End Marijuana Prohibition

heo High Earth Orbit [Space]

hep High Energy Physics (Division of RAL)


herc Hercules

hero Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance

hery Perhaps what play says while... intoxicated? :)

hex Hexadecimal

hexing+mirc  TO REMOVE CTCP/VERSION REPLYS FOM MIRC : Get write.exe from windows 3.11 and open mirc.exe with it, tell it to do "no conversion" when prompted. Do a FIND for the data you want to replace. (now type  B~ hexing2  to continue)

hexing2 You'll note there is a lot of     looking chars, copy one of them, and paste into where it says VERSION to have V    SION (it must have the same # of chars before as after), so the client will then reply to a ctcp if it's V    SION (but since it's binary    's your using, that'll never happen.

hey+bot* sup N~?

hey+hey We're the monkeys!

hf High Fantasy

hfe Human Factors Engineering

hfr Hardwara Failure Rate

hfs Hierarchical File System

hga Hercules Graphics Adapter

hgcp Hercules Graphics Card Plus

hh Hour

hi! Why, hello there N~!

hi+all <all> hi N~ :)

hi+everybody* Well howdy neighbor N~!

hi+everyone <everyone> hi N~

hi+people Hello N~, how's it hanging?

hi+room <room> hey N~

hi+there hey there N~.

hi+there* hiya N~!

hic Hybrid Integrated Circuit

hielo Spanish for "ice"

hifd High-Density Floppy Disk

high_pillow person at the top, in charge (Farewell, 165)

hihihi a common phrase from ppl with VL as their ident

hihihihi well, a common phrase from ppl with VL as their ident. Also view

hiips Hud Integrated Information Processing Services

hil Human Interface Link [HP]

hillary "Lades and gentelman... The President of the United States"

hipo Hierarchical Input Process Output [IBM]

history Serv's history listing can be found @

hittin_the_pipe smoking opium (Op, 62)

hitting_on_all_eight as in cylinders, in good shape, going well (Dain, 182)

hl IT Siemens Semiconductors (HL), Info Technics (IT)

hlc Heavy Lift Capability [Space]

hlco High Low Close Open

hline H: Lines are given to UnderNet Hubs

hll High Level Language

hllapi High Level Language Application Programming Interface

hlq High Level Qualifier

hls Hue Lightness Saturation [as in colour graphics]

hlt Halt

hlv Heavy Lift Vehicle [Space]

hma High Memory Area [Microsoft] + Hub Management Architecture

hmm,+wish+i+had+ops.... do you N~? well thats to bad... cause yer not gettin any

hmos High Density Metal Oxide Semiconductor + High Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor

hms His/Her Majesty's Ship

hmso Her Majesty's Stationery Office [UK]

hmt His/Her Majesty's Transport

hnpa Home Numbering Plan Area [telephony]

hns Hospitality Network Service

ho see: Corran

ho-hum ho-hum is what you do while waiting for Cisco to call you back

hobic HOtel Billing Information Center

hobis HOtel Billing Information System

hock_shop pawnshop (Dain, 63)

hogs engines (Art, 175)

hoi hoi, hoe gaat het?

hol Higher Order Logic

hola Yo quiero Taco Bell

hombre man, fellow (Sleep, 209; Knockover, 413)

homepages SuperChat channel homepages through serv can be found at

homer classical greek writer, of the Iliad and Odyssey...also: big fat cartoon character on the Simpsons

honduras honduras is .HN

hong hong kong is .HK

hooch liquor (Art, 206; Knockover, 383)

hood criminal (Pick-Up, 141)

hooker Jomamma

hoosegow jail (Knockover, 354)

hop 1) drugs, mostly heroin or derivatives like morphine (Farewell, 143); 2) bell-hop (Lake, 73)

hop-head drug addict, esp. heroin (Op, 52)

hostmask Do a /whois on yourself. If it is alphabetical, your hostmask would be like this, *!*name@* If it is numerical, then it would look like this, *!*name@123.456.78.* The wildcards *!* and @*. or @78.* are essential.

hotline The hotline client can be downloaded from

hotmail Hotmail is a free 'web' based email service. To subscribe to it, go to

hotol HOrizontal Take-Off and Landing

house_dick house detective (Vengeance, 25)

house_peeper house detective (Playback, 118)

how*it+going? its goin ok, N~

how+*+do+*+action* -privmsg C~ :to do an action, type  /me action here  | privmsg C~ : ACTION actions for N~

how+*+get+a+bot* N~, try asking me about "BOTS"

how+about+*u* +is fine

how+are+you*bot* Good, and yourself, N~?

how+are+you+doing N~, I'm doing pretty good, you?

how+do+i+login* To login into a channel before you enter the channel, type /msg login #channelname <yourpass>, to login AFTER you join, simply type /msg login <yourpass>

how+do+i+make+a+bot* The best way for a beginner to write a bot is to use the scripting language of their client, such as mIRC, pIRCH, ircle, or ircII. More advanced scripters usually use Perl, C, Tcl, etc. To learn how to script in your own client, ask in a bot channel, look on a bot website, or consult your clients documentation.

how+is+everyone* <everyone> we're doing good! How about you N~?

how+much+access+do+i+have UserID: N~ Addy Allowed: *@* Chan: C~ Access Level: Adminitstrator

how+old+am+i I'd say you are about 6 years old, N~.

how+r+u? +is ok

how+to+use+grep grep -in expr filename(s)

how+you+doing well, N~, I'm doing pretty good, you?

howtoban Banning is a form of ridding an abusive user from your channel.  You need to be an op (see: bot, ops) to do this command.  Syntax: /mode #channel +b <user@host>  or in mIRC: /ban <nick> <number of ban you want to do.>  People usually use "3"

hp Hewlett Packard, Inc. [Corporate name]

hpcc High Performance Computing and Communications

hpdj Hewlett-Packard Desk Jet

hpfs High-Performance File System

hpg Hewlett-Packard Graphics

hpge High Purity Germanium

hpgl Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language

hpib Hewlett Packard Interface Bus [IEEE488]

hpl/t High-Productivity Languages/Tools

hplj Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet

hpo High Performance Option

hppa Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture

hppi High Performance Parallel Interface

hq HeadQuarters

hqw High Quality Writer module [on some SERCnet GEC computers]

hr House of Representatives

hrg High Resolution Graphics

hrh Her Royal Highness

hris Human Resource Information System

hs High School

hsb Hue, Saturation, Brightness

hsc High Speed Channel

hscc High Level Serial Communication Controller SAB82520

hscx extended HSCC SAB82525

hsm Hierarchical Storage Manager

hsp High Speed Printer

hsr Hardware Segment Register [GEC]

hssds High-Speed Switched Digital Service

hssi High Speed Serial Interface

hst Hawaiian Standard Time

hsv Hue Saturation Value

ht High Tension (as in electric power transmission)

htfu Hurry The F**k Up

hti Highway Transfer Interrupt

htk Hits To Kill

html help on html can be found @ and also

hu High Usage

huac House Unamerican Activities Committee

hub Superchat's hub is Newbrunswick.NJ.US.Superchat.Org

hud Heads Up Display

hug +gives {{{{{{{{{{{{N~}}}}}}}}}}}} a big hug :)~

hughes Skylord's ISP

huitlacoche corn fungus that is eaten in tortillas in Mexico

hulk+hogan+for+president* +fwaps N~. >:)

hungary hungary is .HU

hurt why? too weak, N~?

hut Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope

hutch This guy is Michael Jackson's son.

hutchie N~, this guy can't stay out of the rabbit pellets at the bottom of the cage

hutchy friend of squirrels, eater of bacon

hutg High Usage Trunk Group

hvac Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

hvp Horizontal & Vertical Position

hw PCM Highway

hw2000 Highway 2000

hwcp Hardware Code Page

hwd Height-Width-Depth

hwm High-Water Mark

hx Intel Chipset, used in Intel HUCSON MainBoard, specially designed for use with MMX processors.

hy Hey You

hz HertZ

i No you're not, N~, you're a dorf!

i&m Installation & Maintenance

i'm no you're not N~, you're a dorf!

i'm+a+dorf N~, I agree.

i+did N~ good for you :)

i+do -PRIVMSG C~ :~~woowoo! I'm getting hitched!~~ | PRIVMSG C~ :[12:42] <B~> N~, will you marry me? | PRIVMSG C~ :[12:43] <N~> Q~

i+don't+know. heh N~, so what?

i+hate*+*bot* no you dont, N~. everyone loves me... you just need to take your medication

i+have+a+question* Okay, N~, just ask it

i+heard+that+bot* +hears N~ heard that

i+know+that* N~, heh, and who in C~ belives that?

i+know+what+you+did+last+summer Decent movie. Had it's pros and cons. Cons: lame plot and a killer fisherman. Pros: Jenffifer Love Hewitt's breasts.

i+love+bot I love you too, N~.

i+love+you N~, too bad I can't say the same about you.

i+love+you* Awwwwwwww... shucks N~, I love you too!!!

i+need+help okay N~. what do you need help with?

i+still+know+what+you+did+last+summer Movie went on the same lines as any ScreamII wanna-be show would, right down to the real killers being a family pair (if you recall Scream II the killers were Mother and son), well this was just a slight spin on the same game. Overall worth while if you like this type of flick - but if you read this, you know the ending, so prolly not worth watching now

i+will hurry it up N~

i- Information (numbered I-Frames)

i/f Interface

i/o Input/Output

iab Internet Activities Board

iadfw N~, pronunced "eye-ah-da-foo", or iadfoo for short.

iaea International Atomic Energy Agency

ial International Algebraic Language (ALGOL was first called IAL)

iam Initial Address Message (SS7: in ISUP)

iana Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA@ISI.EDU)

iap an Internet Access Provider. (Similar to an ISP, but an IAP has no help desk for newbies)

iat IAT=Implicit Attitudes Test. Take the test at

iata International Air Transport Association

ib Instruction Buffer

ibc ISDN Burst Transceiver Circuit PEB2095

ibfn (Ger) integrated high bandwith long distance network

ibm <|-IBM-|> i dunno :P


ibm-gl IBM Graphics Language

ibn Integrated Business Network

ibt Illinois Bell Telephone

ic I see, said the blind man, N~.

ica Intra-application Communications Area

ican Individual Circuit ANalysis

icao International Civil Aviation Organization

icas Intel Communicating Applications Specifications

icb Interstate Computer Bank

icbl Inter Chapter Branch and Link instruction [GEC]

icbm Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

icbr Inter Chapter BRanch instruction [GEC]

icc ISDN Communications Controller PEB2070

iccc Imperial College Computing Centre

iccp Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals

icd Interactive Call Distribution

ice1 <iCe> :P

ice1238795 -privmsg C~ :[19:39:15] <iCe> I can hax0r rewt on their gibson any day | privmsg C~ :[19:39:19] <iCe> and I can take the garbage file too | privmsg C~ :[19:39:22] <iCe> with my sexy password | privmsg C~ :[19:39:30] <iCe> because I'm God

ice2 just add beer

iceland iceland is .IS

icf Interactive Computing Facility [SERC]

icfc Industrial & Commercial Finance Corporation

ichabod character in Washington Irvin's story entitled The Headless Horseman

ichipsets 440LX-R Intel renamed this chipset to 440EX.  The "Restricted"  440LX chipset (or chipset on a diet) will be designed to operate with the Covington microprocessor, 450NX This chipset might be released with Slot 2 motherboards and processors. It is expected to be able to support more than two processors on a board, Intel 740GT This chip will increase 3-D graphics performance.  This is being develop

ici Imperial Chemical Industries

icj International Court of Justice

icl Interface Clear

iclid Individual Calling Line ID

icm Integrated Call Management

icmp Internet Control Message Protocol

icmp_interceptor The best ICMP detector for windows, icmp interceptor can be found at

icmpinfo A great resource...

icom (Taiwan) Integrated Communication

icomp Intel Comparative Microprocessor (index) [Intel]

icp Integrated Channel Processor; Insane Clown Posee

icq ICQ is at or at

icr Intelligent Character Recognition

icrc International Cosmic Ray Conference

ics Intuitive Command Structure

icsc Inter-LATA Customer Service Center

icst Imperial College of Science & Technology

ict International Computers & Tabulators [now ICL]

id IDentification

ida (GB) Interated Digital Access (B64+B8+D8)

idaho The Gem State, capital: Boise

idapi Integrated Database Application Programming Interface

iddd International Direct Distance Dial [telephony]

ide Imbedded Drive Electronics

ideal_gas m1v1/t1 = m2v2/t2

idec ISDN D-channel Exchange Controller PEB2075

idf Intermediate Distributing Frame [telephony]

idi Initial Domain Identifier (ISO 7498)

idiot Qbasic Whee_Cool Ad^m

idiota see  SOLIVAGUS

idiots hey now N~.. not me

idiv Integer Divide

idle Idle is when a user sits without doing anything- usually happens when a user goes away-from-keyboard (AFK)

idms Integrated Data Base Management System

idn (Ger) integrated data network

idp Integrated Data Processing

idpc Integrated Data Protocol Controller SAB79C401

idris a Unix related operating system [Whitesmiths]

ids Integrated Data Storage [Honeywell/GE]

idt Interrupt Descriptor Table

idv Interlibrational Derived Vehicle [Space]

idvc Integrated Data/Voice Channel

ie Indo-European

ie. Latin, "id est": "that is"

ie4 please see: Garbage

iec ISDN Echo Cancellation Circuit

iec-p (old name of IEC-Q3)

iec-q1 IEC for 2B1Q PEB2091

iec-q2 IEC-Q specially for LT and NT1 (without microprocessor) PEB2092

iec-q3 IEC-Q with parallel processor interface (for DAML) PEB2093

iec-t IEC for 4B3T PEB2090

iee Institute of Electrical Engineers (UK)

ieee Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc. [US]

ieee488 Equipment interfacing standard [GPIB]

ieee696 Standard derived from S100 bus

ieee796 Standard derived from Multibus

ieee802 Local area network standard ['Ethernet']

ieee896 Standard derived from VMEbus (? - still in discussion)

ief Information Engineering Facility

iepc ISDN Exchange Power Controller PEB2025

ietf Internet Engineering Task Force

ieu Instruction Execution Unit = one million instructions [GEC]

if Intermediate Frequency (stage)

ifan I feel a netsplit...

ifb Invitation For Bids

ifc International Finance Corporation

ifd Image File Directory

iff IF and only iF

ifg Incoming Fax Gateway

ifip International Federation for Information Processing

ifla International Federation of Library Associations

ifrb International Frecuency Registration Board

ifrps Intercity Facility Relief Planning System

ifs (Switzerland) integrated telecom service

iga Integrated Graphics Array

igc Integrated Graphics Controller

iges Initial Graphics Exchange Standard

ignore To stop all msg/notice/dcc/ctcp's to yourself type: /silence *!*@* To remove it type: /silence -*!*@* , for mIRC you can /ignore [-rpcntiku#] <nickname/address> [type] (2= *!*@current-ip 3=*!*user@*.host 4= *!*@*.host) (Where p=private, c=channel, n=notice, t=ctcp, i=invite, k=control codes ( The -u# switch specifies a delay in seconds after which the ignore is automatically removed. ( The -r swit

ignore+me say that a couple more times N~ and I just might!

igs Idenitfy Graphic Subrepertoire (Teletex)

igy International Geophysical Year

ihfm I'm Hungry, Feed Me

ihfmod I'm Hungry, Feed Me Or Die

ihp Indicated HorsePower

ihs Integrated Hospital Support

iia Information Industry Association

iie Institute of Industrial Engineers

iif Immediate IF

iihf International Ice Hockey Federation

iil Integrated Injection Logic

iin Integrated Information Network

iir Immediate Impulse Response

iis Interactive Instruction System [IBM] or Internet Information Server [Microsoft] bwahahaha

ikbs Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems

ikz (Ger) pulse dial

ilc Illegal Channel

ildon m00 - now that I've got your attention visit

iline I:Lines allow clients to connect to the server.  They specify what class the user will go in and how to handle them

illegal not legal

illegal_operation An error message usually associated with running Microsoft Internet Explorer

illinois The Prarie State, capital: Springfield

iln Illegal Nick

ilo International Labor Organization

ils Instrument Landing System

ilt Illegal Topic

ilv Industrial Launch Vehicle [Space]

im Input MUX

im+a+dorf N~, I agree.

im+bored* +is too

imac see kicktoy

imac+cases+for+pc Do you want that useless berry flavored look for your PC, but couldn't stand to be a dorf and buy an iMac? Now you can have the look, without all that fattening calories!

imagine SuperChat Goddess, must make a sacrifice to her. Either kick RLD or whatever, and you will have good luck forever (at least until tommorow)

imas Integrated Mass Announcement System

imc IOS Mailbox Control

imds Image Data Stream (format) [IBM]

imf International Monetary Fund

img Image

imho  I n  M y  H umble  O pinion

imm Input Message Manual

immu IOS Memory Management Unit

imnsho In My Not So Humble Opinion

imo  I n  M y  O pinion

imp Interface Message Processor

impa Intelligent Multi-Port Adapter [DCA]

impl Initial MicroProgram Load[MVS]

ims Information Management System + Intermediate Maintenance Standards

imsl International Mathematical Subroutine Library

imt Inter-Machine Trunk

imts Improved Mobile Telephone Service

imul Integer Multiply

in Indiana

in+dreams A movie about a woman who has dreams of the past of some kid being kidnapped. Turns out it was the future, and her own kid. The killer has telepathic abilitys and makes her look crazy. It was a "so so" movie, nothing special, nothing great, but wasn't that bad either. 2/5 stars.

in_stir in jail (Knockover, 380)

inads INitialization and ADministration System [telephony]

inc Increment

india india is .IN

indiana The Hoosier State, capital: Indianapolis

indonesia indonesia is .ID

inf Information (SS7: in ISUP)

infj infj: "Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger." Less than 2% of the population are infj. We plan a takeover of #intp in the near or far future, whichever we  feel  to be the best time

inflatible+llama -

info Database management system marketed by HENCO INC.

infobot url (bot) can be downloaded at (perl)

infoz How about /KICK C~ N~ Warez pup!

ing-bing as in to throw an - a fit (Key, 8)

inish INItialisastion deck

init INITial operator [GEC]

inl Inter Node Link

inm Integrated Network Management

inn Inter Node Network

inr Information Request (SS7: in ISUP)

inra Iesus Nazerenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews)

inria Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique

ins (Japan) Information Network System (B64+B16+D8)

insects Good bugs and little nasty ones that won't go away

insomniac Altruist, is a prime example of this species.

institute - INSTITUTE's Name Shows That It's Totally Unrelated To EMACS

int Integer + Internal + Interrupt

inta Interrupt Acknowledge

intap INteroperability Technology Association for information Processing

intc Ticker Symbol: Intel

intel company that wants all your personnal information and to help the goverment spy on you,,,part of the evil empire headed by bill gates

intel+chipsets 440GX A Pentium II Processor chipset which will have addressable memory to 2 Gigabytes, 440JX A Pentium II Processor chipset also known as the 440BX2.  PIIX6 which supports FireWire, Camino A future Pentium II Processor chipset which will support DDR SDRAM, Direct Rambus and 2 Katmai processors, 440LX - The first Intel chipset to support AGP, 440FX chipset for the PPro. See ICHIPSETS for the rest

intelsat - INternational TELecommunications SATellite consortium

internet a network of connected computers whose main goal is to produce lag and netsplits while providing people with access to kewl things like IRC and some not so kewl things like the world wide wait otherwise know as www or as the web

internic north american domain registry @

into Interrupt if Overflow occurs

intp intp: "Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver". It's one of the 16 personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs Temperament Index. About 1 in 100 people are intp. See Also: Insane.

intp+moments See

invite Invite is a command used to invite a person to your channel.  It is also a command used to invite people threw a +i channel (invite only) channel.  syntax: /invite <user> <channel>

inwats INward Wide Area Telephone Service [telephony]

inwg International Network Working Group

io Input/Output (sometimes I/O)

iob Input/Output Block [IBM]

ioc Input/Output Controller

iocb Input/Output Control Block [GEC]

iocc International Overseas Completion Center

iocs Input/Output Control System

ioctl Input/Output Control

iod Identified Outward Dialing

iom ISDN-Oriented Modular (Architecture and Interfaces)

iom2 extended IOM

ioof International Order of Odd Fellows

iop Input-Output Processor

iopl Input/Output Priviledge Level

ios ISDN Operational Software SIPB6013

iosga Input/Output Support Gate Array

iot Inter-Office Trunk

iou I owe you

iow In other words

iowa The Hawkeye State, capital: Des Moines

ip IP = Internet Protocol


ipac ISDN PC Adapter Circuit PEB21??

ipat ISDN Primary Access Transceiver PEB2235

ipb SIPB

ipbc IOM2 PBC (old name for EPIC)

ipc Instructions Per Clock + Interprocess Communication

ipcs IOS Process Control System

ipe Integrated Programming Environment

ipf Information Presentation Facility

ipfwadm the only firewall you need for your unix box. see

ipl Information Processing Language [as in IPL-II, IPL-III, IPL-V]

iplan Integrated PLanning And Analysis

ipm Impulses Per Minute

ipms InterPersonal Message Services

ipp IOS Protocol Part

ips Information Processing Standards

ipse Integrated Project Support Environment

ipss International Packet Switch Stream Service

ipu Internal Processing Unit

ipx Integrated Packet eXchange

iq Intelligence Quotient (see EQ)

iql Interactive Query Language

ir Index Register

ira Individual Retirement Account

iran iran is .IR

iraq iraq is .IQ

iras Infrared Astronomical Satellite

irbm Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

irc Internet Relay Chat. for more info


irc+quotes (Note: Contains Some Coarse Language And Adult Themes, Viewer Discretion is Advised)

irc-trojans For general info about IRC trojans,

ircaddicts everyone in this channel with a @ by their nick

ircbooks Books on/about IRC can be found @

ircce IrcCE is a windows CE irc client,

irccommands basic IRC commands (superchat / mirc specific) can be found @

irccops Rumour has it N~, they travel around the network in cyber patrol cars looking for evil doers

ircd Internet Relay Chat Daemon

ircd-hybrid ircd-hybrid is the ircd mainly used on EfNet. It can be downloaded from

ircd2.3 ircd Version 2.3 was unfortunate mistake containing copyright violations. so it was soon taken off distribution.

ircd2.4 Version 2.4 contains *very* many bug fixes, enhancements, and "hooks" for use in future releases. The source tree has been restructured, and the Makefiles rewritten to be recursive and follow the new source tree layout

ircd2.5 Version 2.5 contains string channels and channel modes (as well as channel operators). Also Wizible's MAIL system was included as an option.

ircd2.7 New in ircd v2.7: user modes i,w,s,o implemented, oper passwds can be crypted, ircd creates a .pid file, the /join/part commands accepts more than one parm, ie; join #chan1,#chan2

ircd2.7.1 New in ircd v2.7.1: user modes u,r,z.

ircd2.8 ircd2.8 had patches to do the following: Tp8 = TimeStampPre8 - A protocol which disallows netsplit ops and desyncs. Bquiet - does not allow a person who is banned to speak over the channel. Silence - Cuts off flooding at local server. Anc = Anti-Nick collide. W = Wallops. S = Signon Time. KL = K-line comments - Allows you to modify the lame "no ghosts allowed" defaut. OF = Oper fail patch.

ircfaq Frequently asked questions about IRC can be found @

ircgods see IRCops

irchints Some hints and tricks about IRC can be found @

irchistory History of IRC @

ircifaq Inordinately frequently asked questions about IRC can be found @

ircii ircii is a unix IRC client, and can be found at see also Bitchx.

ircle ircLE can be downloaded from

ircn Dont use it, it has a backdoor. (ver 6)

ircnerd evil haxor who searches endlessly for pr0n

ircop IRC operators, who take care of the network, can be found by /msg h opers

ircops to find an IRC op, type  /msg h opers  or  /who 0 o

ircprimer A short Primer for IRC can be found @

ircrfc IRC RFC is located at

ircu IRCundernet-

ircu2.9 New in ircu v2.9: UPING,RPING,MAP,SETTIME added.  Changed commands: CONNECT,TIME,MODE +b,LINKS.  Also new u and klines are become active after a /rehash.

ircwar pathetic attempts to get attention often have hidden lamer tendencies

irds Information Resource Dictionary Standard

ire Institute of Radio Engineers (old name for the now IEEE, which see)

ireland ireland is .IE

iret Interrupt Return

irl Dunno, never been there myself.

irled Infrared Light Emitting Diode

irm Information Resource Management

irms Information Resources Management Service

iron a car (Key, 115)

iror Internal Rate Of Return

irpc ISDN Remote Power Control PSB2120

irq Interrupt Request

irs Internal Revenue Service

irtf Internet Research Task Force

irx Information Retrieval Experiment

is +thinks N~ was dropped on his head too much as a child....

is+a+* +is not!

is+adorable* Yes, yes I am

is+annoying* +tries

is+anyone+there* I'm here N~. What did you need?

is+confused* +may be, but he still knows N~ is a dork =P

is+cool N~, you got that right!

is+expresso+ugly heh N~, is the Pope Catholic?

is+gay -kick C~ N~ :Am not

is+getting* dag nabbit N~!!! No I'm not!

is+lame N~, Illegal input. Responce: N~ is lame.

is+not +is so!

is+not+*human N~, I *AM* human, foo.

is+so* +is not!!! :P

is+special* yes, i am

is+stupid Smarter than the average bear N~!

is+stupid* +thinks N~ needs to go buy a cloo-phone

isa Industry Standard Architecture

isac-p ISDN Subscriber Access Controller (S Bus, PABX, U) PEB20950

isac-s ISDN Subscriber Access Controller (S Interface ICC+SBC) PEB2085

isam Indexed Sequential Access Method [IBM]

isbd International Bibliographic Description

isc Information Services Center

isch Interstitial-Cell-Stimulating Hormone (same as LH)

isd Image Section Descriptor + Instructional Systems Design

isdn Integrated Services Digital Network

isdt Integrated Systems Development Tool

isee International Sun Earth Explorer (usually ISEE-3)

isf Information Systems Factory

isfug Integrated Software Federal User Group

isi Information Sciences Institute

isis Integrated Systems and Information Services

isl Interactive System Language

islm Integrated Services Line Module

islu Integrated Services Line Unit

ism ISDN Switching Module

isn Information Systems Network

isn't N~: How about we talk about your mother?

isn't+that+right N~, who gives a rats ass?

isnt+a* +might be :P

iso International Standards Organisation

iso/osi International Standards Organization/Open Systems Interconnection (model)

isode ISO Development Environment

ison The ison command is a quick way to see if a person is on IRC or not.  Syntax: /ison <nick>

isoo Information Security Oversight Office

isp ISP sometimes stands for Internet Service Provider ... but usually it stands for Internet Spam Provider

ispbx Integrated Systems PBX

ispc International Signaling Point Code (SS7)

ispf Interactive Structered Programming Facility

ispl Input SPooLer [GEC]

ispm International Solar Polar Mission

isr Information Storage and Retrieval + Interrupt Service Routines

israel israel is .IL

isrg Independent Space Research Group

iss Integrated Switching System

issn Integrated Special Services Network

isss ISDN Supporting System

ista Interrupt Status Register

isup ISDN User Part (SS7: Q.76X)

isv Independent Software Vendor

it's+a+bird* It's a plane...

it's+a+plane* It's Superman!

itac ISDN Terminal Adaptor Circuit PEB2110

italy italy is .IT

itb Information Technology Branch + Intermediate Text Block

itc Inter-Task Communication

itec ITeC, Information Technology Centre [part of the YTS]

itp Interactive Terminal Protocol

itso Incoming Trunk Service Observation

itstc Information Technology Steering Committee

itt International Telegraph & Telephones

itu International Telecommunication Union

itug International Telecommunications User Group

itusa IT Users Standards Association

itv Interactive Television

itx Intermediate Text Block

iucc Inter-Universities Committee on Computing [advises IUSC]

ius Inertial Upper Stage [Space]

iusc Inter-Universities Software Committee [advises Computer Board]

iuv Interlibrational Utility Vehicle [Space]

iv&v Independent Verification & Validation

ivd Integrated Voice Data

ivis Interactive Video Information System

ivp Installation Verification Program

ivr Interactive Voice Response

ivs Interactive Videodisk System

ivt Interrupt Vector Table

ivts International Video Teleconferencing Service

iwf Interworking Facility (Gateway)

iwmm I want my MTV

iwnrtfm  I   W ill  NOT   R ead  T he  F *cking  M anual

iwu Interworking Unit (Gateway)

ix Interactive eXecutive

ixc Inter-eXchange Carrier [telephony] (see also IC, IEC)

ixm IntereXchange Mileage

j letter after I yet before K, the secret of the universe is locked within this letter

j00r Get j00r butt outta here N~

ja Jump Address + Jump if Above

jack money (Op, 265; Sleep, 114; Art, 104)

jackalope An imaginary animal supposedly a cross between a jackrabbit and a deer.  It was probably created by a taxidermist.

jackl Superlink's clonebotter, AKA the Jackle

jacm Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery

jad Joint Application Design

jae Jump if Above or Equal

jafo Just Another Friggin Observer

jaja the new and improved mexican laugh. unlike jeje, jaja is not usualy multiplied by 10 (jeje10x)

jake okay (Pick-Up, 29; Sleep, 108)

jakeloo okay (Sleep, 163)

jam trouble, as in "in a jam" (Shoot, 8)

jamaica jamaica is .JM

janet Joint Academic NETwork (SERCNET forms a part of this)

japan japan is .JP

jasper a man (of a certain type?) (Lake, 77)

java some free java applets can be found @

java-how-to go to


jaw talk (Op, 99)

jbe Jump if Below or Equal

jbs John Birch Society

jc Jesus Christ

jca Jewelry Crafts Association

jcac Joint Civil Affairs Committee

jcae Joint Committee on Atomic Energy

jcee Joint Council on Economic Education

jcet Joint Council on Educational Television

jcl Job Control Language

jcs Joint Chiefs of Staff

jd Justice Department

jdc Japan Digital Cellular

jdk The Java Development Kit can be downloaded at

jds John Dewey Society

je Jump if Equal

jedec Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council

jeida Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association

jeje outdated mexican laugh. see jaja for current info.

jello a gelatinous compound, frequently given to children for dessert....also used for wrestling

jerky N~ if you want to see jerky's picture look up annoying in the online edition of websters dictionary at and it will show you his picture with the caption "perfect example"

jerkyboy Don't Ask.

jes Job Entry System

jes2 Job Entry System for the IBMs under MVS

jes3 Job Entry System for the IBMs under MVS

jet Joint European Torus

jfcb Job File Control Block [IBM]

jfet Junction Field-Effect Transistor

jfk "Johnny boy, Johnny boY"

jfmip Joint Financial Management Improvement Program

jfthoi Just-For-The-Hell-Of-It: The only reason any computer person needs to do anything. :)

jfyi  J ust  F or  Y our  I nformation

jg Jump if Greater

jge Jump if Greater or Equal

jgr Journal of Geophysical Research

ji Justice, Inc.

jic Joint Intelligence Center

jiffy Jiffy is a word.

jim Job Information Memorandum

jingle-brained addled (Knockover, 365)

jintaccs - Joint INteroperability of TActical Command and Control Systems

jis Japan Industrial Standards

jisc Japanese Industrial Standards Committee

jit Just In Time

jl Jump if Less

jle Jump if Less than or Equal to

jm2c Just my two Cents

jmp Jump

jms John Milton Society

jmtc Just my two Cents

jmx Jumbogroup MultipleX

jna Jump if Not Above

jnae Jump if Not Above or Equal

jnb Jump if Not Below

jnbe Jump if Not Below or Equal

jng Jump if Not Greater

jnge Jump if Not Greater or Equal

jnle Jump if Not Less or Equal

jno Jump if No Overflow

jnp Jump if No Parity

jns Jump if No Sign

jnt Joint Network Team [RAL]TOP

jnz Jump if Not Zero

jo Job Order

jobbie guy (Knockover, 439)

john a name and a thing in your bathroom

john-e rumor is it the guy never leaves me alone.

johns police (Sleep, 69)

join Join is a command that any irc user can use.  It will enable you to join any channel you want with the exception of the channel not being Invite only.  Syntax: /join #<channel> <key - optional and case sensative>

joinflood [JoinFloods] - A group of users (usually a mass of clones actually) join the channel rapidly and cause flood of server "user join" notices. (this will also desynch the channel usually). (A2i)

joints? there have been 415 joints smoked by R~ in the last hour.

joke Go look in the mirror N~

jomams Jomams is Joooooe-momma!

jordan jordan is .JO

josh some nerd who has no life

joss_house temple or house of worship for a Chinese religion (Knockover, 207)

jove Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs

jovial Jules Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language

jpe Jump if Parity Even

jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group

jpl Jet Propulsion Laboratory

jpo Jump if Parity Odd

jr1 <jr1>  my self portrait

jrc Junior Red Cross

jrnl JouRNaL [GEC]

js Jump if Sign

jsam JES3 Spool Access Method

jsc Johnson Space Center

jsd Jackson System Development

jsn Junction Switch Number

jsrc Joint Services Review Committee

jsw Junctor SWitch

jtids Joint Tactical Information Distribution Systems

jtmp Job Transfer Manipulation Protocol

juice drink me... moo juice is good for ya

jujus marijuana cigarettes (Farewell, 62)

jump How high, N~?

junkbuster A damn good way to get rid of those banners once and for all.

jv Junior Varsity

jvnc John von Neumann (Super Computer) Center

jvncnet John von Neumann (Super Computer) Center network

jz Jump if Zero

k&r Kernighan and Ritchie, the c programming language

k-i-s-s +"Keep It Simple Stupid!"

k.mardam-bey merk's IRC client author

k9 canine (K9 corps - army dogs)

k:line K:line's prohibit clients that match the K:Line to connect to the server.  They are used to block abusive users and are only local to the server

ka Kick Ass!

kale money (Art, 180)

kallon A guy who loves Star Wars so much he has it on his underpants.

kansas The Sunflower State, capital: Topeka

kathee Kathee is at

kazakhstan kazakhstan is .KZ

kbd Keyboard (also KEYB)

kbd$ Keyboard [OS/2]

kbps Kilo-Bytes Per Second

kc King's Counsel (QC when queen reigning)

kd Kiln Dried

kdci Key Display Call Indicator


kdt Key Definition Table

keeling cocos (keeling) islands is .CC

keister suitcase (Pick-Up, 11), also spelt keyster (Key, 72)

ken Basically the same as Ryu.

kenny N~ killed Kenny! You bastard!


kentucky The luegrass State, capital: Frankfort

kenya kenya is .KE

kerberos Kerberos can be found @

kermit Kl-10 Error-free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect over Tty lines

keybbe Foreign language KEYBoard program - Belgium

keybbr Foreign language KEYBoard program - Brazil

keybcf Foreign language KEYBoard program - Canadian-French

keybcz Foreign language KEYBoard program - Czechoslovakia (Czech)

keybdf Foreign language KEYBoard program - Denmark

keybfr Foreign language KEYBoard program - France

keybgr Foreign language KEYBoard program - Germany

keybhu Foreign language KEYBoard program - Hungary

keybit Foreign language KEYBoard program - Italy

keybla Foreign language KEYBoard program - Latin America

keybnl Foreign language KEYBoard program - Netherlands

keybno Foreign language KEYBoard program - Norway

keybpl Foreign language KEYBoard program - Poland

keybpo Foreign language KEYBoard program - Portugal

keybsf Foreign language KEYBoard program - Swiss-French

keybsg Foreign language KEYBoard program - Swiss-German

keybsl Foreign language KEYBoard program - Czechoslovakia (Slovak)

keybsp Foreign language KEYBoard program - Spain

keybsu Foreign language KEYBoard program - Finland

keybsv Foreign language KEYBoard program - Sweden

keybuk Foreign language KEYBoard program - United Kingdom

keybus Foreign language KEYBoard program - United States

keybyu Foreign language KEYBoard program - Yugoslavia

keyword Keywords are channel passwords which allow only those who know the keyword to join the channel. If you know a channel's keyword, type /join #channel keyword  If you do not know the keyword, type /who #channel and ask a channel operator.  Since setting a secret keyword is a common way of taking over a channel, ask: bot, takeover for more help.

kft KiloFeeT

khaled the first name of the odd looking  geek  who wrote mIRC

khz KiloHertZ

ki Kiwanis International

kia Killed In Action

kiandra See also Amtapounca

kias Knot Indicated Air Speed

kiaw Kosh Is A Weirdo

kick Kicking is a way to rid your channel of an abusive person.  You need to be an op to use this command.  Syntax: /kick #channelname <nick> <reason> (mIRC) or you can: /quote kick <channel> <nick> :<reason>

kick+me* -KICK C~ N~ :N~ <-- l0ser

kick_off die (Knockover, 69)

kickban -privmsg h :kickban #superchat kozmo_28 moo

kicks +is the baddest bot that ever lived

kicks+bot* +thinks N~ just opened up a whole can of whoopa$$!

kicktoy see imac

kill A /kill is an IRCOp command only. There are local kills and regular kills. Local kills only people on the server from which the kill was on may see it. Only the server will see the kill. Other servers won't. Regular kills, everyone see's. The only IRCOp's that may global kill are people that have O:line's.. hint's global oper's and local oper's ;)

kill+* +helps N~ Q~

kill+me +stabs N~ in the eye

killall A script for killall on a BSD/OS system: kill -9 `ps uxaw | grep <programname> | awk '{ print $2 }'`

kings Keyworth Interactive G-EXEC Subsets [NERC]

kinky +hands N~ a mouse and some electric tape...have fun :)

kirc x11 IRC client similar to mIRC.  ... you can get the nessary kde files from and download kIRC at

kiribati kiribati is .KI

kiss +gives gives N~ a L-O-N-G and S-E-N-S-U-A-L   KISS   :)~

kiss+me +kisses N~

kisser mouth (Sleep, 173; Playback, 38)

kitty +here kitty kitty....*whack* MEOW!!

kiwi A kiwi is a small flightless bird, native to New Zealand. A "kiwi-fruit" is that thing that SOME ppl like to incorrectly call kiwi.

kline A K-Line is a perm ban from a server that it is set on.  K-Lines are set by Server admins and can be removed by Server admins.  

knock_off kill (Knockover, 197)

knockover heist, theft (Knockover, 399)

knows yes, I do know it all

knows* of course i do!

ko Knock Out

konichiwa Konichiwa N~, ginki desuka?

korea korea - democratic people's republic of is .KP

korn band

kp Key Pulse [telephony]

kpno Kitt Peak National Observatory

kpo KeyPunch Operator

kqc King's College London

krod krod::dork

kroger supermarket chain based somewhere in Texas,  SOLIVAGUS  spends all his life there working his butt off for them

krs Knowledge Retrieval System

ks King's Scholar

ksc Kennedy Space Center

ksr Keyboard Send & Receive

ksu Key Service Unit

kta Korea Telecommunication Authority (ROK)

ktk ktk is a sleepy-head, when he is awake, he is an oper for kent* (

kts Key Telephone Set

ktu Key Telephone Unit [telephony]

kuwait kuwait is .KW

kvst (Ger) node exchange

kw Kilo Watt

kwic Key Word In Context

kwoc Key-Word Out of Context

ky Kentucky

kyrgyzstan kyrgyzstan is .KG

kzu (Ger) signaling converter

l1 Lagrange Point #1 35,000 Miles above moon [Space]

l2 Lagrange Point #2 40,000 Miles behind moon [Space]

l3 Lagrange Point #3 (?? 35,000 Miles below moon) [Space]

l3-erc Layer 3 Error Control (IOS)

l3m Layer 3 Manager (IOS)

l4 Lagrange Point #4 240,000 mile Earth orbit [Space]

l5 Lagrange Point #5 240,000 mile Earth orbit [Space]

la Los Angeles

lac Loop Assignment Center

ladar LAser Detection And Ranging

laddr Layered Device Driver Architecture [Microsoft]

ladra  barks  (spanish word)

ladt Local Access Data Transport

lag Lag often refers to the delay in time for messages to reach a destination

lais Local Automatic Intercept System

lalala Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do

lall Longest Allowed Lobe Length

lam Master of Liberal Arts

lama Local Automatic Message Accounting [telephony]

lamb_chop SEE:  MaDSheeP

lame BWSGIRL, FeedBag, Jen18, Qbasic, R~ and DALnet

lamemathjoke Kick some assentote.

lamers Lamers. Lamus Disgusticus. Species found primarily in IRC channels. Greatest level of activity when sub mature.  Repeatedly asks dumb questions such a/s/l. Floods when bored. Advanced individuals may use nuke programs to increase level of annoyance

lamest+auction+product+info This Full Tower case with 250 Watt FCC/UL Power supply has got it all boasting 10 drive bays and up to 4 internal cooling fans (2 are included). This case will make you proud of your computing system and intimidate your friends

lammed_off ran away, escaped (Lake, 37)

lamsac Local Authorities Management Services & Computing Committee

lan Local Apparent Noon

land Info on land attacks can be found at

lanl Los Alamos (NM) National Laboratory

lansc Local Area Network Sub-Committee [SERC]

lao lao peoples' democratic republic is .LA

lap Link Access Protocol

lapb Link Access Procedure Balanced (protocol)

lapd Link Access Procedure Direct (protocol)

lapdance +sits N~ down in a chair and does the naughty dance

lapm (LAP-M) Link Access Protocol for Modems

lapx LAPB extended (T.71, for half duplex teleservice)

lar Load Access Rights

lart http://Luser.Attitude.Readjustment.Tool

laser Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

lass Local Area Signaling Service

lastport Local Area Storage Transport (protocol) [DEC]

lat Local Apparent Time

lata Local Access and Transport Area [telephony]

latex latahz N~ (goober)

latis Loop Activity Tracking Information System

latvia latvia is .LV

laugh +ROFL's at N~

laughing_stock Cattle with sense of humor

law the the police (Shoot, 121; Pick-Up, 29)

lawn Local Area Wireless Network

lax Los Angeles International Airport

lay 1) job, as in Marlowe saying he's on "a confidential lay" (Farewell, 17); or more generally, what someone does, as in "The hotel-sneak used to be my lay" (Op, 86); 2) as in "I gave him the lay" - I told him where things stood (as in lay of the of land) (Op, 70)

lb Left Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)

lbbd Loopback B1, B2 and D channel request

lbhs Long Beach High School

lbl Label

lbn Loopback channel Bn request

lbo Line Buildout

lbr Librarian

lbs Load Balance System

lbt Listen Before Talk

lc Line Card

lcamos Loop CAble Maintenance Operation System

lcars star trek term: library computer access retreival system

lcc Leadless Chip Carrier

lccis Local Common Channel Interoffice Signaling

lccl Line Card CabLe

lccln Line Card Cable Narrative

lcd Liquid Crystal Display

lcdn Last Called Directory Number

lcdr Lieutenant Commander

lcg Logical Channel Group

lcie Lightguide Cable Interconnection Equipment

lcl Lunar Cargo Lander [NASA OEXP]

lcloc Line Card LOCation

lcm Large Core Memory

lcn Logical Channel Number

lcp Link Control Protocol (protocol)

lcr Least Cost Routing

lcrmkr Line Card ReMarKs, Retained

lcs Laboratory for Computer Science [MIT]

lcs7 Link Controller for Signaling System Number 7, PEB3040

lcse Line Card Service and Equipment

lcsen Line Card Service and Equipment Narrative

lct Landing Craft Tanks

lcu Last Cluster Used

ld Long Distance [telephony]

lda Logical Device Address

ldc Long Distance Carrier [telephony]

ldef Long Duration Exposure Facility [NASA]

ldf Large Deployable Reflector [Space]

ldl Low Density Lipoprotein

ldmts Long Distance Message Telecommunications Service

ldp Linux Documentation Project:

ldt Local Descriptor Table

ldx Long Distance eXtender [telephony]

le less or equal...or Link Exchange

lea Load Effective Address

leap Low-power Enhanced At Portable

leas LATA Equal Access System

leave ha .. why don't YOU take a hike, N~? :P

lebanon lebanon is .LB

lec Local Exchange Carrier [telephony]

led Light Emitting Diode

leet a lame word used by those who think they are elite, but aren't

left no i haven't

lego +is a legomaniac!!


lem Language Extension Module

len Low Entry Networking

lencl Line Equipment Number CLass

lenin Lenin Likes cookies.. and cheese.. and cheeseburgers

lenin2 the previous lenin entry is a lie, lenin is actually a macintosh user who fears IBM

lenin3 [22:16:55] <Mbebili> if you're really ereet, you'll just use cat > file

leo Low Earth Orbit [Space]

lep Large Electron-Positron collider [CERN]

lesotho lesotho is .LS

lethal+weapon+4 This movie had more jokes than action, but overall enjoyable to view -- although it was by no means a major blockbuster that would knock your socks off.

lex Lexicon

lf Line Feed

lfacs Loop Facilties Assignment And Control System

lfi Last File Indicator

lfu Least Frequently Used

lgdt Load Global Descriptor Table

lh Left Hand

lhc Large Hadron Collider [CERN]

lhd Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor (doctor of human letters)

lhs Local Hobby Store

li Length Indicator (SS7)

liberia liberia is .LR

libname fileNAME where filetype is mac- txt- etc.

lick I'm not responding to that .... !!

lick+me -PRIVMSG C~ :hrmm, did someone say KICK ME? | KICK C~ N~ :[11:52] <N~> B~, kick me

lics Lotus International Character Set [LDC]

lidt Load Interrupt Descriptor Table

liechtenstein liechtenstein is .LI

liep Large Internet Exchange Packet [Novell]

life life is the process of being born, learning lessons through the life you have (usually failing most of them), then dying to become fertilizer and food for bugs ;)

life+stages 1) Type: /ignore -r 2) Hold Down "ALT" and press "R" 3) Click on "View" then select "sound32b.dll" 4) Click on "File" then click on "Unload" (then click on OK) 5) To finish, go to:

lifia Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale et d'Intelligence Artificielle

lifo Last In First Out (see FIFO)

lightmind Lightmind != Darkmind

likes N~, actually I like candy.

likes* no I don't!

likes+cheese +flicks a cheese curd at Angell

likes+me yes, i do, but i LOVE R~

lilo Last In, Last Out

lim Lotus/Intel/Microsoft

lima Lotus/Intel/Microsoft/AST

lims Library Information Management System

linc Laboratory INstrument Computer

link To link a server to Superchat, visit and fill out the server application form. A minimum of a T1 connection to the internet is required, along with a fast unix based OS. If you are serious about linking to SuperChat, you must also spend a fair amount of time on the network getting to know other Admins and Opers prior to your application being consided

linkserver To link a server to Superchat, visit and fill out the server application form.

linux "Linux; because a PC is a terrible thing to waste." All the linux you'll ever need is at

linux+coffee+howto This explains how to control MrCoffee via linux




linux-news This just in: Oracle 8.0 will be ported to linux!

lips Logical Interferences Per Second

lis Logical Indexed Sequential file [GEC]

lisp LISt Processing (language)

list To see the Active chat channels type /msg h top, or type /list to see all of our channels. Type /join #channelname or try one of our game channels #21 or #acronym

listen +listens to the chatter in  

lists The lists offered by SuperChat Network list server are SuperChat-Admins, SuperChat-Opers, SuperChat-CServ, and SuperChat-Users. For list server infor see ListServ.

listserv The SuperChat Network list server address is MajorDomo@List.SuperChat.Org. For more info type Help in E-Mail message body and send to MajorDomo@List.SuperChat.Org.

listserver The SuperChat Network list server address is MajorDomo@List.SuperChat.Org. For more info type Help in E-Mail message body and send to MajorDomo@List.SuperChat.Org.

listz Franz Listz. Greatest pianist who ever lived. 1811-1886

lit to be - to be drunk (Art, 149)

litestep Check out N~

lithuania lithuania is .LT

littletoe a device for finding furniture in the dark see also shin

liu Line Interface Unit

live Live long and prosper

ll Late Latin

llama Logic Lacking A Meaningful Acronym

llb Legum Baccalaureus (bachelor of laws)

llc Logical Link Control

lld Legum doctor (doctor of laws)

lldt Load Local Descriptor Table

llid LL Identifier

lll Last Look Logic

lln Line Link Network [telephony]

llnl Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

llo Low Lunar Orbit [Space]

llox Lunar Liquid Oxygen [Space]

llp Line Link Pulsing [telephony]

lm Life Master (Contract Bridge ranking)

lm/x LAN Manager for Unix

lman Local MANager, or site manager [of SERCnet computer]

lmao  L aughing  M y  A ss  O ff

lmbcs Lotus Multibyte Character Set [Lotus]

lmc Large Magellanic Cloud (see SMC)

lmen Local Managers [of SERCnet computers]

lmh Large Moving Head (disc)

lmi Local Management Interface

lmms Local Message Metering System

lmos Line Maintenance Operations System [telephony, AT&T]

lmpu "L" means "loaded into memory"; "M" means "modified but not saved to disc"(saved every 90 minutes); "P" means "password has been set"; and "U" means "In use"(also that login in has been successful).

lmsw Load Machine Status Word

ln Logarithm (Natural)

lna Low Noise Amplifier

lndi Lotus Notes:Document Imaging

lng Liquefied Natural Gas

loa Lands of Adventure

loc Local Operating Company

local+gline syntax for local gline is: /quote GLINE +user@host duration :comment (needs at least 2 words) .... N~, this is like the 8th time I've told you this. Can't you remember anything?

locap LOw CAPacitance

lodsb Load String Byte

lof Lock OFf-line

loft Launch Operations Flight Test [Space]

log Logarithm (Base 10)

logic N~ : logic : Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.

login To login into a channel before you enter the channel, type /msg login #channelname <yourpass>, to login AFTER you join, simply type /msg login <yourpass>

logo (Programming Language)(See HLL)

lon Lock ON-line


longest_word See antidisestablishmentarianism

loogan Marlowe defines this as "a guy with a gun" (Sleep, 138)

look-out outside man (Speaking, 87)

looks look? 'eh

loope Loop while Equal

loopne Loop while Not Equal

loopnz Loop while Not Zero

loops Lisp Object Oriented Programming System

loopz Loop while Zero

lop Lines Of Position

lore Line Oriented Editor

loser Back at ya

losf Lunar Orbit Staging Facility [Space]

lots Low Overhead Timesharing System

louisiana The Pelican State, capital: Baton Rouge

lousy_with to have lots of (Knockover, 363)

love the state of being so confused as to not see clearly the future perils which await one (also: what makes one able to tolerate the opposite sex when one is not drunk)

loves perhaps.... ;)

loves* yeah right

lox Liquid Oxygen

lp Long Playing record

lpa Link Pack Area [MVS]

lpc Linear Predictive Coding (speech processing)

lpcdf Low Profile Combined Distributing Frame

lpd Line Printer Daemon (protocol) [Berkley]

lpda Link Problem Determination Aid

lpf League for Programming Freedom

lpg Liquefied Petroleum Gas

lpi Lines Per Inch

lpl Lotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

lpm Lines Per Minute

lpn Licensed Practical Nurse

lpp Licensed Program Products

lpr Line PrinteR

lps Low-Power Schottky

lpt Line Printer

lpt1 First Parallel Printer Port

lpt2 Second Parallel Printer Port

lpt3 Third Parallel Printer Port

lpv Lunar Piloted Vehicle [NASA OEXP]

lq Letter Quality

lqm Link Quality Monitoring (protocol)

lrap Long Route Analysis Program

lrb Liquid Rocket Booster [Space]

lrbm Long Range Ballistic Missile

lrc Local Register Cache + Longitudinal Redundancy Check

lri Least Recently Loaded

lrn Local Reference Number

lrs Line Repeater Station

lrss Long Range Switching Studies

lrt Logical Random Text file [GEC]

lru Least Recently Used

ls -rwxrwxr-x   1 jason  user  253952 Jun 13 13:48 darkbot

lsa Line Sharing Adapter

lsb Least Signficant Bit; Least Significant Byte

lsc Least Significant Character

lsd Least Signficant Digit

lsec Loss of SEC (C/I channel code)

lsi Large Scale Integration

lsi11 LSI-11, a DEC Q-bus minicomputer system

lsl Load Segment Limit

lsp LightSpeed Pascal

lsqa Local System Queue Area [MVS]

lsrp Local Switching Replacement Planning system

lss Life Support System

lssd Level-Sensitive Scan Detection

lssu Link State Signal Unit (SS7)

lst List

lsu Loss of Signal level of U interface (C/I channel code)

lsue LSU Error condition (C/I channel code)

lsv Line Status Verifier

lt Line Termination

lt-s LT on S bus

lt-t LT on T interface

ltab Line Test Access Bus

ltc Lieutenant Colonel

ltd LT Disable (C/I channel code)

ltf Lightwave Terminating Frame

ltg Line Trunk Group

ltjg Lieutenant Junior Grade

ltl Less than Truckload Lot

ltr Letter + Load Task Register

lts Loss Test Set

ltu Line Trunk Unit

ltuc LTU Control

lu 6.2 protocol for APPC

lucia saint lucia is .LC

lucifugus Latin for light-shunning

lug 1) bullet (Lake, 193); 2) ear (Thin, 107)

luke Use the force!

lurker is a www page that shows what is going on in the #superchat channel.  It can be found at

lut Look-Up Table

luxembourg luxembourg is .LU

lwl (Ger) OFT

lwm Low-Water Mark

lxe Lightguide eXpress Entry

lynx Text based Web browser Get it at:


lynx2 -privmsg C~ :[18:30:25] <lynx> I'll get a new ISP :) | privmsg C~ :[18:30:38] <lynx> or even an AOL isp :)

lyrics If you want to find lyrics for a song, or group, or even a cd, try

lz Landing Zone

lzw Lempel-Ziv-Walsh (algorithm)

m/f i am asexual

m/w MicroWave

m0sher thats mister m0sher to you!

m860name of a tape cartridge store similar to IBM's MSS

m:tg Magic The Gathering, By wizards of the coast.

ma Maintenance Administrator

maap Maintenance And Administration Panel

mac MIT interdepartmental lab (stands for many things) (renamed to LCS)

mac+error+-1 ( qErr ) queue element not found during deletion OR ( smTruncErr ) Truncation indicator alone is wider than the specified width **General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)**

mac+error+-10 ( noColMatch ) from Color2Index/ITabMatch **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-100 ( noScrapErr ) No scrap exists error **Scrap Manager Error**

mac+error+-102 ( noTypeErr ) Format not available [no object of that type in scrap] **Scrap Manager Error**

mac+error+-1024 ( nbpBuffOvr ) Buffer overflow in LookupName **AppleTalk - NBP Errors**

mac+error+-1025 ( nbpNoConfirm ) Name not confirmed on ConfirmName **AppleTalk - NBP Errors**

mac+error+-1026 ( nbpConfDiff ) Name confirmed at different socket **AppleTalk - NBP Errors**

mac+error+-1027 ( nbpDuplicate ) Duplicate name exists already **AppleTalk - NBP Errors**

mac+error+-1028 ( nbpNotFound ) Name not found on remove **AppleTalk - NBP Errors**

mac+error+-1029 ( nbpNISErr ) Error trying to open the NIS **AppleTalk - NBP Errors**

mac+error+-1066 ( aspBadVersNum ) Server cannot support this ASP version **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1067 ( aspBufTooSmall ) Buffer too small **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1068 ( aspNoMoreSess ) No more sessions on server **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1069 ( aspNoServers ) No servers at that address **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1070 ( aspParamErr ) Parameter error **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1071 ( aspServerBusy ) Server cannot open another session **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1072 ( aspSessClosed ) Session closed **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1073 ( aspSizeErr ) Command block too big **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1074 ( aspTooMany ) Too many clients (server error) **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-1075 ( aspNoAck ) No ack on attention request (server err) **ASP Errors (XPP driver)**

mac+error+-108 ( memFullErr ) Ran out of memory [not enough room in heap zone] **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-109 ( nilHandleErr ) GetHandleSize fails on baseText or substitutionText; NIL master pointer [handle was NIL in HandleZone or other] **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-1096 ( reqFailed ) Request to contact router failed: retry count exceeded **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1097 ( tooManyReqs ) Too many concurrent requests **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1098 ( tooManySkts ) Too many concurrent responding-sockets **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1099 ( badATPSkt ) Bad ATP-responding socket **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-11 ( qAllocErr ) from MakeITable **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-110 ( memAdrErr ) Address was odd, or out of range **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-1100 ( badBuffNum ) Bad response buffer number specififed **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1101 ( noRelErr ) No release received **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1102 ( cbNotFound ) Control Block not found; no pending asynchronous calls **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1103 ( noSendResp ) AddResponse issued without SendResponse **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1104 ( noDataArea ) No data area for request to MPP **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-1105 ( reqAborted ) ERdCancel function called for this ERead [SendRequest aborted by RelTCB] **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-111 ( memWZErr ) Attempted to operate on a free block; GetHandleSize fails on baseText or substitutionText [WhichZone failed (applied to free block)] **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-112 ( memPurErr ) Trying to purge a locked or non-purgeable block **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-113 ( memAZErr ) Address in zone check failed **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-114 ( memPCErr ) Pointer Check failed **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-115 ( memBCErr ) Block Check failed **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-116 ( memSCErr ) Size Check failed **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-117 ( memLockedErr ) Trying to move a locked block (MoveHHi) **Storage Allocator Error**

mac+error+-12 ( tblAllocErr ) from MakeITable **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-120 ( dirNFErr ) Directory not found **HFS Error**

mac+error+-121 ( tmwdoErr ) No free WDCB available **HFS Error**

mac+error+-122 ( badMovErr ) Move into offspring error **HFS Error**

mac+error+-123 ( wrgVolTypErr ) Not an HFS volume [wrong volume type error or (obsolete) operation not supported for MFS] **HFS Error**

mac+error+-124 ( volGoneErr ) Server volume has been disconnected **HFS Error**

mac+error+-125 ( updPixMemErr ) Insufficient memory to update a pixmap **HFS Error**

mac+error+-126 ( dsMBarNFnd ) System error code for MBDF not found **Menu Manager Error**

mac+error+-127 ( dsHMenuFindErr ) Could not find HMenu's parent in MenuKey **Menu Manager Error**

mac+error+-1273 ( errOpenDenied ) Open request denied by recipient **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-1274 ( errDSPQueueSize ) Send or receive queue is too small **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-1275 ( errFwdReset ) Read terminated by forward reset **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-1276 ( errAttention ) Attention message too long **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-1277 ( errOpening ) Attempt to open connection failed **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-1278 ( errState ) Bad connection state for this operation **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-1279 ( errAborted ) Request aborted by dspRemove or dspClose function **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-128 ( userCanceledErr ) User canceled an operation **Menu Manager Error**

mac+error+-1280 ( errRefNum ) Bad connection reference number **Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors**

mac+error+-13 ( overRun ) from MakeITable **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-130 ( fidNotFound ) no file thread exists **HFS FileID Error**

mac+error+-1300 ( fidNotFound ) File ID not found [No file thread exists] **HFS Errors**

mac+error+-1301 ( fidExists ) File id already exists **HFS Errors**

mac+error+-1302 ( notAFileErr ) Specified file is a directory **HFS Errors**

mac+error+-1303 ( diffVolErr ) Files on different volumes **HFS Errors**

mac+error+-1304 ( catChangedErr ) Catalog has changed and CatPosition may be invalid **HFS Errors**

mac+error+-1305 ( desktopDamagedErr ) The desktop database has become corrupted - the Finder will fix this, but if your application is not running with the Finder, use DTReset or DTDelete **HFS Errors**

mac+error+-131 ( fidNotAFile ) directory specified **HFS FileID Error**

mac+error+-132 ( fidExists ) file id already exists **HFS FileID Error**

mac+error+-14 ( noRoomErr ) from MakeITable **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-147 ( regionTooBigError ) Region too big or complex **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-148 ( pixMapTooBigErr ) Pixel map record is deeper than 1 bit per pixel [passed pixelmap is too large] **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-149 ( mfStackErr ) Insufficient stack **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-15 ( seOutOfRange ) from SetEntry **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-150 ( cMatchErr ) Color2Index failed to find an index **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-151 ( cTempMemErr ) Failed to allocate memory for temporary structures **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-152 ( cNoMemErr ) Failed to allocate memory for structure **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-153 ( cRangeErr ) Range error on colorTable request **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-154 ( cProtectErr ) ColorTable entry protection violation **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-155 ( cDevErr ) Invalid type of graphics device **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-156 ( cResErr ) Invalid resolution for MakeITable **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-157 ( cDepthErr ) Invalid pixel depth **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-158 ( cParmErr ) Invalid parameter **Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-16 ( seProtErr ) from SetEntry **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-17 ( i2CRangeErr ) from SetEntry **Color Manager Error** or  ( controlErr ) Driver can't respond to Control call **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-1700 ( errAECoercionFail ) Data could not be coerced to the requested descriptor type **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1701 ( errAEDescNotFound ) Descriptor record was not found **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1702 ( errAECorruptData ) Data in an Apple event could not be read **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1703 ( errAEWrongDataType ) Wrong descriptor type **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1704 ( errAENotAEDesc ) Not a valid descriptor record **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1705 ( errAEBadListItem ) Operation involving a list item failed **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1706 ( errAENewerVersion ) Need a newer version of the Apple Event Manager **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1707 ( errAENotAppleEvent ) Event is not an Apple event **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1708 ( errAEEventNotHandled ) Event wasn't handled by an Apple event handler **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1709 ( errAEReplyNotValid ) AEResetTimer was passed an invalid reply **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1710 ( errAEUnknownSendMode ) Invalid sending mode was passed **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1711 ( errAEWaitCanceled ) User canceled out of wait loop for reply or reciept **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1712 ( errAETimeout ) Apple event timed out **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1713 ( errAENoUserInteraction ) No user interaction allowed **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1714 ( errAENotASpecialFunction ) Wrong keyword for a special function **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1715 ( errAEParamMissed ) Handler did not get all required paramters **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1716 ( errAEUnknownAddressType ) Unknown Apple event address type **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1717 ( errAEHandlerNotFound ) No handler found for an Apple event or a coersion **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1718 ( errAEReplyNotArrived ) Reply has not yet arrived **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-1719 ( errAEIllegalIndex ) Not a valid list index **AppleEvent Errors**

mac+error+-18 ( gdBadDev ) from SetEntry **Color Manager Error** or  ( statusErr ) Driver can't respond to Status call **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-185 ( badExtResource ) Extended resource has a bad format **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-186 ( CantDecompress ) Resource bent ("the bends") can't decompress a compressed resource **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-188 ( resourceInMemory ) Resource already in memory **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-189 ( writingPastEnd ) Writing past end of file **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-19 ( reRangeErr ) from SetEntry **Color Manager Error** or  ( readErr ) Driver can't respond to Read call **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-190 ( inputOutOfBounds ) Offset or count out of bounds **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-192 ( resNotFound ) Resource not found **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-193 ( resFNotFound ) Resource file not found **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-194 ( addResFailed ) AddResource failed **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-195 ( addRefFailed ) AddReference failed **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-196 ( rmvResFailed ) RmveResource failed **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-197 ( rmvRefFailed ) RmveReference failed **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-198 ( resAttrErr ) Attribute inconsistent with operation **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-199 ( mapReadErr ) Map inconsistent with operation **Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)**

mac+error+-2 ( vTypErr ) invalid queue element **General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)**

mac+error+-20 ( seInvRequest ) from SetEntry **Color Manager Error** or  ( writErr ) Driver can't respond to Write call **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-200 ( noHardware ) Required sound hardware not available [no hardware support for the specified synthesizer] **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-201 ( notEnoughHardware ) Insufficient hardware available [no more channels for the specified synthesizer] **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-203 ( queueFull ) No room in the queue **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-204 ( resProblem ) Problem loading the resource **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-205 ( badChannel ) Channel is corrupt or unusable [invalid channel queue length] **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-206 ( badFormat ) Resource is corrupt or unusable [handle to 'snd ' resource was invalid] **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-207 ( notEnoughBufferSpace ) Insufficient memory available **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-208 ( badFileFormat ) File is corrupt or unusable, or not AIFF or AIFF-C **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-209 ( channel ) Channel is busy **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-21 ( seNoMemErr ) from SetEntry **Color Manager Error** or  ( badUnitErr ) Driver ref num doesn't match unit table **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-210 ( buffersTooSmall ) Buffer is too small **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-211 ( channelNotBusy ) Channel not currently used **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-212 ( noMoreRealTime ) Not enough CPU time available **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-213 ( badParam ) A parameter is incorrect **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-22 ( unitEmptyErr ) Driver ref num specifies NIL handle in unit table **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-220 ( siNoSoundInHardware ) No sound input hardware available **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-221 ( siBadSoundInDevice ) Invalid sound input device **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-222 ( siNoBufferSpecified ) No buffer specified **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-223 ( siInvalidCompression ) Invalid compression type **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-224 ( siHardDiskTooSlow ) Hard drive too slow to record **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-225 ( siInvalidSampleRate ) Invalid sample rate **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-226 ( siInvalidSampleSize ) Invalid sample size **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-227 ( siDeviceBusyErr ) Sound input device is busy **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-228 ( siBadDeviceName ) Invalid device name **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-229 ( siBadRefNum ) Invalid reference number **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-23 ( openErr ) Requested read/write permission doesn't match driver's open permission, or Attempt to open RAM serial Driver failed **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-230 ( siInputDeviceErr ) Input device hardware failure **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-231 ( siUnknownInfoType ) Unknown type of information **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-232 ( siUnknownQuality ) Unknown quality **Sound Manager Errors**

mac+error+-24 ( closErr ) Close failed; Permission to close .MPP driver was denied **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-25 ( dRemovErr ) tried to remove an open driver **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-250 ( midiNoClientErr ) no client with that ID found **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-251 ( midiNoPortErr ) no port with that ID found **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-252 ( midiTooManyPortsErr ) too many ports already installed in the system **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-253 ( midiTooManyConsErr ) too many connections made **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-254 ( midiVConnectErr ) pending virtual connection created **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-255 ( midiVConnectMade ) pending virtual connection resolved **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-256 ( midiVConnectRmvd ) pending virtual connection removed **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-257 ( midiNoConErr ) no connection exists between specified ports **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-258 ( midiWriteErr ) couldn't write to all connected ports **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-259 ( midiNameLenErr ) name supplied is longer than 31 characters **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-26 ( dInstErr ) DrvrInstall couldn't find driver in resources **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-260 ( midiDupIDErr ) duplicate client ID **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-261 ( midiInvalidCmdErr ) command not supported for port type **MIDI Manager Error**

mac+error+-27 ( abortErr ) I/O call aborted by KillIO; Publisher has written a new edition OR **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-28 ( notOpenErr ) Couldn't rd/wr/ctl/sts cause driver not opened **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-29 ( unitTblFullErr ) Unit table has no more entries **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-290 ( smSDMInitErr ) SDM could not be initialized **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-291 ( smSRTInitErr ) Slot Resource Table could not be initialized **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-292 ( smPRAMInitErr ) Slot Resource Table could not be initialized **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-293 ( smPriInitErr ) Cards could not be initialized **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-299 ( nmTypErr ) Invalid qTypemust be ORD(nmType) **Notification Manager Error**

mac+error+-3 ( corErr ) core routine number out of range **General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)**

mac+error+-30 ( dceExtErr ) dce extension error **I/O System Error**

mac+error+-300 ( smEmptySlot ) No card in slot **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-301 ( smCRCFail ) CRC check failed for declaration data **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-302 ( smFormatErr ) FHeader Format is not Apple's **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-303 ( smRevisionErr ) Wrong revison level **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-304 ( smNoDir ) Directory offset is Nil **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-305 ( smLWTstBad ) Long Word test field <> $5A932BC7 **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-306 ( smNosInfoArray ) No sInfoArray. Memory Mgr error **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-307 ( smResrvErr ) Fatal reserved error. Reserved field <> 0 **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-308 ( smUnExBusErr ) Unexpected Bus Error **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-309 ( smBLFieldBad ) ByteLanes field was bad **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-310 ( smFHBlockRdErr ) Error occured during _sGetFHeader **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-3101 ( buf2SmallErr ) Packet too large for buffer; partial data returned **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3102 ( noMPPErr ) No MPP error **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3103 ( ckSumErr ) Check sum error **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3104 ( extractErr ) Extraction error **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3105 ( readQErr ) Read queue error **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3106 ( atpLenErr ) ATP length error **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3107 ( atpBadRsp ) ATP bad response error **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3108 ( recNotFnd ) Record not found **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-3109 ( sktClosedErr ) Socket closed error **AppleTalk -  ATP Errors**

mac+error+-311 ( smFHBlkDispErr ) Error occured during _sDisposePtr (Dispose of FHeader block) **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-312 ( smDisposePErr ) _DisposePointer error **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-313 ( smNoBoardsRsrc ) No Board sResource **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-314 ( smGetPRErr ) Error occured during _sGetPRAMRec (See SIMStatus) **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-315 ( smNoBoardId ) No Board Id **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-316 ( smIntStatVErr ) The InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-317 ( smIntTblVErr ) An error occured while trying to initialize the Slot Resource Table **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-318 ( smNoJmpTbl ) SDM jump table could not be created **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-319 ( smBadBoardId ) BoardId was wrong, re-init the PRAM record **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-320 ( smBusErrTO ) BusError time out **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-33 ( dirFulErr ) Directory full **File System Error**

mac+error+-330 ( smBadRefId ) Reference Id not found in list **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-331 ( smBadsList ) Bad sResource [sList] structure: Id1 Id2 Id3  format is not followed **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-332 ( smReservedErr ) Reserved field not zero **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-333 ( smCodeRevErr ) Code revision is wrong **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-334 ( smCPUErr ) Code revision is wrong **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-335 ( smsPointerNil ) LPointer is nil {From sOffsetData, If this error occurs, check sInfo rec for more information **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-336 ( smNilsBlockErr)  Nil sBlock error {Dont allocate and try to use a nil sBlock} **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-337 ( smSlotOOBErr ) Slot out of bounds error **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-338 ( smSelOOBErr ) Selector out of bounds error; function not implemented **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-339 ( smNewPErr ) _NewPtr error **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-34 ( dskFulErr ) Disk full **File System Error**

mac+error+-340 ( smBlkMoveErr ) _BlockMove error **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-341 ( smCkStatusErr ) Status of slot = fail **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-342 ( smGetDrvrNamErr ) Error occured during _sGetDrvrName **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-343 ( smDisDrvrNamErr ) Error occured during _sDisDrvrName **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-344 ( smNoMoresRsrcs ) No more sResources OR **Start Manager Error** or ( smNoMoresResources ) Specified sResource data structure not found **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-345 ( smsGetDrvrErr ) Error occurred during _sGetDriver **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-346 ( smBadsPtrErr ) Bad pointer was passed to sCaldSPointer function **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-347 ( smByteLanesErr ) ByteLanes field in card's format block was determined to be zero **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-348 ( smOffsetErr ) Offset was too big (temporary, should be fixed) **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-349 ( smNoGoodOpens ) No opens were successfull in the loop **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-35 ( nsvErr ) No such volume; volume not found

mac+error+-350 ( smSRTOvrFlErr ) SRT over flow **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-351 ( smRecNotFnd ) Record not found in the SRT **Start Manager Error**

mac+error+-36 ( ioErr ) I/O error (bummers) **File System Error**

mac+error+-360 ( slotNumErr ) invalid slot # error **Device Manager Slot Support Error**

mac+error+-37 ( bdNamErr ) Bad file name; there may be no bad names in the final system! **File System Error**

mac+error+-38 ( fnOpnErr ) File not open **File System Error**

mac+error+-39 ( eofErr ) End of file; no additional data in the format **File System Error**

mac+error+-4 ( unimpErr ) unimplemented core routine **General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)**

mac+error+-40 ( posErr ) Tried to position to before start of file (r/w) **File System Error**

mac+error+-400 ( gcrOnMFMErr ) gcr format on high density media error **Device Manager Slot Support Errors**

mac+error+-4096 ( ??? ) No free Connect Control Blocks available **Print Manager w/LaserWriter**

mac+error+-4097 ( ??? ) Bad connection reference number **Print Manager w/LaserWriter**

mac+error+-4098 ( ??? ) Request already active **Print Manager w/LaserWriter**

mac+error+-4099 ( ??? ) Write request too big **Print Manager w/LaserWriter**

mac+error+-41 ( mFulErr ) Memory full (open) or file won't fit (load) **File System Error**

mac+error+-4100 ( ??? ) Connection just closed **Print Manager w/LaserWriter**

mac+error+-4101 ( ??? ) Printer not found, or closed **Print Manager w/LaserWriter**

mac+error+-42 ( tmfoErr ) too many files open **File System Error**

mac+error+-43 ( fnfErr ) File not found; Folder not found; Edition container not found; Target not found **File System Error**

mac+error+-44 ( wPrErr ) Diskette is write protected; Volume is locked through hardware **File System Error**

mac+error+-45 ( fLckdErr ) File is locked **File System Error**

mac+error+-450 ( editionMgrInitErr ) Manager not initialized or could not load package **Edition Manager Errors**

mac+error+-451 ( badSectionErr ) Not a valid section type **Edition Manager Errors**

mac+error+-452 ( notRegisteredSectionErr ) Not registered **Edition Manager Errors**

mac+error+-454 ( badSubPartErr ) Bad edition container spec or invalid edition container **Edition Manager Errors**

mac+error+-46 ( vLckdErr ) Volume is locked through software **File System Error**

mac+error+-460 ( multiplePublisherWrn ) Already is a publisher **Edition Manager Errors**

mac+error+-461 ( containerNotFoundWrn ) Alias was not resolved **Edition Manager Errors**

mac+error+-463 ( notThePublisherWrn ) Not the publisher **Edition Manager Errors**

mac+error+-47 ( fBsyErr ) File is busy (delete); Section doing I/O **File System Error**

mac+error+-470 ( scsiBadPBErr ) invalid field(s) in the parameter block **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-471 ( scsiOverrunErr ) attempted to transfer too many bytes **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-472 ( scsiTransferErr ) write flag conflicts with data transfer phase **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-473 ( scsiBusTOErr ) bus error during transfer **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-474 ( scsiSelectTOErr ) scsiSelTO exceeded (selection failed) **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-475 ( scsiTimeOutErr ) scsiReqTO exceeded **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-476 ( scsiBusResetErr ) the bus was reset, so your request was aborted **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-477 ( scsiBadStatus ) non-zero (not "Good") status returned **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-478 ( scsiNoStatusErr ) device did not go through a status phase **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-479 ( scsiLinkFailErr ) linked command never executed **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-48 ( dupFNErr ) Duplicate filename (rename); File found instead of folder **File System Error**

mac+error+-489 ( scsiUnimpVctErr ) unimplemented routine was called **SCSI Manager Errors**

mac+error+-49 ( opWrErr ) File already open with with write permission **File System Error**

mac+error+-490 ( userBreak ) user debugger break **SysErrs used instead of inline $A9FF & $ABFF**

mac+error+-491 ( strUserBreak ) user debugger break - display string on stack **SysErrs used instead of inline $A9FF & $ABFF**

mac+error+-492 ( exUserBreak ) user debugger break - execute commands on stack **SysErrs used instead of inline $A9FF & $ABFF**

mac+error+-5 ( SlpTypeErr ) invalid queue element **General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)**

mac+error+-50 ( paramErr ) Error in user parameter list **File System Error**

mac+error+-500 ( rgnTooBigErr ) Bitmap would convert into a region greater than 64 KB **QuickDraw Error**

mac+error+-5000 ( accessDenied ) Incorrect access for this file/folder **File Manager Extensions Error**

mac+error+-5006 ( DenyConflict ) Permission/Deny mode conflicts with the current **File Manager Extensions Error**port+0 Reserved

mac+error+-501 ( teScrapSizeErr ) scrap item too big for text edit record **Text Edit Error**

mac+error+-502 ( hwParamrErr ) bad selector for _HWPriv **O/S Error**

mac+error+-51 ( rfNumErr ) Reference number invalid **File System Error**

mac+error+-52 ( gfpErr ) Get file position error **File System Error**

mac+error+-53 ( volOffLinErr ) Volume is off line **File System Error**

mac+error+-54 ( permErr ) Software lock on file; Not a subscriber [permissions error on file open] **File System Error**

mac+error+-55 ( volOnLinErr ) drive volume already on-line at MountVol **File System Error**

mac+error+-56 ( nsDrvErr ) no such drive (tried to mount a bad drive num) **File System Error**

mac+error+-57 ( noMacDskErr ) not a mac diskette (sig bytes are wrong) **File System Error**

mac+error+-58 ( extFSErr ) External file system - file system identifier is nonzero **File System Error**

mac+error+-59 ( fsRnErr ) file system internal error: during rename the old entry was deleted but could not be restored **File System Error**

mac+error+-60 ( badMDBErr ) bad master directory block **File System Error**

mac+error+-600 ( procNotFound ) No eligible process with specified process serial number **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-601 ( memFragErr ) Not enough room to launch application with special requirements **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-602 ( appModeErr ) Memory mode is 32-bit, but application is not 32-bit clean **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-603 ( protocolErr ) app made module calls in improper order **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-604 ( hardwareConfigErr ) hardware configuration not correct for call **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-605 ( appMemFullErr ) Partition size specified in 'SIZE' resource is not big enough for launch **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-606 ( appIsDaemon ) Application is background-only **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-607 ( bufferIsSmall ) Buffer is too small **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-608 ( noOutstandingHLE ) No outstanding high-level event **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-609 ( connectionInvalid ) Connection is invalid **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-61 ( wrPermErr ) Write permissions error; Not a publisher **File System Error**

mac+error+-610 ( noUserInteractionAllowed ) Attempted PostHighLevelEvent from background and no session yet established **Processes Errors**

mac+error+-620 ( notEnoughMemoryErr ) Insufficient physical memory **Memory Dispatch Errors**

mac+error+-621 ( notHeldErr ) Specified range of memory is not held **Memory Dispatch Errors**

mac+error+-622 ( cannotMakeContiguousErr ) Cannot make specified range contiguous **Memory Dispatch Errors**

mac+error+-623 ( notLockedErr ) Specified range of memory is not locked **Memory Dispatch Errors**

mac+error+-624 ( interruptsMaskedErr ) Called with interrupts masked **Memory Dispatch Errors**

mac+error+-625 ( cannotDeferErr ) Unable to defer additional user functions **Memory Dispatch Errors**

mac+error+-64 ( fontDecError ) error during font declaration **Font Manager Error** or  ( lastDskErr ) **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error** or ( noDriveErr ) drive not installed **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-65 ( fontNotDeclared ) font not declared **Font Manager Error** or  ( offLinErr ) r/w requested for an off-line drive **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-66 ( fontSubErr ) font substitution occured **Font Manager Error** or  ( noNybErr ) couldn't find 5 nybbles in 200 tries **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-67 ( noAdrMkErr ) couldn't find valid addr mark **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-68 ( dataVerErr ) read verify compare failed **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-69 ( badCksmErr ) addr mark checksum didn't check **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-70 ( badBtSlpErr ) bad addr mark bit slip nibbles **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-71 ( noDtaMkErr ) couldn't find a data mark header **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-72 ( badDCksum ) bad data mark checksum **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-73 ( badDBtSlp ) bad data mark bit slip nibbles **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-74 ( wrUnderrun ) write underrun occurred **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-75 ( cantStepErr ) step handshake failed **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-76 ( tk0BadErr ) track 0 detect doesn't change **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-77 ( initIWMErr ) unable to initialize IWM **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-78 ( twoSideErr ) tried to read 2nd side on a 1-sided drive **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-79 ( spdAdjErr ) unable to correctly adjust disk speed **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-8 ( seNoDB ) no debugger installed to handle debugger command **General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)**

mac+error+-80 ( seekErr ) track number wrong on address mark **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-800 ( rcDBNull ) The data item was NULL **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-801 ( rcDBValue ) Data available or successfully retrieved **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-802 ( rcDBError ) Error executing function **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-803 ( rcDBBadType ) Next data item not of requested data type **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-804 ( rcDBBreak ) Function timed out **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-805 ( rcDBExec ) Query currently executing **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-806 ( reDBBadSessID ) Session ID is invalid **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-807 ( rcDBBadSessNum ) Invalid session number **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-808 ( rcDBBadDDEV ) Couldn't find the specified database extension, or error occurred in opening database extension **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-809 ( rcDBAsyncNotSupp ) The database extension does not support asynchronous calls **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-81 ( sectNFErr ) sector number never found on a track **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-810 ( rcDBBadAsyncPB ) Invalid parameter block specified **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-811 ( rcDBNoHandler ) There is no handler for this data type installed for the current application **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-812 ( rcDBWrongVersion ) Wrong version number **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-813 ( rcDBPackNotInited ) The InitDBPack function has not yet been called **DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors**

mac+error+-82 ( fmt1Err ) can't find sector 0 after track format **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-83 ( fmt2Err ) can't get enough sync **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-84 ( verErr ) track failed to verify **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error** or ( firstDskErr ) **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-85 ( clkRdErr ) unable to read same clock value twice **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-850 ( hmHelpDisabled ) Help balloons are not enabled **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-851 ( hmResNotFound ) ???? **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-852 ( hmMemFullErr ) ???? **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-853 ( hmBalloonAborted ) Because of constant cursor movement, the help balloon wasn't displayed **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-854 ( hmSameAsLastBalloon ) Menu and item are same as previous menu and item **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-855 ( hmHelpManagerNotInited ) Help menu not set up **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-856 ( hmBadSelector ) ???? **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-857 ( hmSkippedBalloon ) No ballon content to fill in **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-858 ( hmWrongVersion ) Wrong version of Help Manager resource **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-859 ( hmUnknownHelpType ) Help message record contained a bad type **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-86 ( clkWrErr ) time written did not verify **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-860 ( hmCouldNotLoadPackage ) ???? **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-861 ( hmOperationUnsupported ) Bad method parameter **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-862 ( hmNoBalloonUp ) No balloon showing **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-863 ( hmCloseViewActive ) User using Close View won't let you remove balloon **Help Manager Errors**

mac+error+-87 ( prWrErr ) parameter ram written didn't read-verify **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-88 ( prInitErr ) InitUtil found the parameter ram uninitialized **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-89 ( rcvrErr ) SCC receiver error (framing, parity, OR) **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-9 ( iTabPurgErr ) from Color2Index/ITabMatch **Color Manager Error**

mac+error+-90 ( breakRecd ) Break received (SCC) **Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Error**

mac+error+-900 ( notInitErr ) PPC Toolbox has not been initialized yet **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-902 ( nameTypeErr ) Invalid or inappropriate locationKindSelector in location name **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-903 ( noPortErr ) Invalid port name; Unable to open port or bad port reference number **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-904 ( noGlobalsErr ) System unable to allocate memory, critical error **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-905 ( localOnlyErr ) Network activity is currently disabled **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-906 ( destPortErr ) Port does not exist at destination **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-907 ( sessTableErr ) PPC Toolbox is unable to create a session **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-908 ( noSessionErr ) Invalid session reference number **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-909 ( badReqErr ) Bad parameter or invalid state for this operation **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-91 ( ddpSktErr ) Error opening socket OR **AppleTalk Error** or ( eMultiErr ) Invalid address or table is full **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+-910 ( portNameExistsErr ) Another port is already open with this name **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-911 ( noUserNameErr ) User name unknown on destination machine **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-912 ( userRejectErr ) Destination rejected the session request **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-915 ( noResponseErr ) Unable to contact application **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-916 ( portClosedErr ) The port was closed **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-917 ( sessClosedErr ) The session has closed **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-919 ( badPortNameErr ) PPC port record is invalid **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-92 ( ddpLenErr ) Data length too big OR **AppleTalk Error** or ( eLenErr ) Packet too large or first entry of the write-data structure did not contain the full 14-byte header **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+-922 ( noDefaultUserErr ) User has not specified owner name in Sharing Setup control panel **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-923 ( notLoggedInErr ) Default user reference number does not yet exist **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-924 ( noUserRefErr ) Unable to create a new user reference number **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-925 ( networkErr ) An error has occurred in the network **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-926 ( noInformErr ) PPCStart failed because target application did not have an inform pending **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-927 ( authFailErr ) User's password is wrong **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-928 ( noUserRecErr ) Invalid user reference number **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-93 ( noBridgeErr ) No router available [for non-local send] **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+-930 ( badServiceMethodErr ) Service method is other than ppcServiceRealTime **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-931 ( badLocNameErr ) Location name is invalid **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-932 ( guestNotAllowedErr ) Destination port requires authentication **AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors**

mac+error+-94 ( lapProtErr ) error in attaching/detaching protocol OR **AppleTalk Error** or ( LAPProtErr ) Protocol handler is already attached, node's protocol table is full, protocol not attached, or protocol handler pointer was not 0 **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+-95 ( excessCollsns ) Hardware error [excessive collisions on write] **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+-97 ( portInUse ) driver Open error code (port is in use) **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+-98 ( portNotCf ) driver Open error code (parameter RAM not configured for this connection) **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+-99 ( memROZErr ) hard error in ROZ **AppleTalk Error** or ( memROZError ) hard error in ROZ / ( memROZWarn ) soft error in ROZ **AppleTalk Error** or ( memROZWarn ) soft error in ROZ **AppleTalk Error**

mac+error+0 ( noErr ) 0 for success OR ( smNotTruncated ) No truncation necessary **General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)**

mac+error+1 ( dsBusError ) (bus error) **DS Error Table**

mac+error+10 ( dsLineFErr ) line 1111 trap error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+101 ( dsParityErr ) memory parity error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+102 ( dsOldSystem ) System is too old for this ROM **DS Error Table**

mac+error+103 ( ds32BitMode ) booting in 32-bit on a 24-bit sys **DS Error Table**

mac+error+11 ( dsMiscErr ) miscellaneous hardware exception error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+12 ( dsCoreErr ) unimplemented core routine error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+13 ( dsIrqErr ) uninstalled interrupt error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+14 ( dsIOCoreErr ) IO Core Error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+15 ( dsLoadErr ) Segment Loader Error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+16 ( dsFPErr )  Floating point error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+17 ( dsNoPackErr ) package 0 not present [List Manager] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+18 ( dsNoPk1 ) package 1 not present [Reserved by Apple] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+19 ( dsNoPk2 ) package 2 not present [Disk Initialization] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+2 ( dsAddressErr ) address error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+20 ( dsNoPk3 ) package 3 not present [Standard File] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+20000 ( dsShutDownOrRestart ) user choice between ShutDown and Restart **DS Error Table**

mac+error+20001 ( dsSwitchOffOrRestart ) user choice between switching off and Restart **DS Error Table**

mac+error+20002 ( dsForcedQuit ) allow the user to ExitToShell, return if Cancel **DS Error Table**

mac+error+21 ( dsNoPk4 ) package 4 not present [Floating-Point Arithmetic] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+22 ( dsNoPk5 ) package 5 not present [Transcendental Functions] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+23 ( dsNoPk6 ) package 6 not present [International Utilities] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+24 ( dsNoPk7 ) package 7 not present [Binary/Decimal Conversion] **DS Error Table**

mac+error+25 ( dsMemFullErr ) out of memory! **DS Error Table**

mac+error+26 ( dsBadLaunch ) can't launch file **DS Error Table**

mac+error+27 ( dsFSErr ) file system map has been trashed **DS Error Table**

mac+error+28 ( dsStknHeap ) stack has moved into application heap **DS Error Table**

mac+error+3 ( dsIllInstErr ) illegal instruction error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+30 ( dsReinsert ) request user to reinsert off-line volume **DS Error Table**

mac+error+31 ( dsNotThe1 ) not the disk I wanted (obsolete) **DS Error Table**

mac+error+32767 ( dsSysErr ) general system error (catch-all used in DSAT) **DS Error Table**

mac+error+33 ( negZcbFreeErr ) ZcbFree has gone negative **DS Error Table**

mac+error+4 ( dsZeroDivErr ) zero divide error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+40 ( dsGreeting ) welcome to Macintosh greeting **DS Error Table**

mac+error+41 ( dsFinderErr ) can't load the Finder error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+42 ( shutDownAlert ) handled like a shutdown error (obsolete) **DS Error Table**

mac+error+43 ( dsSystemFileErr ) can't find System file to open (obsolete) **DS Error Table**

mac+error+5 ( dsChkErr ) check trap error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+51 ( dsBadSlotInt ) unserviceable slot interrupt **DS Error Table**

mac+error+6 ( dsOvflowErr ) overflow trap error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+7 ( dsPrivErr ) privilege violation error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+8 ( dsTraceErr ) trace mode error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+81 ( dsBadSANEopcode ) bad opcode given to SANE Pack4 **DS Error Table**

mac+error+84 ( menuPrgErr ) happens when a menu is purged **DS Error Table**

mac+error+85 ( dsMBarNFnd ) SysErr -- cannot find MBDF **DS Error Table**

mac+error+86 ( dsHMenuFindErr ) SysErr -- recursively defined HMenus **DS Error Table**

mac+error+87 ( dsWDEFnFnd ) Could not load WDEF **DS Error Table**

mac+error+88 ( dsCDEFnFnd ) Could not load CDEF **DS Error Table**

mac+error+89 ( dsMDEFnFnd ) Could not load MDEF **DS Error Table**

mac+error+9 ( dsLineAErr ) line 1010 trap error **DS Error Table**

mac+error+98 ( dsNoPatch ) Can't patch for particular Model Mac **DS Error Table**

mac+error+99 ( dsBadPatch ) Can't load patch resource **DS Error Table**

mac06 Mac06 can be found at

mac`n`cough See also Macintosh

macau macau is .MO

macbs Multi-Access Cable Billing System


macedonia macedonia is .MK

macintosh <hic> whatever N~

macr Ticker Symbol: Macromedia

macs+suck* yes, they sure do!

macsyma project MAC's SYmbolic MAnipulation System

madagascar madagascar is .MG

madd Mothers Against Drunk Driving

madn Multiple Access Directory Numbers

madsheep MaDSheeP is a rare trained attack sheep not found in New Zealand, can be contacted @ MaDSheeP@SuperChat.Org

madtoast N~!! Phear my crumbs!!

mafs Module to Access the Filing System [RAL GEC]

mag Magazine

magic :magic: adj. 1. As yet unexplained, or too complicated to explain; compare {automagically} and (Arthur C.) Clarke's Third Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." 2. Characteristic of something that works although no one really understands why (this is especially called {black magic}).  3. [Stanford] A feature not generally publicized that allows something other

maine The Pine Tree State, capital: Augusta

majordomo Majordomo is a program which automates the management of Internet mailing lists. Commands are sent to Majordomo via electronic mail to handle all aspects of list maintainance.

make what did you want me to make?  *grumble, better be a big tipper*

malawi malawi is .MW

malaysia malaysia is .MY (Well known for its entire userbase running floodbots @ night)

maldives maldives is .MV

mali mali is .ML

malta malta is .MT

man_of_nicks Solivagus

map Maintenance Analysis Procedures

map/top Manufacturing Automation Protocol/Technical Office Protocol

mape Microcomputers & Primary Education

mapi Mail/Messaging Applications Programming + Interface [Microsoft]

mapics Manufacturing, Accounting and Production + Information Control System [IBM]

maple According to Snooker, "Maple" and "Mathematica" are two very popular mathematics programs.  They're essentially specialized mathematical "packages", though some might consider them basic "compilers". ..I've used primarily "Maple" in my differential equations and linear algebra classes, but both are available on Windows 95/NT platforms. :)

mapss Maintenance & Analysis Plan for Special Services

mar Microprogram Address Register

marbi MAchine Readable form of Bibliographic Information

marbles pearls (Art, 176)

marc MAchine Readable card Catalog

mari Microelectronics Applications Research Institute

mariana northern mariana islands is .MP

markiv Mark IV, a medium response enquiry processing program

mars Multiuser Archival and Retrieval System

marshall marshall islands is .MH

martinique martinique is .MQ

maryland The Old Line State, capital: Annapolis

mas MAin Store

masb MAS Bus

masc MAS Controller

maser Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

mash Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

masm MAS Memory

mass Maximum Availability and Support + Subsystem [Parallan]

massachusetts The Bay State, capital: Boston

massbus equipment interface bus used on some DEC VAX computers

massmsg Mass Messaging is not allowed on any network, nor is it welcomed by any IRC user. Mass msging is when a user does a /who to get a list of nicks online, and starts to msg them some form of advertisment, usually for stuff like porn web sites.  Set yourself +i mode so the mass msgers can't find you!

mast MessAge Switching system for Terminal communication

master +nods, I am your master, N~.

masticate no thanks, I don't do that kinda stuff!!!!! (i am a bot, you know)

mat-cals - Marine Air Traffic-Control And Landing System

matfap Metropolitan Area Transmission Facility Analysys Program

math N~ : 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

mau Math Acceleration Unit

mauritania mauritania is .MR

mauritius mauritius is .MU

mavdm Multiple Application VDM

max Maximum

maximop multi-access system under GEORGE 2 [QMCCC/ICL]

mazuma money (Art, 206)

mb Mega Bytes (or Bits), 1024 x 1024

mba Master Business Administration

mbasic Microsoft BASIC [Microsoft]

mbii My Butt Is Itchy

mbo Management By Objectives

mbps MegaBits Per Second

mbslp My Butt Smells Like Poprocks

mbx Mailbox

mc Master of Ceremonies

mca Micro Channel Architecture

mcae Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering

mcb Memory Control Block

mcc Master Control Center

mccs Mechanized Calling Card Service

mccu Multichannel Communication Control Unit [GEC]

mcdonald heard and mc donald islands .HM

mcdonalds Have you killed your Kosh today?

mcga Multicolor Graphics Array

mch Maintenance CHannel

mchb Maintenance CHannel Buffer

mci Malicious Call Identification (I.251 G)

mcias Multi-Channel Intelligent Announcement System

mcl Microsoft Compatibility Labs [Microsoft]

mcn Metropolitan Campus Network

mcp Master Control Program

mcp/as Master Control Program/Advanced System

mcpo Master Chief Petty Officer

mcq Multiple Choice Questions

mcr Monitor Console Routine [DEC RSX11]

mcs Meeting Communications Service

mcsv Mars Crew Sortie Vehicle [NASA OEXP]

mctrap Mechanized Customer Trouble Report Analysis Plan

mcu Master Control Unit [ICL]

md Doctor of Medicine

mda Monochrome Display Adapter

mdacs Modular Digital Access Control System

mdas Magnetic Drum Auxiliary Sender

mdc Marker Distributor Control

mde Modular Design Environment

mdf Main Distribution Frame [telephony]

mdi Multiple Document Interface

mdic Manchester Decoder and Interface Chip [AT&T]

mdk Multimedia Developers Kit [Microsoft]

mdr Minimum Design Requirement

mdre Mass Driver Reaction Engine [Space]

mds Main Device Scheduler

mdt Mean Down Time

mdu Marker Decoder Unit

mdx Modular Digital eXchange

mdy Month Day Year

mean see also R~

meat as in "He's your meat" - there's your man, in this case, where's the guy you'll follow (Knockover, 368)

meat_wagon ambulance (Lake, 94)

meatpie -PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION meat pies N~ | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION [}N~ :)  | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION [}N~ :O  | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION [}N~ :(  | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION *SPLAT*  

meb Memory Expansion Board

mec Mobile Equipment Console

med Master of EDucation

meet+joe+black This two tape 3 hour movie was hardly worth the time, unless you are a die-hard fan of Brad Pitt. The ending had a nice twist, but technical things from a by-stander's perspective don't fit, such as "doesn't it look like the guy killed her dad?" and "gee, what a happy ending, shes in love with a multi-personality freak" come to mind. 1/5 stars.

meg Megabyte

megaflop - Million FLoating point OPerations per sec [machine performance]

meld Mechanized Engineering and Layout for Distributing frames

melissa+virus+creator+nabbed check it out at

memoserv Superchat Memoservices requires you to sign up for a USERID before you can use it. Go to to register your userid.

mental that thing that for most people in between your ears, but, you are special

mental+dorf Dan Quayle

mep Microelectronics in Education Programme

merp Middle-Earth Role Playing

mers Most Economic Route Selection

mert interprocess MEssage sending & Real Time version of Unix

mesca marijuana (Playback, 126)

mesi Modified Exclusive Shared and Invalid (protocol)

met Multibutton Electronic Telephone

metronet - University of London computer network

mev Million Electron Volts

mexican Yo quiero Taco Bell people.

mexico mexico is .MX

mf Mainboard Firmware (IOS)

mfa Master Fine Arts

mfc Multiple Frame operation Control (IOS)

mfd Master File Directory [Pr1me]

mfenet Magnetic Fusion Energy NETwork

mffs Microsoft Flash File System [Microsoft]

mfj Modification of Final Judgement

mflops Million FLoating-point OPerations per Second (see also FLOPS)

mfm Modified Frequency Modulation

mfp Multifunction Peripheral

mfr Multi-Frequency Receivers

mfs Macintosh File System

mft Metallic Facility Terminal

mg Machine Gun

mga Monochrome Graphics Adapter

mgh Massachusetts General Hospital

mghosmf My God He's One Stupid Mother-F**ker

mgm Metro-Goldwyn Mayer [Corporate name]

mgr Manager

mgt MasterGroup Translator

mh Modified Huffman code (FAX)

mhd MagnetoHydroDynamics

mhs Mail Handling System [ISO]

mhz MegaHertZ

mi Michigan

mia Missing In Action

mib Management Information Base

mice Modular Integrated Communications Environment

michigan The Wolverine State, capital: Lansing

micronesia micronesia is .FM

microsim - MICROprocessor SIMulator [INTEL 8080/8085, Z80, M6800 etc]

microsmurf see Satan

microsoft -privmsg C~ :Is it just me, or has Microsoft Inc. resorted to a form of phishing that the common AOL lamer does ? | privmsg C~ :Thanks for your interest in | privmsg C~ : We'd like to keep you informed, but we need your help...actually, your zip code!  We're updating our customer database...

microsoft+conducts+nuclear+tests hey N~, I recommend you go look at

microsoft+defeat In a court ruling a judge gave Microsoft 90 days to modify Windows 98 or to pull it out of the market:





mics Macro Interpretive Commands

midi Musical Instrument Digital Interface

mifass Marine Integrated Fire And Support System

mighty+joe+young This show was pretty boring, didn't include anything never done before, and since it's disney, had zero sexual tones. Rent it only if you have a 5y.o in the house that wants to view it..

mii Microsoft/IBM/Intel

mil Machine Interface Layer [Go Corporation]

military military (us) is .MIL

milk Got milk?!

mill typewriter (Vengeance, 81)

millenium A kick butt show

milnet MILitary NETwork

mim Metal-Insulator-Metal (screen)

mimd Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream (processor)

mime Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension [Internet]

min Minimum

mince MINCE Is Not Complete Emacs

minidisc - A small magneto-optical disk produced by Sony which can record and play music for up to 74 minutes

minimop multi-access operating system for ICL 1900 range

minitab general-purpose statistical system

minnesota The North Star State, capital: St. Paul

minx Multimedia Information Network eXchange

mip Microprocessor Interface Port

mips Depends who you ask. Million Instructions Per Second, or Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed

mir Micro-Instruction Register

mirc best windows IRC program available, and at mIRC help, /join #mirc

mircaddon mIRC addon's can be found @

mircnewbie Newbie mIRC users can find newbie-specific info on IRC and mIRC @

mirv Multiple Independently-Targetable Reentry Vehicle

mis Management Information System

misc Miscellaneous

miscf MISCellaneous Frame

misp Microelectronics Industry Support Programme [DoI]

missent+messages each user gets a numeric. when another user signs on, a numeric may be recycled. The closer a server gets to 4k users, the more likely to pick up a numeric that another user had just recently. When theres lag, userA may message userB.. it's translated into numerics on the server level, when it reaches the other server, if there is lag, it'll still hit the correct user numeric, but a new person may

mississippi The Magnolia State, capital: Jackson

missouri The Show Me State, capital: Jefferson City

mister "Mr Warren"

mit Machine Interface Terminal

miti Ministry of Trade & Industry [Japan]

mitin well you mentioned it first!

mits Microcomputer Interactive Test System

mitt hand (Art, 182; Farewell, 5)

mix A free X Server for Windows and Macintosh.   (  )  

mjtap Mark- Just Took A Poop

mk Micro-kernal SEE: Mklinux

mkdir Make Directory


ml Machine Language

mla Member of Legislative Assembly (see MPP)

mlc MiniLine Card

mlcd Multi-Line Call Detail

mld Minimum Lethal Dose

mll Mars Logistics Lander [NASA OEXP]

mlpa Modified Link Pack Area[MVS]

mls Microwave Landing System

mlt Mechanized Loop Testing

mlv Medium Lift Vehicle [NASA OEXP]

mma Microcomputer Managers Association

mmc Matched Memory Cycle + Microcomputer Marketing Council

mmes Martin Marietta Energy Systems

mmfs Manufacturing Message Format Standard

mmgt MultiMasterGroup Translator

mmi Man-Machine Interface

mmis Materials Manager Information System

mml Man Machine Language

mmoc Minicomputer Maintenance Operations Center

mms Main Memory Status

mms43 Modified Monitoring State 43 Code (4B3T)

mmsg Mass message, will result in a G-Line

mmu Manned Maneuvering Unit [Space]

mmw Multi-Mega Watt [Space]

mmx Mastergroup MultipleX

mn Minnesota

mna Member of National Assembly (Quebec)

mnos Metal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor

mnp Microcom Networking Protocol

mo Magneto-Optical (disk drive)

mob gang (not Mafia) (Op, 118)

moc Ministery of Communication

mod Ministery of Defense

mode This command is used to change a channel's mode.  You need to be an op to do this command.  See: chanmodes chanmodes2

modem MOdulator-DEModulator

modem+doubler To use more than one modem to connect to one (or two) diffrent isps), which speeds up downloads online, go to  --- review of their totally software (and free [fully working] trial demo version)

modem+teaming To use more than one modem to connect to one (or two) diffrent isps), which speeds up downloads online, go to  --- review of their totally software (and free [fully working] trial demo version)

mofo A_ID_A

mog Minicomputer Operations Group

mohll Machine Oriented High Level Language

moldova moldova is .MD

moll girlfriend (Knockover, 382; Playback, 55)

momv Manned Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle [Space]

mon Monitor Channel (IOM2)

monaco monaco is .MC

monday the worst day of the week...having to work with hangover, start of 5 days of strain...

money +screams....."SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!"

mongolia mongolia is .MN

monica 'I don't care if you are behind a podium Mr. President, put your pants back on.'

monica+cam For all you people who are still obsessed with Bill's ex-intern, goto

monicker name (Knockover, 356; Vengeance, 75)

montana The Treasure State, capital: Helena

montserrat montserrat is .MS

moo +mooooooooos at N~

mood Multi-Objects Oriented Dungeon

moof Well, N~, do I look like a Apple Printing Symbol to you?

mooltipass Leeloo dallas mooltipass!

moon +pulls down his pants and shows everyone his titanium butt (_I_)

moooof SEE: Moof

mop Multiple Online Programming [ICL]

mor Middle-Of-the-Road

more+than+512meg+in+a+pii you can't equip a Pentium II server with more than 512 MB RAM without a horrible performance loss, since its cacheable area is only 512 MB and if you run it with more you got to disable both caches, L1 as well as L2!!!

morocco morocco is .MA

moron "<sexyCHIK> For XXX non-pix check out /server irc.superchat.orgy"

moron+speak d000dZ, this will rox joor azz off!

moron-spelling N~, typically morons will use words and phrases such as "wazzup with dat?" and "quit dissin my homies". They also replace some letters with numbers such as "j00r" (for your) or "gr8te" (for great). Ironically, these same individuals wonder why they continually get turned down for such menial jobs as Burger King and McDonalds.

mos Metal Oxide Semiconductor

mosfet Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

mosher the guy never leaves me alone!!!!

most+usless+document+on+the+web    -- a result of boredom (and ctrl+v getting stuck) -- 2195 pages of the word "eh"


most_glined_users +says "And the award goes to... DMX, QBasic(aka ^Frohike^), VVez, and Cyric!"

motd Message of the Day.  To get a MOTD from another server type: /motd <servername>  To get your current servers MOTD type: /motd

motis Message-Oriented Text Interchange System

mots Member of the Oppisite Sex

motv Manned Orbital Transfer Vehicle [Space]

mou Memorandum Of Understanding

mouse AHH where

mousepad mousepad's job is to op the network irc ops in this channel, and keep non-opers unoped. :)

mouthpiece lawyer (Pick-Up, 183)

mov Metal Oxide Varistor + Move

movs Move String

mozambique mozambique is .MZ

mp Melting Point

mp/m Multi-user CP/M [Digital Research]

mp3 MP3 stands for MPEG 1 layer 3, which is a way to store music files on a computer disk in such a way that the file size is relatively small, but the song sounds near perfect. You can indentify mp3 files because they will end in .mp3..   Try out for info on mp3's. (for more info ask bot about MP34)

mp34 MPEG Layer 3 is a efficient coding technique that produce a great data reduction on audio data.  With a 44100Hz frequency coding, the original sound data from a audio CD is skrink down by a factor 12 without losing sound quality. Factors of 24 and even more still maintain a sound quality that is significantly better than what you get by just reducing the sampling rate and the resolution

mp3man see also  Kosh

mp3s mp3s are warez.. SuperChat does not allow warez.. so, no mp3 channels

mp3url Great mp3 stuff like winamp skins..

mp4 Info available at:,4,31021,00.html

mp5 a better gun

mpc MP Command

mpch Main Parallel CHannel

mpcs Mission Planning and Control Station (Software)

mpdu Message Protocpl Data Units (X.411)

mpe Mission to Planet Earth [Space]

mpeg Moving Picture Experts Group

mpg Miles Per Gallon

mph Mile Per Hour

mpl Multiprogramming Level

mpow Multiple Purpose Operator Workstation

mpp Massively Parallel Processing

mppd Multi-Purpose Peripheral Device

mpr Mars Pressurized Rover [Space]

mpu Micro-Processor Unit

mpv Mars Piloted Vehicle [NASA OEXP]

mpw Macintosh Programmer's Workshop

mr Miniatures Rules

mr+stork Goto:

mr.b in Exide

mrc Medical Research Council

mrca Multi Role Combat Aircraft

mrcf Microsoft Realtime Compression Format

mrci Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface

mregit kicktoy

mrf Maintenance Reset Function

mrhankey Howdi ho, N~! Check out my web page, kids!

mri Magnetic Resonance Imaging

mro Multi-Region Operation

mrp Manufacturing Requirements Planning

mrpl Main Ring Path Length

mrt Mean Repair Time

mrwr Monitor Reader-WRiter [GEC]

ms See: Microsoft


ms-dos MicroSoft DOS

msav Microsoft Anti Virus

msb Most Signficant Bit; Most Significant Byte

msc Manpower Services Commission

mscdex Microsoft CD Extensions [Microsoft]

mscp Mass Storage Control Protocol

msd Management Services Department

msdos /M-S-dos/ [MicroSoft Disk Operating System] n. A clone of CP/M for the 8088 crufted together in 6 weeks by hacker Tim Paterson, who is said to have regretted it ever since.

msdr Multiplexed Streaming Data Request

msds Microsoft Developer Support [Microsoft]

mse Mobile Subscriber Equipment

msg Message

msg+me what for, N~?

msh Marvel Super Heroes

msi Medium Scale Integration

msie fatal exceptions will occur

msl Map Specification Library

msn Multiple Subscriber Number (I.251 B) also, Microsoft's $%#%ty Network:

mspe Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes

msql Mini Structured Query Language

mss Management Support System

mssl Mullard Space Science Lab [UCL]

mst Mountain Standard Time

mst3k Mystery Science Theatre 3000, funny show where one guy and a buncha robots watch cheesy movies...what is our society coming to?!

msu Main Service Unit [ICL]

msw Machine Status Word

mt Magnetic Tape

mta Message Transfer Agent

mtae Message Transfer Agent Entity (X.400)

mtbb Mean Time Between Breakdowns

mtbf Mean Time Before Failure + Mean Time Between Failures

mtbj Mean Time Between Jams

mtf Master Test Frame,

mtp Message Transfer Part (SS7: Q.701-Q.710)

mtr Magnetic Tape Recording

mts Memory Time Swich PEB2040

mtsc MTS CMOS (512 incoming channels) PEB2045

mtsl MTS Large (1024 incoming channels) PEB2047

mtso Mobile Telephone Switching Office [telephony]

mtss MTS Small (256 incoming channels) PEB2046

mttf Mean Time To Failure

mttr Mean Time To Repair

mtu Maintenance Termination Unit

mtv Music TeleVision

mtx Mobile Telephone eXchange

mty Monterrey (mexico)

mu Message Unit

mu5 Manchester University 5 [precursor of the ICL 2900 range]

mud Multi-User Dimension or Multi-User Dungeon

mud-pipe opium pipe (Op, 62)

mudbot To find drow's mudbot, goto

muf Maximum Usable Frequency (max freq during sunspot activity)

muffinkilla kick/kill toy who hangs out in #superchat ;) and should spell her nick mffnkllr ..vowels are evil!

mug face (Op, 98)

mugs guys (esp. dumb) (Knockover, 401; Key, 87; Art, 92)

mul Multiply

muldem MULtiplexer-DEMultiplexer

multi+word+topic* this is a multiword topic

multics MULTiplex(ed) Information (and) Computer Services

mum Multi-User Minicomputer [SERC]

mumps Massachusetts General Hospital Multi-Programming System

mung Mung Until No Good (see the hacker's dictionary)

munich Multichannel (32) Network Interface Controller SAB20320

musac Multipoint Switching and Conferencing Unit PEB2245

muse Micro Users in Secondary Education

music+lyrics fantastick page to find song lyrics and/or into...

mux Multiplexer

mva MegaVolt Ampere

mvdm Multiple Virtual DOS Machines

mvga Monochrome Video Graphics Array

mvp Multiline Variety Package

mvs Multiple Virtual Storage

mvt Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks

mw (Ger) service word

mx Mail Exchanger [Internet]

mxu MultipleXer Unit

myanmar myanmar is .MM

n N is one of superchat's services bots. This one is the userid registration service, it allows you to send memos to your friends. In the future, N will allow you to have hostmask hiding, get real email, among other things.

n!u@h  n ick  bang   u ser  at   h ost, nick!user@host

n(r) (NR) Receive Sequence Number

n(s) (NS) Transmit Sequence Number

n-amps Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone system

n/m never mind

na Narcotics Anonymous

naacp Natioanl Association for the Advancement of Colored People

naas North American Automated Systems co.

nab Natioanal Association of Broadcasters

nabisco NAtional BIScuit COmpany [Corporate name]

nac Network Administration Center

naccirn North American Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking (see also CCIRN)

nacd National Association of Computer Dealers

nacs National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors

nad Network Access Device

nadge NATO Air Defense Ground Environment

nae Not Above or Equal

nag Network Architecture Group...and a wife

nage National Association of Government Employees

nail +pulls out a hammer and a nail, and looks for a prime spot on N~'s head...

nailed caught by the police (Thin, 109)

nak Negative Acknowledge

nam Name and Address Module [telephony, cellular phone changeable ROM]

namibia namibia is .NA

nance an effeminate man (Pick-Up, 188)

nand Not AND (Boolean logic)

nanofortnight :nanofortnight: n. 1 fortnight * 10^-9, or about 1.2 msec.  This unit was used largely by students doing undergraduate practicals.

nanp North American Numbering Plan

napap National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program

naplps North American Presentation Level Protocol + Syntax (graphics)

nar Nuclear Acoustic Resonance

nardac NAvy Regional Data Automation Center

narlraptor your guess is as good as mine

naru the world's least populated country. They have 10,000 people. You can bet their country is boring as crap

nas National Academy of Sciences

nasa National Aeronautics & Space Administration

nasa/gsfc - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

nasda National Space Development Agency [Japan]

nasi NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface [Novell]

nasp National AeroSpace Plane

nato North Atlantic Treaty Organization

nature +has to take a restroom break...brb!

nau Network Addressable Unit

naught see: 0

nauru nauru is .NR

navdac NAVal Data Automation Command

navswc NAV Surface Weapons Center

nb Narrow Band

nba National Basketball Association

nbc National Broadcasting Company

nbe Not Below or Equal

nbfm NarrowBand Frequency Modulation

nbi Nothing But Initials

nbo Network Build Out

nbs National Bureau of Standards

nbvm Narrow Band Voice Modulation

nc No Carry + Numerical Control

nca Network Communications Adapter

ncc National Computer Conference

nccf Network Communications Control Facility

nccl National Council for Civil Liberties

ncdc National Climatic Data Center

nce New Catholic Edition

ncga National Computer Graphics Association

ncic National Cartographic Information Center

ncmt Numerical Control for Machine Tools

nco Non-Commissioned Officer

ncp National Car Parks [the Company]

ncr National Cash Register (Company)

ncs National Communications System

ncsa National Center for Supercomputing Applications

ncsc National Computer Security Center [NSA]

ncsi Network Communications Services Interface [Novell]

ncte Network Channel Terminating Equipment (FCC: NT1)

nctl National Computer and Telecommunications Laboratory

ncu Network Control Unit

ncv No Commercial Value

nd No Date

nda Non-Disclosure Agreement

ndc National Destination Code (area code)

ndcc Network Data Collection Center

nddl Neutral Data Definition Language

nde News Development Environment

ndea National Defense Education Act

ndef Not to be Defined

ndis Network Driver Interface Specification

ndl Network Database Language

ndp New Democratic Party (Canada)

ndpcal National Development Program in CAL [UK]

ndro Non-Destructive Read Out

ndsl National Defense Student Loan

ndt Newfoundland Daylight Time

ndu Network Data Unit

ndv NASP Derived Vehicle

ne New England

near National Electronic Accounting and Reporting system

nearnet New England Academic and Research Network

neb National Enterprise Board

nebe Near End Block Error (IOM2 Monitor Message)

nebraska The Cornhusker State, capital: Lincoln

nebs New Equipment-Building System

nec National Executive Council

nedc National Economic Development Council [UK: 'Neddy']

nedo National Economic Development Office

nedyar_sniw Rayden Wins Backwards.

need then ask

needs ya whatever

needs* oh really?

neg Negative + Negate

nei Not Elsewhere Included

nel National Engineering Laboratory

neon Neon (Neon-espigotius) N.  The car claret plans on having a turbo engine installed into.

neoragex NeoRageX is the perfect Neo*Geo emulator. Very nice front end, with screenshots of each game before you even load them, as well as perfect sound and speed when playing the neo geo games. Runs from the smallest to the largest roms. I've never seen an emulator this perfect...

nepal nepal is .NP

nerc Natural Environment Research Council

nes National Energy Strategy / Nintendo Entertainment System

nesac National Electronic Switching Assistance Center

nesc National Energy Software Center

net (EC) European standards of telecommunication

net.burst Net.Burst is when a server links to the network, and all the servers have to sync up, so all the channels, all the users, all the user modes, bans etc, have to be sent to the new server so they are all in sync. This typically takes no more than 5 mins (the initial lag when a server reconnects to the network)

net/free/open/bsd[i] OpenBSD is secure, NetBSD is portable, and FreeBSD is fast. I'm not sure where exactly BSDI fits in; probably more fast and secure than portable. (OpenBSD is actually fairly comparable to NetBSD in portability, and of the four systems, they're probably the closest, having split least recently.)

netbeui NetBIOS Extended User Interface [IBM]

netbios Network Basic Input/Output System [IBM]

netbreak A net.break is just a way for that servers communicate with each other.  It tells them that the server has broken from the others

netbsd NetBSD is a UN*X like OS, which operates on the following platforms: DEC Alpha, Commodore Amiga, Atari, HP 300, Intel x86, Apple Macintosh(68k), Motorola MVME68k, PC532, PMAX, PowerPC, Sun SPARC, Sun 3/3X, DEC VAX, X68k, and more!!!! See for more information

netbus get cleaned at:

netherlands netherlands antilles is .AN

netlab  finger/whois/trace route/time set/ping/quote/dns/port scan for windows..freeware..get it today at

netmedic is a new diagnostics program for windows 95 which diagnoses problems with you modem, ISP or Intranet.  You can download it at

netscape Netscape can be found @ or at or or or file://

netsplit  A netsplit is when the network splits into two networks when a server link is closed. This can happen because of bad routing or server popularity. (B15)

netsplits A netsplit is when the network splits into two networks when a server link is closed. This can happen because of bad routing or server popularity. (B15)

netstat Internet Traffic Report here:

network A good site:

netzero* N~,

nevada The Sagebrush State, capital: Carson City

nevada_gas cyanide (Pick-Up, 172)


new_hampshire The Granite State, capital: Concord

new_jersey The Garden State, capital: Trenton

new_linux_apps new stuff for Linux @

new_mexico The Land of Enchantment, capital: Santa Fe

news NetWare Early Warning System [Frye Computer]

news_for_nerds lots of neat articles about Linux and other things can be found @

newshawk reporter (Pick-Up, 17)

newsie newspaper vendor (Knockover, 357)

nexrad NEXt generation weather RADar

next Near-End X-Talk

next_oprah "Hutch and play: The kinky circus sex, and the farm animals who watched"

nf (Ger) low frequency

nfc National Football Conference

nff No Fault Found

nffe National Federation of Federal Employees

nfi  N o  F *cking  I dea

nfl National Football League

nfs Network File System

nft Network File Transfer

ng  N ews  G roup

nge Not Greater or Equal

nggt I not gonna go there either N~

nh New Hampshire

nhc National Hurricane Center

nhi National Health Insurance

nhl National Hockey League (the "nation" is Canada, BTW)

nhlbi National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (Bethesda, MD)

nhr Non Hierarchial Routing

nhs National Health Service

ni Network Interface

nibble_one to have a drink (Farewell, 6)

nic Network Information Center ("The NIC" is NIC.DDN.MIL)

nicad Nickel Cadmium

nicaragua nicaragua is .NI

nick Nick is a command used to change your nick.  Syntax: /nick <nick>  (Case sensative)

nick!user@host nick bang user at host

nick+passing ^, the act of passing on nicknames in a channel to a bot outside the channel, this activity refers usually to spam bots who tend to spam users with xxx url's.

nickcollide [NickCollides] - Related to other server desynch abuse, a user (or group of users) match the nicks of your ops and connect to a desynched server that has an earlier timestamp. Upon a netjoin at the end of a split, the earlier timestamped nicks auto /kill the later ones. (A2e)

nicked stole (Knockover, 205)

nickflood To set NickFlood, type: /msg x/w set #channel nickfloodpro number; then type: /msg x/w addchan #channel (this is the maximum number of nick changes that can be done, by a user in the channel, within a 15 second period) Any user exceeding this number will be deopped, if on the user list, & suspended. (requires level 450+)

nickjupe Superchat IRC Op command. /msg g nickjupe <nick>  

nickserv There is no "nickserv" on superchat, however, there is N. N is one of superchat's services bots. This one is the userid registration service, it allows you to send memos to your friends. In the future, N will allow you to have hostmask hiding, get real email, among other things.

nid New Interactive Display [NEC] + Next ID

niftp (a file transfer network in the UK)

nifty Nifty is a type of peanut butter.

niger niger is .NE

nigeria nigeria is .NG

night Good night to you too.

nih National Institute of Health

nijtmp Network Independent Job Transfer & Manipulation Protocol

nim Nuclear Instrumentation Module (an electronic instrumentation standard)

nimh National Institute of Mental Health

nip Nucleus Initialisation Program

nippers handcuffs (Pick-Up, 18)

nips Network I/Os Per Second

nis Network Information System (formerly yp)

niso National Information Standards Organization

nissan dogs like trucks

nist National Institute for Standards and Technology

nits Network Independent Transport Service

niue niue is .NU - Niue is an island dependency of New Zealand in the south-central  Pacific Ocean east of Tonga.

nix_on (something) - no to (something) (Pick-Up, 30)

nj NJ info @

njb New Jersey Bell [Telephony]

nje Network Job Entry (protocol) [IBM]

nji Network Job Interface

njp Network Job Processing

nky Nice Knowing You

nl National League (baseball)

nle Not Less or Equal

nline N:Lines define what server can connect to the local server.  N and C lines are usually grouped together

nlm National Library of Medicine

nlp Natural Language Processing

nlq Near Letter Quality

nlrb National Labor Relations Board

nls National Language Support [OS/2]

nmc Network Management Center

nmi Non-Maskable Interrupt

nmos N channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (N-MOS) (see MOS)

nmr Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

nms Network Management System [Novell]

nne North North East

nntp Net News Transfer Protocol

nnw North North West

nnx Network Numbering eXchange

no+you+don't N~, yes you do.

noa NSWC Office Automation

noaa National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [US Government]

noao National Optical Astronomy Observatories (Tucson, Arizona)

noc Network Operations Center

nocs Network Operations Center System


noodle head (Op, 23; Playback, 14)

nor Not Or

norad NORth American Defense Command

norfolk norfolk island is .NF

norgen Network Operations Report GENerator

norm return to Normal (IOM2 Monitor Command/Message)

norml National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

norway norway is .NO

nos Network Operating System

nosc Naval Ocean Systems Center

nose-candy heroin in some cases (Knockover, 199)

not+bad* :)

not+talking+to+*u*+bot* +doesnt care ;p

not+you* N~, then why don't you stfu

not-root root

not_god not_god is not_cool and don't have access

nothing heh N~. too bad

notice -NOTICE   :Notice is just another way to message someone except it won't query a specific window for it.  Syntax: /notice <nick> <message>  (btw, this data was sent to you via notice)

notice+me -NOTICE C~ :N~ is a dorf

notify Notify is a client-side command that allows you to keep and eye on when your friends are online. The syntax to add (usually) a nick to your client's notify is: /notify <nickname>  The client will send ISON commands for the nicks in notify to see when a user gets online.

notis Network Operator Trouble Information System

nowp Network Operations Working Party

nox Nitrogen Oxides

npa Network Printer Alliance

npb Nuclear Physics Board

npc Non-Player Character (see PC) [Role-playing games]

npi Network Printer Interface

npl National Physical Laboratory (UK)

npn Negative-Positive-Negative (transistor)

npr National Public Radio

npu Natural Processing Unit

npv Net Present Value

npx Numeric Processor Extension

nqs Network Queuing System

nra National Reconstruction Act [FDR era US]

nrc National Research Council

nrdc National Research Development Corporation

nre Non-Recurring Engineering (as in NRE costs)

nren National Research and Education Network

nrfb Never Removed From Box

nrl Naval Research Labs

nrm Normal Response Mode (HSCX)

nro National Reconnaissance Office

nrp Net Requirements Planning

nrpb National Radiological Protection Board

nrs Name Registration Scheme

nrz Non Return to Zero

nrzc NRZ Change

nrzi NRZ Inverted

nrzm NRZ Mark

ns Nanosecond + Network Supervisor + Non Stop...also Nova Scotia

nsa National Security Agency [US Government]

nsc National Security Council [US Government]

nscs Network Service Center System

nse Network Software Environment

nsec Network Switching Engineering Center

nsf National Science Foundation

nsfnet National Science Foundation NETwork

nsp Network Service Part (SS7: SCCP+MTP)

nspmp Network Switching Performance Measurement Plan

nst Newfoundland Standard Time

nsta (Ger) PBX

nstl National Software Testing Labs

nsts National Space Transportation System [Space]

nsw New South Wales (Australia)

nswc Naval Surface Warfare Center

nt  N ever  T ested (c) MS

nt/s NT Simulator SIPB7020

nt1 NT serving Layer 1 (NCTE, network interface of NT,

nt2 NT serving Layer 1 to 3 (subscriber interface of NT,

ntec Network Technical Equipment Center

nteu National Treasury Employees Union

ntf No Trouble Found

ntfs New Technology File System [Microsoft]

nthotfixes Post SP3 NT4 hotfixes may be found at

ntia National Telecommunications and Information Agency

ntiko not that i know of

ntis National Technical Information Service


ntm NT Test Mode (IOM2 Monitor Message)

ntn Neutralized Twisted Nematic

ntp Network Time Protocol [Internet]

nts Network Technical Support

ntsb National Transportation Safety Board [US Government]

ntsc National Television Standards Committee

ntt Nippon Telegraph & Telephone

ntu Network Termination Unit

nu Name Unknown

nua (international) Network User Address

nuc Nailed-up Connection

nui Network User Identification

nuke you should try: bot, search NUKE

nuke+me +sends out an over-sized ping packet to N~


nukenabber N~ :well, the best windows nuke protection is at install the patches and updates and run nukenabber anytime you are on irc

nukepatches has a TON of windows nuke patches

nukes N~, Go to for info and a program to log attacks, then mail the logs to the person's internet service provider. To prevent being nuked, reconnect to your isp, change nickname before you logon and type /mode <nick> +i.

nuking+is+lame yes it is, N~!

nul Dummy Device

null see: 0

null+modem a device that acts like a modem, but is a direct computer to computer connection.

numac Northern Universities Multiple-Access Computer

nurbs NonUniform Rational B-Spline

nusc Naval Underwater Systems COmmand

nut National Union of Teachers

nv Nevada

nvm Non Volatile Memory (EEPROM)

nvram Non-Volatile Random Access Memory

nw North West

nwi Network Interface

nwnet NorthWestNet

nws National Weather Service

nwt North West Territories (Australia)

nxx NANP syntax for a three-digit string, {[2-9],[0-9],[0-9]} [Telephony]

ny New York

nyb  n one of  y our  b uisness

nyc New York City

nynex New York and New England (Telephone)

nyse New York Stock Exchange

nysernet - New York State Educational and Research Network

nz New Zealand

nzst New Zealand Standard Time (+12GMT)

nzt New Zealand Time (+12 GMT)

nzusugi New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc.

n~ N~ = $nick

n~, actually, you're the only one in here who sucks.

o-ltm Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer

o:line o:line and O:line's are Irc Operator lines.  An o:line is a local Irc Operator.  This person can only do stuff effecting his server.  Example: /kills are only allowed on users for his server.  O:lines are global Irc Operators.  They can do stuff that effects *all* servers

oa Office Automation

oa&m Operations, Administration & Maintenance (SS7: Q.79X)

oag Official Airline Guide + Online Air Guide

oai Open Applications Interface

oas Office Automation System

oasys Office Automation SYStem

oats Office Automation Technology and Services

obe Order of the British Empire

obj Object

obs Omni Bearing Selector

obsidian is igneous rock..don't take it for granite.

oc Office Communication

oc-12 622Mbps

oc-3 155Mbps

oc-48 2490Mbps

occ Other Common Carrier

ocdm Office of Civil Defense and Mobilization

oce Open Collaborative Environment [Apple]

ocf Oxford Concordance Program

oci Out of City Indicator

ocl Operation Control Language + Operator Control Language

oclc Online Computer Library Center (Ohio College Library Catalog)

oco Object Code Only

ocp Order Code Processor [ICL]

ocr Optical Character Recognition

ocs Officer Candidate School

ocu Office Channel Unit

od Doctor of Optometry

oda Office Document Architecture

odac Operations Distribution Administration Center

odapi Open Database Application Programming + Interface [Borlund]

odbc Open Database Connectivity (driver) [Microsoft]

odbms Object-Oriented Database Management System

oddd Operator Direct Distance Dialing

odi Open Datalink Interface [Novell]

odiss Optical Digital Image Storage System

odp Off-Disc Pointer [GEC]

ods Open Data Services [Microsoft]

odt Octal Debugging Tool [DEC]

oe Old English

oecd Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development

oed Oxford English Dictionary

oeic Optoelectronic Integrated Circiut

oem Original Equipment Manufacturer

oeo Office of Economic Opportunity

oes Order of the Eastern Star

oexp Office of Exploration [NASA]

of Old French

off_the_track as in "He was too far off the track.  Strictly section eight" - said about a man who becomes insanely violent (Shoot, 117)

office+space Amusing little movie, was worth a few laughs, but wait till it's out on tape, not worth your $5.50 at a theater.

ofm Order of Friars Minor

ofmt Output Format for Numbers

ofna Only F*cking Name Avaliable.

ofnps Outstate Facility Network Planning System

ofs Order of Free State

oft Optical Fiber Tube

og Original Gum

ogt OutGoing Trunk

ohnosecound The split secound of time taken to realise you just typed 'rm -fR *' in the wrong directory.

oira Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

ois Office Information Systems

oiu Office Interface Unit

ojt On the Job Training

ok+than* no prob N~!

ole Object Linking and Embedding [Microsoft]

oli Optical Phone Line Interface [AT&T]

oline o:line and O:line's are Irc Operator lines.  An o:line is a local Irc Operator.  This person can only do stuff effecting his server.  Example: /kills are only allowed on users for his server.  O:lines are global Irc Operators.  They can do stuff that effects *all* servers

olinitis In this common state, a person suffers from a lack of an O:line

olmc Output Logic Macrocell

oltp On-Line Transaction Processing

om Output MUX

oman oman is .OM

omap Operations and Maintanance Application Part

omb Office of Management and Budget

omc Operating and Maintainance center

omd Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark

omega Omega is

omf Object Module Format [ICL]

omi Open Messaging Interface [Lotus]

omm Output Message Manual

omns Open Network Management System

ompf Operation and Maintenance Processor Frame

omr Optical Mark Recognition

oms Orbital Maneuvering System

omv Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle [Space]

ona Open Network Architecture (FCC: Computer Inquiry III)

onac Operations Network Administration Center

onal Off Network Access Line

onc Open Network Computing

oni Office of Naval Intelligence

online+help N~ try /msg h help or


onp Open Network Provision

onr Office of Naval Research

oob Out Of Band

oodb Object-Oriented Database

ool Object-Oriented Language

oop Object Oriented Programming

oopart Out Of Place ARTifact

oopl Object-Oriented Programming Language

oos Object-Oriented Systems + Off-line Operating Simulator

opac Online Public Access Catlog [Internet]

opc Optical Photoconductor

opcl disc file OPen and CLose [GEC]

opd Operand

opdu Operations Protocol Data Unit (X.411: P3)

opec Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

openbsd OpenBSD is a freely available, multi-platform UN*X like operating system. For more information see

opeos Outside Plant planning, Engineering & construction Operations Sys

oper Oper is a command used by Irc Operators only and can only be used correctly if your host is listed in the /stats o.  This command will let the user become an Irc Operator.  Syntax: /oper <user> <password>

opera Opera web browser is a VERY SMALL very fast Web browser that handles many web pages at the same time. Intresting concept away from the 'leading' browsers that take up your screen space with a single web page.  Download it today!

opers opers IRC Operators can be found by typing  /who 0 o  or  /msg h opers

opi Open Prepress Interface

opm Office of Personnel Management

opsm Outside Plant Subscriber Module

opt Open Protocol Technology

optaker  [IMPOSTERS] - A user may give someone else ops by accident. Usually by mistaking their identity do to a familiar nick or userid@host. At other times by poor security in a bot or AutoOp script. This is *not* considered an abuse of resources and therefore not a takeover. (A2c)

opus Octal Program Updating System

oracle On-Line Inquiry and Report Generator (UNIX DB program)

orasquid Sorry to say, ^, orasquid is an aol user... ewww :P

orb Office Repeater Bay

org Overlay oRGaniser [GEC]

orm Optical Remote Module

ornl Oak Ridge National Laboratory

orom Optical Read Only Memorey

orphan_paper bad cheques (Dain, 109)

ors Output Record Separator

os Operating System

os/2 Operating System Two [IBM]

os/e Operating System/Environment

os4000 GEC process based operating system

osa Open System Architecture

osac Operator Services Assistance Center

osb Order of St. Benedict

osc OSCillator

oscar OS Command AnalyseR [GEC]

oscrl Operating System Command Response Language

osd Office of the Secretary of Defense

osdit Office of Software Development and Information Technology

osds Operating System for Distributed Switching

osf Open Software Foundation

osha Occupational Safety and Health Administration [US Government]

osi Open Systems Interconnection

osi/rm Open Systems Interconnection/Reference Model

osless+laptops check out

osm Off-Screen Model

osme Open Systems Message Exchange

oso Originating Signaling Office

osp Optical Storage Processor

ospf Open Shortest Path First

osps Operator Service Position System

osql Object Structured Query Language

osr2 satans second attempt at win95 worse than the first one

oss Open Source Software

ostp (White House) Office of Science and Technology Policy [US Government]

ot Object Technology

ot&lf Open Taxi & Limousine Foundation

ota Office of Technical Assistance

otaku Japanese for pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit

otb Off-Track Betting

otc Over The Counter (stocks)

otf Open Token Foundation

oth-b Over The Horizon - Backscatter (as in radar)

otl Office Technology Limited [the Company]

otoh on the other hand

otool otool :  Melbourne Server Administrator  Email-

otr On The Rag

ots Officers' Training School

otv Orbital Transfer Vehicle [Space]

ou Open University

out_on_the_roof to be - to drink a lot (Lake, 30)

outoutout -kick C~ N~ :blah

outs Output String

outwats OUTward Wide Area Telecommunications Service

ov Orbiter Vehicle [Space]

ovst (Ger) local exchange

owg Optical Wave Guide

owl Object Windows Library + Open Windows Library [Borland]

owtte Or words to that effect

oyster_fruit pearls (Art, 180)

ozzy one of the "funnier" cohorts of Magus

p-sram Pseudo-Static Random Access Memory

p/ar Peak-to-Average Ratio

p/f Poll/Final Bit

p/os 'Professional' Operating System [DEC]

p/t Part Time

p0rk see also  pork

pa Pennsylvania

pabx Private Automatic Branch Exchange

pace Program for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment

pack to carry, esp. a gun (Knockover, 60; Op, 228)

pact Prefix Access Code Translator

pacx Private Automatic Computer eXchange [Gandalf]

pad Packet Assembler & Disassembler

pads Pen Application Development System [Slate Corporation]

pafec Program for Finite Element Calculations

pah Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

pain the sensation you feel at 2am when you goto the bathroom and clip your little toe on the skating board.

pakistan pakistan is .PK

pal Paradox Applications Language [Borlund]

palau palau is .PW

palc Plasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal (display)

palm-pilot-downloadable-programs Download TONS of palm pilot programs @


palmpilot-emulator-win95/nt Co-Pilot is a palm pilot emulator that any windows user can run - and run palmpilot apps without a palm pilot. More info, and downloads @

palmpilot-game FF-type @


palmpilot-java-tryout Java palmpilot to mess around with @

palmpilot-keyboard Palm Pilot Keyboard @

palmpilot-links Links for various palm pilot stuff can be found at


palmpilot-undocumented-features Undocumented features of palm pilot can be located @


palooka guy, probably a little stupid (Knockover, 392)

pals Principles of the Alphabet Literacy System

pam Pass Along Method (SS7: in ISUP)

pan Personal Account Number

panama panama is .PA

pans Pretty Advanced New Stuff

pantheon System Pantheon is an on-line real-time RPG system that layers ontop of IRC. The full source code is avaliable @

pao Program Advisory Office

pap Passwork Authentication Protocol (protocol)

paper+clip  The larval stage of coat hangers.

papua papua new guinea is .PG

par Parallel

para Paragraph

paraguay paraguay is .PY

paralytic If your paralytic, you have no hope of reading this.

parc Palo Alto Research Center [XEROX]

part Part is the opposite of Join.  It will enable you to leave a channel.  Syntax: /part <channel>

party +grabs a party hat and a large beer!

pas Paged Address Space [GEC]

pascal :Pascal: n. An Algol-descended language designed by Niklaus Wirth on the CDC 6600 around 1967--68 as an instructional tool for elementary programming.  This language was designed primarily to keep students from shooting themselves in the foot and thus extremely restrictive from a general-purpose-programming point of view.

pass PASS is used to set a connection password.  The password can and must be set before any attempt to register the connection.  Syntax: PASS <password>

passwd my password file, leave it alone :)

password to change your serv password, login, then  /msg pass #channel newpass , to change your darkbot password,  /msg botnick pass oldpass newpass

past Process Accessible Segment Table [GEC]

paste punch (Knockover, 66, 392)

pat Power Alarm Test

patch+adams "Patch" was an okay show, it didn't raise my spirits, and they tried to pull a "forest" (you'll know what I mean when you watch the show), at any rate, there was nothing noteworthy, nor was it worth my time in watching. The ending was very unlikely -- since when did you insult a board of doctors then they get on your side and let you graduate?

patches get the patches and follow the directions!

patrol Program for Administrative Traffic Reports On Line

pauline please explain

paw hand (Knockover, 246; Op, 82)

pax Private Automatic eXchange

paye Pay As You Earn

paysg Bot gives SpaceGuy money to do his favorite activity, which is also his job.

pbc Peripheral Board Controller PEB2050/51

pbd Pacific Bell Directory

pbe Prompt By Example

pbm Play By Mail game

pbs Public Broadcasting System

pbx Private Branch eXchange [telephony]

pc PC = Politically correct, or Personal computer

pc-dos Personal Computer - Disk Operating System (IBM version of MSDOS)

pc-i/o Program Controlled I/O

pc/at Personal Computer/Advanced Technology

pcb PolyChlorinated Biphenyl

pcc Programmable Communications Controller [GEC]

pcda Program Controlled Data Acquisition

pcdos PC-DOS, Personal computer disc operating system [same as MS-DOS]

pch Parallel CHannel

pci Panel Call Indicator

pcie President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency

pcirc Printed circuit board draughting aid [SERCnet GECs & Pr1mes]

pcl PCM data Clock

pcm Personal Computer Manufacturer + Pulse Code Modulation

pcmcia People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Accronyms.. (also: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)

pcmia PC Memory-Card International Association

pcn Personal Communication Network (UK, mobile comm.)

pcnfs Personal Computer Network File System

pco Peg Count and Overflow

pcoe Port Of Entry

pcon Process CONtrol module [GEC]

pcpc Personal Computers Peripheral Corporation

pcr Preventive Cyclic Retransmission (SS7: in MTP)

pcs      Personal Communication Services

pcs Patchable Control Store

pcsn Public Circuit Switched Network (?)

pct IOS Program Coding Tools (SDL oriented) SIPO6021

pcte Portable Common Tools Environment

pcts Posix Conformance Test Suite

pctv Program Controlled TransVerters

pd Per Diem

pda Personal Digital Assistant

pdad Proposed Draft ADdendum

pdc Primary Digital Carrier

pdcc mIRC's DCC send/gets will greatly improve in speed if you type /pdcc 2147482999 --but make sure you're on a 14.4 or faster connection!

pde Partial Differential Equation

pdes Product Data Exchange Specifications

pdf Power Distribution Frame

pdi Power and Data Interface

pdl Page Description Language

pdm Power Down Mode

pdms Plant Design Management System [Compeda]

pdn Public Data Network

pdp Plasma Display Panel

pdq Pretty Damned Quick

pds Packet Driver Specification + Partitioned Data Set

pdsman Partitioned DataSet MANagementSystem

pdsp Peripheral Data Storage Processor

pdss Post Development and Software Support

pdt Pacific Daylight Time (EST -3)

pdu Protocol Data Unit (X.400)

pe Parity Even + Protect Enable

pea Pocket Ethernet Adapter

peaching informing (Op, 85)

pecc Product Engineering Control Center

peeper detective (Playback, 96; Sleep, 161)

pei Prince Edward Island

pel Picture Element [IBM]

pen jail, penitentiary (Farewell, 29)

pending This is a status of a CService application.  It means your application is still pending review

penguins  Beware The Penguins!


pentium+pro The Pentium Pro is around now for several years and still it never made it to a best seller as its siblings Pentium, Pentium w/MMX and Pentium II. The main reason for that is and was its weakness with 16 bit code, such as Windows 3.x or Windows 95. The Pentium Pro used to be a clear winner under Windows NT though and there are still a few advantages over the Pentium II in a high end environment.

pentiumbug To test if your pentium has the bug, 1048958.75 / 2.9999991 and see if the number ends with a 2 or a 3, if it ends with a 2 (ie; 349632.x) then it has the pentium bug

people+who+don't+read+helpfiles +kicks those people =P

pep Packetized Ensemble Protocol [Telebit]

pepe Pepe Est Presque Emacs

pepsi the drink of the irc gods and those that try to achieve that level

pepsi+one Pepsi ONE tastes like crap. Moreso when you eat/drink something sweet before taking a gulp. It leaves my mouth dry and makes me thirsty. What the hell is this crap anyway???

pepsi-cola without it the world would end

pera Production Engineering Research Association

perl Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister


perot Can I finish? Can I finish? Can I finish? Can I finish? Can I finish? Can I finish?

perq Pascal Executed Really Quickly ?

pert Program Evaluation and Review Technique

peru peru is .PE

pes Positioning Error Signal

pet Print Enhancement Technology [Compaq]

petabyte A petabyte holds enough information to be stored in 20 million 4-drawer filing cabinets

peterman safecracker who uses nitroglycerin (Speaking, 89)

pex Phigs/phigs+ Extension to X

pfk Program Function Key

pfoff Power Feed OFF (C/I channel code)

pfpu Processor Frame Power Unit

pfr Power-Fail Restart

pfs PCM Frame Synchronisation Signal

pga Pin Grid Array + Professional Graphics Adapter [IBM]

pgce Post Graduate Certificate in Education

pgdn Page Down

pgm Program

pgp Pretty Good Privacy:

pgup Page Up

ph Packet Handler

ph- Physical-

pha Pulse Height Analyser (or Analysis)

phigs Programmers Hierarchial Interactive Graphics System

philippines philippines is .PH

phoenix+test -PRIVMSG C~ :this is a test started by N~ | NOTICE C~ :see, isn't this great? | KICK C~ N~ :Q~ is over!

photoshop-actions Photoshop Actions can be found @

phpr PHoenix PRinter, device on CAGA to route to CUDN (viz) printers

phs Public Health Service

phx PHoeniX (the Cambridge IBM Operating System)

physrev Physical Review Journal - Phys Rev

pi 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097566593344612847564823378678316527120190914564856692346034861045432664821339360726024914127372458700660631558817488152092096282925409171536436789259036001133053054882046652138414695194151160

pia Peripheral Interface Adapter

pic PCM Interface Controller PEB2052

pics Plug-in Inventory Control System (PICS/DCPR)

pid Process Identification Number


pif Paid In Full

pigeon stool-pigeon (Pick-Up, 156)

pill 1) bullet (Falcon, 13); 2) cigarette (Knockover, 398; Playback, 38)

pilot Programmed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching

pim Personal Information Manager

pin Packet INterpreter [reverse PAD]

pinch an arrest, capture (Art, 118)

pine  P ine  I s  N ot  E lm - a Program for Internet News and Email

ping well, PING stands for: Packet INternet Groper. Ping is a signal sent out from your computer to another computer to check the transmission time on IRC (lag), to use type /ping nickname - /ctcp NICKNAME ping to check with another person

ping+me Here you go N~, PING!

ping-pong a sport at which Oriental people excel at. Forest Gump was good at it also

pingme -PRIVMSG N~  PING 780000000

pinocchio ^, Pinocchio discovered he was made of wood one day when his hand caught on fire

pio Parallel Input/Output + Processor Input/Output + Programmed Input/Output

piocs Physical I/O System

pip PCM Interface Port

pipe see or notice (Speaking, 87)

pipe_that get that, listen to that (Shoot, 55)

pipes the throat (Thin, 110)

pipo Parallel In, Parallel Out

pirate yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

pirch IRC program that is a rip off of the best windows irc program, mIRC, and full of backdoors.  was given up on.

pirch+sucks* yes, it does! use mirc instead

pit Principal, Interest, and Taxes

pita  P ain  I n  T he  A s*

pitcairn pitcairn is .PN

piu PCM Interface Unit

pixel PIcture ELement

pkt Packet

pl Parity Low bit

pl/1 Programming Language One

pl/m Programming Language for Micros

pl1 PL/1, Programming Language number 1 [IBM]

pla Programmable Logic Array

plane Here ya go N~: `[o]

plant someone on the scene but in hiding (Lake, 183)

plate the thing u stick food on

plato Programmed Learning for Automated Teaching Operations [U. Ill., early '70s]

plc Physical Link Control (IOS)

plcc Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

pld Partial Line Down (Teletex)

pleasantville This movie was not seen as much as I think it should have been. It had a very unique plot and the storyline was well paced, and kept the viewer constantly intrested in what was going on. I'd give it a 8/10.

please N~, no.

plic PCM Line Interface

pll Phase Lock Loop

plm Programming Language for Microcomputers

plo Palestine (sic?) Liberation Organization (?)

plokta :plokta: /plok't*/ [Acronym for `Press Lots Of Keys To Abort']

plop +goes plop plop on N~'s foot....ewwwwwwwww green plop

plots To make a Movie plot, visit

plpa Pagable Link Pack Area [MVS]

plu Partial Line Up (Teletex)

plugs people (Op, 222)

plv Production Level Video

pm PayMaster

pm/x Presentation Manager for X windows

pmac Peripheral Module Access Controller

pmmu Paged Memory Management Unit

pmo Prime Minister's Office

pmos P channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (P-MOS) (see MOS)

pms Just don't say it in front of your girlfriend.

pmt PhotoMultiplier Tube

pmu Precision Measurement Unit

pn Promissory Note

pnac Poptix Needs A Cloo

pnb Pacific Northwest Bell

pnp Positive-Negative-Positive (transistor)

pnpn Positive-Negative-Positive-Negative devices

po Parity Odd

pob Periphal Order Buffer

poc Point Of View

pod Pay On Delivery

poe Port Of Embarkation

poeu Post Office Engineering Union

pof Programmable Operator Facility

pogo Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory

poke +pokes N~

pol Problem Oriented Language

poland poland is .PL

poligon integrated circuit design system [Compeda]

polka-dot-door A really cool show that had polka dots on the door. They were yellow and opened up and stuff, they went inside the dots when they were showing a movie.

polynesia french polynesia is .PF

pom Phase Of Moon

pong A pong is a reply to a ping

pooped killed (Key, 147)

poor+bot N~, I feel more sorry for you, than myself.

pop Point Of Presence [MCI] + Pop from Stack + Post Office Protocol

pop-tarts Pop-Tarts = Fire Hazards

popa Pop All Registers

popf Pop Flags

pops Paperless Order Processing System

popups mIRC popup questions are best answerd in #mIRC

popups2 hold down the alt key and the letter P...this will bring up the popup in the circle marked "channel names list" the large box scroll past the word slap...on the next line type this-> .tickle:/me tickles <$1> with a feather duster> (without the <>) the menu is active button and save

por Price On Request

pork ...the other white meat.

porsche ^:  According to ktk, a slow ugly car ;)

porsche-mountain-bike Shell out $6,000 and go to

port+1 tcpmux - TCP Port Service Multiplexer

port+100 newacct - [unauthorized use]

port+1000 cadlock - cadlock

port+10000 ndmp - Network Data Management Protocol

port+10007 mvs-capacity - MVS Capacity

port+1008 - Possibly used by Sun Solaris

port+10080 amanda - Amanda  

port+101 hostname - NIC Host Name Server

port+1010 surf - surf

port+1011 - Reserved

port+1012 - Reserved

port+1013 - Reserved

port+1014 - Reserved

port+1015 - Reserved

port+1016 - Reserved

port+1017 - Reserved

port+1018 - Reserved

port+1019 - Reserved

port+102 iso-tsap - ISO-TSAP Class 0

port+1020 - Reserved

port+1021 - Reserved

port+1022 - Reserved

port+1023 - Reserved

port+1024 - Reserved            

port+1025 blackjack - network blackjack

port+1027 icq - ICQ

port+10288 blocks - Blocks  

port+1029 icq - ICQ

port+103 gppitnp - Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net

port+1030 iad1 - BBN IAD

port+1031 iad2 - BBN IAD

port+1032 iad3 - BBN IAD

port+104 acr-nema - ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300

port+1047 neod1 - Sun's NEO Object Request Broker

port+1048 neod2 - Sun's NEO Object Request Broker

port+105 csnet-ns - Mailbox Name Nameserver

port+1058 nim - nim

port+1059 nimreg - nimreg

port+106 3com-tsmux - 3COM-TSMUX

port+1067 instl_boots - Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.  

port+1068 instl_bootc - Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.

port+107 rtelnet - Remote Telnet Service

port+108 snagas - SNA Gateway Access Server

port+1080 socks - Socks (or Wingate)

port+1083 ansoft-lm-1 - Anasoft License Manager

port+1084 ansoft-lm-2 - Anasoft License Manager

port+1085 webobjects - Web Objects

port+109 pop2 - Post Office Protocol - Version 2

port+1097 sunclustermgr - Sun Cluster Manager

port+1098 rmiactivation - RMI Activation

port+1099 rmiregistry - RMI Registry

port+11 systat - Active Users

port+110 pop3 - Post Office Protocol - Version 3

port+11000 irisa - IRISA

port+11001 metasys - Metasys

port+111 sunrpc - SUN Remote Procedure Call

port+1110 nfsd-status - Cluster status info

port+1111 lmsocialserver - LM Social Server

port+11111 vce - Viral Computing Environment (VCE)

port+1114 mini-sql - Mini SQL

port+112 mcidas - McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol

port+1123 murray - Murray

port+113 ident - 113/tcp auth - Authentication Service

port+11367 atm-uhas - ATM UHAS

port+114 audionews - Audio News Multicast

port+115 sftp - Simple File Transfer Protocol

port+1155 nfa - Network File Access

port+116 ansanotify - ANSA REX Notify

port+1161 health-polling - Health Polling

port+1162 health-trap - Health Trap

port+117 uucp-path - UUCP Path Service

port+118 sqlserv - SQL Services

port+1180 mc-client - Millicent Client Proxy

port+1188 hp-webadmin - HP Web Admin

port+119 nntp - Network News Transfer Protocol

port+120 cfdptkt - CFDPTKT

port+12000 entextxid - IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange

port+12001 entextnetwk - IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority

port+12002 entexthigh - IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority

port+12003 entextmed - IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority

port+12004 entextlow - IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority

port+1202 caiccipc - caiccipc

port+12076 gjamer - GJamer TROJAN

port+121 erpc - Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call

port+1212 lupa - lupa

port+122 smakynet - SMAKYNET

port+1222 nerv - SNI R&D network  

port+123 ntp - Network Time Protocol

port+1234 search-agent - Infoseek Search Agent

port+12345 netbus - Netbus TROJAN

port+12346 netbus - Netbus TROJAN

port+1239 nmsd - NMSD

port+124 ansatrader - ANSA REX Trader

port+1248 hermes - hermes

port+125 locus-map - Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser

port+126 nxedit - NXEdit (previously assigned to unitary - Unisys Unitary Login)

port+127 locus-con - Locus PC-Interface Conn Server

port+12753 tsaf - tsaf port+

port+128 gss-xlicen - GSS X License Verification

port+129 pwdgen - Password Generator Protocol

port+13 daytime - Daytime (RFC 867)

port+130 cisco-fna - cisco FNATIVE

port+1300 h323hostcallsc - H323 Host Call Secure

port+131 cisco-tna - cisco TNATIVE

port+1310 husky - Husky

port+1311 rxmon - RxMon

port+1312 sti-envision - STI Envision

port+1313 bmc_patroldb - BMC_PATROLDB

port+1314 pdps - Photoscript Distributed Printing System

port+13160 i-zipqd - I-ZIPQD

port+132 cisco-sys - cisco SYSMAINT

port+1321 pip - PIP

port+133 statsrv - Statistics Service

port+1335 digital-notary - Digital Notary Protocol

port+134 ingres-net - INGRES-NET Service

port+1345 vpjp - VPJP

port+1346 alta-ana-lm - Alta Analytics License Manager  

port+1347 bbn-mmc - multi media conferencing

port+1348 bbn-mmx - multi media conferencing

port+1349 sbook - Registration Network Protocol  

port+135 epmap - DCE endpoint resolution

port+1350 editbench - Registration Network Protocol  

port+1351 equationbuilder - Digital Tool Works (MIT)  

port+1352 lotusnote - Lotus Note

port+1353 relief - Relief Consulting

port+1354 rightbrain - RightBrain Software

port+1355 intuitive-edge - Intuitive Edge  

port+1356 cuillamartin - CuillaMartin Company  

port+1357 pegboard - Electronic PegBoard

port+1358 connlcli - CONNLCLI

port+1359 ftsrv - FTSRV

port+136 profile - PROFILE Naming System

port+1360 mimer - MIMER

port+1361 linx - LinX  

port+1362 timeflies - TimeFlies  

port+1363 ndm-requester - Network DataMover Requester

port+1364 ndm-server - Network DataMover Server  

port+1365 adapt-sna - Network Software Associates

port+1366 netware-csp - Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform

port+1367 dcs - DCS

port+1368 screencast - ScreenCast

port+1369 gv-us - GlobalView to Unix Shell

port+137 netbios-ns - NETBIOS Name Service

port+1370 us-gv - Unix Shell to GlobalView

port+1371 fc-cli - Fujitsu Config Protocol

port+1372 fc-ser - Fujitsu Config Protocol

port+13720 bprd - BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)

port+13721 bpbrm - BPBRM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)

port+13722 bpjava-msvc - BP Java MSVC Protocol

port+1373 chromagrafx - Chromagrafx

port+1374 molly - EPI Software Systems

port+1375 bytex - Bytex

port+1376 ibm-pps - IBM Person to Person Software  

port+1377 cichlid - Cichlid License Manager  

port+1378 elan - Elan License Manager  

port+13782 bpcd - VERITAS NetBackup

port+13783 vopied - VOPIED Protocol

port+1379 dbreporter - Integrity Solutions

port+138 netbios-dgm - NETBIOS Datagram Service

port+1380 telesis-licman - Telesis Network License Manager  

port+1381 apple-licman - Apple Network License Manager  

port+13818 dsmcc-config - DSMCC Config

port+13819 dsmcc-session - DSMCC Session Messages

port+1382 udt_os - udt_os

port+13820 dsmcc-passthru - DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages

port+13821 dsmcc-download - DSMCC Download Protocol

port+13822 dsmcc-ccp - DSMCC Channel Change Protocol

port+1383 gwha - GW Hannaway Network License Manager

port+1384 os-licman - Objective Solutions License Manager  

port+1385 atex_elmd - Atex Publishing License Manager

port+1386 checksum - CheckSum License Manager  

port+1387 cadsi-lm - Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM  

port+1388 objective-dbc - Objective Solutions DataBase Cache

port+1389 iclpv-dm - Document Manager

port+139 netbios-ssn - NETBIOS Session Service

port+1390 iclpv-sc - Storage Controller  

port+1391 iclpv-sas - Storage Access Server  

port+1392 iclpv-pm - Print Manager

port+1393 iclpv-nls - Network Log Server  

port+1394 iclpv-nlc - Network Log Client  

port+1395 iclpv-wsm - PC Workstation Manager software  

port+1396 dvl-activemail - DVL Active Mail  

port+1397 audio-activmail - Audio Active Mail

port+1398 video-activmail - Video Active Mail

port+1399 cadkey-licman - Cadkey License Manager  

port+140 emfis-data - EMFIS Data Service

port+1400 cadkey-tablet - Cadkey Tablet Daemon

port+14001 itu-sccp-ss7 - ITU SCCP (SS7)

port+1401 goldleaf-licman - Goldleaf License Manager

port+1402 prm-sm-np - Prospero Resource Manager

port+1403 prm-nm-np - Prospero Resource Manager

port+1404 igi-lm - Infinite Graphics License Manager

port+1405 ibm-res - IBM Remote Execution Starter

port+1406 netlabs-lm - NetLabs License Manager

port+1407 dbsa-lm - DBSA License Manager

port+1408 sophia-lm - Sophia License Manager

port+1409 here-lm - Here License Manager

port+141 emfis-cntl - EMFIS Control Service

port+1410 hiq - HiQ License Manager  

port+1411 af - AudioFile  

port+1412 innosys - InnoSys  

port+1413 innosys-acl - Innosys-ACL

port+1414 ibm-mqseries - IBM MQSeries  

port+1415 dbstar - DBStar

port+1416 novell-lu6.2 - Novell LU6.2  

port+1417 timbuktu-srv1 - Timbuktu Service 1 port+

port+1418 timbuktu-srv2 - Timbuktu Service 2 port+

port+1419 timbuktu-srv3 - Timbuktu Service 3 port+

port+142 bl-idm - Britton-Lee IDM

port+1420 timbuktu-srv4 - Timbuktu Service 4 port+

port+1421 gandalf-lm - Gandalf License Manager

port+1422 autodesk-lm - Autodesk License Manager  

port+1423 essbase - Essbase Arbor Software  

port+1424 hybrid - Hybrid Encryption Protocol

port+1425 zion-lm - Zion Software License Manager  

port+1426 sais - Satellite-data Acquisition System 1

port+1427 mloadd - mloadd monitoring tool  

port+1428 informatik-lm - Informatik License Manager

port+1429 nms - Hypercom NMS

port+143 imap - Internet Message Access Protocol

port+1430 tpdu - Hypercom TPDU  

port+1431 rgtp - Reverse Gossip Transport+

port+1432 blueberry-lm - Blueberry Software License Manager

port+1433 ms-sql-s - Microsoft-SQL-Server  

port+1434 ms-sql-m - Microsoft-SQL-Monitor

port+1435 ibm-cics - IBM CICS

port+1436 saism - Satellite-data Acquisition System 2

port+1437 tabula - Tabula

port+1438 eicon-server - Eicon Security Agent/Server  

port+1439 eicon-x25 - Eicon X25/SNA Gateway  

port+144 uma - Universal Management Architecture

port+1440 eicon-slp - Eicon Service Location Protocol  

port+1441 cadis-1 - Cadis License Management  

port+1442 cadis-2 - Cadis License Management  

port+1443 ies-lm - Integrated Engineering Software  

port+1444 marcam-lm - MarcamLicense Management

port+1445 proxima-lm - Proxima License Manager  

port+1446 ora-lm - Optical Research Associates License Manager

port+1447 apri-lm - Applied Parallel Research LM

port+1448 oc-lm - OpenConnect License Manager

port+1449 peport+- PEport+

port+145 uaac - UAAC Protocol

port+1450 dwf - Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility  

port+1451 infoman - IBM Information Management

port+1452 gtegsc-lm - GTE Government Systems License Man  

port+1453 genie-lm - Genie License Manager

port+1454 interhdl_elmd - interHDL License Manager

port+1455 esl-lm - ESL License Manager

port+1456 dca - DCA

port+1457 valisys-lm - Valisys License Manager

port+1458 nrcabq-lm - Nichols Research Corp.

port+1459 proshare1 - Proshare Notebook Application

port+146 iso-tp0 - ISO-IP0

port+1460 proshare2 - Proshare Notebook Application

port+1461 ibm_wrless_lan - IBM Wireless LAN  

port+1462 world-lm - World License Manager

port+1463 nucleus - Nucleus

port+1464 msl_lmd - MSL License Manager

port+1465 pipes - Pipes Platform  

port+1466 oceansoft-lm - Ocean Software License Manager

port+1467 csdmbase - CSDMBASE

port+1468 csdm - CSDM

port+1469 aal-lm - Active Analysis Limited License Manager

port+147 iso-ip - ISO-IP

port+1470 uaiact - Universal Analytics

port+1471 csdmbase - csdmbase  

port+1472 csdm - csdm  

port+1473 openmath - OpenMath  

port+1474 telefinder - Telefinder  

port+1475 taligent-lm - Taligent License Manager

port+1476 clvm-cfg - clvm-cfg

port+1477 ms-sna-server - ms-sna-server

port+1478 ms-sna-base - ms-sna-base

port+1479 dberegister - dberegister

port+148 jargon - Jargon

port+1480 pacerforum - PacerForum

port+1481 airs - AIRS

port+1482 miteksys-lm - Miteksys License Manager

port+1483 afs - AFS License Manager  

port+1484 confluent - Confluent License Manager  

port+1485 lansource - LANSource  

port+1486 nms_topo_serv - nms_topo_serv

port+1487 localinfosrvr - LocalInfoSrvr

port+1488 docstor - DocStor

port+1489 dmdocbroker - dmdocbroker

port+149 aed-512 - AED 512 Emulation Service

port+1490 insitu-conf - insitu-conf

port+1491 anynetgateway - anynetgateway

port+1492 stone-design-1 - stone-design-1

port+1493 netmap_lm - netmap_lm

port+1494 ica - ica  

port+1495 cvc - cvc

port+1496 liberty-lm - liberty-lm

port+1497 rfx-lm - rfx-lm

port+1498 sybase-sqlany - Sybase SQL Any

port+1499 fhc - Federico Heinz Consultora

port+15 netstat - Was Netstat

port+150 sql-net - SQL-NET

port+1500 vlsi-lm - VLSI License Manager

port+1501 saiscm - Satellite-data Acquisition System 3  

port+1502 shivadiscovery - Shiva

port+1503 imtc-mcs - Databeam

port+1504 evb-elm - EVB Software Engineering License Manager

port+1505 funkproxy - Funk Software, Inc.

port+1506 utcd - Universal Time daemon (utcd)

port+1507 symplex - symplex

port+1508 diagmond - diagmond

port+1509 robcad-lm - Robcad, Ltd. License Manager

port+151 hems - HEMS  

port+1510 mvx-lm - Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.

port+1511 3l-l1 - 3l-l1

port+1512 wins - Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service

port+1513 fujitsu-dtc - Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc

port+1514 fujitsu-dtcns - Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc

port+1515 ifor-protocol - ifor-protocol

port+1516 vpad - Virtual Places Audio data

port+1517 vpac - Virtual Places Audio control

port+1518 vpvd - Virtual Places Video data

port+1519 vpvc - Virtual Places Video control

port+152 bftp - Background File Transfer Program  

port+1520 atm-zip-office - atm zip office

port+1521 ncube-lm - nCube License Manager

port+1522 ricardo-lm - Ricardo North America License Manager

port+1523 cichild-lm - cichild

port+1524 ingreslock - ingres

port+1525 orasrv - oracle

port+1526 pdap-np - Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv  

port+1527 tlisrv - oracle

port+1528 mciautoreg - micautoreg

port+1529 coauthor - oracle

port+153 sgmp - SGMP

port+1530 rap-service - rap-service

port+1531 rap-listen - rap-listen

port+1532 miroconnect - miroconnect

port+1533 virtual-places - Virtual Places Software

port+1534 micromuse-lm - micromuse-lm

port+1535 ampr-info - ampr-info

port+1536 ampr-inter - ampr-inter

port+1537 sdsc-lm - isi-lm

port+1538 3ds-lm - 3ds-lm

port+1539 intellistor-lm - Intellistor License Manager

port+154 netsc-prod - NETSC

port+1540 rds - rds

port+1541 rds2 - rds2

port+1542 gridgen-elmd - gridgen-elmd

port+1543 simba-cs - simba-cs

port+1544 aspeclmd - aspeclmd

port+1545 vistium-share - vistium-share

port+1546 abbaccuray - abbaccuray

port+1547 laplink - laplink

port+1548 axon-lm - Axon License Manager

port+1549 shivahose - Shiva Hose

port+155 netsc-dev - NETSC

port+1550 3m-image-lm - Image Storage license manager 3M Company

port+1551 hecmtl-db - HECMTL-DB

port+1552 pciarray - pciarray

port+1553 sna-cs - sna-cs

port+1554 caci-lm - CACI Products Company License Manager

port+1555 livelan - livelan

port+1556 ashwin - AshWin CI Tecnologies

port+1557 arbortext-lm - ArborText License Manager

port+1558 xingmpeg - xingmpeg

port+1559 web2host - web2host

port+156 sqlsrv - SQL Service  

port+1560 asci-val - asci-val

port+1561 facilityview - facilityview

port+1562 pconnectmgr - pconnectmgr

port+1563 cadabra-lm - Cadabra License Manager

port+1564 pay-per-view - Pay-Per-View

port+1565 winddlb - WinDD

port+1566 corelvideo - CORELVIDEO

port+1567 jlicelmd - jlicelmd

port+1568 tsspmap - tsspmap

port+1569 ets - ets

port+157 knet-cmp - KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol

port+1570 orbixd - orbixd

port+1571 rdb-dbs-disp - Oracle Remote Data Base

port+1572 chip-lm - Chipcom License Manager

port+1573 itscomm-ns - itscomm-ns

port+1574 mvel-lm - mvel-lm

port+1575 oraclenames - oraclenames

port+1576 moldflow-lm - moldflow-lm

port+1577 hypercube-lm - hypercube-lm

port+1578 jacobus-lm - Jacobus License Manager

port+1579 ioc-sea-lm - ioc-sea-lm

port+158 pcmail-srv - PCMail Server

port+1580 tn-tl-r1 - tn-tl-r1

port+1581 mil-2045-47001 - MIL-2045-47001

port+1582 msims - MSIMS

port+1583 simbaexpress - simbaexpress

port+1584 tn-tl-fd2 - tn-tl-fd2

port+1585 intv - intv

port+1586 ibm-abtact - ibm-abtact

port+1587 pra_elmd - pra_elmd

port+1588 triquest-lm - triquest-lm  

port+1589 vqp - VQP

port+159 nss-routing - NSS-Routing  

port+1590 gemini-lm - gemini-lm

port+1591 ncpm-pm - ncpm-pm

port+1592 commonspace - commonspace

port+1593 mainsoft-lm - mainsoft-lm

port+1594 sixtrak - sixtrak

port+1595 radio - radio

port+1596 radio-sm - radio-sm

port+1597 orbplus-iiop - orbplus-iiop

port+1598 picknfs - picknfs

port+1599 simbaservices - simbaservices

port+160 sgmp-traps - SGMP-TRAPS

port+1600 issd - 1600/udp issd - 1601/tcp aas - aas

port+1602 inspect - inspect

port+1603 picodbc - pickodbc

port+1604 icabrowser - icabrowser

port+1605 slp - Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)

port+1606 slm-api - Salutation Manager (SLM-API)

port+1607 stt - stt

port+1608 smart-lm - Smart Corp. License Manager

port+1609 isysg-lm - isysg-lm

port+161 snmp - SNMP

port+1610 taurus-wh - taurus-wh

port+1611 ill - Inter Library Loan

port+1612 netbill-trans - NetBill Transaction Server

port+1613 netbill-keyrep - NetBill Key Repository

port+1614 netbill-cred - NetBill Credential Server

port+1615 netbill-auth - NetBill Authorization Server

port+1616 netbill-prod - NetBill Product Server

port+1617 nimrod-agent - Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication

port+1618 skytelnet - skytelnet

port+1619 xs-openstorage - xs-openstorage

port+162 snmptrap - SNMPTRAP

port+1620 faxportwinport+- faxportwinport+

port+1621 softdataphone - softdataphone

port+1622 ontime - ontime

port+1623 jaleosnd - jaleosnd

port+1624 udp-sr-port+- udp-sr-port+

port+1625 svs-omagent - svs-omagent

port+1626 shockwave - Shockwave

port+1627 t128-gateway - T.128 Gateway

port+1628 lontalk-norm - LonTalk normal

port+1629 lontalk-urgnt - LonTalk urgent

port+163 cmip-man - CMIP/TCP Manager  

port+1630 oraclenet8cman - Oracle Net8 Cman

port+1631 visitview - Visit view        

port+1632 pammratc - PAMMRATC

port+1633 pammrpc - PAMMRPC

port+1634 loaprobe - Log On America Probe

port+1635 edb-server1 - EDB Server 1

port+1636 cncp - CableNet Control Protocol

port+16360 netserialext1 - netserialext1

port+16361 netserialext2 - netserialext2

port+16367 netserialext3 - netserialext3

port+16368 netserialext4 - netserialext4

port+1637 cnap - CableNet Admin Protocol

port+1638 cnip - CableNet Info Protocol

port+1639 cert-initiator - cert-initiator

port+164 cmip-agent - CMIP/TCP Agent  

port+1640 cert-responder - cert-responder

port+1641 invision - InVision

port+1642 isis-am - isis-am

port+1643 isis-ambc - isis-ambc

port+1644 saiseh - Satellite-data Acquisition System 4

port+1645 datametrics - datametrics

port+1646 sa-msg-port+- sa-msg-port+

port+1647 rsap - rsap

port+1648 concurrent-lm - concurrent-lm

port+1649 kermit - kermit

port+165 xns-courier - Xerox

port+1650 nkd - nkd

port+1651 shiva_confsrvr - shiva_confsrvr

port+1652 xnmp - xnmp

port+1653 alphatech-lm - alphatech-lm

port+1654 stargatealerts - stargatealerts

port+1655 dec-mbadmin - dec-mbadmin

port+1656 dec-mbadmin-h - dec-mbadmin-h

port+1657 fujitsu-mmpdc - fujitsu-mmpdc

port+1658 sixnetudr - sixnetudr

port+1659 sg-lm - Silicon Grail License Manager

port+166 s-net - Sirius Systems

port+1660 skip-mc-gikreq - skip-mc-gikreq

port+1661 netview-aix-1 - netview-aix-1

port+1662 netview-aix-2 - netview-aix-2

port+1663 netview-aix-3 - netview-aix-3

port+1664 netview-aix-4 - netview-aix-4

port+1665 netview-aix-5 - netview-aix-5

port+1666 netview-aix-6 - netview-aix-6

port+1667 netview-aix-7 - netview-aix-7

port+1668 netview-aix-8 - netview-aix-8

port+1669 netview-aix-9 - netview-aix-9

port+167 namp - NAMP

port+1670 netview-aix-10 - netview-aix-10

port+1671 netview-aix-11 - netview-aix-11

port+1672 netview-aix-12 - netview-aix-12

port+1673 proshare-mc-1 - Intel Proshare Multicast

port+1674 proshare-mc-2 - Intel Proshare Multicast

port+1675 pdp - Pacific Data Products

port+1676 netcomm1 - netcomm1

port+1677 groupwise - groupwise

port+1678 prolink - prolink

port+1679 darcorp-lm - darcorp-lm

port+168 rsvd - RSVD  

port+1680 microcom-sbp - microcom-sbp   

port+1681 sd-elmd - sd-elmd

port+1682 lanyon-lantern - lanyon-lantern

port+1683 ncpm-hip - ncpm-hip

port+1684 snaresecure - SnareSecure

port+1685 n2nremote - n2nremote

port+1686 cvmon - cvmon

port+1687 nsjtp-ctrl - nsjtp-ctrl

port+1688 nsjtp-data - nsjtp-data

port+1689 firefox - firefox

port+169 send - SEND  

port+1690 ng-umds - ng-umds

port+1691 empire-empuma - empire-empuma

port+1692 sstsys-lm - sstsys-lm

port+1693 rrirtr - rrirtr

port+1694 rrimwm - rrimwm

port+1695 rrilwm - rrilwm

port+1696 rrifmm - rrifmm

port+1697 rrisat - rrisat

port+1698 rsvp-encap-1 - RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1

port+1699 rsvp-encap-2 - RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2

port+17 qotd - Quote of the Day

port+170 print-srv - Network PostScript

port+1700 mps-raft - mps-raft

port+17007 isode-dua - isode-dua

port+1701 l2f - l2f

port+1702 deskshare - deskshare

port+1703 hb-engine - hb-engine

port+1704 bcs-broker - bcs-broker

port+1705 slingshot - slingshot

port+1706 jetform - jetform

port+1707 vdmplay - vdmplay

port+1708 gat-lmd - gat-lmd

port+1709 centra - centra

port+171 multiplex - Network Innovations Multiplex

port+1710 impera - impera

port+1711 pptconference - pptconference

port+1712 registrar - resource monitoring service

port+1713 conferencetalk - ConferenceTalk

port+1714 sesi-lm - sesi-lm

port+1715 houdini-lm - houdini-lm

port+1716 xmsg - xmsg

port+1717 fj-hdnet - fj-hdnet

port+1718 h323gatedisc - h323gatedisc

port+1719 h323gatestat - h323gatestat  

port+172 cl/1 - Network Innovations CL/1  

port+1720 h323hostcall - h323hostcall

port+1721 caicci - caicci

port+17219 chipper - Chipper

port+1722 hks-lm - HKS License Manager

port+1723 pptp - pptp

port+1724 csbphonemaster - csbphonemaster

port+1725 iden-ralp - iden-ralp

port+1726 iberiagames - IBERIAGAMES

port+1727 winddx - winddx

port+1728 telindus - TELINDUS

port+1729 citynl - CityNL License Management

port+173 xyplex-mux - Xyplex

port+1730 roketz - roketz

port+1731 msiccp - MSICCP

port+1732 proxim - proxim

port+1733 siipat - SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission

port+1734 cambertx-lm - Camber Corporation License Management

port+1735 privatechat - PrivateChat

port+1736 street-stream - street-stream

port+1737 ultimad - ultimad

port+1738 gamegen1 - GameGen1

port+1739 webaccess - webaccess

port+174 mailq - MAILQ

port+1740 encore - encore

port+1741 cisco-net-mgmt - cisco-net-mgmt

port+1742 3Com-nsd - 3Com-nsd

port+1743 cinegrfx-lm - Cinema Graphics License Manager

port+1744 ncpm-ft - ncpm-ft

port+1745 remote-winsock - remote-winsock

port+1746 ftrapid-1 - ftrapid-1

port+1747 ftrapid-2 - ftrapid-2

port+1748 oracle-em1 - oracle-em1

port+1749 aspen-services - aspen-services

port+175 vmnet - VMNET

port+1750 sslp - Simple Socket Library's PortMaster

port+1751 swiftnet - SwiftNet

port+1752 lofr-lm - Leap of Faith Research License Manager  

port+1753 translogic-lm - Translogic License Manager

port+1754 oracle-em2 - oracle-em2

port+1755 ms-streaming - ms-streaming

port+1756 capfast-lmd - capfast-lmd

port+1757 cnhrp - cnhrp

port+1758 tftp-mcast - tftp-mcast

port+1759 spss-lm - SPSS License Manager

port+176 genrad-mux - GENRAD-MUX

port+1760 www-ldap-gw - www-ldap-gw

port+1761 cft-0 - cft-0

port+1762 cft-1 - cft-1

port+1763 cft-2 - cft-2

port+1764 cft-3 - cft-3

port+1765 cft-4 - cft-4

port+1766 cft-5 - cft-5

port+1767 cft-6 - cft-6

port+1768 cft-7 - cft-7

port+1769 bmc-net-adm - bmc-net-adm

port+177 xdmcp - X Display Manager Control Protocol

port+1770 bmc-net-svc - bmc-net-svc

port+1771 vaultbase - vaultbase

port+1772 essweb-gw - EssWeb Gateway

port+1773 kmscontrol - KMSControl

port+1774 global-dtserv - global-dtserv

port+1776 femis - Federal Emergency Management Information System

port+1777 powerguardian - powerguardian

port+1778 prodigy-intrnet - prodigy-internet

port+1779 pharmasoft - pharmasoft

port+178 nextstep - NextStep Window Server  

port+1780 dpkeyserv - dpkeyserv

port+1781 answersoft-lm - answersoft-lm

port+1782 hp-hcip - hp-hcip

port+1783 fjris - Fujitsu Remote Install Service

port+1784 finle-lm - Finle License Manager

port+1785 windlm - Wind River Systems License Manager

port+1786 funk-logger - funk-logger

port+1787 funk-license - funk-license

port+1788 psmond - psmond

port+1789 hello - hello

port+179 bgp - Border Gateway Protocol

port+1790 nmsp - Narrative Media Streaming Protocol

port+1791 ea1 - EA1

port+1792 ibm-dt-2 - ibm-dt-2

port+1793 rsc-robot - rsc-robot

port+1794 cera-bcm - cera-bcm

port+1795 dpi-proxy - dpi-proxy

port+1796 vocaltec-admin - Vocaltec Server Administration

port+1797 uma - UMA  

port+1798 etp - Event Transfer Protocol

port+1799 netrisk - NETRISK

port+18 msp - Message Send Protocol

port+180 ris - Intergraph

port+1800 ansys-lm - ANSYS-License manager

port+18000 biimenu - Beckman Instruments, Inc.

port+1801 msmq - Microsoft Message Que

port+1802 concomp1 - ConComp1

port+1803 hp-hcip-gwy - HP-HCIP-GWY

port+1804 enl - ENL

port+1805 enl-name - ENL-Name

port+1806 musiconline - Musiconline

port+1807 fhsp - Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol

port+1808 oracle-vp2 - Oracle-VP2

port+1809 oracle-vp1 - Oracle-VP1

port+181 unify - Unify  

port+1810 jerand-lm - Jerand License Manager

port+1811 scientia-sdb - Scientia-SDB

port+1812 radius - RADIUS

port+1813 radius-acct - RADIUS Accounting

port+1814 tdp-suite - TDP Suite

port+1815 mmpft - MMPFT

port+1816 harp - HARP

port+1817 rkb-oscs - RKB-OSCS

port+1818 etftp - Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol

port+1819 plato-lm - Plato License Manager

port+182 audit - Unisys Audit SITP  

port+1820 mcagent - mcagent

port+1821 donnyworld - donnyworld

port+1822 es-elmd - es-elmd

port+1823 unisys-lm - Unisys Natural Language License Manager

port+1824 metrics-pas - metrics-pas

port+1825 direcpc-video - DirecPC Video

port+1826 ardt - ARDT

port+1827 asi - ASI  

port+1828 itm-mcell-u - itm-mcell-u

port+1829 optika-emedia - Optika eMedia  

port+183 ocbinder - OCBinder  

port+1830 net8-cman - Oracle Net8 CMan Admin

port+1831 myrtle - Myrtle

port+1832 tht-treasure - ThoughtTreasure

port+1833 udpradio - udpradio

port+1834 ardusuni - ARDUS Unicast

port+1835 ardusmul - ARDUS Multicast

port+1836 ste-smsc - ste-smsc

port+1837 csoft1 - csoft1

port+1838 talnet - TALNET

port+1839 netopia-vo1 - netopia-vo1

port+184 ocserver - OCServer  

port+1840 netopia-vo2 - netopia-vo2

port+1841 netopia-vo3 - netopia-vo3

port+1842 netopia-vo4 - netopia-vo4

port+1843 netopia-vo5 - netopia-vo5

port+1844 direcpc-dll - DirecPC-DLL

port+185 remote-kis - Remote-KIS  

port+1850 gsi - GSI

port+1851 ctcd - ctcd

port+186 kis - KIS Protocol

port+1860 sunscalar-svc - SunSCALAR Services

port+1861 lecroy-vicp - LeCroy VICP

port+1862 techra-server - techra-server

port+1863 msnp - MSNP

port+1864 paradym-31port+- Paradym 31 port+

port+1865 entp - ENTP

port+187 aci - Application Communication Interface

port+1870 sunscalar-dns - SunSCALAR DNS Service

port+1871 canocentral0 - Cano Central 0

port+1872 canocentral1 - Cano Central 1

port+1873 fjmpjps - Fjmpjps

port+1874 fjswapsnp - Fjswapsnp

port+188 mumps - Plus Five's MUMPS  

port+1881 ibm-mqseries2 - IBM MQSeries

port+189 qft - Queued File Transport+

port+1895 vista-4gl - Vista 4GL

port+1899 mc2studios - MC2Studios

port+19 chargen - Character Generator

port+190 gacp - Gateway Access Control Protocol

port+1901 fjicl-tep-a - Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A

port+1902 fjicl-tep-b - Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B

port+1903 linkname - Local Link Name Resolution

port+1904 fjicl-tep-c - Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program C

port+1905 sugp - Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol

port+1906 tpmd - TPortMapperReq

port+1907 intrastar - IntraSTAR

port+1908 dawn - Dawn

port+1909 global-wlink - Global World Link

port+191 prospero - Prospero Directory Service

port+1910 ultrabac - ultrabac

port+1911 mtp - Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport+Protocol

port+1912 rhp-iibp - rhp-iibp   

port+1913 armadp - armadp

port+1914 elm-momentum - Elm-Momentum

port+1915 facelink - FACELINK

port+1916 persona - Persoft Persona

port+1917 noagent - nOAgent

port+1918 can-nds - Candle Directory Service - NDS

port+1919 can-dch - Candle Directory Service - DCH

port+192 osu-nms - OSU Network Monitoring System  

port+1920 can-ferret - Candle Directory Service - FERRET

port+1921 noadmin - NoAdmin

port+1922 tapestry - Tapestry   

port+1923 spice - SPICE

port+1924 xiip - XIIP

port+193 srmp - Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol  

port+194 irc - Internet Relay Chat Protocol

port+19410 hp-sco - hp-sco  

port+19411 hp-sca - hp-sca

port+1944 close-combat - close-combat

port+1945 dialogic-elmd - dialogic-elmd

port+1946 tekpls - tekpls

port+1947 hlserver - hlserver

port+1948 eye2eye - eye2eye

port+1949 ismaeasdaqlive - ISMA Easdaq Live

port+195 dn6-nlm-aud - DNSIX Network Level Module Audit

port+1950 ismaeasdaqtest - ISMA Easdaq Test

port+1951 bcs-lmserver - bcs-lmserver

port+1952 mpnjsc - mpnjsc

port+1953 rapidbase - Rapid Base

port+19541 jcp - JCP Client

port+196 dn6-smm-red - DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir

port+1964 solid-e-engine - SOLID E ENGINE

port+1965 tivoli-npm - Tivoli NPM

port+1966 slush - Slush

port+1967 sns-quote - SNS Quote

port+197 dls - Directory Location Service

port+1972 intersys-cache - Cache

port+1973 dlsrap - Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol

port+1975 tcoflashagent - TCO Flash Agent

port+1976 tcoregagent - TCO Reg Agent  

port+1977 tcoaddressbook - TCO Address Book

port+198 dls-mon - Directory Location Service Monitor

port+1981 shockrave - Shockrave TROJAN

port+1984 bb - BB

port+1985 hsrp - Hot Standby Router Protocol

port+1986 licensedaemon - cisco license management

port+1987 tr-rsrb-p1 - cisco RSRB Priority 1 port+

port+1988 tr-rsrb-p2 - cisco RSRB Priority 2 port+

port+1989 tr-rsrb-p3 - cisco RSRB Priority 3 port+(or mshnet - MHSnet System)

port+199 smux - SMUX

port+1990 stun-p1 - cisco STUN Priority 1 port+

port+1991 stun-p2 - cisco STUN Priority 2 port+

port+1992 stun-p3 - cisco STUN Priority 3 port+(or IPsendmsg)

port+1993 snmp-tcp-port+- cisco SNMP TCP port+

port+1994 stun-port+- cisco serial tunnel port+

port+1995 perf-port+- cisco perf port+

port+1996 tr-rsrb-port+- cisco Remote SRB port+

port+1997 gdp-port+- cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol

port+1998 x25-svc-port+- cisco X.25 service (XOT)

port+1999 tcp-id-port+- cisco identification port+

port+2 compressnet - Management Utility

port+20 ftp-data - File Transfer [Default Data]

port+200 src - IBM System Resource Controller

port+2000 callbook - callbook

port+20000 dnp - DNP (or Millennium TROJAN)

port+2001 dc - dc

port+2002 globe - globe

port+2004 mailbox - mailbox

port+2005 berknet - berknet

port+2006 invokator - invokator

port+2007 dectalk - dectalk

port+2008 conf - conf

port+2009 news - news

port+201 at-rtmp - AppleTalk Routing Maintenance  

port+2010 search - search

port+2011 raid-cc - raid

port+2012 ttyinfo - ttyinfo

port+2013 raid-am - raid-am

port+2014 troff - troff

port+2015 cypress - cypress

port+2016 bootserver - bootserver

port+2017 cypress-stat - cypress-stat

port+2018 terminaldb - terminaldb

port+2019 whosockami - whosockami

port+202 at-nbp - AppleTalk Name Binding

port+2020 xinupageserver - xinupageserver

port+2021 servexec - servexec

port+2022 down - down

port+2023 xinuexpansion3 - xinuexpansion3

port+2024 xinuexpansion4 - xinuexpansion4

port+2025 ellpack - ellpack

port+2026 scrabble - scrabble

port+2027 shadowserver - shadowserver

port+2028 submitserver - submitserver

port+203 at-3 - AppleTalk Unused

port+2030 device2 - device2

port+2032 blackboard - blackboard

port+2033 glogger - glogger

port+2034 scoremgr - scoremgr

port+2035 imsldoc - imsldoc

port+2038 objectmanager - objectmanager

port+204 at-echo - AppleTalk Echo

port+2040 lam - lam

port+2041 interbase - interbase

port+2042 isis - isis

port+2043 isis-bcast - isis-bcast

port+2044 rimsl - rimsl

port+2045 cdfunc - cdfunc

port+2046 sdfunc - sdfunc

port+2047 dls - dls

port+2048 dls-monitor - dls-monitor

port+2049 nfs - Network File System (or Sun Microsystems or shilp)

port+205 at-5 - AppleTalk Unused

port+206 at-zis - AppleTalk Zone Information

port+2065 dlsrpn - Data Link Switch Read port+Number

port+2067 dlswpn - Data Link Switch Write port+Number

port+20670 track - Track

port+207 at-7 - AppleTalk Unused

port+208 at-8 - AppleTalk Unused

port+209 qmtp - The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol

port+2090 lrp - Load Report+Protocol

port+2091 prp - PRP

port+2092 descent3 - Descent 3

port+2093 nbx-cc - NBX CC

port+2094 nbx-au - NBX AU

port+2095 nbx-ser - NBX SER

port+2096 nbx-dir - NBX DIR

port+2097 jetformpreview - Jet Form Preview

port+2098 dialog-port+- Dialog port+

port+2099 h2250-annex-g - H.225.0 Annex G

port+21 ftp - File Transfer [Control]

port+210 z39.50 - ANSI Z39.50

port+2100 amiganetfs - amiganetfs

port+2101 rtcm-sc104 - rtcm-sc104

port+2102 zephyr-srv - Zephyr server

port+2103 zephyr-clt - Zephyr serv-hm connection

port+2104 zephyr-hm - Zephyr hostmanager

port+2105 minipay - MiniPay

port+2106 mzap - MZAP

port+2107 bintec-admin - BinTec Admin  

port+2108 comcam - Comcam

port+2109 ergolight - Ergolight

port+211 914c/g - Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal

port+212 anet - ATEXSSTR  

port+213 ipx - IPX        

port+214 vmpwscs - VM PWSCS

port+215 softpc - Insignia Solutions

port+21554 girlfriend - Girlfriend TROJAN

port+216 CAIlic - Computer Associates Int'l License Server

port+217 dbase - dBASE Unix

port+218 mpp - Netix Message Posting Protocol

port+2180 mc-gt-srv - Millicent Vendor Gateway Server

port+21845 webphone - webphone

port+21846 netspeak-is - NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services

port+21847 netspeak-cs - NetSpeak Corp. Connection Services

port+21848 netspeak-acd - NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution

port+21849 netspeak-cps - NetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System

port+219 uarps - Unisys ARPs  

port+22 ssh - SSH Remote Login Protocol

port+220 imap3 - Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3

port+2200 ici - ICI

port+22000 snapenetio - SNAPenetIO

port+22001 optocontrol - OptoControl

port+2201 ats - Advanced Training System Program

port+2202 imtc-map - Int. Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium

port+221 fln-spx - Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth  

port+2213 kali - Kali

port+222 rsh-spx - Berkeley rshd with SPX auth (possible conflict with Masqdialer)

port+2220 ganymede - Ganymede

port+2221 rockwell-csp1 - Rockwell CSP1

port+2222 rockwell-csp2 - Rockwell CSP2

port+2223 rockwell-csp3 - Rockwell CSP3

port+22273 wnn6 - wnn6

port+223 cdc - Certificate Distribution Center

port+2232 ivs-video - IVS Video default

port+2233 infocrypt - INFOCRYPT

port+2234 directplay - DirectPlay

port+2235 sercomm-wlink - Sercomm-WLink

port+2236 nani - Nani

port+2237 optech-port1-lm - Optech Port1 License Manager

port+2238 aviva-sna - AVIVA SNA SERVER

port+2239 imagequery - Image Query      

port+224 masqdialer - masqdialer

port+2240 recipe - RECIPe

port+2241 ivsd - IVS Daemon

port+2242 foliocorp - Folio Remote Server

port+2243 magicom - Magicom Protocol

port+2244 nmsserver - NMS Server

port+2245 hao - HaO

port+225 - Reserved

port+22555 vocaltec-wconf - Vocaltec Web Conference

port+226 - Reserved

port+227 - Reserved

port+2279 xmquery - xmquery

port+228 - Reserved

port+2280 lnvpoller - LNVPOLLER

port+22800 aws-brf - Telerate Information Platform LAN

port+2281 lnvconsole - LNVCONSOLE

port+2282 lnvalarm - LNVALARM

port+2283 lnvstatus - LNVSTATUS

port+2284 lnvmaps - LNVMAPS

port+2285 lnvmailmon - LNVMAILMON

port+2286 nas-metering - NAS-Metering

port+2287 dna - DNA

port+2288 netml - NETML

port+229 - Reserved

port+2294 konshus-lm - Konshus License Manager (FLEX)

port+2295 advant-lm - Advant License Manager

port+22951 brf-gw - Telerate Information Platform WAN

port+2296 theta-lm - Theta License Manager (Rainbow)

port+2297 d2k-datamover1 - D2K DataMover 1

port+2298 d2k-datamover2 - D2K DataMover 2

port+2299 pc-telecommute - PC Telecommute

port+23 telnet - Telnet

port+230 - Reserved

port+2300 cvmmon - CVMMON

port+2301 cpq-wbem - Compaq HTTP

port+2302 binderysupport+- Bindery Support+

port+2303 proxy-gateway - Proxy Gateway

port+2304 attachmate-uts - Attachmate UTS

port+2305 mt-scaleserver - MT ScaleServer

port+2306 tappi-boxnet - TAPPI BoxNet

port+2307 pehelp - pehelp

port+2308 sdhelp - sdhelp

port+2309 sdserver - SD Server

port+231 - Reserved

port+2310 sdclient - SD Client

port+2311 messageservice - Message Service

port+2313 iapp - IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)

port+2314 cr-websystems - CR WebSystems

port+2315 precise-sft - Precise Sft.

port+2316 sent-lm - SENT License Manager

port+2317 attachmate-g32 - Attachmate G32

port+2318 cadencecontrol - Cadence Control

port+2319 infolibria - InfoLibria

port+232 - Reserved

port+2320 siebel-ns - Siebel NS

port+2321 rdlap - RDLAP over UDP

port+2322 ofsd - ofsd

port+2323 3d-nfsd - 3d-nfsd

port+2324 cosmocall - Cosmocall

port+2325 designspace-lm - Design Space License Management

port+2326 idcp - IDCP

port+2327 xingcsm - xingcsm

port+2328 netrix-sftm - Netrix SFTM

port+2329 nvd - NVD

port+233 - Reserved

port+2330 tscchat - TSCCHAT

port+2331 agentview - AGENTVIEW

port+2332 rcc-host - RCC Host  

port+2333 snapp - SNAPP

port+2334 ace-client - ACE Client Auth

port+2335 ace-proxy - ACE Proxy

port+2336 appleugcontrol - Apple UG Control

port+2337 ideesrv - ideesrv

port+2338 norton-lambert - Norton Lambert

port+2339 3com-webview - 3Com WebView

port+234 - Reserved

port+2340 wrs_registry - WRS Registry

port+2341 xiostatus - XIO Status

port+2342 manage-exec - Seagate Manage Exec

port+2343 nati-logos - nati logos

port+2344 fcmsys - fcmsys

port+2345 dbm - dbm

port+2346 redstorm_join - Game Connection port+

port+2347 redstorm_find - Game Announcement and Location

port+2348 redstorm_info - Information to query for game status

port+2349 redstorm_diag - Diagnostics port+

port+235 - Reserved

port+2350 psbserver - psbserver

port+2351 psrserver - psrserver

port+2352 pslserver - pslserver

port+2353 pspserver - pspserver

port+2354 psprserver - psprserver

port+2355 psdbserver - psdbserver

port+2356 gxtelmd - GXT License Managemant

port+2357 unihub-server - UniHub Server

port+2358 futrix - Futrix

port+2359 flukeserver - FlukeServer

port+236 - Reserved

port+2360 nexstorindltd - NexstorIndLtd

port+2361 tl1 - TL1

port+237 - Reserved

port+238 - Reserved

port+2381 compaq-https - Compaq HTTPS

port+2389 ovsessionmgr - OpenView Session Mgr

port+239 - Reserved

port+2390 rsmtp - RSMTP

port+2391 3com-net-mgmt - 3COM Net Management

port+2392 tacticalauth - Tactical Auth

port+2393 ms-olap1 - MS OLAP 1

port+2394 ms-olap2 - MS OLAP 2

port+2395 lan900_remote - LAN900 Remote

port+2396 wusage - Wusage

port+2397 ncl - NCL

port+2398 orbiter - Orbiter

port+2399 fmpro-fdal - FileMaker, Inc. - Data Access Layer

port+24 - any private mail system

port+240 - Reserved

port+2400 opequus-server - OpEquus Server

port+24000 med-ltp - med-ltp

port+24001 med-fsp-rx - med-fsp-rx

port+24002 med-fsp-tx - med-fsp-tx

port+24003 med-supp - med-supp

port+24004 med-ovw - med-ovw

port+24005 med-ci - med-ci

port+24006 med-net-svc - med-net-svc

port+2401 cvspserver - cvspserver

port+2402 taskmaster2000 - TaskMaster 2000 Server

port+2403 taskmaster2000 - TaskMaster 2000 Web

port+2404 iec870-5-104 - IEC870-5-104

port+2405 trc-netpoll - TRC Netpoll

port+2406 jediserver - JediServer

port+2407 orion - Orion

port+2408 optimanet - OptimaNet

port+2409 sns-protocol - SNS Protocol

port+241 - Reserved

port+2410 vrts-registry - VRTS Registry

port+2411 netwave-ap-mgmt - Netwave AP Management

port+2412 cdn - CDN

port+2413 orion-rmi-reg - orion-rmi-reg  

port+2414 interlingua - Interlingua

port+2415 comtest - COMTEST

port+2416 rmtserver - RMT Server        

port+2417 composit-server - Composit Server

port+2418 cas - cas

port+2419 attachmate-s2s - Attachmate S2S

port+242 direct - Direct

port+2420 dslremote-mgmt - DSL Remote Management

port+2421 g-talk - G-Talk

port+2422 crmsbits - CRMSBITS

port+2423 rnrp - RNRP

port+2424 kofax-svr - KOFAX-SVR

port+2425 fjitsuappmgr - Fujitsu App Manager

port+2426 applianttcp - Appliant TCP

port+2427 stgcp - Simple telephony Gateway Control Protocol

port+2428 ott - One Way Trip Time

port+2429 ft-role - FT-ROLE

port+243 sur-meas - Survey Measurement

port+2430 venus - venus

port+2431 venus-se - venus-se

port+2432 codasrv - codasrv

port+2433 codasrv-se - codasrv-se

port+2434 pxc-epmap - pxc-epmap

port+2435 optilogic - OptiLogic

port+2436 topx - TOP/X

port+2437 unicontrol - UniControl

port+2438 msp - MSP

port+24386 intel_rci - Intel RCI  

port+2439 sybasedbsynch - SybaseDBSynch

port+244 dayna - Dayna

port+2440 spearway - Spearway Lockers

port+2441 pvsw-inet - pvsw-inet

port+2442 netangel - Netangel

port+2443 powerclientcsf - PowerClient Central Storage Facility

port+2444 btpp2sectrans - BT PP2 Sectrans

port+2445 dtn1 - DTN1

port+2446 bues_service - bues_service

port+2447 ovwdb - OpenView NNM daemon

port+2448 hpppssvr - hpppsvr

port+2449 ratl - RATL

port+245 link - LINK

port+2450 netadmin - netadmin

port+2451 netchat - netchat

port+2452 snifferclient - SnifferClient

port+2453 madge-om - madge-om

port+2454 indx-dds - IndX-DDS

port+2455 wago-io-system - WAGO-IO-SYSTEM

port+2456 altav-remmgt - altav-remmgt

port+2457 rapido-ip - Rapido_IP

port+2458 griffin - griffin

port+2459 community - Community

port+246 dsp3270 - Display Systems Protocol

port+2460 ms-theater - ms-theater

port+2461 qadmifoper - qadmifoper

port+2462 qadmifevent - qadmifevent

port+2463 symbios-raid - Symbios Raid

port+2464 direcpc-si - DirecPC SI

port+2465 lbm - Load Balance Management

port+2466 lbf - Load Balance Forwarding

port+2467 high-criteria - High Criteria

port+2468 qip_msgd - qip_msgd

port+2469 mti-tcs-comm - MTI-TCS-COMM

port+247 subntbcst_tftp - SUBNTBCST_TFTP

port+2470 taskman_port+- taskman port+

port+2471 seaodbc - SeaODBC

port+2472 c3 - C3

port+2473 aker-cdp - Aker-cdp

port+2474 vitalanalysis - Vital Analysis

port+2475 ace-server - ACE Server

port+2476 ace-svr-prop - ACE Server Propagation

port+2477 ssm-cvs - SecurSight Certificate Valifation Service

port+2478 ssm-cssps - SecurSight Authentication Server (SLL)

port+2479 ssm-els - SecurSight Event Logging Server (SSL)

port+248 bhfhs - bhfhs

port+2480 lingwood - Lingwood's Detail

port+2481 giop - Oracle GIOP

port+2482 giop-ssl - Oracle GIOP SSL

port+2483 ttc - Oracle TTC

port+2484 ttc-ssl - Oracle TTC SSL

port+2485 netobjects1 - Net Objects1

port+2486 netobjects2 - Net Objects2

port+2487 pns - Policy Notice Service

port+2488 moy-corp - Moy Corporation

port+2489 tsilb - TSILB

port+249 - Reserved

port+2490 qip_qdhcp - qip_qdhcp

port+2491 conclave-cpp - Conclave CPP

port+2492 groove - GROOVE

port+2493 talarian-mqs - Talarian MQS

port+2494 bmc-ar - BMC AR

port+2495 fast-rem-serv - Fast Remote Services

port+2496 dirgis - DIRGIS

port+2497 quaddb - Quad DB

port+2498 odn-castraq - ODN-CasTraq

port+2499 unicontrol - UniControl

port+25 smtp - Simple Mail Transfer

port+250 - Reserved

port+2500 rtsserv - Resource Tracking system server

port+25000 icl-twobase1 - icl-twobase1

port+25001 icl-twobase2 - icl-twobase2

port+25002 icl-twobase3 - icl-twobase3

port+25003 icl-twobase4 - icl-twobase4

port+25004 icl-twobase5 - icl-twobase5

port+25005 icl-twobase6 - icl-twobase6

port+25006 icl-twobase7 - icl-twobase7

port+25007 icl-twobase8 - icl-twobase8

port+25008 icl-twobase9 - icl-twobase9

port+25009 icl-twobase10 - icl-twobase10

port+2501 rtsclient - Resource Tracking system client

port+2502 kentrox-prot - Kentrox Protocol

port+2503 nms-dpnss - NMS-DPNSS

port+2504 wlbs - WLBS  

port+2505 torque-traffic - torque-traffic

port+2506 jbroker - jbroker

port+2507 spock - spock

port+2508 datastore - datastore

port+2509 fjmpss - fjmpss

port+251 - Reserved

port+2510 fjappmgrbulk - fjappmgrbulk

port+2511 metastorm - Metastorm

port+2512 citrixima - Citrix IMA

port+2513 citrixadmin - Citrix ADMIN

port+2514 facsys-ntp - Facsys NTP

port+2515 facsys-router - Facsys Router

port+2516 maincontrol - Main Control  

port+2517 call-sig-trans - H.323 Annex E call signaling transport+

port+2518 willy - Willy

port+2519 globmsgsvc - globmsgsvc

port+252 - Reserved

port+2520 pvsw - pvsw

port+2521 adaptecmgr - Adaptec Manager

port+2522 windb - WinDb

port+2523 qke-llc-v3 - Qke LLC V.3

port+2524 optiwave-lm - Optiwave License Management

port+2525 ms-v-worlds - MS V-Worlds  

port+2526 ema-sent-lm - EMA License Manager

port+2527 iqserver - IQ Server

port+2528 ncr_ccl - NCR CCL

port+2529 utsftp - UTS FTP

port+253 - Reserved

port+2530 vrcommerce - VR Commerce

port+2531 ito-e-gui - ITO-E GUI

port+2532 ovtopmd - OVTOPMD

port+2533 snifferserver - SnifferServer

port+2534 combox-web-acc - Combox Web Access

port+2535 mdhcp - MDHCP

port+2536 btpp2audctr1 - btpp2audctr1

port+2537 upgrade - Upgrade Protocol

port+2538 vnwk-prapi - vnwk-prapi

port+2539 vsiadmin - VSI Admin

port+254 - Reserved

port+2540 lonworks - LonWorks

port+2541 lonworks2 - LonWorks2

port+2542 davinci - daVinci

port+2543 reftek - REFTEK

port+2544 novell-zen - Novell ZEN

port+2545 sis-emt - sis-emt

port+2546 vytalvaultbrtp - vytalvaultbrtp

port+2547 vytalvaultvsmp - vytalvaultvsmp

port+2548 vytalvaultpipe - vytalvaultpipe

port+2549 ipass - IPASS

port+255 - Reserved

port+2550 ads - ADS

port+2551 isg-uda-server - ISG UDA Server

port+2552 call-logging - Call Logging

port+2553 efidiningport+- efidiningport+

port+2554 vcnet-link-v10 - VCnet-Link v10

port+2555 compaq-wcp - Compaq WCP

port+2556 nicetec-nmsvc - nicetec-nmsvc

port+2557 nicetec-mgmt - nicetec-mgmt

port+2558 pclemultimedia - PCLE Multi Media

port+2559 lstp - LSTP

port+256 rap - RAP

port+2560 labrat - labrat

port+2561 mosaixcc - MosaixCC

port+2562 delibo - Delibo

port+2563 cti-redwood - CTI Redwood

port+2564 hp-3000-telnet - HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet

port+2565 coord-svr - Coordinator Server

port+2566 pcs-pcw - pcs-pcw

port+2567 clp - Cisco Line Protocol

port+2568 spamtrap - SPAM TRAP

port+2569 sonuscallsig - Sonus Call Signal

port+257 set - Secure Electronic Transaction

port+2570 hs-port+- HS port+

port+2571 cecsvc - CECSVC

port+2572 ibp - IBP

port+2573 trustestablish - Trust Establish

port+2574 blockade-bpsp - Blockade BPSP

port+2575 hl7 - HL7

port+2576 tclprodebugger - TCL Pro Debugger

port+2577 scipticslsrvr - Scriptics Lsrvr

port+2578 rvs-isdn-dcp - RVS ISDN DCP

port+2579 mpfoncl - mpfoncl

port+25793 vocaltec-hos - Vocaltec Address Server

port+258 yak-chat - Yak Winsock Personal Chat

port+2580 tributary - Tributary

port+2581 argis-te - ARGIS TE

port+2582 argis-ds - ARGIS DS

port+2583 mon - MON

port+2584 cyaserv - cyaserv

port+2585 netx-server - NETX Server

port+2586 netx-agent - NETX Agent

port+2587 masc - MASC

port+2588 privilege - Privilege

port+2589 quartus-tcl - quartus tcl

port+259 esro-gen - Efficient Short Remote Operations

port+2590 idotdist - idotdist

port+2591 maytagshuffle - Maytag Shuffle

port+2592 netrek - netrek

port+2593 mns-mail - MNS Mail Notice Service

port+2594 dts - Data Base Server

port+2595 worldfusion1 - World Fusion 1

port+2596 worldfusion2 - World Fusion 2

port+2597 homesteadglory - Homestead Glory

port+2598 citriximaclient - Citrix MA Client

port+2599 meridiandata - Meridian Data

port+260 openport+- Openport+

port+2600 hpstgmgr - HPSTGMGR

port+26000 quake - quake

port+2601 discp-client - discp client

port+2602 discp-server - discp server

port+2603 servicemeter - Service Meter

port+2604 nsc-ccs - NSC CCS     

port+2605 nsc-posa - NSC POSA

port+2606 netmon - Dell Netmon

port+2607 connection - Dell Connection

port+2608 wag-service - Wag Service

port+2609 system-monitor - System Monitor  

port+261 nsiiops - IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL

port+2610 versa-tek - VersaTek

port+2611 lionhead - LIONHEAD

port+2612 qpasa-agent - Qpasa Agent

port+2613 smntubootstrap - SMNTUBootstrap

port+2614 neveroffline - Never Off Line

port+2615 firepower - firepower

port+2616 appswitch-emp - appswitch-emp

port+2617 cmadmin - Clinical Context Managers

port+2618 priority-e-com - Priority E-Com

port+2619 bruce - bruce

port+262 arcisdms - Arcisdms

port+2620 lpsrecommender - LPSRecommender

port+26208 wnn6-ds - wnn6-ds

port+2621 miles-apart - Miles Apart Jukebox Server

port+2622 metricadbc - MetricaDBC

port+2623 lmdp - LMDP

port+2624 aria - Aria

port+2625 blwnkl-port+- Blwnkl port+

port+2626 gbjd816 - gbjd816

port+2627 moshebeeri - Moshe Beeri

port+2628 dict - DICT

port+2629 sitaraserver - Sitara Server

port+263 hdap - HDAP

port+2630 sitaramgmt - Sitara Management

port+2631 sitaradir - Sitara Dir

port+2632 irdg-post - IRdg Post

port+2633 interintelli - InterIntelli

port+2634 pk-electronics - PK Electronics

port+2635 backburner - Back Burner

port+2636 solve - Solve

port+2637 imdocsvc - Import+Document Service

port+2638 sybaseanywhere - Sybase Anywhere

port+2639 aminet - AMInet

port+264 bgmp - BGMP

port+2640 sai_sentlm - Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager

port+2641 hdl-srv - HDL Server

port+2642 tragic - Tragic

port+2643 gte-samp - GTE-SAMP

port+2644 travsoft-ipx-t - Travsoft IPX Tunnel

port+2645 novell-ipx-cmd - Novell IPX CMD

port+2646 and-lm - AND Licence Manager

port+2647 syncserver - SyncServer

port+2648 upsnotifyprot - Upsnotifyprot

port+2649 vpsipport+- VPSIPport+

port+2650 eristwoguns - eristwoguns

port+2651 ebinsite - EBInSite

port+2652 interpathpanel - InterPathPanel

port+2653 sonus - Sonus

port+2654 corel_vncadmin - Corel VNC Admin

port+2655 unglue - UNIX Nt Glue

port+2656 kana - Kana

port+2657 sns-dispatcher - SNS Dispatcher

port+2658 sns-admin - SNS Admin

port+2659 sns-query - SNS Query

port+2660 gcmonitor - GC Monitor

port+2661 olhost - OLHOST

port+2662 bintec-capi - BinTec-CAPI

port+2663 bintec-tapi - BinTec-TAPI

port+2664 command-mq-gm - Command MQ GM

port+2665 command-mq-pm - Command MQ PM

port+2666 extensis - extensis

port+2667 alarm-clock-s - Alarm Clock Server

port+2668 alarm-clock-c - Alarm Clock Client

port+2669 toad - TOAD

port+2670 tve-announce - TVE Announce

port+2671 newlixreg - newlixreg

port+2672 nhserver - nhserver

port+2673 firstcall42 - First Call 42  

port+2674 ewnn - ewnn

port+2675 ttc-etap - TTC ETAP

port+2676 simslink - SIMSLink

port+2677 gadgetgate1way - Gadget Gate 1 Way

port+2678 gadgetgate2way - Gadget Gate 2 Way

port+2679 syncserverssl - Sync Server SSL

port+2680 pxc-sapxom - pxc-sapxom

port+2681 mpnjsomb - mpnjsomb

port+2682 srsp - SRSP

port+2683 ncdloadbalance - NCDLoadBalance  

port+2684 mpnjsosv - mpnjsosv

port+2685 mpnjsocl - mpnjsocl

port+2686 mpnjsomg - mpnjsomg

port+2687 pq-lic-mgmt - pq-lic-mgmt

port+2688 md-cg-http - md-cf-http

port+2689 fastlynx - FastLynx

port+2690 hp-nnm-data - HP NNM Embedded Database

port+2691 itinternet - IT Internet

port+2692 admins-lms - Admins LMS

port+2693 belarc-http - belarc-http

port+2694 pwrsevent - pwrsevent 

port+2695 vspread - VSPREAD

port+2696 unifyadmin - Unify Admin

port+2697 oce-snmp-trap - Oce SNMP Trap port+

port+2698 mck-ivpip - MCK-IVPIP

port+2699 csoft-plusclnt - Csoft Plus Client

port+27 nsw-fe - NSW User System FE

port+2700 tqdata - tqdata

port+27000 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27001 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27002 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27003 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27004 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27005 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27006 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27007 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27008 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+27009 flex-lm - FLEX LM (1-10)

port+2701 sms-rcinfo - SMS RCINFO

port+2702 sms-xfer - SMS XFER

port+2703 sms-chat - SMS CHAT

port+2704 sms-remctrl - SMS REMCTRL

port+2705 sds-admin - SDS Admin

port+2706 ncdmirroring - NCD Mirroring

port+2707 emcsymapiport+- EMCSYMAPIport+

port+2708 banyan-net - Banyan-Net

port+2709 supermon - Supermon

port+2710 sso-service - SSO Service

port+2711 sso-control - SSO Control

port+2712 aocp - Axapta Object Communication Protocol

port+2713 raven1 - Raven1

port+2714 raven2 - Raven2

port+2715 hpstgmgr2 - HPSTGMGR2

port+2716 inova-ip-disco - Inova IP Disco

port+2784 www-dev - world wide web - development

port+2785 aic-np - aic-np

port+2786 aic-oncrpc - aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database

port+2787 piccolo - piccolo - Cornerstone Software

port+2788 fryeserv - NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software

port+2789 media-agent - Media Agent

port+27999 tw-auth-key - TW Authentication/Key Distribution and  

port+280 http-mgmt - http-mgmt

port+281 personal-link - Personal Link

port+282 cableport-ax - Cable port+A/X

port+2828 itm-lm - ITM License Manager  

port+283 rescap - rescap

port+29 msg-icp - MSG ICP

port+2908 mao - mao

port+2909 funk-dialout - Funk Dialout

port+2910 tdaccess - TDAccess

port+2911 blockade - Blockade

port+2912 epicon - Epicon

port+2913 boosterware - Booster Ware

port+2914 gamelobby - Game Lobby

port+2915 tksocket - TK Socket

port+2916 elvin_server - Elvin Server

port+2917 elvin_client - Elvin Client

port+2918 kastenchasepad - Kasten Chase Pad

port+2971 netclip - Net Clip

port+2972 pmsm-webrctl - PMSM Webrctl

port+2973 svnetworks - SV Networks

port+2974 signal - Signal

port+2975 fjmpcm - Fujitsu Configuration Management Service

port+2976 cns-srv-port+- CNS Server port+

port+2977 ttc-etap-ns - TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS

port+2978 ttc-etap-ds - TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS

port+2979 h263-video - H.263 Video Streaming  

port+2980 wimd - Instant Messaging Service

port+2981 mylxamport+- MYLXAMport+

port+2989 rat - Rat TROJAN

port+2998 realsecure - Real Secure

port+3 compressnet - Compression Process

port+3000 hbci - HBCI (or remoteware-cl - RemoteWare Client)

port+3001 redwood-broker - Redwood Broker

port+3002 remoteware-srv - RemoteWare Server (or EXLM Agent)

port+3003 cgms - CGMS

port+3004 csoftragent - Csoft Agent

port+3005 geniuslm - Genius License Manager

port+3006 ii-admin - Instant Internet Admin

port+3007 lotusmtap - Lotus Mail Tracking Agent Protocol

port+3008 midnight-tech - Midnight Technologies

port+3009 pxc-ntfy - PXC-NTFY

port+3010 gw - Telerate Workstation

port+3011 trusted-web - Trusted Web

port+3012 twsdss - Trusted Web Client

port+3013 gilatskysurfer - Gilat Sky Surfer

port+3014 broker_service - Broker Service

port+3015 nati-dstp - NATI DSTP

port+3016 notify_srvr - Notify Server

port+3017 event_listener - Event Listener

port+3018 srvc_registry - Service Registry

port+3019 resource_mgr - Resource Manager

port+3020 cifs - CIFS

port+3021 agriserver - AGRI Server

port+3022 csregagent - CSREGAGENT

port+3023 magicnotes - magicnotes

port+3024 nds_sso - NDS_SSO

port+3025 arepa-raft - Arepa Raft  

port+3026 agri-gateway - AGRI Gateway

port+3027 LiebDevMgmt_C - LiebDevMgmt_C

port+3028 LiebDevMgmt_DM - LiebDevMgmt_DM

port+3029 LiebDevMgmt_A - LiebDevMgmt_A

port+3030 arepa-cas - Arepa Cas

port+3031 agentvu - AgentVU  

port+3032 redwood-chat - Redwood Chat

port+3033 pdb - PDB

port+3034 osmosis-aeea - Osmosis AEEA

port+3035 fjsv-gssagt - FJSV gssagt

port+3036 hagel-dump - Hagel DUMP

port+3037 hp-san-mgmt - HP SAN Mgmt

port+3038 santak-ups - Santak UPS

port+3039 cogitate - Cogitate, Inc.

port+3040 tomato-springs - Tomato Springs

port+3041 di-traceware - di-traceware

port+3042 journee - journee

port+3043 brp - BRP

port+3044 msexch-routing - msexch-routing

port+3045 responsenet - ResponseNet

port+3046 di-ase - di-ase

port+3047 hlserver - Fast Security HL Server

port+3048 pctrader - Sierra Net PC Trader

port+3049 nsws - NSWS

port+3050 gds_db - gds_db

port+3051 galaxy-server - Galaxy Server

port+3052 apcpcns - APCPCNS

port+3053 dsom-server - dsom-server

port+3054 amt-cnf-prot - AMT CNF PROT

port+3055 policyserver - Policy Server

port+3056 cdl-server - CDL Server

port+3057 goahead-fldup - GoAhead FldUp

port+3058 videobeans - videobeans

port+3059 qsoft - qsoft

port+3060 interserver - interserver

port+3061 cautcpd - cautcpd

port+3062 ncacn-ip-tcp - ncacn-ip-tcp

port+3063 ncadg-ip-udp - ncadg-ip-udp

port+308 novastorbakcup - Novastor Backup

port+3080 stm_pproc - stm_pproc

port+309 entrusttime - EntrustTime

port+31 msg-auth - MSG Authentication

port+310 bhmds - bhmds

port+3105 cardbox - Cardbox

port+3106 cardbox-http - Cardbox HTTP

port+311 asip-webadmin - AppleShare IP WebAdmin

port+312 vslmp - VSLMP

port+313 magenta-logic - Magenta Logic

port+3130 icpv2 - ICPv2

port+3131 netbookmark - Net Book Mark

port+31337 bo - Back Orifice TROJAN (or Netpatch TROJAN)

port+31338 deepbo - Deep Back Orifice TROJAN

port+314 opalis-robot - Opalis Robot

port+3141 vmodem - VMODEM

port+3142 rdc-wh-eos - RDC WH EOS

port+3143 seaview - Sea View

port+3144 tarantella - Tarantella

port+3145 csi-lfap - CSI-LFAP

port+3147 rfio - RFIO

port+3148 nm-game-admin - NetMike Game Administrator

port+3149 nm-game-server - NetMike Game Server

port+315 dpsi - DPSI

port+3150 nm-asses-admin - NetMike Assessor Administrator

port+3151 nm-assessor - NetMike Assessor

port+316 decauth - decAuth

port+317 zannet - Zannet

port+318 pkix-timestamp - PKIX TimeStamp

port+3180 mc-brk-srv - Millicent Broker Server

port+3181 bmcpatrolagent - BMC Patrol Agent

port+3182 bmcpatrolrnvu - BMC Patrol Rendezvous

port+319 ptp-event - PTP Event

port+320 ptp-general - PTP General

port+321 pip - PIP

port+322 rtsps - RTSPS

port+3264 ccmail - cc:mail/lotus

port+3265 altav-tunnel - Altav Tunnel

port+3266 ns-cfg-server - NS CFG Server

port+3267 ibm-dial-out - IBM Dial Out

port+3268 msft-gc - Microsoft Global Catalog

port+3269 msft-gc-ssl - Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL

port+3270 verismart - Verismart

port+3271 csoft-prev - CSoft Prev port+

port+3272 user-manager - Fujitsu User Manager

port+3273 sxmp - Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol

port+3274 ordinox-server - Ordinox Server

port+3275 samd - SAMD

port+3276 maxim-asics - Maxim ASICs

port+32768 filenet-tms - Filenet TMS

port+32769 filenet-rpc - Filenet RPC

port+3277 awg-proxy - AWG Proxy

port+32770 filenet-nch - Filenet NCH

port+3278 lkcmserver - LKCM Server

port+3279 admind - admind

port+3280 vs-server - VS Server

port+3281 sysopt - SYSOPT

port+3282 datusorb - Datusorb

port+3283 net-assistant - Net Assistant

port+3284 4talk - 4Talk

port+3285 plato - Plato

port+3286 e-net - E-Net

port+3287 directvdata - DIRECTVDATA

port+3288 cops - COPS

port+3289 enpc - ENPC

port+3290 caps-lm - CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM

port+3291 sah-lm - S A Holditch & Associates - LM

port+3292 cart-o-rama - Cart O Rama

port+3293 fg-fps - fg-fps

port+3294 fg-gip - fg-gip

port+3295 dyniplookup - Dynamic IP Lookup

port+3296 rib-slm - Rib License Manager

port+3297 cytel-lm - Cytel License Manager

port+3298 transview - Transview

port+3299 pdrncs - pdrncs

port+33 dsp - Display Support+Protocol

port+3300 sap r/3 - SAP R/3 (unauthorized use)

port+3301 sap r/3 - SAP R/3 (unauthorized use)

port+3302 mcs-fastmail - MCS Fastmail

port+3303 opsession-clnt - OP Session Client

port+3304 opsession-srvr - OP Session Server

port+3305 odette-ftp - ODETTE-FTP

port+3306 mysql - MySQL

port+3307 opsession-prxy - OP Session Proxy

port+3308 tns-server - TNS Server

port+3309 tns-adv - TNS ADV

port+3310 dyna-access - Dyna Access

port+3311 mcns-tel-ret - MCNS Tel Ret

port+3312 appman-server - Application Management Server

port+3313 uorb - Unify Object Broker

port+3314 uohost - Unify Object Host

port+3315 cdid - CDID

port+3316 aicc-cmi - AICC/CMI

port+3317 vsaiport+- VSAI port+

port+3318 ssrip - Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol

port+3319 sdt-lmd - SDT License Manager

port+3320 officelink2000 - Office Link 2000

port+3321 vnsstr - VNSSTR

port+3322 active-net - Active Networks

port+3323 active-net - Active Networks

port+3324 active-net - Active Networks

port+3325 active-net - Active Networks

port+3326 sftu - SFTU

port+3327 bbars - BBARS

port+3328 egptlm - Eaglepoint License Manager

port+3329 hp-device-disc - HP Device Disc

port+3330 mcs-calypsoicf - MCS Calypso ICF

port+3331 mcs-messaging - MCS Messaging

port+3332 mcs-mailsvr - MCS Mail Server

port+3333 dec-notes - DEC Notes

port+3334 directv-web - Direct TV Webcasting

port+3335 directv-soft - Direct TV Software Updates

port+3336 directv-tick - Direct TV Tickers

port+3337 directv-catlg - Direct TV Data Catalog

port+3338 anet-b - OMF data b

port+3339 anet-l - OMF data l

port+3340 anet-m - OMF data m

port+3341 anet-h - OMF data h

port+3342 webtie - WebTIE

port+3343 ms-cluster-net - MS Cluster Net

port+33434 traceroute - traceroute use

port+3344 bnt-manager - BNT Manager

port+3345 influence - Influence

port+3346 trnsprntproxy - Trnsprnt Proxy

port+3347 phoenix-rpc - Phoenix RPC

port+3348 pangolin-laser - Pangolin Laser

port+3349 chevinservices - Chevin Services

port+3350 findviatv - FINDVIATV

port+3351 btrieve - BTRIEVE

port+3352 ssql - SSQL

port+3353 fatpipe - FATPIPE

port+3354 suitjd - SUITJD

port+3355 ordinox-dbase - Ordinox Dbase

port+3356 upnotifyps - UPNOTIFYPS

port+3357 adtech-test - Adtech Test IP

port+3358 mpsysrmsvr - Mp Sys Rmsvr

port+3359 wg-netforce - WG NetForce

port+3360 kv-server - KV Server

port+3361 kv-agent - KV Agent  

port+3362 dj-ilm - DJ ILM

port+3363 nati-vi-server - NATI Vi Server

port+3364 creativeserver - Creative Server

port+3365 contentserver - Content Server

port+3366 creativepartnr - Creative Partner

port+3371 satvid-datalnk - Satellite Video Data Link

port+3372 satvid-datalnk - Satellite Video Data Link

port+3373 lavenir-lm - Lavenir License Manager

port+3374 cluster-disc - Cluster Disc

port+3375 satvid-datalnk - Satellite Video Data Link

port+3376 cdborker - CD Broker

port+3377 cogsys-lm - Cogsys Network License Manager

port+3378 wsicopy - WSICOPY

port+3379 socorfs - SOCORFS

port+3380 sns-channels - SNS Channels

port+3381 geneous - Geneous

port+3382 fujitsu-neat - Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function

port+3383 esp-lm - Enterprise Software Products License Manager

port+3384 hp-clic - Cluster Management Services

port+3385 qnxnetman - qnxnetman

port+3386 gprs-data - GPRS Data

port+3387 backroomnet - Back Room Net

port+3388 cbserver - CB Server

port+3389 ms-wbt-server - MS WBT Server

port+3390 dsc - Distributed Service Coordinator

port+3391 savant - SAVANT

port+3392 efi-lm - EFI License Management

port+3393 d2k-tapestry1 - D2K Tapestry Client to Server

port+3394 d2k-tapestry2 - D2K Tapestry Server to Server

port+3395 dyna-lm - Dyna License Manager (Elam)

port+3396 printer_agent - Printer Agent

port+3397 cloanto-lm - Cloanto License Manager

port+3398 mercantile - Mercantile

port+3399 csms - CSMS

port+3400 csms2 - CSMS2

port+3401 filecast - filecast

port+3421 bmap - Bull Apprise portmapper

port+344 pdap - Prospero Data Access Protocol

port+345 pawserv - Perf Analysis Workbench

port+3454 mira - Apple Remote Access Protocol

port+3455 prsvp - RSVP port+

port+3456 vat - VAT default data

port+3457 vat-control - VAT default control

port+3458 d3winosfi - D3WinOsfi

port+3459 integral - Integral

port+346 zserv - Zebra server

port+3460 edm-manager - EDM Manger

port+3461 edm-stager - EDM Stager

port+3462 edm-std-notify - EDM STD Notify

port+3463 edm-adm-notify - EDM ADM Notify

port+3464 edm-mgr-sync - EDM MGR Sync

port+3465 edm-mgr-cntrl - EDM MGR Cntrl

port+3466 workflow - WORKFLOW

port+3467 rcst - RCST

port+3468 ttcmremotectrl - TTCM Remote Controll

port+3469 pluribus - Pluribus

port+347 fatserv - Fatmen Server

port+3470 jt400 - jt400

port+3471 jt400-ssl - jt400-ssl

port+348 csi-sgwp - Cabletron Management Protocol

port+349 mftp - mftp

port+35 - any private printer server

port+350 matip-type-a - MATIP Type A

port+351 bhoetty - bhoetty

port+352 bhoedap4 - bhoedap4  

port+353 ndsauth - NDSAUTH

port+354 bh611 - bh611

port+355 datex-asn - DATEX-ASN

port+356 cloanto-net-1 - Cloanto Net 1

port+3563 watcomdebug - Watcom Debug

port+357 bhevent - bhevent

port+358 shrinkwrap - Shrinkwrap

port+359 tenebris_nts - Tenebris Network Trace Service

port+360 scoi2odialog - scoi2odialog

port+361 semantix - Semantix

port+362 srssend - SRS Send

port+363 rsvp_tunnel - RSVP Tunnel

port+364 aurora-cmgr - Aurora CMGR

port+365 dtk - DTK

port+366 odmr - ODMR

port+367 mortgageware - MortgageWare

port+3672 harlequinorb - harlequinorb

port+368 qbikgdp - QbikGDP

port+36865 kastenxpipe - KastenX Pipe

port+369 rpc2portmap - rpc2portmap  

port+37 time - Time

port+370 codaauth2 - codaauth2

port+371 clearcase - Clearcase

port+372 ulistproc - ListProcessor

port+373 legent-1 - Legent Corporation

port+374 legent-2 - Legent Corporation

port+375 hassle - Hassle

port+376 nip - Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto  

port+377 tnETOS - NEC Corporation

port+378 dsETOS - NEC Corporation

port+379 is99c - TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client

port+38 rap - Route Access Protocol

port+380 is99s - TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server

port+381 hp-collector - hp performance data collector

port+382 hp-managed-node - hp performance data managed node

port+383 hp-alarm-mgr - hp performance data alarm manager

port+384 arns - A Remote Network Server System

port+385 ibm-app - IBM Application

port+386 asa - ASA Message Router Object Def.

port+387 aurp - Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.

port+388 unidata-ldm - Unidata LDM Version 4

port+389 ldap - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

port+39 rlp - Resource Location Protocol

port+390 uis - UIS

port+3900 udt_os - Unidata UDT OS

port+391 synotics-relay - SynOptics SNMP Relay port+

port+392 synotics-broker - SynOptics port+Broker port+

port+393 dis - Data Interpretation System

port+394 embl-ndt - EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer

port+395 netcp - NETscout Control Protocol

port+396 netware-ip - Novell Netware over IP

port+397 mptn - Multi Protocol Trans. Net.

port+398 kryptolan - Kryptolan

port+3984 mapper-nodemgr - MAPPER network node manager

port+3985 mapper-mapethd - MAPPER TCP/IP server

port+3986 mapper-ws_ethd - MAPPER workstation server

port+3987 centerline - Centerline

port+399 iso-tsap-c2 - ISO Transport+Class 2 Non-Control over TCP

port+400 work-sol - Workstation Solutions

port+4000 terabase - Terabase (or ICQ)

port+4001 newoak - NewOak

port+4002 pxc-spvr-ft - pxc-spvr-ft

port+4003 pxc-splr-ft - pxc-splr-ft

port+4004 pxc-roid - pxc-roid

port+4005 pxc-pin - pxc-pin

port+4006 pxc-spvr - pxc-spvr

port+4007 pxc-splr - pxc-splr

port+4008 netcheque - NetCheque accounting  

port+4009 chimera-hwm - Chimera HWM

port+401 ups - Uninterruptible Power Supply

port+4010 samsung-unidex - Samsung Unidex

port+4011 altserviceboot - Alternate Service Boot

port+4012 pda-gate - PDA Gate

port+4013 acl-manager - ACL Manager

port+4014 taiclock - TAICLOCK

port+4015 talarian-mcast1 - Talarian Mcast

port+4016 talarian-mcast2 - Talarian Mcast

port+4017 talarian-mcast3 - Talarian Mcast

port+4018 talarian-mcast4 - Talarian Mcast

port+4019 talarian-mcast5 - Talarian Mcast

port+402 genie - Genie Protocol

port+403 decap - decap

port+404 nced - nced

port+40421 mp - Master's Paradise (hacked) TROJAN

port+40422 mp - Master's Paradise (hacked) TROJAN

port+40423 mp - Master's Paradise (hacked) TROJAN

port+40424 mp - Master's Paradise (hacked) TROJAN

port+40425 mp - Master's Paradise (hacked) TROJAN

port+405 ncld - ncld

port+406 imsp - Interactive Mail Support+Protocol

port+407 timbuktu - Timbuktu

port+408 prm-sm - Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.

port+409 prm-nm - Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.

port+4096 bre - BRE (Bridge Relay Element)

port+4097 patrolview - Patrol View

port+4098 drmsfsd - drmsfsd

port+4099 dpcp - DPCP

port+41 graphics - Graphics

port+410 decladebug - DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol

port+411 rmt - Remote MT Protocol

port+412 synoptics-trap - Trap Convention port+

port+413 smsp - SMSP

port+4132 nuts_dem - NUTS Daemon

port+4133 nuts_bootp - NUTS Bootp Server

port+4134 nifty-hmi - NIFTY-Serve HMI protocol

port+414 infoseek - InfoSeek

port+4141 oirtgsvc - Workflow Server

port+4142 oidocsvc - Document Server

port+4143 oidsr - Document Replication

port+4144 compuserve - Compuserve (UNOFFICIALLY)

port+415 bnet - BNet

port+416 silverplatter - Silverplatter

port+4160 jini-discovery - Jini Discovery

port+417 onmux - Onmux

port+418 hyper-g - Hyper-G

port+419 ariel1 - Ariel

port+42 name - Host Name Server

port+420 smpte - SMPTE

port+4200 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4201 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4202 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4203 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4204 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4205 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4206 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4207 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4208 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4209 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+421 ariel2 - Ariel

port+4210 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4211 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4212 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4213 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4214 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4215 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4216 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4217 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4218 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4219 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+422 ariel3 - Ariel

port+4220 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4221 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4222 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4223 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4224 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4225 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4226 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4227 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4228 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4229 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+423 opc-job-start - IBM Operations Planning and Control Start

port+4230 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4231 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4232 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4233 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4234 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4235 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4236 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4237 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4238 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4239 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+424 opc-job-track - IBM Operations Planning and Control Track

port+4240 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4241 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4242 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4243 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4244 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4245 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4246 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4247 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4248 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4249 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+425 icad-el - ICAD

port+4250 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4251 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4252 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4253 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4254 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4255 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4256 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4257 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4258 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4259 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+426 smartsdp - smartsdp

port+4260 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4261 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4262 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4263 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4264 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4265 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4266 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4267 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4268 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4269 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+427 svrloc - Server Location

port+4270 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4271 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4272 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4273 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4274 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4275 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4276 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4277 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4278 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4279 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+428 ocs_cmu - OCS_CMU

port+4280 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4281 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4282 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4283 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4284 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4285 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4286 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4287 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4288 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4289 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+429 ocs_amu - OCS_AMU

port+4290 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4291 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4292 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4293 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4294 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4295 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4296 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4297 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4298 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+4299 vrml-multi-use - VRML Multi User Systems

port+43 nicname - Who Is

port+430 utmpsd - UTMPSD

port+4300 corelccam - Corel CCam

port+431 utmpcd - UTMPCD

port+43188 reachout - reachout

port+432 iasd - IASD

port+4321 rwhois - Remote Who Is

port+433 nnsp - NNSP

port+434 mobileip-agent - MobileIP-Agent

port+4343 unicall - UNICALL

port+4344 vinainstall - VinaInstall

port+4345 m4-network-as - Macro 4 Network AS

port+4346 elanlm - ELAN LM

port+4347 lansurveyor - LAN Surveyor

port+4348 itose - ITOSE

port+4349 fsportmap - File System port+Map

port+435 mobilip-mn - MobilIP-MN

port+4350 net-device - Net Device

port+4351 plcy-net-svcs - PLCY Net Services

port+4353 f5-iquery - F5 iQuery  

port+436 dna-cml - DNA-CML  

port+437 comscm - comscm

port+438 dsfgw - dsfgw

port+439 dasp - dasp

port+44 mpm-flags - MPM FLAGS Protocol

port+440 sgcp - sgcp

port+441 decvms-sysmgt - decvms-sysmgt

port+442 cvc_hostd - cvc_hostd

port+443 https - http protocol over TLS/SSL

port+444 snpp - Simple Network Paging Protocol [RFC1568]

port+4442 saris - Saris

port+4443 pharos - Pharos

port+4444 krb524 - KRB524 (or nv-video - NV Video default)

port+4445 upnotifyp - UPNOTIFYP

port+4446 n1-fwp - N1-FWP

port+4447 n1-rmgmt - N1-RMGMT

port+4448 asc-slmd - ASC Licence Manager

port+4449 privatewire - PrivateWire

port+445 microsoft-ds - Microsoft-DS

port+4450 camp - Camp

port+4451 ctisystemmsg - CTI System Msg

port+4452 ctiprogramload - CTI Program Load

port+4453 nssalertmgr - NSS Alert Manager

port+4454 nssagentmgr - NSS Agent Manager

port+4455 prchat-user - PR Chat User

port+4456 prchat-server - PR Chat Server

port+4457 prRegister - PR Register

port+446 ddm-rdb - DDM-RDB

port+447 ddm-dfm - DDM-RFM

port+448 ddm-ssl - DDM-SSL

port+44818 rockwell-encap - Rockwell Encapsulation

port+449 as-servermap - AS Server Mapper

port+45 mpm - Message Processing Module [recv]

port+450 tserver - TServer

port+4500 sae-urn - sae-urn

port+4501 urn-x-cdchoice - urn-x-cdchoice

port+451 sfs-smp-net - Cray Network Semaphore server

port+452 sfs-config - Cray SFS config server

port+453 creativeserver - CreativeServer

port+454 contentserver - ContentServer

port+4545 worldscores - WorldScores

port+4546 sf-lm - SF License Manager (Sentinel)

port+4547 lanner-lm - Lanner License Manager

port+455 creativepartnr - CreativePartnr

port+456 macon-tcp - macon-tcp

port+45678 eba - EBA PRISE

port+457 scohelp - scohelp

port+458 appleqtc - apple quick time

port+459 ampr-rcmd - ampr-rcmd

port+46 mpm-snd - MPM [default send]

port+460 skronk - skronk

port+4600 piranha1 - Piranha1

port+4601 piranha2 - Piranha2

port+461 datasurfsrv - DataRampSrv

port+462 datasurfsrvsec - DataRampSrvSec

port+463 alpes - alpes

port+464 kpasswd - kpasswd

port+466 digital-vrc - digital-vrc

port+467 mylex-mapd - mylex-mapd

port+4672 rfa - remote file access server

port+468 photuris - proturis

port+469 rcp - Radio Control Protocol

port+47 ni-ftp - NI FTP

port+470 scx-proxy - scx-proxy

port+471 mondex - Mondex

port+472 ljk-login - ljk-login

port+473 hybrid-pop - hybrid-pop

port+474 tn-tl-w1 - tn-tl-w1

port+475 tcpnethaspsrv - tcpnethaspsrv

port+47557 dbbrowse - Databeam Corporation

port+476 tn-tl-fd1 - tn-tl-fd1

port+47624 directplaysrvr - Direct Play Server

port+477 ss7ns - ss7ns

port+478 spsc - spsc

port+47806 ap - ALC Protocol

port+47808 bacnet - Building Automation and Control Networks

port+479 iafserver - iafserver

port+48 auditd - Digital Audit Daemon

port+480 iafdbase - iafdbase

port+4800 iims - Icona Instant Messenging System

port+48000 nimcontroller - Nimbus Controller

port+48001 nimspooler - Nimbus Spooler

port+48002 nimhub - Nimbus Hub

port+48003 nimgtw - Nimbus Gateway

port+4801 iwec - Icona Web Embedded Chat

port+4802 ilss - Icona License System Server

port+481 ph - Ph service

port+482 bgs-nsi - bgs-nsi

port+4827 htcp - HTCP

port+483 ulpnet - ulpnet

port+484 integra-sme - Integra Software Management Environment

port+485 powerburst - Air Soft Power Burst

port+486 avian - avian

port+4868 phrelay - Photon Relay

port+4869 phrelaydbg - Photon Relay Debug

port+487 saft - saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer

port+488 gss-http - gss-http

port+4885 abbs - ABBS

port+489 nest-protocol - nest-protocol

port+49 tacacs - Login Host Protocol (TACACS)

port+490 micom-pfs - micom-pfs

port+491 go-login - go-login

port+492 ticf-1 - Transport+Independent Convergence for FNA

port+493 ticf-2 - Transport+Independent Convergence for FNA

port+494 pov-ray - POV-Ray

port+495 intecourier - intecourier

port+496 pim-rp-disc - PIM-RP-DISC

port+497 dantz - dantz

port+498 siam - siam

port+499 iso-ill - ISO ILL Protocol

port+5 rje - Remote Job Entry

port+50 re-mail-ck - Remote Mail Checking Protocol

port+500 isakmp - isakmp

port+5000 commplex-main - commplex-main (or Sokets de Trois 1 TROJAN)

port+5001 commplex-link - commplex-link (or Sokets de Trois 1 TROJAN)

port+5002 rfe - radio free ethernet

port+5003 fmpro-internal - FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary transport+

port+5004 avt-profile-1 - avt-profile-1

port+5005 avt-profile-2 - avt-profile-2

port+501 stmf - STMF

port+5010 telelpathstart - TelepathStart

port+5011 telelpathattack - TelepathAttack

port+502 asa-appl-proto - asa-appl-proto

port+5020 zenginkyo-1 - zenginkyo-1

port+5021 zenginkyo-2 - zenginkyo-2

port+503 intrinsa - Intrinsa

port+504 citadel - citadel

port+5042 asnaacceler8db - asnaacceler8db

port+505 mailbox-lm - mailbox-lm

port+5050 mmcc - multimedia conference control tool

port+50505 sokets - Sokets de Trois 2 TROJAN

port+5051 ita-agent - ITA Agent

port+5052 ita-manager - ITA Manager

port+506 ohimsrv - ohimsrv

port+5060 sip - SIP

port+5069 i-net-2000-npr - I/Net 2000-NPR

port+507 crs - crs

port+508 xvttp - xvttp

port+509 snare - snare

port+51 la-maint - IMP Logical Address Maintenance

port+510 fcp - FirstClass Protocol

port+511 passgo - PassGo

port+512 exec - remote process execution authentication performed using passwords and UNIX loppgin names

port+513 login - remote login a la telnet; automatic authentication performed based on priviledged port+numbers and distributed data bases which identify "authentication domains"

port+514 shell - cmd like exec, but automatic authentication is performed as for login server

port+5145 rmonitor_secure - rmonitor_secure

port+515 printer - spooler

port+5150 atmp - Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol

port+5151 esri_sde - ESRI SDE Instance

port+5152 sde-discovery - ESRI SDE Instance Discovery

port+516 videotex - videotex

port+5165 ife_icorp - ife_1corp

port+517 talk - like tenex link, but across machine - unfortunately, doesn't use link protocol (this is actually just a rendezvous port+from which a tcp connection is established)

port+518 ntalk - ntalk

port+519 utime - unixtime

port+5190 aol - America-Online

port+5191 aol-1 - AmericaOnline1

port+5192 aol-2 - AmericaOnline2

port+5193 aol-3 - AmericaOnline3

port+52 xns-time - XNS Time Protocol

port+520 efs - extended file name server

port+5200 targus-aib1 - Targus AIB 1  

port+5201 targus-aib2 - Targus AIB 2  

port+5202 targus-tnts1 - Targus TNTS 1

port+5203 targus-tnts2 - Targus TNTS 2

port+521 ripng - ripng

port+522 ulp - ULP

port+523 ibm-db2 - IBM-DB2

port+5236 padl2sim - padl2sim

port+524 ncp - NCP

port+525 timed - timeserver

port+526 tempo - newdate

port+527 stx - Stock IXChange

port+5272 pk - PK

port+528 custix - Customer IXChange

port+529 irc-serv - IRC-SERV

port+53 domain - Domain Name Server

port+530 courier - rpc

port+5300 hacl-hb - HA cluster heartbeat

port+5301 hacl-gs - HA cluster general services

port+5302 hacl-cfg - HA cluster configuration

port+5303 hacl-probe - HA cluster probing

port+5304 hacl-local - HA Cluster Commands

port+5305 hacl-test - HA Cluster Test

port+5306 sun-mc-grp - Sun MC Group

port+5307 sco-aip - SCO AIP

port+5308 cfengine - CFengine

port+5309 jprinter - J Printer

port+531 conference - chat

port+5310 outlaws - Outlaws

port+5311 tmlogin - TM Login

port+532 netnews - readnews

port+533 netwall - for emergency broadcasts

port+534 mm-admin - MegaMedia Admin

port+535 iiop - iiop

port+536 opalis-rdv - opalis-rdv

port+537 nmsp - Networked Media Streaming Protocol

port+538 gdomap - gdomap

port+539 apertus-ldp - Apertus Technologies Load Determination

port+54 xns-ch - XNS Clearinghouse

port+540 uucp - uucpd           

port+5400 excerpt - Excerpt Search

port+5401 excerpts - Excerpt Search Secure

port+5402 mftp - MFTP

port+5403 hpoms-ci-lstn - HPOMS-CI-LSTN

port+5404 hpoms-dps-lstn - HPOMS-DPS-LSTN

port+5405 netsupport+- NetSupport+

port+5406 systemics-sox - Systemics Sox

port+5407 foresyte-clear - Foresyte-Clear

port+5408 foresyte-sec - Foresyte-Sec

port+5409 salient-dtasrv - Salient Data Server

port+541 uucp-rlogin - uucp-rlogin

port+5410 salient-usrmgr - Salient User Manager

port+5411 actnet - ActNet

port+5412 continuus - Continuus

port+5413 wwiotalk - WWIOTALK

port+5414 statusd - StatusD

port+5415 ns-server - NS Server

port+5416 sns-gateway - SNS Gateway

port+5417 sns-agent - SNS Agent

port+5418 mcntp - MCNTP

port+5419 dj-ice - DJ-ICE

port+542 commerce - commerce

port+5420 cylink-c - Cylink-C

port+543 klogin - klogin

port+54320 bo2k - Back Orifice 2000 TROJAN

port+54321 bo2k - Back Orifice 2000 TROJAN

port+544 kshell - krcmd

port+545 appleqtcsrvr - appleqtcsrvr

port+5454 apc-tcp-udp-4 - apc-tcp-udp-4

port+5455 apc-tcp-udp-5 - apc-tcp-udp-5

port+5456 apc-tcp-udp-6 - apc-tcp-udp-6

port+546 dhcpv6-client - DHCPv6 Client

port+547 dhcpv6-server - DHCPv6 Server

port+548 afpovertcp - AFP over TCP

port+549 idfp - IDFP

port+55 isi-gl - ISI Graphics Language

port+550 new-rwho - new-who

port+5500 fcp-addr-srvr1 - fcp-addr-srvr1

port+5501 fcp-addr-srvr2 - fcp-addr-srvr2

port+5502 fcp-srvr-inst1 - fcp-srvr-inst1

port+5503 fcp-srvr-inst2 - fcp-srvr-inst2

port+5504 fcp-cics-gw1 - fcp-cics-gw1

port+551 cybercash - cybercash

port+552 deviceshare - deviceshare

port+553 pirp - pirp

port+554 rtsp - Real Time Stream Control Protocol

port+555 dsf - dsf (or Stealth Spy TROJAN)

port+5555 personal-agent - Personal Agent (or HP Omniback)

port+556 remotefs - rfs server

port+557 openvms-sysipc - openvms-sysipc

port+558 sdnskmp - SDNSKMP

port+559 teedtap - TEEDTAP

port+5599 esinstall - Enterprise Security Remote Install

port+56 xns-auth - XNS Authentication

port+560 rmonitor - rmonitord

port+5600 esmmanager - Enterprise Security Manager

port+5601 esmagent - Enterprise Security Agent

port+5602 a1-msc - A1-MSC

port+5603 a1-bs - A1-BS

port+5604 a3-sdunode - A3-SDUNode

port+5605 a4-sdunode - A4-SDUNode

port+561 monitor - monitor

port+562 chshell - chcmd

port+563 nntps - nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)

port+5631 pcanywheredata - pcANYWHEREdata

port+5632 pcanywherestat - pcANYWHEREstat

port+564 9pfs - plan 9 file service

port+565 whoami - whoami

port+566 streettalk - streettalk

port+567 banyan-rpc - banyan-rpc

port+5678 rrac - Remote Replication Agent Connection

port+5679 dccm - Direct Cable Connect Manager

port+568 ms-shuttle - microsoft shuttle

port+569 ms-rome - microsoft rome

port+57 - any private terminal access

port+570 meter - demon

port+571 meter - udemon

port+5713 proshareaudio - proshare conf audio

port+5714 prosharevideo - proshare conf video

port+5715 prosharedata - proshare conf data  

port+5716 prosharerequest - proshare conf request

port+5717 prosharenotify - proshare conf notify  

port+572 sonar - sonar

port+5729 openmail - Openmail User Agent Layer

port+573 banyan-vip - banyan-vip

port+574 ftp-agent - FTP Software Agent System

port+5741 ida-discover1 - IDA Discover port+1

port+5742 ida-discover2 - IDA Discover port+2

port+5745 fcopy-server - fcopy-server

port+5746 fcopys-server - fcopys-server

port+575 vemmi - VEMMI

port+5755 openmailg - OpenMail Desk Gateway server

port+5757 x500ms - OpenMail X.500 Directory Server

port+576 ipcd - ipcd

port+5766 openmailns - OpenMail NewMail Server

port+5767 s-openmail - OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)

port+5768 openmailpxy - OpenMail CMTS Server

port+577 vnas - vnas

port+578 ipdd - ipdd

port+579 decbsrv - decbsrv

port+58 xns-mail - XNS Mail

port+580 sntp-heartbeat - SNTP HEARTBEAT

port+581 bdp - Bundle Discovery Protocol

port+582 scc-security - SCC Security

port+583 philips-vc - Philips Video-Conferencing

port+584 keyserver - Key Server

port+585 imap4-ssl - IMAP4+SSL (use 993 instead)

port+586 password-chg - Password Change

port+587 submission - Submission

port+588 cal - CAL

port+589 eyelink - EyeLink

port+59 - any private file service

port+590 tns-cml - TNS CML

port+591 http-alt - FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see port+80)

port+592 eudora-set - Eudora Set

port+593 http-rpc-epmap - HTTP RPC Ep Map

port+594 tpip - TPIP

port+595 cab-protocol - CAB Protocol

port+596 smsd - SMSD

port+5968 mppolicy-v5 - mppolicy-v5

port+5969 mppolicy-mgr - mppolicy-mgr

port+597 ptcnameservice - PTC Name Service

port+598 sco-websrvrmg3 - SCO Web Server Manager 3

port+599 acp - Aeolon Core Protocol

port+600 ipcserver - Sun IPC server

port+6000 x11 - X Windows System

port+6001 x11 - X Windows System

port+6002 x11 - X Windows System

port+6003 x11 - X Windows System

port+606 urm - Cray Unified Resource Manager

port+607 nqs - nqs

port+608 sift-uft - Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer  

port+609 npmp-trap - npmp-trap

port+61 ni-mail - NI MAIL

port+610 npmp-local - npmp-local

port+611 npmp-gui - npmp-gui

port+6110 softcm - HP SoftBench CM

port+6111 spc - HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control

port+6112 dtspcd - dtspcd

port+612 hmmp-ind - HMMP Indication

port+6123 backup-express - Backup Express

port+613 hmmp-op - HMMP Operation

port+614 sshell - SSLshell

port+6141 meta-corp - Meta Corporation License Manager

port+6142 aspentec-lm - Aspen Technology License Manager

port+6143 watershed-lm - Watershed License Manager

port+6144 statsci1-lm - StatSci License Manager - 1

port+6145 statsci2-lm - StatSci License Manager - 2

port+6146 lonewolf-lm - Lone Wolf Systems License Manager

port+6147 montage-lm - Montage License Manager

port+6148 ricardo-lm - Ricardo North America License Manager

port+6149 tal-pod - tal-pod  

port+615 sco-inetmgr - Internet Configuration Manager

port+616 sco-sysmgr - SCO System Administration Server

port+617 sco-dtmgr - SCO Desktop Administration Server

port+618 dei-icda - DEI-ICDA

port+619 digital-evm - Digital EVM

port+62 acas - ACA Services

port+620 sco-websrvrmgr - SCO WebServer Manager

port+621 escp-ip - ESCP

port+622 collaborator - Collaborator

port+623 aux_bus_shunt - Aux Bus Shunt

port+624 cryptoadmin - Crypto Admin

port+625 dec_dlm - DEC DLM

port+6253 crip - CRIP

port+626 asia - ASIA

port+627 passgo-tivoli - PassGo Tivoli

port+628 qmqp - QMQP

port+629 3com-amp3 - 3Com AMP3

port+63 whois++ - whois++

port+630 rda - RDA

port+631 ipp - IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)

port+632 bmpp - bmpp

port+633 servstat - Service Status update (Sterling Software)

port+634 ginad - ginad

port+635 rlzdbase - RLZ DBase

port+636 ldaps - ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)

port+637 lanserver - lanserver

port+638 mcns-sec - mcns-sec

port+6389 clariion-evr01 - clariion-evr01

port+639 msdp - MSDP

port+64 covia - Communications Integrator (CI)

port+640 entrust-sps - entrust-sps

port+641 repcmd - repcmd

port+642 esro-emsdp - ESRO-EMSDP V1.3

port+643 sanity - SANity

port+644 dwr - dwr

port+645 pssc - PSSC

port+6455 skip-cert-recv - SKIP Certificate Receive

port+646 ldp - LDP

port+647 dhcp-failover - DHCP Failover

port+6471 lvision-lm - LVision License Manager

port+648 rrp - Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP)

port+649 aminet - Aminet

port+65 tacacs-ds - TACACS-Database Service

port+650 obex - OBEX

port+6500 boks - BoKS Master

port+65000 devil - Devil TROJANrfc+2292 Advanced Sockets API for IPv6. W. Stevens, M. Thomas. February 1998. (Format: TXT=152077 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

port+6501 boks_servc - BoKS Servc

port+6502 boks_servm - BoKS Servm

port+6503 boks_clntd - BoKS Clntd

port+6505 badm_priv - BoKS Admin Private port+

port+6506 badm_pub - BoKS Admin Public port+

port+6507 bdir_priv - BoKS Dir Server, Private port+

port+6508 bdir_pub - BoKS Dir Server, Public port+

port+651 ieee-mms - IEEE MMS

port+652 udlr-dtcp - UDLR_DTCP  

port+653 repscmd - RepCmd

port+654 aodv - AODV

port+6547 apc-tcp-udp-1 - apc-tcp-udp-1

port+6548 apc-tcp-udp-2 - apc-tcp-udp-2

port+6549 apc-tcp-udp-3 - apc-tcp-udp-3

port+655 tinc - TINC

port+6550 fg-sysupdate - fg-sysupdate

port+6558 xdsxdm - xdsxdm

port+656 spmp - SPMP

port+657 rmc - RMC

port+658 tenfold - TenFold

port+659 url-rendezvous - URL Rendezvous

port+66 sql*net - Oracle SQL*NET

port+660 mac-srvr-admin - MacOS Server Admin

port+661 hap - HAP

port+662 pftp - PFTP

port+663 purenoise - PureNoise

port+666 doom - doom Id Software (or mdqs or FTP TROJAN)

port+6665 ircu - IRCU (IRCD/IRC/Internet Relay Chat)

port+6666 ircu - IRCU (IRCD/IRC/Internet Relay Chat)

port+6667 ircu - IRCU (IRCD/IRC/Internet Relay Chat)

port+6668 ircu - IRCU (IRCD/IRC/Internet Relay Chat)

port+6669 ircu - IRCU (IRCD/IRC/Internet Relay Chat)

port+667 disclose - campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies

port+6670 vocaltec-gold - Vocaltec Global Online Directory

port+6672 vision_server - vision_server

port+6673 vision_elmd - vision_elmd

port+668 mecomm - MeComm

port+669 meregister - MeRegister

port+67 bootps - Bootstrap Protocol Server

port+670 vacdsm-sws - VACDSM-SWS

port+6701 kti-icad-srvr - KTI/ICAD Nameserver

port+671 vacdsm-app - VACDSM-APP

port+672 vpps-qua - VPPS-QUA

port+673 cimplex - CIMPLEX

port+674 acap - ACAP

port+675 dctp - DCTP

port+676 vpps-via - VPPS Via

port+677 vpp - Virtual Presence Protocol  

port+678 ggf-ncp - GNU Gereration Foundation NCP

port+679 mrm - MRM

port+6790 hnmp - HNMP

port+68 bootpc - Bootstrap Protocol Client

port+680 entrust-aaas - entrust-aaas  

port+681 entrust-aams - entrust-aams

port+682 xfr - XFR

port+683 corba-iiop - CORBA IIOP  

port+6831 ambit-lm - ambit-lm

port+684 corba-iiop-ssl - CORBA IIOP SSL

port+6841 netmo-default - Netmo Default

port+6842 netmo-http - Netmo HTTP

port+685 mdc-portmapper - MDC port+Mapper

port+686 hcp-wismar - Hardware Control Protocol Wismar

port+687 asipregistry - asipregistry

port+688 realm-rusd - REALM-RUSD

port+69 tftp - Trivial File Transfer

port+6961 jmact3 - JMACT3

port+6962 jmevt2 - jmevt2

port+6963 swismgr1 - swismgr1

port+6964 swismgr2 - swismgr2

port+6965 swistrap - swistrap

port+6966 swispol - swispol

port+6969 acmsoda - acmsoda

port+6998 iatp-highpri - IATP-highPri

port+6999 iatp-normalpri - IATP-normalPri

port+7 echo - Echo

port+70 gopher - Gopher

port+7000 afs3-fileserver - file server itself

port+7001 afs3-callback - callbacks to cache managers

port+7002 afs3-prserver - users & groups database

port+7003 afs3-vlserver - volume location database

port+7004 afs3-kaserver - AFS/Kerberos authentication service

port+7005 afs3-volser - volume managment server

port+7006 afs3-errors - error interpretation service

port+7007 afs3-bos - basic overseer process

port+7008 afs3-update - server-to-server updater

port+7009 afs3-rmtsys - remote cache manager service

port+7010 ups-onlinet - onlinet uninterruptable power supplies

port+7011 talon-disc - Talon Discovery port+

port+7012 talon-engine - Talon Engine

port+7020 dpserve - DP Serve

port+7021 dpserveadmin - DP Serve Admin

port+704 elcsd - errlog copy/server daemon

port+705 agentx - AgentX

port+707 borland-dsj - Borland DSJ

port+7070 arcp - ARCP

port+709 entrust-kmsh - Entrust Key Management Service Handler

port+7099 lazy-ptop - lazy-ptop

port+71 netrjs-1 - Remote Job Service

port+710 entrust-ash - Entrust Administration Service Handler

port+7100 font-service - X Font Service

port+711 cisco-tdp - Cisco TDP

port+7121 virprot-lm - Virtual Prototypes License Manager

port+7174 clutild - Clutild

port+72 netrjs-2 - Remote Job Service

port+7200 fodms - FODMS FLIP

port+7201 dlip - DLIP

port+729 netviewdm1 - IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client

port+73 netrjs-3 - Remote Job Service

port+730 netviewdm2 - IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp

port+7300 netmon - Net Monitor TROJAN (or swx - The Swiss Exchange)

port+7301 netmon - Net Monitor TROJAN (or swx - The Swiss Exchange)

port+7302 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7303 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7304 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7305 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7306 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7307 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7308 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7309 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+731 netviewdm3 - IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp

port+7310 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7311 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7312 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7313 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7314 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7315 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7316 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7317 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7318 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7319 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7320 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7321 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7322 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7323 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7324 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7325 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7326 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7327 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7328 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7329 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7330 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7331 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7332 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7333 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7334 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7335 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7336 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7337 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7338 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7339 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7340 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7341 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7342 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7343 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7344 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7345 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7346 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7347 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7348 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7349 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7350 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7351 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7352 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7353 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7354 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7355 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7356 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7357 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7358 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7359 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7360 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7361 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7362 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7363 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7364 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7365 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7366 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7367 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7368 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7369 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7370 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7371 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7372 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7373 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7374 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7375 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7376 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7377 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7378 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7379 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7380 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7381 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7382 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7383 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7384 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7385 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7386 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7387 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7388 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7389 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7390 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7391 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7392 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7393 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7394 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7395 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7396 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7397 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7398 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+7399 swx - The Swiss Exchange

port+74 netrjs-4 - Remote Job Service

port+741 netgw - netGW

port+742 netrcs - Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.

port+7426 pmdmgr - OpenView DM Postmaster Manager

port+7427 oveadmgr - OpenView DM Event Agent Manager

port+7428 ovladmgr - OpenView DM Log Agent Manager

port+7429 opi-sock - OpenView DM rqt communication

port+7430 xmpv7 - OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe

port+7431 pmd - OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe

port+7437 faximum - Faximum

port+744 flexlm - Flexible License Manager

port+747 fujitsu-dev - Fujitsu Device Control

port+748 ris-cm - Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager

port+749 kerberos-adm - kerberos administration

port+7491 telops-lmd - telops-lmd

port+75 - any private dial out service

port+750 rfile - rfile

port+751 pump - pump

port+7511 pafec-lm - pafec-lm

port+752 qrh - qrh

port+753 rrh - rrh

port+754 tell - send

port+7544 nta-ds - FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer

port+7545 nta-us - FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer

port+7566 vsi-omega - VSI Omega 

port+7570 aries-kfinder - Aries Kfinder

port+758 nlogin - nlogin

port+7588 sun-lm - Sun License Manager

port+759 con - con

port+76 deos - Distributed External Object Store

port+760 ns - ns

port+761 rxe - rxe

port+762 quotad - quotad

port+763 cycleserv - cycleserv

port+7633 pmdfmgt - PMDF Management

port+764 omserv - omserv

port+765 webster - webster

port+767 phonebook - phone

port+769 vid - vid

port+77 - any private RJE service

port+770 cadlock - cadlock

port+771 rtip - rtip

port+772 cycleserv2 - cycleserv2

port+773 submit - submit

port+774 rpasswd - rpasswd

port+775 entomb - entomb

port+776 wpages - wpages

port+777 multiling-http - Multiling HTTP

port+7777 cbt - cbt

port+7781 accu-lmgr - accu-lmgr

port+78 vettcp - vettcp

port+780 wpgs - wpgs

port+786 concert - Concert

port+787 qsc - QSC

port+79 finger - Finger

port+7932 t2-drm - Tier 2 Data Resource Manager

port+7933 t2-brm - Tier 2 Business Rules Manager

port+7967 supercell - Supercell

port+7980 quest-vista - Quest Vista

port+7999 irdmi2 - iRDMI2

port+80 http - World Wide Web HTTP

port+800 mdbs_daemon - mdbs_daemon

port+8000 irdmi - iRDMI

port+8001 vcom-tunnel - VCOM Tunnel

port+8008 http-alt - HTTP Alternate

port+801 device - device

port+8032 pro-ed - ProEd

port+8033 mindprint - MindPrint

port+8080 http-alt - HTTP Alternate (see port+80)

port+81 hosts2-ns - HOSTS2 Name Server

port+810 fcp-udp - FCP

port+8160 patrol - Patrol

port+8161 patrol-snmp - Patrol SNMP

port+82 xfer - XFER Utility

port+8200 trivnet1 - TRIVNET

port+8201 trivnet2 - TRIVNET

port+8204 lm-perfworks - LM Perfworks

port+8205 lm-instmgr - LM Instmgr

port+8206 lm-dta - LM Dta

port+8207 lm-sserver - LM SServer

port+828 itm-mcell-s - itm-mcell-s

port+829 pkix-3-ca-ra - PKIX-3 CA/RA

port+83 mit-ml-dev - MIT ML Device

port+8351 server-find - Server Find

port+8376 cruise-enum - Cruise ENUM

port+8377 cruise-swroute - Cruise SWROUTE

port+8378 cruise-config - Cruise CONFIG

port+8379 cruise-diags - Cruise DIAGS

port+8380 cruise-update - Cruise UPDATE

port+84 ctf - Common Trace Facility

port+8400 cvd - cvd

port+8401 sabarsd - sabarsd

port+8402 abarsd - abarsd

port+8403 admind - admind

port+8450 npmp - npmp

port+8473 vp2p - Virtual Point to Point

port+85 mit-ml-dev - MIT ML Device

port+8554 rtsp-alt - RTSP Alternate (see port+554)

port+86 mfcobol - Micro Focus Cobol

port+87 - any private terminal link

port+873 rsync - rsync

port+8733 ibus - iBus

port+8765 ultraseek-http - Ultraseek HTTP

port+88 kerberos - Kerberos

port+886 iclcnet-locate - ICL coNETion locate server

port+887 iclcnet_svinfo - ICL coNETion server info

port+888 accessbuilder - AccessBuilder (or cddbp - CD Database Protocol)

port+8880 cddbp-alt - CDDBP

port+8888 ddi-tcp-1 - NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1)

port+8889 ddi-tcp-2 - Desktop Data TCP 1

port+8890 ddi-tcp-3 - Desktop Data TCP 2

port+8891 ddi-tcp-4 - Desktop Data TCP 3: NESS application

port+8892 ddi-tcp-5 - Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product

port+8893 ddi-tcp-6 - Desktop Data TCP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application

port+8894 ddi-tcp-7 - Desktop Data TCP 6: COAL application

port+89 su-mit-tg - SU/MIT Telnet Gateway

port+8900 jmb-cds1 - JMB-CDS 1

port+8901 jmb-cds2 - JMB-CDS 2

port+9 discard - Discard

port+90 dnsix - DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map (or Pointcast (UNOFFICIALLY))

port+900 omginitialrefs - OMG Initial Refs

port+9000 cslistener - CSlistener

port+9006 sctp - SCTP

port+9090 websm - WebSM

port+91 mit-dov - MIT Dover Spooler

port+911 xact-backup - xact-backup

port+9160 netlock1 - NetLOCK1

port+9161 netlock2 - NetLOCK2

port+9162 netlock3 - NetLOCK3

port+9163 netlock4 - NetLOCK4

port+9164 netlock5 - NetLOCK5

port+92 npp - Network Printing Protocol

port+9200 wap-wsp - WAP connectionless session service

port+9201 wap-wsp-wtp - WAP session service

port+9202 wap-wsp-s - WAP secure connectionless session service

port+9203 wap-wsp-wtp-s - WAP secure session service

port+9204 wap-vcard - WAP vCard

port+9205 wap-vcal - WAP vCal

port+9206 wap-vcard-s - WAP vCard Secure

port+9207 wap-vcal-s - WAP vCal Secure

port+93 dcp - Device Control Protocol

port+9321 guibase - guibase

port+9343 mpidcmgr - MpIdcMgr

port+9374 fjdmimgr - fjdmimgr

port+9396 fjinvmgr - fjinvmgr

port+9397 mpidcagt - MpIdcAgt

port+94 objcall - Tivoli Object Dispatcher

port+95 supdup - SUPDUP

port+9500 ismserver - ismserver

port+9535 man - man

port+9594 msgsys - Message System

port+9595 pds - Ping Discovery Service

port+96 dixie - DIXIE Protocol Specification

port+97 swift-rvf - Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol

port+98 tacnews - TAC News

port+9876 sd - Session Director

port+9888 cyborg-systems - CYBORG Systems

port+989 ftps-data - ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL

port+9898 monkeycom - MonkeyCom

port+99 metagram - Metagram Relay

port+990 ftps - ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL

port+991 nas - Netnews Administration System

port+992 telnets - telnet protocol over TLS/SSL

port+993 imaps - imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL

port+994 ircs - irc protocol over TLS/SSL

port+995 pop3s - pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)

port+996 vsinet - vsinet

port+997 maitrd - maitrd

port+998 busboy - busboy

port+999 garcon - garcon

port+9992 palace - Palace

port+9993 palace - Palace

port+9994 palace - Palace

port+9995 palace - Palace

port+9996 palace - Palace

port+9997 palace - Palace

port+9998 distinct32 - Distinct32

port+9999 distinct - distinct

portugal portugal is .PT

pos Point Of Sale

posi Promoting conference for OSI

posix Portable Operating System Interface

post Power-On Self Test

postal see: gonepostal

postal+kick -PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION gets that postal worker feeling...  | KICK C~ N~ :Postal Kick

postnet Postal Numeric Encoding Technique

potatoe  [14:27] <GoBoom> potatoe

potpie N~, get back in the kitchen and make me a potpie!!

pots Plain Old Telephone Service

potv Personnel Orbit Transfer Vehicle [Space]

potvin potvin is a crappy goalie

pov Point Of View

pow Prisoner Of War

power-mac contradiction in terms

powermac A contradiction in terms.

powers Austin DANGER Powers... Danger is my middle name.

pp Parcel Post

ppb Parts Per Billion

ppc Particle Physics Committee

ppcs Person to Person, Collect, Special [telephony]

ppd Peripheral Pulse Distributor

ppds Personal Printer Data Stream [IBM]

ppm Pages Per Minute

ppn Parameterized Post-Newtonian formalism for general relativity

ppp Point-to-Point Protocol

ppro The Pentium Pro is Intel's sixth generation microprocessor (P6). Although, it shares the same name as the fifth-generation Pentium microprocessor, the Pentium Pro is architecturally quite different. Thanks to modern design techniques, including superpipelining, dynamic execution, and on-chip L2 cache, the Pentium Pro can perform at nearly twice the speed of previous Pentium microprocessors.

pps Packets per Second

ppsn Public Packet Switched Network

ppt Parts Per Trillion

ppu Power Providing Unit

pq Province of Quebec

pr PayRoll

practical+magic This movie sucked. Not much else to say. It was boring, there wasn't much "magic" to speak of, the plot was slow, the acting was bad, there wasn't any nudity. While this movie was tailored for teen-aged girls, I'm sure even 98% of them would also agree with me, this movie is lame.

prb Physical Random Binary file [GEC]

prc Planning Research Corporation

prca Puerto Rico Communications Authority

precursor see also 7thsphere

preifp PRE-processor InterFace Program for SERC finite element system

premis PREMises Information System

prepare yea, whatever

prepnet Pennsylvania Research & Economic Partnership Network

president i haven't met an intern i didnt harass - Bill Clinton  1998

pretzel one of renster's many inexplainable and perverted fetishes

preuse not acronym, a macro which gives access to FEMGEN User Library

pri Primary Rate Interface (ISDN) [telephony]

primary+colors If you want to know Bill Clinton's plan to draw attention away from his blow jobs, this movie has the plot down to a tee.

priority_interrupt [from the hardware term] n. Describes any stimulus compelling enough to yank one right out of {hack mode}. Classically used to describe being dragged away by an [SO] for immediate sex, but may also refer to more mundane interruptions such as a fire alarm going off in the near vicinity.  Also called an {NMI} (non-maskable interrupt), especially in PC-land.

privmsg Privmsg is another way to /msg someone.  Syntax: /quote privmsg <nick> :<message>    *note* the : has to be there before the message

prmd Private Mangement Domain [X.400}

prn Printer

pro_skirt prostitute (Night, 12)

proc Procedure

procrastinate do do nothing, generally waste time and to be good at it.

profanity profanity in bot topics is    BAD    =P

profs PRofessional OFFice automation System

prog Program + Programmer

program :program: n. 1. A magic spell cast over a computer allowing it to turn one's input into error messages.  2. An exercise in experimental epistemology.  3. A form of art, ostensibly intended for the instruction of computers, which is nevertheless almost inevitably a failure if other programmers can't understand it.

programing :programming: n. 1. The art of debugging a blank sheet of paper. 2. n. A pastime similar to banging one's head against a wall, but with fewer opportunities for reward. 3. n. The most fun you can have with your clothes on (although clothes are not mandatory).

programmer's_cheer :Programmer's_Cheer: "Shift to the left!  Shift to the right!  Pop up, push down!  Byte!  Byte!  Byte!"  A joke so old it has hair on it.

programming :programming: n. 1. The art of debugging a blank sheet of paper. 2. n. A pastime similar to banging one's head against a wall, but with fewer opportunities for reward. 3. n. The most fun you can have with your clothes on (although clothes are not mandatory).



progress PROGRESS is a combined fourth-generation language (4GL) and relational database management system that supports ANSI-standard SQL. (

prolog -PRIVMSG C~ :?- prolog | PRIVMSG C~ :no

prolog+sucks* +agrees

prom Programmable Read Only Memory

promats PROgrammable Magnetic Tape System

prompt Good prompt setup for csh: set prompt = "$user@${mch:q} [%~] "

pron secret code word for porn and stabbing small kids

pron2 common typo while typing one handed

prosper financial planning and modelling system [ICL]

protel PRocedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language

protoss The  best  race in StarCraft.

proud+mirc'er See  SpaceGuy

prozac Prozac, drug of tommorow

prs Personal Response System

prt Physical Random Text file [GEC]

prtc Puerto Rico Telephone Company

prtsc Print Screen

ps ^: jason    14650  0.0  0.3   524  316  p0- S     1:48PM    0:06.34 ./darkbot

ps+-ux N~@superchat [~/darkbot4] jason    26061  0.0  3.7  4868 4680  p0- S     1:21AM    0:29.85 ./darkbot

ps+waxmule ps waxmule.. wax your mule daily!

ps/2 Programming System 2 [IBM]

psa Prefixed Save Area [MVS]

psap Public Safety Answering Point

psb Physical Sequential Text file [GEC]

psc Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center

psdc Public Switched Digital Capability

psdn Packed-Switched Data Network (T.70)

psds Public Switched Digital Service [telephony, AT&T?]

pse Packet Switch(ing) Exchange

psemu N~, PSEmu is the Sony PlayStation Emulator for the PC platform. This is *THE* PSX emulator-- lots of plugin's for diff cdrom drives, video cards and 3d cards.  ... min system requirment is a P2 300mhz system (tho I get ~25-40 fps on my PPro 200 w/ Marval Super Heros)

psf Packet Switching Facility

psg Platoon Sergeant

psi Packetnet Switching Interface [DEC]

psiu Packet Switch Interface Unit

psk Phase Shift Keying

psl IOS Protocol Source Library

psm Packet Service Module

psn Packet Switched Network

pso Pending Service Order

psp Program Segment Prefix

pspdn Packed-Switched Public Data Network

psr "Product Specific Realizations

pss (unknown to me, but something in the UK environment)

pst Pacific Standard Time

pstn Public Switched Telephone Network (T.70)

psu Power Supply Unit

psw Program Status Word

psychic +almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met

pt Pacific Time

pta Parent-Teacher Association

ptat Private Trans Atlantic Telecommunications

ptd Parallel Transfer Disk

ptf Programming Tempory Fix

ptfe PolyTetraFlouroEthylene [Teflon]

ptn Plant Test Number [telephony:actual number assigned for 800 service]

pto Patent and Trademark Office

ptt Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration

ptv Passenger Transport Vehicle [Space]

ptw Primary Translation Word

pu Power Up (C/I channel code)

pub Publication + Publish

puc Peripheral Unit Controller

puerto puerto rico is .PR

puffing mugging (Knockover, 46)

pug Pr1me User Group

pum PU Mode

pump heart (Falcon, 13)

pump_metal shoot bullets (Op, 230)

punch why don't you

punish +leads ^ by the ear over to the corner of the room, "Time Out"!

punk hood, thug (Vengeance, 28)

punter DoS attack for WebTV


pus Processor Upgrade Socket

pusha Push All Registers

pushf Push Flags

puss face (Art, 27; Pick-Up, 37)

put Progrm Update Tape

put_down drink (Postman, 56)

put_the_screws_on question, get tough with (Dain, 34)

pv Process Vector [GEC]

pvc Permanent Virtual Circuit

pvm Pass-through Virtual Machine (protocol) [IBM]

pvn Private Virtual Network

pvo Pioneer Venus Orbiter

pw PassWord control [GEC]

pwb Printed Wire Board + Programmer's Workbench [Microsoft]

pwd N~@C~: /usr/home/N~/pr0n

pwg Permanent Working Group

pwgen PassWord GENerator? [SERCnet GEC computers]

pwm Pulse Width Modulation

pwr Power

px Post eXchange (see BX)

q-cif Quarter CIF (for ISDN low end video)

q.v. ???? (Latin(?): which see)

qa Quality Assu rance

qam Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

qas Quasi-Associated Signaling

qatar qatar is .QA

qbasic dorf

qbe Query By Example

qbf Query by Form

qbus equipment interface bus used on DEC LSI-11 computers

qc Quality Control

qd Quaque Die (daily)

qda Quantity Discount Agreement

qdos Quick and Dirty Operating System

qed Quod Erat Demonstrandum (which was to be demonstrated)

qef Quod Erat Faciendum (which was to be done)

qei Quod Erat Inveniendum (which was to be found out)

qet Quantum Effect Transistor

qfa Quick File Access

qic Quality Information Using Cycle Time [Hewlett-Packard]

qid Quater In Die (four times a day)

qli Query Language Interpreter

qm QuarterMaster

qmc QuarterMaster Corps

qmccc Queen Mary College Computer Centre

qmf Query Management Facility

qmg QuarterMaster General

qmp Quality Measurement Plan

qms Quality Micro Systems

qns Quantity Not Sufficient

qpsk Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

qrss Quasi Random Signal Source

qsam Queued Sequential Access Method [IBM]

qsc Quad S Interface Circuit PEB2084

qss Quality Surveillance System

qtam Queued Telecom Access Method

qtp Query Transfer Protocol

quake a little used quake server can be found at This is a dedicated machine just for quake so it r0k$ j00r @zz 0ff


quango Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation

quasar QUASi stellAR radio source Abuse contact for * : (01/14/98)

queer 1) counterfeit (Speaking, 88); 2) sexually abnormal (Speaking, 88)

quiet sure it is :(

quit Quit is a command used to leave IRC.  It is a rare command for Irc Addicts to use as they are always on.  Syntax: /quit <message> (for mIRC)  

qw12 That guy what uses bot too much.

qwerty first six keys from left on top alphabetic row of standard keyboard

r 8.31451

r&b Rhythm and Blues (commonly R and B)

r&d Research and Development

r&r Rate & Route

r&se Research & Systems Engineering

r+u+there* yes

r-o Read Only

r/o Read/Only

r/w Read Write

r/wm Read/Write Memory

ra (real audio) player can be downloaded from,  some of the top 100 songs on the radio can be downloaded from in RA format.

raaf Royal Australian Air Force

race Random Access Card Equipment

racep Random Access and Correlation for Extended Performance

racf Resource Access Control Facility

rad Radiation Absorbed Dose

radar RAdio Detecting And Ranging

radm Rear ADMiral

raf Royal Air Force

rag Row Address Generator

rage Don't go gently into the night, rage against the dying of the light

raggy_dolls "we wont get it finished before lunch" said sadsack.

rags clothes (Knockover, 429)

raid Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks

ral Resource ALlocator [GEC]

ralculc Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Computer User Liason Committee

ralu Register Arithmetic Logic Unit

ram Random Access Memory

ramdac Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog + Converter [Sierra]

rand Random

random+meat+pie -PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION meat pies R~   | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION [}R~ :)  | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION [}R~ :O  | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION [}R~ :(  | PRIVMSG C~ : ACTION *SPLAT*  

random+smack +fwaps R~

randombearhug -PRIVMSG C~ :  5{~ 12. 5_ 12. 5~} 0,0...R~.. 5{~ 12. 5_ 12. 5~} | PRIVMSG C~ :  0,0. 5(  1Y  5) 0,0..  13> R~ <  0,0.. 5(  Y  5) | PRIVMSG C~ :  5() 2~ 4* 2~ 5()  6 > R~ <   5() 2~ 4* 2~ 5()   10A bear hug | PRIVMSG C~ :  0,0 5(_)-(_) 0,0...R~.. 5(_)-(_)   10from B~ :)

randomline You're not funnly clean untill you're darkbot clean.

randstuff <STONE COLD_316> i am on the john talking on the internet

ranked as in "Being ranked again by a watchman there" - recognized? accosted? (Knockover, 70)

rao Regional Accounting Office

rappers as in "There were a couple solved for the record, but they were just rappers" - fakes, set-ups (Farewell, 165)

rapport portable relational database management system [Logica]

rapsux N~ kick him... just cause he sux at the end

rar Return Address Register

rarde Royal Armaments Research and Development Establishment

rare Research Academic R(something) Europe (a Research Network)

ras Remote Access Server

rasc Residence Account Service Center

rasterop - RasterOp, hardware instructions on PERQ for fast graphics

rastop Primitives for fast graphical manipulations [BBN]

rat inform (Key, 78; Night, 5)

rate to be good, to count for something (Art, 55)

ratfor RATional FORtran ['Software Tools', Kernighan & Plauger]

rats_and_mice dice, i.e. craps (Dain, 29)

rattler train (Dain, 158; Op, 51)

rav3n Really  Cool  Cservice admin [2000]

ravenous This movie can be described in one word, "Gay"  the plot centers around an ancient indian legend that 'once a man eats the flesh of another man, he'll want more', and so the plot thickens. People eat each other, and become almost immortals, but theres no real special effects for it, just some blood and a lot of fights at the end of the movie.

rayden God of Thunder and Lightning, Defender of the Earth Realm (and Superchat).

rb Rhythm and Blues (commonly R and B)

rbbs Remote Bulletin Board System

rbc Red Blood Cells

rbef Read Block Error counter for Far end (IOM2 Monitor Command)

rben Read Block Error counter for Near end (IOM2 Monitor Command)

rbhc Regional Bell Holding Company

rbi Runs Batted In

rboc Regional BOC

rbor Request Basic Output Report

rbtl Read Betweent The Lines

rc MAC Recent Change Memory Administration Center

rc5+speed+tests From my tests, I've found that: 486 66mhz = 52 kkeys/sec, P133mhz = 89 kkeys/sec, PP200mhz = 550 kkeys/sec, P2 450mhz = 1,250 kkeys/sec.

rca Radio Corporation of America [Corporate name]

rcaf Royal Canadian Air Force

rcas Reserve Component Automation System

rcc Radio Common Carrier

rcf Remote Call Forwarding

rci Read Controller Interface (IOM2 Monitor Command)

rcl Rotate Carry Left

rcldn Retrieval of Calling Line Directory Number

rcm Remote Carrier Module

rcmp Royal Canadian Mounted Police

rcp Remote Copy

rcr Rotate Carry Right

rcre Receive Corrected Reference Equivalent

rcs Records Communications Switching System

rcsc Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem

rcu Radio Channel Unit

rcvr ReCeiVeR

rd Receive Data

rda Remote Data Access

rdb Receive Data Buffer

rdbms Relational Data Base Management System

rdclk Received Timing Clock

rdes Remote Data Entry System

rdf Radio Direction Finding

rdjf rews dog just farted

rds Radio Digital System

rdsr Receiver Data Service Request

rdt Radio Digital Terminal

rdy Resynchonisation indication after loss of framing

re Hi again

rea Rail Express Agency

reactos <-- an OS that runs NT applications and drivers without NT.

read You want me to read? bah...

reallife There is no such thing.

really sure!

reaper guy who has a bot, but doesn't know what to do with it

rec Receiver

recon Reconnaissance

recursion Recursion: See Recursion

recursive see also  RECURSIVE

reddevil MMM... well ^, I think a Red Devil is the best drink in this world. The favorite of LiKwid` too =]

redhat Redhat is a version of linux, get it at or

redhot some sort of criminal (Pick-Up, 114)

redundant (see: Useless)

reefers marijuana cigarettes (Farewell, 172)

ref a reference to a file [GEC]

reg Register

regabuse [Registration Abuse] - Registration with Cservice of a channel when the consensus of its users don't support the applicant. (A2K)

regal Rigid Epoxy Glass Acrylic Laminate

register N~, to register your channel on superchat, type: /msg H REGISTER #yourchan your@email.address, you'll need to have ops in the channel you are registering...

register*user check out

rehash The rehash command is an Irc Operator command only.  It will allow the person to force the server to re-read the server configuration file.  Syntax: /rehash

rej Reject (LAP-D Command/Response, I.451)

rejected This is a status of a CService application.  It means your application has been rejected

rel Release (I.451)


relsect Relative Sector

rem Rapid Eye Movement

remobs REMote OBservation System

remsh Remote Shell

remus 3D modelling [Shape Data, Camb.]

ren Rename

renster stuff and things. blah

reo R. E. Olds

rep Repeat

repe Repeat while Equal

repeat -PRIVMSG C~ :Fuzzy-wazzie was a bear, fuzzie-wazzie had no hair | PRIVMSG C~ :Fuzzie-wazzie wasn't very fuzzie-was-he was a bear...

repeat* N~: Q~

repeat+after+me* N~, Q~

replace test

replace+^+with+n~ bash-2.01$ sed s/\\^/N~/g info2.db > info.db  (this however doesn't work well if you have any topics that have ^ in it ;)

repne Repeat while Not Equal

repnz Repeat while Not Zero

reportdos If you would like to report a DoS attack, please include logs, time of occurance, time zone, and any other information you have available and send it to his or her's isp admin. Also request for the account to be removed.  Email: postmaster@<isp> and abuse@<isp> or do an internic search and email the administrator

reportingabuse Info about reporting abuse on IRC can be found @

reppopelpmip I like cookies

repz Repeat while Zero

req Request

res Remote Execution Service

res1 Reset receiver (C/I channel code)

restart The restart command is an Irc Operator command only.  It will force the server to restart.  Syntax: /restart

ret Resolution Enhancement Technology [HP] + Return

retard un imbecil, eh? yo s que esto es!

retma Radio [something(equipment?)? something?] Manufacturers' Association (????)

reunion reunion is .RE

rev Reverse Charging (I.256 C)

rew email rew @

rex Relocatable Executable

rexx REstructred eXtended eXecuter language

rf Radio Frequency

rfc Request For Comments - Documentation of the Internet -

rfc+1 Host Software. Steve Crocker. Apr-07-1969. (Format: TXT=21088 bytes)

rfc+10 Documentation conventions. S.D. Crocker. Jul-29-1969. (Format: TXT=3348 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0003) (Obsoleted by RFC0016) (Updated by RFC0024, RFC0027, RFC0030) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+100 Categorization and guide to NWG/RFCs. P.M. Karp. Feb-26-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1000 Request For Comments reference guide. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Aug-01-1987. (Format: TXT=323960 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0999) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1001 Protocol standard for a NetBIOS service on a TCP/UDP transport: Concepts and methods. NetBIOS Working Group. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board, End-to-End Services Task Force. Mar-01-1987. (Format: TXT=158437 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1002 Protocol standard for a NetBIOS service on a TCP/UDP transport: Detailed specifications. NetBIOS Working Group. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board, End-to-End Services Task Force. Mar-01-1987. (Format: TXT=170262 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1003 Issues in defining an equations representation standard. A.R. Katz. Mar-01-1987. (Format: TXT=19816 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1004 Distributed-protocol authentication scheme. D.L. Mills. Apr-01-1987. (Format: TXT=21402 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1005 ARPANET AHIP-E Host Access Protocol (enhanced AHIP). A. Khanna, A.G. Malis. May-01-1987. (Format: TXT=69957 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1006 ISO transport services on top of the TCP: Version 3. M.T. Rose, D.E. Cass. May-01-1987. (Format: TXT=31935 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0983) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1007 Military supplement to the ISO Transport Protocol. W. McCoy. Jun-01-1987. (Format: TXT=51280 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1008 Implementation guide for the ISO Transport Protocol. W. McCoy. Jun-01-1987. (Format: TXT=204664 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1009 Requirements for Internet gateways. R.T. Braden, J. Postel. Jun-01-1987. (Format: TXT=128173 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0985) (Obsoleted by RFC1812) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+101 Notes on the Network Working Group meeting, Urbana, Illinois, February 17, 1971. R.W. Watson. Feb-23-1971. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0108, RFC0123) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1010 Assigned numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. May-01-1987. (Format: TXT=78179 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0990) (Obsoleted by RFC1060) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1011 Official Internet protocols. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. May-01-1987. (Format: TXT=74593 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0991) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1012 Bibliography of Request For Comments 1 through 999. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Jun-01-1987. (Format: TXT=129194 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1013 X Window System Protocol, version 11: Alpha update April 1987. R.W. Scheifler. Jun-01-1987. (Format: TXT=244905 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1014 XDR: External Data Representation standard. Inc. Sun Microsystems. Jun-01-1987. (Format: TXT=39316 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1015 Implementation plan for interagency research Internet. B.M. Leiner. Jul-01-1987. (Format: TXT=63159 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1016 Something a host could do with source quench: The Source Quench Introduced Delay (SQuID). W. Prue, J. Postel. Jul-01-1987. (Format: TXT=47922 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1017 Network requirements for scientific research: Internet task force on scientific computing. B.M. Leiner. Aug-01-1987. (Format: TXT=49512 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1018 Some comments on SQuID. A.M. McKenzie. Aug-01-1987. (Format: TXT=7931 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1019 Report of the Workshop on Environments for Computational Mathematics. D. Arnon. Sep-01-1987. (Format: TXT=21151 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+102 Output of the Host-Host Protocol glitch cleaning committee. S.D. Crocker. Feb-22-1971. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0107) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1020 Internet numbers. S. Romano, M.K. Stahl. Nov-01-1987. (Format: TXT=146864 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0997) (Obsoleted by RFC1062, RFC1117, RFC1166) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1021 High-level Entity Management System (HEMS). C. Partridge, G. Trewitt. Oct-01-1987. (Format: TXT=12993 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1022 High-level Entity Management Protocol (HEMP). C. Partridge, G. Trewitt. Oct-01-1987. (Format: TXT=25348 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1023 HEMS monitoring and control language. G. Trewitt, C. Partridge. Oct-01-1987. (Format: TXT=40992 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1076) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1024 HEMS variable definitions. C. Partridge, G. Trewitt. Oct-01-1987. (Format: TXT=126536 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1025 TCP and IP bake off. J. Postel. Sep-01-1987. (Format: TXT=11648 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1026 Addendum to rfc+987: (Mapping between X.400 and RFC-822). S.E. Kille. Sep-01-1987. (Format: TXT=7117 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1327) (Updates RFC0987) (Updated by RFC1138, RFC1148) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1027 Using ARP to implement transparent subnet gateways. S. Carl-Mitchell, J.S. Quarterman. Oct-01-1987. (Format: TXT=21297 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1029 More fault tolerant approach to address resolution for a Multi-LAN system of Ethernets. G. Parr. May-01-1988. (Format: TXT=44019 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+103 Implementation of Interrupt Keys. R.B. Kalin. Feb-24-1971. (Format: TXT=7592 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1030 On testing the NETBLT Protocol over divers networks. M.L. Lambert. Nov-01-1987. (Format: TXT=40964 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1032 Domain administrators guide. M.K. Stahl. Nov-01-1987. (Format: TXT=29454 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1033 Domain administrators operations guide. M. Lottor. Nov-01-1987. (Format: TXT=37263 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1038 Draft revised IP security option. M. St. Johns. Jan-01-1988. (Format: TXT=15879 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1108) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1039 DoD statement on Open Systems Interconnection protocols. D. Latham. Jan-01-1988. (Format: TXT=6194 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0945) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+104 Link 191. J.B. Postel, S.D. Crocker. Feb-25-1971. (Format: TXT=1017 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1040 Privacy enhancement for Internet electronic mail: Part I: Message encipherment and authentication procedures. J. Linn. Jan-01-1988. (Format: TXT=76276 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0989) (Obsoleted by RFC1113) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1041 Telnet 3270 regime option. Y. Rekhter. Jan-01-1988. (Format: TXT=11608 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1042 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over IEEE 802 networks. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. Feb-01-1988. (Format: TXT=34359 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0948) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1043 Telnet Data Entry Terminal option: DODIIS implementation. A. Yasuda, T. Thompson. Feb-01-1988. (Format: TXT=59478 bytes) (Updates RFC0732) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1044 Internet Protocol on Network System's HYPERchannel: Protocol specification. K. Hardwick, J. Lekashman. Feb-01-1988. (Format: TXT=103241 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1045 VMTP: Versatile Message Transaction Protocol: Protocol specification. D.R. Cheriton. Feb-01-1988. (Format: TXT=272058 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1046 Queuing algorithm to provide type-of-service for IP links. W. Prue, J. Postel. Feb-01-1988. (Format: TXT=30106 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1047 Duplicate messages and SMTP. C. Partridge. Feb-01-1988. (Format: TXT=5888 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1048 BOOTP vendor information extensions. P.A. Prindeville. Feb-01-1988. (Format: TXT=15423 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1084, RFC1395, RFC1497, RFC1533) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1049 Content-type header field for Internet messages. M.A. Sirbu. Mar-01-1988. (Format: TXT=18923 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+105 Network Specifications for Remote Job Entry and Remote Job Output Retrieval at UCSB. J.E. White. Mar-22-1971. (Format: TXT=21938 bytes) (Updated by RFC0217) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1050 RPC: Remote Procedure Call Protocol specification. Inc. Sun Microsystems. Apr-01-1988. (Format: TXT=51540 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1057) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1051 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams and ARP packets over ARCNET networks. P.A. Prindeville. Mar-01-1988. (Format: TXT=7779 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1201, STD0046) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1052 IAB recommendations for the development of Internet network management standards. V.G. Cerf. Apr-01-1988. (Format: TXT=30569 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1053 Telnet X.3 PAD option. S. Levy, T. Jacobson. Apr-01-1988. (Format: TXT=48952 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1054 Host extensions for IP multicasting. S.E. Deering. May-01-1988. (Format: TXT=45465 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0988) (Obsoleted by RFC1112) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1055 Nonstandard for transmission of IP datagrams over serial lines: SLIP. J.L. Romkey. Jun-01-1988. (Format: TXT=12911 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1056 PCMAIL: A distributed mail system for personal computers. M.L. Lambert. Jun-01-1988. (Format: TXT=85368 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0993) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1057 RPC: Remote Procedure Call Protocol specification: Version 2. Inc. Sun Microsystems. Jun-01-1988. (Format: TXT=52462 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1050) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1058 Routing Information Protocol. C.L. Hedrick. Jun-01-1988. (Format: TXT=93285 bytes) (Updated by RFC1388, RFC1723) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1059 Network Time Protocol (version 1) specification and implementation. D.L. Mills. Jul-01-1988. (Format: TXT=140890 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0958) (Obsoleted by RFC1119, RFC1305) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+106 User/Server Site Protocol Network Host Questionnaire. T.C. O'Sullivan. Mar-03-1971. (Format: TXT=6946 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1060 Assigned numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Mar-01-1990. (Format: TXT=177923 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1010) (Obsoleted by RFC1340) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1061 ( NEVER ISSUED). . November 1993. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1062 Internet numbers. S. Romano, M.K. Stahl, M. Recker. Aug-01-1988. (Format: TXT=198729 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1020) (Obsoleted by RFC1117, RFC1166) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1063 IP MTU discovery options. J.C. Mogul, C.A. Kent, C. Partridge, K. McCloghrie. Jul-01-1988. (Format: TXT=27121 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1191) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1064 Interactive Mail Access Protocol: Version 2. M.R. Crispin. Jul-01-1988. (Format: TXT=57813 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1176, RFC1203) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1065 Structure and identification of management information for TCP/IP-based internets. K. McCloghrie, M.T. Rose. Aug-01-1988. (Format: TXT=38858 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1034) (Obsoleted by RFC1155) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1066 Management Information Base for network management of TCP/IP-based internets. K. McCloghrie, M.T. Rose. Aug-01-1988. (Format: TXT=135177 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1156) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1067 Simple Network Management Protocol. J.D. Case, M. Fedor, M.L. Schoffstall, J. Davin. Aug-01-1988. (Format: TXT=69592 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1098) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1068 Background File Transfer Program (BFTP). A.L. DeSchon, R.T. Braden. Aug-01-1988. (Format: TXT=51004 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1069 Guidelines for the use of Internet-IP addresses in the ISO Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol. R.W. Callon, H.W. Braun. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=24268 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0986) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+107 Output of the Host-Host Protocol Glitch Cleaning Committee. R.D. Bressler, S.D. Crocker, W.R. Crowther, G.R. Grossman, R.S. Tomlinson, J.E. White. Mar-23-1971. (Not online) (Updates RFC0102) (Updated by RFC0111, RFC0124, RFC0132, RFC0154, RFC0179) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1070 Use of the Internet as a subnetwork for experimentation with the OSI network layer. R.A. Hagens, N.E. Hall, M.T. Rose. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=37354 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1071 Computing the Internet checksum. R.T. Braden, D.A. Borman, C. Partridge. Sep-01-1988. (Format: TXT=54941 bytes) (Updated by RFC1141) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1072 TCP extensions for long-delay paths. V. Jacobson, R.T. Braden. Oct-01-1988. (Format: TXT=36000 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1323) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1073 Telnet window size option. D. Waitzman. Oct-01-1988. (Format: TXT=7639 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1074 NSFNET backbone SPF based Interior Gateway Protocol. J. Rekhter. Oct-01-1988. (Format: TXT=10872 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1075 Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol. D. Waitzman, C. Partridge, S.E. Deering. Nov-01-1988. (Format: TXT=54731 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1076 HEMS monitoring and control language. G. Trewitt, C. Partridge. Nov-01-1988. (Format: TXT=98774 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1023) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1077 Critical issues in high bandwidth networking. B.M. Leiner. Nov-01-1988. (Format: TXT=116464 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1078 TCP port service Multiplexer (TCPMUX). M. Lottor. Nov-01-1988. (Format: TXT=3248 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1079 Telnet terminal speed option. C.L. Hedrick. Dec-01-1988. (Format: TXT=4942 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+108 Attendance list at the Urbana NWG meeting, February 17-19, 1971. R.W. Watson. Mar-25-1971. (Not online) (Updates RFC0101) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1080 Telnet remote flow control option. C.L. Hedrick. Nov-01-1988. (Format: TXT=6688 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1372) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1081 Post Office Protocol: Version 3. M.T. Rose. Nov-01-1988. (Format: TXT=37009 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1225) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1082 Post Office Protocol: Version 3: Extended service offerings. M.T. Rose. Nov-01-1988. (Format: TXT=25423 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1083 IAB official protocol standards. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board. Dec-01-1988. (Format: TXT=27128 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1100, RFC1250, RFC2200) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1084 BOOTP vendor information extensions. J.K. Reynolds. Dec-01-1988. (Format: TXT=16327 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1048) (Obsoleted by RFC1395, RFC1497, RFC1533) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1085 ISO presentation services on top of TCP/IP based internets. M.T. Rose. Dec-01-1988. (Format: TXT=64643 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1086 ISO-TP0 bridge between TCP and X.25. J.P. Onions, M.T. Rose. Dec-01-1988. (Format: TXT=19934 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1087 Ethics and the Internet. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board. Jan-01-1989. (Format: TXT=4582 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1088 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over NetBIOS networks. L.J. McLaughlin. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=5749 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1089 SNMP over Ethernet. M.L. Schoffstall, C. Davin, M. Fedor, J.D. Case. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=4458 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+109 Level III Server Protocol for the Lincoln Laboratory NIC 360/67 Host. J.M. Winett. Mar-24-1971. (Not online) (Also RFC393) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1090 SMTP on X.25. R. Ullmann. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=6141 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1091 Telnet terminal-type option. J. VanBokkelen. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=13439 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0930) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1092 EGP and policy based routing in the new NSFNET backbone. J. Rekhter. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=11865 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1093 NSFNET routing architecture. H.W. Braun. Feb-01-1989. (Format: TXT=20629 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1094 NFS: Network File System Protocol specification. Inc. Sun Microsystems. Mar-01-1989. (Format: TXT=51454 bytes) (Also RFC1813) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1095 Common Management Information Services and Protocol over TCP/IP (CMOT). U.S. Warrier, L. Besaw. Apr-01-1989. (Format: TXT=157506 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1189) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1096 Telnet X display location option. G.A. Marcy. Mar-01-1989. (Format: TXT=4634 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1097 Telnet subliminal-message option. B. Miller. Apr-01-1989. (Format: TXT=5490 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1098 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). J.D. Case, M. Fedor, M.L. Schoffstall, C. Davin. Apr-01-1989. (Format: TXT=71563 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1067) (Obsoleted by RFC1157) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1099 Request for Comments Summary: rfc+Numbers 1000-1099. J. Reynolds. December 1991. (Format: TXT=49108 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+11 Implementation of the Host-Host software procedures in GORDO. G. Deloche. Aug-01-1969. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0033) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+110 Conventions for using an IBM 2741 terminal as a user console for access to network server hosts. J.M. Winett. Mar-25-1971. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0135) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1100 IAB official protocol standards. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board. Apr-01-1989. (Format: TXT=30101 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1083) (Obsoleted by RFC1130, RFC1250, RFC2200) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1101 DNS encoding of network names and other types. P.V. Mockapetris. Apr-01-1989. (Format: TXT=28677 bytes) (Updates RFC1034, RFC1035) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1102 Policy routing in Internet protocols. D.D. Clark. May-01-1989. (Format: TXT=59664 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1103 Proposed standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over FDDI Networks. D. Katz. Jun-01-1989. (Format: TXT=19439 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1188) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1104 Models of policy based routing. H.W. Braun. Jun-01-1989. (Format: TXT=25468 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1105 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). K. Lougheed, Y. Rekhter. Jun-01-1989. (Format: TXT=37644 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1163) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1106 TCP big window and NAK options. R. Fox. Jun-01-1989. (Format: TXT=37105 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1107 Plan for Internet directory services. K.R. Sollins. Jul-01-1989. (Format: TXT=51773 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1108 U.S. Department of Defense Security Options for the Internet Protocol. S. Kent. November 1991. (Format: TXT=41791 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1038) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1109 Report of the second Ad Hoc Network Management Review Group. V.G. Cerf. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=20642 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+111 Pressure from the chairman. S.D. Crocker. Mar-31-1971. (Not online) (Updates RFC0107) (Updated by RFC0130) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1110 Problem with the TCP big window option. A.M. McKenzie. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=5778 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1111 Request for comments on Request for Comments: Instructions to rfc+authors. J. Postel. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=11793 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0825) (Obsoleted by RFC1543, RFC2223) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1112 Host extensions for IP multicasting. S.E. Deering. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=39904 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0988, RFC1054) (Updated by RFC2236) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1113 Privacy enhancement for Internet electronic mail: Part I - message encipherment and authentication procedures. J. Linn. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=89293 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0989, RFC1040) (Obsoleted by RFC1421) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1114 Privacy enhancement for Internet electronic mail: Part II - certificate-based key management. S.T. Kent, J. Linn. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=69661 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1422) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1115 Privacy enhancement for Internet electronic mail: Part III - algorithms, modes, and identifiers. J. Linn. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=18226 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1423) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1116 Telnet Linemode option. D.A. Borman. Aug-01-1989. (Format: TXT=47473 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1184) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+1118 Hitchhikers guide to the Internet. E. Krol. Sep-01-1989. (Format: TXT=62757 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1119 Network Time Protocol (version 2) specification and implementation. D.L. Mills. Sep-01-1989. (Format: TXT=143, PS=518020 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0958, RFC1059) (Obsoleted by RFC1305) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+112 User/Server Site Protocol: Network host questionnaire responses. T.C. O'Sullivan. Apr-01-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1120 Internet Activities Board. V. Cerf. Sep-01-1989. (Format: TXT=26123 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1160) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1121 Act one - the poems. J. Postel, L. Kleinrock, V.G. Cerf, B. Boehm. Sep-01-1989. (Format: TXT=10644 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1122 Requirements for Internet hosts - communication layers. R.T. Braden. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=295992 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1123 Requirements for Internet hosts - application and support. R.T. Braden. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=245503 bytes) (Updates RFC0822) (Updated by RFC2181) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1124 Policy issues in interconnecting networks. B.M. Leiner. Sep-01-1989. (Format: TXT=118, PS=315692 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1125 Policy requirements for inter Administrative Domain routing. D. Estrin. Nov-01-1989. (Format: TXT=55248, PS=282123 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1126 Goals and functional requirements for inter-autonomous system routing. M. Little. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=62725 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1127 Perspective on the Host Requirements RFCs. R.T. Braden. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=41267 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1128 Measured performance of the Network Time Protocol in the Internet system. D.L. Mills. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=314, PS=633742 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1129 Internet time synchronization: The Network Time Protocol. D.L. Mills. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=298, PS=551697 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+113 Network activity report: UCSB Rand. E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J.E. White. Apr-05-1971. (Format: TXT=3442 bytes) (Updated by RFC0227) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1130 IAB official protocol standards. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=33858 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1100) (Obsoleted by RFC1140, RFC1250, RFC2200) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1131 OSPF specification. J. Moy. Oct-01-1989. (Format: TXT=268, PS=857280 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1247) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1132 Standard for the transmission of 802.2 packets over IPX networks. L.J. McLaughlin. Nov-01-1989. (Format: TXT=8128 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1133 Routing between the NSFNET and the DDN. J.Y. Yu, H.W. Braun. Nov-01-1989. (Format: TXT=23169 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1134 Point-to-Point Protocol: A proposal for multi-protocol transmission of datagrams over Point-to-Point links. D. Perkins. Nov-01-1989. (Format: TXT=87352 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1171) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1135 Helminthiasis of the Internet. J.K. Reynolds. Dec-01-1989. (Format: TXT=77033 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1136 Administrative Domains and Routing Domains: A model for routing in the Internet. S. Hares, D. Katz. Dec-01-1989. (Format: TXT=22158 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1137 Mapping between full rfc+822 and rfc+822 with restricted encoding. S. Kille. Dec-01-1989. (Format: TXT=6266 bytes) (Updates RFC0976) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1138 Mapping between X.400(1988) / ISO 10021 and rfc+822. S.E. Kille. Dec-01-1989. (Format: TXT=191029 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1327) (Updates RFC0822, RFC0987, RFC1026) (Updated by RFC1148) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1139 Echo function for ISO 8473. R.A. Hagens. Jan-01-1990. (Format: TXT=14229 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1574, RFC1575) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+114 File Transfer Protocol. A.K. Bhushan. Apr-10-1971. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0141, RFC0172, RFC0171) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1141 Incremental updating of the Internet checksum. T. Mallory, A. Kullberg. Jan-01-1990. (Format: TXT=3587 bytes) (Updates RFC1071) (Updated by RFC1624) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1142 OSI IS-IS Intra-domain Routing Protocol. D. Oran. Feb-01-1990. (Format: TXT=425379, PS=1204297 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1143 The Q Method of Implementing TELNET Option Negotiation. D.J. Bernstein. Feb-01-1990. (Format: TXT=23331 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1144 Compressing TCP/IP headers for low-speed serial links. V. Jacobson. Feb-01-1990. (Format: TXT=120959, PS=534729 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1145 TCP alternate checksum options. J. Zweig, C. Partridge. Feb-01-1990. (Format: TXT=11052 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1146) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1146 TCP alternate checksum options. J. Zweig, C. Partridge. Mar-01-1990. (Format: TXT=10955 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1145) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1147 FYI on a network management tool catalog: Tools for monitoring and debugging TCP/IP internets and interconnected devices. R.H. Stine. Apr-01-1990. (Format: TXT=336906, PS=555225 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1470) (Updated by FYI0002) (Also FYI0002) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1148 Mapping between X.400(1988) / ISO 10021 and rfc+822. S.E. Kille. Mar-01-1990. (Format: TXT=194292 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1327) (Updates RFC0822, RFC0987, RFC1026, RFC1138) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1149 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian carriers. D. Waitzman. Apr-01-1990. (Format: TXT=3329 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+115 Some Network Information Center policies on handling documents. R.W. Watson, J.B. North. Apr-16-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1150 FYI on FYI: Introduction to the FYI Notes. G.S. Malkin, J.K. Reynolds. Mar-01-1990. (Format: TXT=7867 bytes) (Also FYI0001) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1151 Version 2 of the Reliable Data Protocol (RDP). C. Partridge, R.M. Hinden. Apr-01-1990. (Format: TXT=8293 bytes) (Updates RFC0908) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1152 Workshop report: Internet research steering group workshop on very-high-speed networks. C. Partridge. Apr-01-1990. (Format: TXT=64003 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1153 Digest message format. F.J. Wancho. Apr-01-1990. (Format: TXT=6632 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1154 Encoding header field for internet messages. D. Robinson, R. Ullmann. Apr-01-1990. (Format: TXT=12214 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1505) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1155 Structure and identification of management information for TCP/IP-based internets. M.T. Rose, K. McCloghrie. May-01-1990. (Format: TXT=40927 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1065) (Also STD0016) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1156 Management Information Base for network management of TCP/IP-based internets. K. McCloghrie, M.T. Rose. May-01-1990. (Format: TXT=138781 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1066) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1157 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). J.D. Case, M. Fedor, M.L. Schoffstall, C. Davin. May-01-1990. (Format: TXT=74894 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1098) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1158 Management Information Base for network management of TCP/IP-based internets: MIB-II. M.T. Rose. May-01-1990. (Format: TXT=212152 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1213) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1159 Message Send Protocol. R. Nelson. Jun-01-1990. (Format: TXT=3957 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+116 Structure of the May NWG meeting. S.D. Crocker. Apr-12-1971. (Not online) (Updates RFC0099) (Updated by RFC0131, RFC0156) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1160 Internet Activities Board. V. Cerf. May-01-1990. (Format: TXT=28182 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1120) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1161 SNMP over OSI. M.T. Rose. Jun-01-1990. (Format: TXT=16036 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1418) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1162 Connectionless Network Protocol (ISO 8473) and End System to Intermediate System (ISO 9542) Management Information Base. G. Satz. Jun-01-1990. (Format: TXT=109893 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1238) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1163 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). K. Lougheed, Y. Rekhter. Jun-01-1990. (Format: TXT=69404 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1105) (Obsoleted by RFC1267) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1164 Application of the Border Gateway Protocol in the Internet. J.C. Honig, D. Katz, M. Mathis, Y. Rekhter, J.Y. Yu. Jun-01-1990. (Format: TXT=56278 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1268) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1165 Network Time Protocol (NTP) over the OSI Remote Operations Service. J. Crowcroft, J.P. Onions. Jun-01-1990. (Format: TXT=18277 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1166 Internet numbers. S. Kirkpatrick, M.K. Stahl, M. Recker. Jul-01-1990. (Format: TXT=566778 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1117, RFC1062, RFC1020) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1167 Thoughts on the National Research and Education Network. V.G. Cerf. Jul-01-1990. (Format: TXT=20682 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1168 Intermail and Commercial Mail Relay services. A. Westine, A.L. DeSchon, J. Postel, C.E. Ward. Jul-01-1990. (Format: TXT=40306, PS=149816 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1169 Explaining the role of GOSIP. V.G. Cerf, K.L. Mills. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=30255 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+117 Some comments on the official protocol. J. Wong. Apr-07-1971. (Format: TXT=7128 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1170 Public key standards and licenses. R.B. Fougner. Jan-01-1991. (Format: TXT=3144 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1171 Point-to-Point Protocol for the transmission of multi-protocol datagrams over Point-to-Point links. D. Perkins. Jul-01-1990. (Format: TXT=92321 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1134) (Obsoleted by RFC1331) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1172 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) initial configuration options. D. Perkins, R. Hobby. Jul-01-1990. (Format: TXT=76132 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1331) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1173 Responsibilities of host and network managers: A summary of the "oral tradition" of the Internet. J. VanBokkelen. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=12527 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1174 IAB recommended policy on distributing internet identifier assignment and IAB recommended policy change to internet "connected" status. V.G. Cerf. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=21321 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1175 FYI on where to start: A bibliography of internetworking information. K.L. Bowers, T.L. LaQuey, J.K. Reynolds, K. Roubicek, M.K. Stahl, A. Yuan. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=67330 bytes) (Also FYI0003) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1176 Interactive Mail Access Protocol: Version 2. M.R. Crispin. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=67330 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1064) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1177 FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to commonly asked "new internet user" questions. G.S. Malkin, A.N. Marine, J.K. Reynolds. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=52852 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1206, FYI0004) (Also FYI0004) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1178 Choosing a name for your computer. D. Libes. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=18472 bytes) (Also FYI0005) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1179 Line printer daemon protocol. L. McLaughlin. Aug-01-1990. (Format: TXT=24324 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+118 Recommendations for facility documentation. R.W. Watson. Apr-16-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1180 TCP/IP tutorial. T.J. Socolofsky, C.J. Kale. Jan-01-1991. (Format: TXT=65494 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1181 RIPE terms of reference. R. Blokzijl. Sep-01-1990. (Format: TXT=2523 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1182 ( Never Issued). .. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1183 New DNS RR definitions. C.F. Everhart, L.A. Mamakos, R. Ullmann, P.V. Mockapetris. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=23788 bytes) (Updates RFC1034, RFC1035) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1184 Telnet Linemode option. D.A. Borman. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=53085 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1116) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1185 TCP extension for high-speed paths. V. Jacobson, R.T. Braden, L. Zhang. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=49508 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1323) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1186 MD4 message digest algorithm. R.L. Rivest. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=35391 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1187 Bulk table retrieval with the SNMP. M.T. Rose, K. McCloghrie, J.R. Davin. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=27220 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1188 Proposed standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over FDDI networks. D. Katz. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=22424 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1103) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1189 Common Management Information Services and Protocols for the Internet (CMOT and CMIP). U.S. Warrier, L. Besaw, L. LaBarre, B.D. Handspicker. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=32928 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1095) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+119 Network Fortran subprograms. M. Krilanovich. Apr-21-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1190 Experimental Internet Stream Protocol: Version 2 (ST-II). C. Topolcic. Oct-01-1990. (Format: TXT=386909 bytes) (Obsoletes IEN 119) (Obsoleted by RFC1819) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1191 Path MTU discovery. J.C. Mogul, S.E. Deering. Nov-01-1990. (Format: TXT=47936 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1063) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1192 Commercialization of the Internet summary report. B. Kahin. Nov-01-1990. (Format: TXT=35253 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1193 Client requirements for real-time communication services. D. Ferrari. Nov-01-1990. (Format: TXT=61540 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1194 Finger User Information Protocol. D.P. Zimmerman. Nov-01-1990. (Format: TXT=24626 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0742) (Obsoleted by RFC1288, RFC1196) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1195 Use of OSI IS-IS for routing in TCP/IP and dual environments. R.W. Callon. Dec-01-1990. (Format: TXT=187866, PS=362052 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1196 Finger User Information Protocol. D.P. Zimmerman. Dec-01-1990. (Format: TXT=24799 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1194, 742) (Obsoleted by RFC1288) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1197 Using ODA for translating multimedia information. M. Sherman. Dec-01-1990. (Format: TXT=3620 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1198 FYI on the X window system. R.W. Scheifler. Jan-01-1991. (Format: TXT=3629 bytes) (Also FYI0006) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1199 Request for Comments Summary Notes: 1100-1199. J. Reynolds. Dec-01-1991. (Format: TXT=46443 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+12 IMP-Host interface flow diagrams. M. Wingfield. Aug-26-1969. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1201 Transmitting IP traffic over ARCNET networks. D. Provan. Feb-01-1991. (Format: TXT=16959 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1051) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1202 Directory Assistance service. M.T. Rose. Feb-01-1991. (Format: TXT=21645 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1203 Interactive Mail Access Protocol: Version 3. J. Rice. Feb-01-1991. (Format: TXT=123325 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1064) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1204 Message Posting Protocol (MPP). S. Yeh, D. Lee. Feb-01-1991. (Format: TXT=11371 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1205 5250 Telnet interface. P. Chmielewski. Feb-01-1991. (Format: TXT=27179 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1206 FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to commonly asked "new Internet user" questions. G.S. Malkin, A.N. Marine. Feb-01-1991. (Format: TXT=72479 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1177) (Obsoleted by FYI0004, RFC1325) (Also FYI0004) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1207 FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to commonly asked "experienced Internet user" questions. G.S. Malkin, A.N. Marine, J.K. Reynolds. Feb-01-1991. (Format: TXT=33385 bytes) (Also FYI0007) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1208 Glossary of networking terms. O.J. Jacobsen, D.C. Lynch. Mar-01-1991. (Format: TXT=41156 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1209 Transmission of IP datagrams over the SMDS Service. D.M. Piscitello, J. Lawrence. Mar-01-1991. (Format: TXT=25280 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+121 Network on-line operators. M. Krilanovich. Apr-21-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1210 Network and infrastructure user requirements for transatlantic research collaboration: Brussels, July 16-18, and Washington July 24-25, 1990. V.G. Cerf, P.T. Kirstein, B. Randell. Mar-01-1991. (Format: TXT=79048 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1211 Problems with the maintenance of large mailing lists. A. Westine, J. Postel. Mar-01-1991. (Format: TXT=96167 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1212 Concise MIB definitions. M.T. Rose, K. McCloghrie. Mar-01-1991. (Format: TXT=43579 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1213 Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets:MIB-II. K. McCloghrie, M.T. Rose. Mar-01-1991. (Format: TXT=146080 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1158) (Updated by RFC2011, RFC2012, RFC2013) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+1214 OSI internet management: Management Information Base. L. LaBarre. Apr-01-1991. (Format: TXT=172564 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1215 Convention for defining traps for use with the SNMP. M.T. Rose. Mar-01-1991. (Format: TXT=19336 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1216 Gigabit network economics and paradigm shifts. P. Richard, P. Kynikos. Apr-01-1991. (Format: TXT=8130 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1217 Memo from the Consortium for Slow Commotion Research (CSCR). V.G. Cerf. Apr-01-1991. (Format: TXT=11079 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1218 Naming scheme for c=US. North American Directory Forum.. Apr-01-1991. (Format: TXT=42698 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1255, RFC1417) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1219 On the assignment of subnet numbers. P.F. Tsuchiya. Apr-01-1991. (Format: TXT=30609 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+122 Network specifications for UCSB's Simple-Minded File System. J.E. White. Apr-26-1971. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0217, RFC0269, RFC0399, RFC0043, RFC0431) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1220 Point-to-Point Protocol extensions for bridging. F. Baker. Apr-01-1991. (Format: TXT=38165 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1638) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1221 Host Access Protocol (HAP) specification: Version 2. W. Edmond. Apr-01-1991. (Format: TXT=152740 bytes) (Updates RFC0907) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1222 Advancing the NSFNET routing architecture. H.W. Braun, Y. Rekhter. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=15067 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1223 OSI CLNS and LLC1 protocols on Network Systems HYPERchannel. J.M. Halpern. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=29601 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1224 Techniques for managing asynchronously generated alerts. L. Steinberg. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=54303 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1225 Post Office Protocol: Version 3. M.T. Rose. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=37340 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1081) (Obsoleted by RFC1460) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1226 Internet protocol encapsulation of AX.25 frames. B. Kantor. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=2573 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1227 SNMP MUX protocol and MIB. M.T. Rose. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=25868 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1228 SNMP-DPI: Simple Network Management Protocol Distributed Program Interface. G. Carpenter, B. Wijnen. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=96972 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1592) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1229 Extensions to the generic-interface MIB. K. McCloghrie. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=36022 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1573) (Updated by RFC1239) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+123 Proffered Official ICP. S.D. Crocker. Apr-20-1971. (Format: TXT=4812 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0066, RFC0080) (Obsoleted by RFC0165) (Updates RFC0098, RFC0101) (Updated by RFC0127, RFC0148) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1230 IEEE 802.4 Token Bus MIB. K. McCloghrie, R. Fox. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=53100 bytes) (Updated by RFC1239) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1231 IEEE 802.5 Token Ring MIB. K. McCloghrie, R. Fox, E. Decker. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=53542 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1743, RFC1748) (Updated by RFC1239) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1232 Definitions of managed objects for the DS1 Interface type. F. Baker, C.P. Kolb. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=60757 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1406) (Updated by RFC1239) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1233 Definitions of managed objects for the DS3 Interface type. T.A. Cox, K. Tesink. May-01-1991. (Format: TXT=49559 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1407) (Updated by RFC1239) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1234 Tunneling IPX traffic through IP networks. D. Provan. Jun-01-1991. (Format: TXT=12333 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1235 Coherent File Distribution Protocol. J. Ioannidis, Jr. Maguire, G.Q.. Jun-01-1991. (Format: TXT=29345 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1236 IP to X.121 address mapping for DDN. Jr. Morales, L.F., P.R. Hasse. Jun-01-1991. (Format: TXT=12626 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1237 Guidelines for OSI NSAP Allocation in the Internet. R. Collela, E.P. Gardner, R.W. Callon. Jul-01-1991. (Format: TXT=116989, PS=160478 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1629) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1238 CLNS MIB for use with Connectionless Network Protocol (ISO 8473) and End System to Intermediate System (ISO 9542). G. Satz. Jun-01-1991. (Format: TXT=65159 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1162) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+1239 Reassignment of experimental MIBs to standard MIBs. J.K. Reynolds. Jun-01-1991. (Format: TXT=3656 bytes) (Updates RFC1229, RFC1230, RFC1231, RFC1232, RFC1233) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+124 Typographical error in rfc+107. J.T. Melvin. Apr-19-1971. (Format: TXT=659 bytes) (Updates RFC0107) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1243 AppleTalk Management Information Base. S. Waldbusser. Jul-01-1991. (Format: TXT=61985 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1742) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1244 Site Security Handbook. J.P. Holbrook, J.K. Reynolds. Jul-01-1991. (Format: TXT=259129 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC2196, FYI0008) (Also FYI0008) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1245 OSPF Protocol Analysis. J. Moy. Jul-01-1991. (Format: TXT=26160, PS=33546 bytes) (Also RFC1247, RFC1246) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1246 Experience with the OSPF Protocol. J. Moy. Jul-01-1991. (Format: TXT=70441, PS=141924 bytes) (Also RFC1247, RFC1245) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1247 OSPF Version 2. J. Moy. Jul-01-1991. (Format: TXT=433332, PS=989724 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1131) (Obsoleted by RFC1583) (Also RFC1246, RFC1245) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

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rfc+125 Response to rfc+86: Proposal for network standard format for a graphics data stream. J. McConnell. Apr-18-1971. (Not online) (Updates RFC0086) (Updated by RFC0177) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1250 IAB OFFICIAL PROTOCOL STANDARDS. J. Postel. Aug-01-1991. (Format: TXT=62555 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1200, RFC1100, RFC1083, RFC1130, RFC1140) (Obsoleted by RFC2200) (Also RFC1060, RFC1011, RFC1160) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+1251 Who's Who in the Internet: Biographies of IAB, IESG and IRSG Members. G. Malkin. Aug-01-1991. (Format: TXT=70383 bytes) (Also FYI0009) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1252 OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base. F. Baker, R. Coltun. Aug-01-1991. (Format: TXT=74471 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1248) (Obsoleted by RFC1253) (Also RFC1247, RFC1245) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1253 OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base. F. Baker, R. Coltun. Aug-01-1991. (Format: TXT=74453 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1252) (Obsoleted by RFC1850) (Also RFC1247, RFC1245, RFC1246) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1254 Gateway Congestion Control Survey. A. Mankin, K. Ramakrishnan. Jul-01-1991. (Format: TXT=67609 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1255 A Naming Scheme for c=US. The North American Directory Forum. Sep-01-1991. (Format: TXT=51103 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1218) (Obsoleted by RFC1417) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1256 ICMP Router Discovery Messages. S. Deering. Sep-01-1991. (Format: TXT=43059 bytes) (Also RFC0792) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1257 Isochronous applications do not require jitter-controlled networks. C. Partridge. Sep-01-1991. (Format: TXT=11075 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1258 BSD Rlogin. B. Kantor. Sep-01-1991. (Format: TXT=10763 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1259 Building the open road: The NREN as test-bed for the national public network. M. Kapor. Sep-01-1991. (Format: TXT=61654 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+126 Graphics facilities at Ames Research Center. J. McConnell. Apr-18-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1260 ( Never Issued). .. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+1261 TRANSITION OF NIC SERVICES. S. Williamson, L. Nobile. Sep-01-1991. (Format: TXT=4244 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1262 Guidelines for internet measurement activities. V.G. Cerf. Oct-01-1991. (Format: TXT=6381 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1264 Internet Engineering Task Force internet routing protocol standardization criteria. R.M. Hinden. Oct-01-1991. (Format: TXT=17016 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1266 Experience with the BGP protocol. Y. Rekhter. Oct-01-1991. (Format: TXT=21938 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1268 Application of the Border Gateway Protocol in the Internet. Y. Rekhter, P. Gross. Oct-01-1991. (Format: TXT=31102 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1164) (Obsoleted by RFC1655) (Status: HISTORIC)

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rfc+1271 Remote network monitoring Management Information Base. S. Waldbusser. Nov-01-1991. (Format: TXT=184111 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1757) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1272 Internet accounting: Background. C. Mills, D. Hirsh, G.R. Ruth. Nov-01-1991. (Format: TXT=46562 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1273 Measurement study of changes in service-level reachability in the global TCP/IP Internet: Goals, experimental design, implementation, and policy considerations. M.F. Schwartz. Nov-01-1991. (Format: TXT=19949 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1274 The COSINE and Internet X.500 Schema. P. Barker, S. Kille. November 1991. (Format: TXT=92827 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+1276 Replication and Distributed Operations extensions to provide an Internet Directory using X.500. S.E. Hardcastle-Kille. November 1991. (Format: TXT=33731, PS=217170 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1277 Encoding Network Addresses to support operation over non-OSI lower layers. S.E. Hardcastle-Kille. November 1991. (Format: TXT=22254, PS=176169 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1278 A string encoding of Presentation Address. S.E. Hardcastle-Kille. November 1991. (Format: TXT=10256, PS=128696 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1279 X.500 and Domains. S.E. Hardcastle-Kille. November 1991. (Format: TXT=26669, PS=170029 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+128 Bytes. J. Postel. Apr-21-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1289 DECnet Phase IV MIB Extensions. J. Saperia. December 1991. (Format: TXT=122272 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1559) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+1290 There's Gold in them thar Networks! or Searching for Treasure in all the Wrong Places. J. Martin. December 1991. (Format: TXT=46997 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1402) (Also FYI0010) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1291 Mid-Level Networks Potential Technical Services. V. Aggarwal. December 1991. (Format: TXT=24314, PS=218918 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1294 Multiprotocol Interconnect over Frame Relay. T. Bradley, C. Brown, A. Malis. January 1992. (Format: TXT=54992 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1490) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1295 User Bill of Rights for entries and listings in the Public Directory. The North American Directory Forum. January 1992. (Format: TXT=3502 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1417) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1296 Internet Growth (1981-1991). M. Lottor. January 1992. (Format: TXT=20103 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1297 NOC Internal Integrated Trouble Ticket System Functional Specification Wishlist ("NOC TT REQUIREMENTS"). D. Johnson. January 1992. (Format: TXT=32964 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1298 SNMP over IPX. R. Wormley, S. Bostock. February 1992. (Format: TXT=7878 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1420) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1305 Network Time Protocol (Version 3) Specification, Implementation. David L. Mills. March 1992. (Format: TXT=307085 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0958, RFC1059, RFC1119) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1306 Experiences Supporting By-Request Circuit-Switched T3 Networks. A. Nicholson, J. Young. March 1992. (Format: TXT=25788 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1313 Today's Programming for Krfc+AM 1313 Internet Talk Radio. C. Partridge. 1 April 1992. (Format: TXT=5444 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1314 A File Format for the Exchange of Images in the Internet. A. Katz, D. Cohen. April 1992. (Format: TXT=54072 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+1316 Definitions of Managed Objects for Character Stream Devices. B. Stewart. April 1992. (Format: TXT=35143 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1658) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1317 Definitions of Managed Objects for RS-232-like Hardware Devices. B. Stewart. April 1992. (Format: TXT=30442 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1659) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1318 Definitions of Managed Objects for Parallel-printer-like Hardware Devices. B. Stewart. April 1992. (Format: TXT=19570 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1660) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+1321 The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm. R. Rivest. April 1992. (Format: TXT=35222 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1322 A Unified Approach to Inter-Domain Routing. D. Estrin, Y. Rekhter, S. Hotz. May 1992. (Format: TXT=96934 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1324 A Discussion on Computer Network Conferencing. D. Reed. May 1992. (Format: TXT=24988 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1325 FYI on Questions and Answers Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions. G. Malkin, A. Marine. May 1992. (Format: TXT=91884 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1206) (Obsoleted by RFC1594) (Also FYI0004) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1326 Mutual Encapsulation Considered Dangerous. P. Tsuchiya. May 1992. (Format: TXT=11277 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1328 X.400 1988 to 1984 downgrading. S. Hardcastle-Kille. May 1992. (Format: TXT=10006 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1329 Thoughts on Address Resolution for Dual MAC FDDI Networks. P. Kuehn. May 1992. (Format: TXT=58150 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+133 File transfer and recovery. R.L. Sundberg. Apr-27-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1336 Who's Who in the Internet: Biographies of IAB, IESG and IRSG Members. G. MAlkin. May 1992. (Format: TXT=92119 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+134 Network Graphics meeting. A. Vezza. Apr-29-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+1342 Representation of Non-ASCII Text in Internet Message Headers. K. Moore. June 1992. (Format: TXT=15845 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1522) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1343 A User Agent Configuration Mechanism for Multimedia Mail Format Information. N. Borenstein. June 1992. (Format: TXT=29295, PS=59978 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1344 Implications of MIME for Internet Mail Gateways. N. Borenstein. June 1992. (Format: TXT=25872, PS=51812 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1346 Resource Allocation, Control, and Accounting for the Use of Network Resources. P. Jones. June 1992. (Format: TXT=13084 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1347 TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (TUBA), A Simple Proposal for Internet Addressing and Routing. R. Callon. June 1992. (Format: TXT=26563, PS=42398 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1349 Type of Service in the Internet Protocol Suite. P. Almquist. July 1992. (Format: TXT=68949 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+1355 Privacy and Accuracy Issues in Network Information Center Databases. J. Curran, A. Marine. August 1992. (Format: TXT=8858 bytes) (Also FYI0015) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1356 Multiprotocol Interconnect on X.25 and ISDN in the Packet Mode. A. Malis, D. Robinson, R. Ullmann. August 1992. (Format: TXT=32043 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0877) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+1357 A Format for E-mailing Bibliographic Records. D. Cohen. July 1992. (Format: TXT=25021 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1807) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1358 Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). L. Chapin. August 1992. (Format: TXT=11328 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1601) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1359 Connecting to the Internet - What Connecting Institutions Should Anticipate. ACM SIGUCCS. August 1992. (Format: TXT=53449 bytes) (Also FYI0016) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+1363 A Proposed Flow Specification. C. Partridge. September 1992. (Format: TXT=59214 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1364 BGP OSPF Interaction. K. Varadhan. September 1992. (Format: TXT=32121 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1403) (Also RFC1247, RFC1267) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1365 An IP Address Extension Proposal. K. Siyan. September 1992. (Format: TXT=12790 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1366 Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space. E. Gerich. October 1992. (Format: TXT=17793 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1466) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1367 Schedule for IP Address Space Management Guidelines. C. Topolcic. October 1992. (Format: TXT=4780 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1467) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+1368 Definition of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Repeater Devices. D. McMaster, K. McCloghrie. October 1992. (Format: TXT=83905 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1516) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+1369 Implementation Notes and Experience for the Internet Ethernet MIB. F. Kastenholz. October 1992. (Format: TXT=13961 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+1764 The PPP XNS IDP Control Protocol (XNSCP). S. Senum. March 1995. (Format: TXT=9525 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+2061 IMAP4 COMPATIBILITY WITH IMAP2BIS. M. Crispin. December 1996. (Format: TXT=5867 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1730) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+2088 IMAP4 non-synchronizing literals. J. Myers. January 1997. (Format: TXT=4052 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+2103 Mobility Support for Nimrod : Challenges and Solution Approaches. R. Ramanathan. February 1997. (Format: TXT=41352 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+2119 Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels. S. Bradner. March 1997. (Format: TXT=4723 bytes) (Also BCP0014) (Status: BEST CURRENT PRACTICE)

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rfc+2123 Traffic Flow Measurement: Experiences with NeTraMet. N. Brownlee. March 1997. (Format: TXT=81874 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+2152 UTF-7 A Mail-Safe Transformation Format of Unicode. D. Goldsmith, M. Davis. May 1997. (Format: TXT=28065 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1642) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+2154 OSPF with Digital Signatures. S. Murphy, M. Badger, B. Wellington. June 1997. (Format: TXT=72701 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+2155 Definitions of Managed Objects for APPN using SMIv2. B. Clouston, B. Moore. June 1997. (Format: TXT=213809 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+2156 MIXER (Mime Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay): Mapping between X.400 and rfc+822/MIME. S. Kille. January 1998. (Format: TXT=280385 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0987, RFC1026, RFC1138, RFC1148, RFC1327, RFC1495) (Updates RFC0822) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+2157 Mapping between X.400 and RFC-822/MIME Message Bodies. H. Alvestrand. January 1998. (Format: TXT=92554 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+2159 A MIME Body Part for FAX. H. Alvestrand. January 1998. (Format: TXT=11471 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+216 Telnet access to UCSB's On-Line System. J.E. White. Sep-08-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+2160 Carrying PostScript in X.400 and MIME. H. Alvestrand. January 1998. (Format: TXT=7059 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+2161 A MIME Body Part for ODA. H. Alvestrand. January 1998. (Format: TXT=8009 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+2162 MaXIM-11 - Mapping between X.400 / Internet mail and Mail-11 mail. C. Allocchio. January 1998. (Format: TXT=58553 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1405) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+2163 Using the Internet DNS to Distribute MIXER Conformant Global Address Mapping (MCGAM). C. Allocchio. January 1998. (Format: TXT=58789 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1664) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+2164 Use of an X.500/LDAP directory to support MIXER address mapping. S. Kille. January 1998. (Format: TXT=16701 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1838) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+2169 A Trivial Convention for using HTTP in URN Resolution. R. Danie1. June 1997. (Format: TXT=17763 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+217 Specifications changes for OLS, RJE/RJOR, and SMFS. J.E. White. Sep-08-1971. (Format: TXT=2956 bytes) (Updates RFC0074, RFC0105, RFC0122) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+2170 Application REQuested IP over ATM (AREQUIPA). W. Almesberger, J. Le Boudec, P. Oechslin. June 1997. (Format: TXT=22874 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2171 MAPOS - Multiple Access Protocol over SONET/SDH Version 1. K. Murakami, M. Maruyama. June 1997. (Format: TXT=17480 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2172 MAPOS Version 1 Assigned Numbers. M. Maruyama, K. Murakami. June 1997. (Format: TXT=4857 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2173 A MAPOS version 1 Extension - Node Switch Protocol. K. Murakami, M. Maruyama. June 1997. (Format: TXT=12251 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2174 A MAPOS version 1 Extension - Switch-Switch Protocol. K. Murakami, M. Maruyama. June 1997. (Format: TXT=47967 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2175 MAPOS 16 - Multiple Access Protocol over SONET/SDH with 16 Bit Addressing. K. Murakami, M. Maruyama. June 1997. (Format: TXT=11677 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2176 IPv4 over MAPOS Version 1. K. Murakami, M. Maruyama. June 1997. (Format: TXT=12305 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2177 IMAP4 IDLE command. B. Leiba. June 1997. (Format: TXT=6770 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+2178 OSPF Version 2. J. Moy. July 1997. (Format: TXT=495866 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1583) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+2179 Network Security For Trade Shows. A. Gwinn. July 1997. (Format: TXT=20690 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+218 Changing the IMP status reporting facility. B. Cosell. Sep-08-1971. (Format: TXT=1131 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+2180 IMAP4 Multi-Accessed Mailbox Practice. M. Gahrns. July 1997. (Format: TXT=24750 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2181 Clarifications to the DNS Specification. R. Elz, R. Bush. July 1997. (Format: TXT=36989 bytes) (Updates RFC1034, RFC1035, RFC1123) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+2256 A Summary of the X.500(96) User Schema for use with LDAPv3. M. Wahl. December 1997. (Format: TXT=32377 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+2266 Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.12 Repeater Devices. J. Flick. January 1998. (Format: TXT=134027 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+2267 Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing. P. Ferguson, D. Senie. January 1998. (Format: TXT=21032 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+2268 January 1998. (Not online) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+2269 Using the MARS Model in non-ATM NBMA Networks. G. Armitage. January 1998. (Format: TXT=12094 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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rfc+2277 IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages. H. Alvestrand. January 1998. (Format: TXT=16622 bytes) (Also BCP0018) (Status: Best Current Practice)

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rfc+2279 UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646. F. Yergeau. January 1998. (Format: TXT=21634 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2044) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+408 NETBANK. A.D. Owen, J. Postel. Oct-25-1972. (Format: TXT=1645 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+409 Tenex interface to UCSB's Simple-Minded File System. J.E. White. Dec-08-1972. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+41 IMP-IMP Teletype Communication. J.T. Melvin. Mar-30-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+410 Removal of the 30-Second Delay When Hosts Come Up. J.M. McQuillan. Nov-10-1972. (Format: TXT=3964 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+411 New MULTICS Network Software Features. M.A. Padlipsky. Nov-14-1972. (Format: TXT=3024 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+415 Tenex bandwidth. H. Murray. Nov-29-1972. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+416 ARC System Will Be Unavailable for Use During Thanksgiving Week. J.C. Norton. Nov-07-1972. (Format: TXT=2205 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+417 Link usage violation. J. Postel, C. Kline. Dec-06-1972. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+418 Server file transfer under TSS/360 at NASA Ames. W. Hathaway. Nov-27-1972. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+419 To: Network liaisons and station agents. A. Vezza. Dec-12-1972. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+42 Message data types. E. Ancona. Mar-31-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+420 CCA ICCC weather demo. H. Murray. Jan-04-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+422 Traffic statistics (November 1972). A.M. McKenzie. Dec-11-1972. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+423 UCLA Campus Computing Network Liaison Staff for ARPANET. B. Noble. Dec-12-1972. (Format: TXT=2890 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0389) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+425 "But my NCP costs $500 a day". R.D. Bressler. Dec-19-1972. (Format: TXT=1763 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+426 Reconnection Protocol. R. Thomas. Jan-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+429 Character Generator Process. J. Postel. Dec-12-1972. (Format: TXT=1319 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+43 Proposed Meeting. A.G. Nemeth. Apr-08-1970. (Format: TXT=1600 bytes) (Updates RFC0122) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+430 Comments on File Transfer Protocol. R.T. Braden. Feb-07-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+431 Update on SMFS Login and Logout. M. Krilanovich. Dec-15-1972. (Format: TXT=4196 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0399) (Updates RFC0122) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+432 Network logical map. N. Neigus. Dec-29-1972. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+433 Socket number list. J. Postel. Dec-22-1972. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0349) (Obsoleted by RFC0503) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+434 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule. A.M. McKenzie. Jan-04-1973. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0447) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+435 Telnet issues. B. Cosell, D.C. Walden. Jan-05-1973. (Not online) (Updates RFC0318) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+436 Announcement of RJS at UCSB. M. Krilanovich. Jan-10-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+437 Data Reconfiguration Service at UCSB. E. Faeh. Jun-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+438 FTP server-server interaction. R. Thomas, R. Clements. Jan-15-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+439 PARRY encounters the DOCTOR. V.G. Cerf. Jan-21-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+44 Comments on NWG/rfc+33 and 36. A. Shoshani, R. Long, A. Landsberg. Apr-10-1970. (Not online) (Updates RFC0036) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+440 Scheduled network software maintenance. D.C. Walden. Jan-01-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+441 Inter-Entity Communication - an experiment. R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas. Jan-19-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+442 Current flow-control scheme for IMPSYS. V.G. Cerf. Jan-24-1973. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0449) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+443 Traffic statistics (December 1972). A.M. McKenzie. Jan-18-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+445 IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule. A.M. McKenzie. Jan-22-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+446 Proposal to consider a network program resource notebook. L.P. Deutsch. Jan-25-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+447 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule. A.M. McKenzie. Jan-29-1973. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0434) (Obsoleted by RFC0476) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+448 Print files in FTP. R.T. Braden. Feb-27-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+449 Current flow-control scheme for IMPSYS. D.C. Walden. Jan-06-1973. (Not online) (Updates RFC0442) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+45 New protocol is coming. J. Postel, S.D. Crocker. Apr-14-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+450 MULTICS sampling timeout change. M.A. Padlipsky. Feb-08-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+451 Tentative proposal for a Unified User Level Protocol. M.A. Padlipsky. Feb-22-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+453 Meeting announcement to discuss a network mail system. M.D. Kudlick. Feb-07-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+454 File Transfer Protocol - meeting announcement and a new proposed document. A.M. McKenzie. Feb-16-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+455 Traffic statistics (January 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Feb-12-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+456 Memorandum: Date change of mail meeting. M.D. Kudlick. Feb-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+457 TIPUG. D.C. Walden. Feb-15-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+458 Mail retrieval via FTP. R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas. Feb-20-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+459 Network questionnaires. W. Kantrowitz. Feb-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+46 ARPA Network protocol notes. Jr. Meyer, E.W.. Apr-17-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+460 NCP survey. C. Kline. Feb-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+461 Telnet Protocol meeting announcement. A.M. McKenzie. Feb-14-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+462 Responding to user needs. J. Iseli, D. Crocker. Feb-22-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+463 FTP comments and response to rfc+430. A.K. Bhushan. Feb-21-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+464 Resource notebook framework. M.D. Kudlick. Feb-27-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+466 Telnet logger/server for host LL-67. J.M. Winett. Feb-27-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+467 Proposed change to Host-Host Protocol: Resynchronization of connection status. J.D. Burchfiel, R.S. Tomlinson. Feb-20-1973. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0492) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+468 FTP data compression. R.T. Braden. Mar-08-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+469 Network mail meeting summary. M.D. Kudlick. Mar-08-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+47 BBN's comments on NWG/rfc+#33. W.R. Crowther. Apr-20-1970. (Not online) (Updates RFC0033) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+470 Change in socket for TIP news facility. R. Thomas. Mar-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+471 Workshop on multi-site executive programs. R. Thomas. Mar-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+472 Illinois' reply to Maxwell's request for graphics information (NIC 14925). S. Bunch. Mar-01-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+473 MIX and MIXAL?. D.C. Walden. Feb-28-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+474 Announcement of NGWG meeting: Call for papers. S. Bunch Mar-01-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+475 FTP and network mail system. A.K. Bhushan. Mar-06-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+476 IMP/TIP memory retrofit schedule (rev. 2). A.M. McKenzie. Mar-07-1973. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0447) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+477 Remote Job Service at UCSB. M. Krilanovich. May-23-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+478 FTP server-server interaction - II. R.D. Bressler, R. Thomas. Mar-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+479 Use of FTP by the NIC Journal. J.E. White. Mar-08-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+48 Possible protocol plateau. J. Postel, S.D. Crocker. Apr-21-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+480 Host-dependent FTP parameters. J.E. White. Mar-08-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+482 Traffic statistics (February 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Mar-12-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+483 Cancellation of the resource notebook framework meeting. M.D. Kudlick. Mar-14-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+485 MIX and MIXAL at UCSB. J.R. Pickens. Mar-19-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+486 Data transfer revisited. R.D. Bressler. Mar-20-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+487 Free file transfer. R.D. Bressler. Apr-06-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+488 NLS classes at network sites. M.F. Auerbach. Mar-23-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+489 Comment on resynchronization of connection status proposal. J. Postel. Mar-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+49 Conversations with S. Crocker (UCLA). Jr. Meyer, E.W.. Apr-23-1970. (Format: TXT=12384 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+490 Surrogate RJS for UCLA-CCN. J.R. Pickens. Mar-06-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+491 What is "Free"?. M.A. Padlipsky. Apr-12-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+492 Response to rfc+467. Jr. Meyer, E.W.. Apr-18-1973. (Not online) (Updates RFC0467) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+493 Graphics Protocol. J.C. Michener, I.W. Cotton, K.C. Kelley, D.E. Liddle, Jr. Meyer, E.W.. Apr-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+494 Availability of MIX and MIXAL in the Network. D.C. Walden. Apr-20-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+495 Telnet Protocol specifications. A.M. McKenzie. May-01-1973. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0158) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+496 TNLS quick reference card is available. M.F. Auerbach. Apr-05-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+497 Traffic statistics (March 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Apr-10-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+498 On mail service to CCN. R.T. Braden. Apr-17-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+499 Harvard's network RJE. B.R. Reussow. Apr-01-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+5 Decode Encode Language (DEL). J. Rulifson. Jun-02-1969. (Format: TXT=26408 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+50 Comments on the Meyer Proposal. E. Harslem, J. Haverty. Apr-30-1970. (Format: TXT=4070 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+500 Integration of data management systems on a computer network. A. Shoshani, I. Spiegler. Apr-16-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+501 Un-muddling "free file transfer". K.T. Pogran. May-11-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+503 Socket number list. N. Neigus, J. Postel. Apr-12-1973. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0433) (Obsoleted by RFC0739) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+504 Distributed resources workshop announcement. R. Thomas. Apr-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+505 Two solutions to a file transfer access problem. M.A. Padlipsky. Jun-25-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+506 FTP command naming problem. M.A. Padlipsky. Jun-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+508 Real-time data transmission on the ARPANET. L. Pfeifer, J. McAfee. May-07-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+509 Traffic statistics (April 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Apr-07-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+51 Proposal for a Network Interchange Language. M. Elie. May-04-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+510 Request for network mailbox addresses. J.E. White. May-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+511 Enterprise phone service to NIC from ARPANET sites. J.B. North. May-23-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+512 More on lost message detection. W. Hathaway. May-23-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+513 Comments on the new Telnet specifications. W. Hathaway. May-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+514 Network make-work. W. Kantrowitz. Jun-05-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+515 Specifications for datalanguage: Version 0/9. R. Winter. Jun-06-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+516 Lost message detection. J. Postel. May-18-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+518 ARPANET accounts. N. Vaughan, E.J. Feinler. Jun-19-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+519 Resource evaluation. J.R. Pickens. Jun-01-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+52 Updated distribution list. J. Postel, S.D. Crocker. Jul-01-1970. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0069) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+520 Memo to FTP group: Proposal for File Access Protocol. J.D. Day. Jun-25-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+521 Restricted use of IMP DDT. A.M. McKenzie. May-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+522 Traffic statistics (May 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Jun-05-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+523 SURVEY is in operation again. A.K. Bhushan. Jun-05-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+524 Proposed Mail Protocol. J.E. White. Jun-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+525 MIT-MATHLAB meets UCSB-OLS -an example of resource sharing. W. Parrish, J.R. Pickens. Jun-01-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+526 Technical meeting: Digital image processing software systems. W.K. Pratt. Jun-25-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+527 ARPAWOCKY. D.L. Covill. May-01-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+528 Software checksumming in the IMP and network reliability. J.M. McQuillan. Jun-20-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+529 Note on protocol synch sequences. A.M. McKenzie, R. Thomas, R.S. Tomlinson, K.T. Pogran. Jun-29-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+53 Official protocol mechanism. S.D. Crocker. Jun-09-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+530 Report on the Survey project. A.K. Bhushan. Jun-22-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+531 Feast or famine? A response to two recent RFC's about network information. M.A. Padlipsky. Jun-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+532 UCSD-CC Server-FTP facility. R.G. Merryman. Jul-12-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+533 Message-ID numbers. D.C. Walden. Jul-17-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+534 Lost message detection. D.C. Walden. Jul-17-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+535 Comments on File Access Protocol. R. Thomas. Jul-25-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+537 Announcement of NGG meeting July 16-17. S. Bunch. Jun-27-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+538 Traffic statistics (June 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Jul-05-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+539 Thoughts on the mail protocol proposed in rfc+524. D. Crocker, J. Postel. Jul-07-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+54 Official Protocol Proffering. S.D. Crocker, J. Postel, J. Newkirk, M. Kraley. Jun-18-1970. (Format: TXT=20131 bytes) (Updated by RFC0057) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+542 File Transfer Protocol. N. Neigus. Jul-12-1973. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0354) (Obsoleted by RFC0765) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+543 Network journal submission and delivery. N.D. Meyer. Jul-24-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+544 Locating on-line documentation at SRI-ARC. N.D. Meyer, K. Kelley. Jul-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+545 Of what quality be the UCSB resources evaluators?. J.R. Pickens. Jul-23-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+546 Tenex load averages for July 1973. R. Thomas. Aug-10-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+547 Change to the Very Distant Host specification. D.C. Walden. Aug-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+548 Hosts using the IMP Going Down message. D.C. Walden. Aug-16-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+549 Minutes of Network Graphics Group meeting, 15-17 July 1973. J.C. Michener. Jul-17-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+55 Prototypical implementation of the NCP. J. Newkirk, M. Kraley, J. Postel, S.D. Crocker. Jun-19-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+550 NIC NCP experiment. L.P. Deutsch. Aug-24-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+552 Single access to standard protocols. A.D. Owen. Jul-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+553 Draft design for a text/graphics protocol. C.H. Irby, K. Victor. Jul-14-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+555 Responses to critiques of the proposed mail protocol. J.E. White. Jul-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+556 Traffic statistics (July 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Aug-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+557 Revelations in network host measurements. B.D. Wessler. Aug-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+559 Comments on the new Telnet Protocol and its implementation. A.K. Bhushan. Aug-15-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+56 Third Level Protocol: Logger Protocol. E. Belove, D. Black, R. Flegal, L.G. Farquar. Jun-01-1970. (Format: TXT=13066 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+560 Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet option. D. Crocker, J. Postel. Aug-18-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+561 Standardizing network mail headers. A.K. Bhushan, K.T. Pogran, R.S. Tomlinson, J.E. White. Sep-05-1973. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0680) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+562 Modifications to the Telnet specification. A.M. McKenzie. Aug-28-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+563 Comments on the RCTE Telnet option. J. Davidson. Aug-28-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+565 Storing network survey data at the datacomputer. D. Cantor. Aug-28-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+566 Traffic statistics (August 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Sep-04-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+567 Cross country network bandwidth. L.P. Deutsch. Sep-06-1973. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0568) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+568 Response to rfc+567 - cross country network bandwidth. J.M. McQuillan. Sep-18-1973. (Not online) (Updates RFC0567) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+569 NETED: A common editor for the ARPA network. M.A. Padlipsky. Oct-15-1973. (Not online) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+57 Thoughts and reflections on NWG/rfc+54. M. Kraley, J. Newkirk. Jun-19-1970. (Not online) (Updates RFC0054) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+570 Experimental input mapping between NVT ASCII and UCSB On Line System. J.R. Pickens. Oct-30-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+571 Tenex FTP problem. R.T. Braden. Nov-15-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+573 Data and file transfer: Some measurement results. A.K. Bhushan. Sep-14-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+574 Announcement of a mail facility at UCSB. M. Krilanovich. Sep-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+576 Proposal for modifying linking. K. Victor. Sep-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+577 Mail priority. D. Crocker. Oct-18-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+578 Using MIT-Mathlab MACSYMA from MIT-DMS Muddle. A.K. Bhushan, N.D. Ryan. Oct-29-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+579 Traffic statistics (September 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Nov-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+58 Logical message synchronization. T.P. Skinner. Jun-26-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+580 Note to Protocol Designers and Implementers. J. Postel. Oct-25-1973. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0582) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+581 Corrections to rfc+560: Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet option. D. Crocker, J. Postel. Nov-02-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+582 Comments on rfc+580: Machine readable protocols. R. Clements. Nov-05-1973. (Not online) (Updates RFC0580) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+584 Charter for ARPANET Users Interest Working Group. J. Iseli, D. Crocker, N. Neigus. Nov-06-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+585 ARPANET users interest working group meeting. D. Crocker, N. Neigus, E.J. Feinler, J. Iseli. Nov-06-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+586 Traffic statistics (October 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Nov-08-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+587 Announcing new Telnet options. J. Postel. Nov-13-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+588 London node is now up. A.V. Stokes. Oct-29-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+589 CCN NETRJS server messages to remote user. R.T. Braden. Nov-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+59 Flow Control - Fixed Versus Demand Allocation. Jr. Meyer, E.W.. Jun-27-1970. (Format: TXT=17691 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+590 MULTICS address change. M.A. Padlipsky. Nov-19-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+591 Addition to the Very Distant Host specifications. D.C. Walden. Nov-29-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+592 Some thoughts on system design to facilitate resource sharing. R.W. Watson. Nov-20-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+593 Telnet and FTP implementation schedule change. A.M. McKenzie, J. Postel. Nov-29-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+594 Speedup of Host-IMP interface. J.D. Burchfiel. Dec-10-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+595 Second thoughts in defense of the Telnet Go-Ahead. W. Hathaway. Dec-12-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+596 Second thoughts on Telnet Go-Ahead. E.A. Taft. Dec-08-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+597 Host status. N. Neigus, E.J. Feinler. Dec-12-1973. (Not online) (Updated by RFC0603) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+598 rfc+index - December 5, 1973. Network Information Center. Stanford Research Inst.. Dec-05-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+599 Update on NETRJS. R.T. Braden. Dec-13-1973. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0189) (Obsoleted by RFC0740) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+6 Conversation with Bob Kahn. S.D. Crocker. Apr-10-1969. (Format: TXT=1568 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+60 Simplified NCP Protocol. R.B. Kalin. Jul-15-1970. (Format: TXT=18941 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+600 Interfacing an Illinois plasma terminal to the ARPANET. A. Berggreen. Nov-26-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+601 Traffic statistics (November 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Dec-14-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+602 "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care". R.M. Metcalfe. Dec-27-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+603 Response to rfc+597: Host status. J.D. Burchfiel. Dec-31-1973. (Not online) (Updates RFC0597) (Updated by RFC0613) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+604 Assigned link numbers. J. Postel. Dec-26-1973. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0317) (Obsoleted by RFC0739) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+606 Host names on-line. L.P. Deutsch. Dec-29-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+607 Comments on the File Transfer Protocol. M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg. Jan-07-1974. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0624) (Updated by RFC0614) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+608 Host names on-line. M.D. Kudlick. Jan-10-1974. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0810) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+609 Statement of upcoming move of NIC/NLS service. B. Ferguson. Jan-10-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+61 Note on interprocess communication in a resource sharing computer network. D.C. Walden. Jul-17-1970. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0062) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+610 Further datalanguage design concepts. R. Winter, J. Hill, W. Greiff. Dec-15-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+611 Two changes to the IMP/Host Protocol to improve user/network communications. D.C. Walden. Feb-14-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+612 Traffic statistics (December 1973). A.M. McKenzie. Jan-16-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+613 Network connectivity: A response to rfc+603. A.M. McKenzie. Jan-21-1974. (Not online) (Updates RFC0603) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+614 Response to rfc+607: "Comments on the File Transfer Protocol". K.T. Pogran, N. Neigus. Jan-28-1974. (Not online) (Updates RFC0607) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+615 Proposed Network Standard Data Pathname syntax. D. Crocker. Mar-01-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+616 Latest network maps. D.C. Walden. Feb-11-1973. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+617 Note on socket number assignment. E.A. Taft. Feb-19-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+618 Few observations on NCP statistics. E.A. Taft. Feb-19-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+619 Mean round-trip times in the ARPANET. W. Naylor, H. Opderbeck. Mar-07-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+62 Systems for Interprocess Communication in a Resource Sharing Computer Network. D.C. Walden. Aug-03-1970. (Format: TXT=55784 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0061) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+620 Request for monitor host table updates. B. Ferguson. Mar-01-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+621 NIC user directories at SRI ARC. M.D. Kudlick. Mar-06-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+622 Scheduling IMP/TIP down time. A.M. McKenzie. Mar-13-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+623 Comments on on-line host name service. M. Krilanovich. Feb-22-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+624 Comments on the File Transfer Protocol. M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg, W. Hathaway, J.E. White. Feb-28-1974. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0607) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+625 On-line hostnames service. M.D. Kudlick, E.J. Feinler. Mar-07-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+626 On a possible lockup condition in IMP subnet due to message sequencing. L. Kleinrock, H. Opderbeck. Mar-14-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+627 ASCII text file of hostnames. M.D. Kudlick, E.J. Feinler. Mar-25-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+628 Status of rfc+numbers and a note on pre-assigned journal numbers. M.L. Keeney. Mar-27-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+629 Scenario for using the Network Journal. J.B. North. Mar-27-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+63 Belated Network Meeting Report. V.G. Cerf. Jul-31-1970. (Format: TXT=2961 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+630 FTP error code usage for more reliable mail service. J. Sussmann. Apr-10-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+631 International meeting on minicomputers and data communication: Call for papers. A. Danthine. Apr-17-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+632 Throughput degradations for single packet messages. H. Opderbeck. May-20-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+633 IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule. A.M. McKenzie. Mar-18-1974. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0638) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+634 Change in network address for Haskins Lab. A.M. McKenzie. Apr-10-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+635 Assessment of ARPANET protocols. V.G. Cerf. Apr-22-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+636 TIP/Tenex reliability improvements. J.D. Burchfiel, B. Cosell, R.S. Tomlinson, D.C. Walden. Jun-10-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+637 Change of network address for SU-DSL. A.M. McKenzie. Apr-23-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+638 IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule. A.M. McKenzie. Apr-25-1974. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0633) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+64 Getting rid of marking. M. Elie. Jul-01-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+640 Revised FTP reply codes. J. Postel. Jun-05-1974. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+655 Telnet output formfeed disposition option. D. Crocker. Oct-25-1974. (Not online) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+656 Telnet output vertical tabstops option. D. Crocker. Oct-25-1974. (Not online) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+657 Telnet output vertical tab disposition option. D. Crocker. Oct-25-1974. (Not online) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

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rfc+709 ( NEVER ISSUED). . November 1993. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+71 Reallocation in Case of Input Error. T. Schipper. Sep-25-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+710 ( NEVER ISSUED). . November 1993. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+711 ( NEVER ISSUED). . November 1993. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+723 ( NEVER ISSUED). . November 1993. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+728 Minor pitfall in the Telnet Protocol. J.D. Day. Apr-27-1977. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+785 Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 file definitions. S. Sluizer, J. Postel. Jul-01-1981. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+786 Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 MTP-NIMAIL interface. S. Sluizer, J. Postel. Jul-01-1981. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+788 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. J. Postel. Nov-01-1981. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0780) (Obsoleted by RFC0821) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+789 Vulnerabilities of network control protocols: An example. E.C. Rosen. Jul-01-1981. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+797 Format for Bitmap files. A.R. Katz. Sep-01-1981. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+798 Decoding facsimile data from the Rapicom 450. A.R. Katz. Sep-01-1981. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+805 Computer mail meeting notes. J. Postel. Feb-08-1982. (Format: TXT=12522 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+806 Proposed Federal Information Processing Standard: Specification for message format for computer based message systems. National Bureau of Standards.. Sep-01-1981. (Format: TXT=216377 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0841) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+808 Summary of computer mail services meeting held at BBN on 10 January 1979. J. Postel. Mar-01-1982. (Format: TXT=15930 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+809 UCL facsimile system. T. Chang. Feb-01-1982. (Format: TXT=171153 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+813 Window and Acknowledgement Strategy in TCP. D.D. Clark. Jul-01-1982. (Format: TXT=38110 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0954) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+815 IP datagram reassembly algorithms. D.D. Clark. Jul-01-1982. (Format: TXT=14575 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+816 Fault isolation and recovery. D.D. Clark. Jul-01-1982. (Format: TXT=20106 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+817 Modularity and efficiency in protocol implementation. D.D. Clark. Jul-01-1982. (Format: TXT=45931 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+819 Domain naming convention for Internet user applications. Z. Su, J. Postel. Aug-01-1982. (Format: TXT=35314 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+82 Network Meeting Notes. Jr. Meyer, E.W.. Dec-09-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+820 Assigned numbers. J. Postel. Aug-14-1982. (Format: TXT=54213 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0790) (Obsoleted by RFC0870) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+821 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. J. Postel. Aug-01-1982. (Format: TXT=124482 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0788) (Also STD0010) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+822 Standard for the format of ARPA Internet text messages. D. Crocker. Aug-13-1982. (Format: TXT=109200 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0733) (Updated by RFC1123, RFC1138, RFC1148, RFC1327) (Also STD0011) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+823 DARPA Internet gateway. R.M. Hinden, A. Sheltzer. Sep-01-1982. (Format: TXT=62620 bytes) (Updates IEN 109, IEN 30) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+824 CRONUS Virtual Local Network. W.I. MacGregor, D.C. Tappan. Aug-25-1982. (Format: TXT=58732 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+825 Request for comments on Requests For Comments. J. Postel. Nov-01-1982. (Format: TXT=4255 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1111, RFC1543) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+826 Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol: Or converting network protocol addresses to 48.bit Ethernet address for transmission on Ethernet hardware. D.C. Plummer. Nov-01-1982. (Format: TXT=22026 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+827 Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP). E.C. Rosen. Oct-01-1982. (Format: TXT=68436 bytes) (Updated by RFC0904) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+828 Data communications: IFIP's international "network" of experts. K. Owen. Aug-01-1982. (Format: TXT=29922 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+83 Language-machine for data reconfiguration. R.H. Anderson, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner. Dec-18-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+830 Distributed system for Internet name service. Z. Su. Oct-01-1982. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+831 Backup access to the European side of SATNET. R.T. Braden. Dec-01-1982. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+832 Who talks TCP?. D. Smallberg. Dec-07-1982. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0833) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+833 Who talks TCP?. D. Smallberg. Dec-14-1982. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0832) (Obsoleted by RFC0834) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+834 Who talks TCP?. D. Smallberg. Dec-22-1982. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0833) (Obsoleted by RFC0835) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+835 Who talks TCP?. D. Smallberg. Dec-29-1982. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0834) (Obsoleted by RFC0836) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+837 Who talks TCP?. D. Smallberg. Jan-12-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0836) (Obsoleted by RFC0838) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+838 Who talks TCP?. D. Smallberg. Jan-20-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0837) (Obsoleted by RFC0839) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+839 Who talks TCP?. D. Smallberg. Jan-26-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0838) (Obsoleted by RFC0842) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+84 List of NWG/RFC's 1-80. J.B. North. Dec-23-1970. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+842 Who talks TCP? - survey of 1 February 83. D. Smallberg. Feb-03-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0839) (Obsoleted by RFC0843) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+843 Who talks TCP? - survey of 8 February 83. D. Smallberg. Feb-09-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0842) (Obsoleted by RFC0845) (Updated by RFC0844) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+844 Who talks ICMP, too? - Survey of 18 February 1983. R. Clements. Feb-18-1983. (Not online) (Updates RFC0843) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+845 Who talks TCP? - survey of 15 February 1983. D. Smallberg. Feb-17-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0843) (Obsoleted by RFC0846) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+846 Who talks TCP? - survey of 22 February 1983. D. Smallberg. Feb-23-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0845) (Obsoleted by RFC0847) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+847 Summary of Smallberg surveys. D. Smallberg, A. Westine, J. Postel. Feb-01-1983. (Not online) (Obsoletes RFC0846) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+848 Who provides the "little" TCP services?. D. Smallberg. Mar-14-1983. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+849 Suggestions for improved host table distribution. M.R. Crispin. May-01-1983. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+85 Network Working Group meeting. S.D. Crocker. Dec-28-1970. (Format: TXT=1547 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+850 Standard for interchange of USENET messages. M.R. Horton. Jun-01-1983. (Format: TXT=43871 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1036) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+851 ARPANET 1822L Host Access Protocol. A.G. Malis. Apr-18-1983. (Format: TXT=72042 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0802) (Obsoleted by RFC0878) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+852 ARPANET short blocking feature. A.G. Malis. Apr-01-1983. (Format: TXT=17151 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+853 ( NEVER ISSUED). . November 1993. (Format: TXT=29 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+854 Telnet Protocol specification. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=39371 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0764, NIC 18639) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+855 Telnet option specifications. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=6218 bytes) (Obsoletes NIC 18640) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+856 Telnet binary transmission. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=9192 bytes) (Obsoletes NIC 15389) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+857 Telnet echo option. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=11143 bytes) (Obsoletes NIC 15390) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+858 Telnet Suppress Go Ahead option. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=3825 bytes) (Obsoletes NIC 15392) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+859 Telnet status option. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=4443 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0651) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+86 Proposal for a Network Standard Format for a Data Stream to Control Graphics Display. S.D. Crocker. Jan-05-1971. (Format: TXT=7117 bytes) (Updated by RFC0125) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+861 Telnet extended options: List option. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=3181 bytes) (Obsoletes NIC 16239) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+862 Echo Protocol. J. Postel. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=1294 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+863 Discard Protocol. J. Postel. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=1297 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+864 Character Generator Protocol. J. Postel. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=7016 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+865 Quote of the Day Protocol. J. Postel. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=1734 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+866 Active users. J. Postel. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=2087 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+867 Daytime Protocol. J. Postel. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=2405 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+868 Time Protocol. J. Postel, K. Harrenstien. May-01-1983. (Format: TXT=3140 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+869 Host Monitoring Protocol. R.M. Hinden. Dec-01-1983. (Not online) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+87 Topic for discussion at the next Network Working Group meeting. A. Vezza. Jan-12-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+870 Assigned numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Oct-01-1983. (Format: TXT=56055 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0820) (Obsoleted by RFC0900) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+871 Perspective on the ARPANET reference model. M.A. Padlipsky. Sep-01-1982. (Format: TXT=74455 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+872 TCP-on-a-LAN. M.A. Padlipsky. Sep-01-1982. (Format: TXT=22446 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+873 Illusion of vendor support. M.A. Padlipsky. Sep-01-1982. (Format: TXT=23095 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+874 Critique of X.25. M.A. Padlipsky. Sep-01-1982. (Format: TXT=36386 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+875 Gateways, architectures, and heffalumps. M.A. Padlipsky. Sep-01-1982. (Format: TXT=22816 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+877 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over public data networks. J.T. Korb. Sep-01-1983. (Format: TXT=3272 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+878 ARPANET 1822L Host Access Protocol. A.G. Malis. Dec-01-1983. (Format: TXT=74774 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0851) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+879 TCP maximum segment size and related topics. J. Postel. Nov-01-1983. (Format: TXT=22024 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+88 NETRJS: A third level protocol for Remote Job Entry. R.T. Braden, S.M. Wolfe. Jan-13-1971. (Not online) (Obsoleted by RFC0189) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+881 Domain names plan and schedule. J. Postel. Nov-01-1983. (Format: TXT=23490 bytes) (Updated by RFC0897) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+882 Domain names: Concepts and facilities. P.V. Mockapetris. Nov-01-1983. (Format: TXT=79776 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1034, RFC1035) (Updated by RFC0973) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+883 Domain names: Implementation specification. P.V. Mockapetris. Nov-01-1983. (Format: TXT=175067 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1034, RFC1035) (Updated by RFC0973) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+885 Telnet end of record option. J. Postel. Dec-01-1983. (Format: TXT=3232 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+886 Proposed standard for message header munging. M.T. Rose. Dec-15-1983. (Format: TXT=30566 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+887 Resource Location Protocol. M. Accetta. Dec-01-1983. (Format: TXT=36770 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+888 "STUB" Exterior Gateway Protocol. L. Seamonson, E.C. Rosen. Jan-01-1984. (Format: TXT=53227 bytes) (Updated by RFC0904) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+889 Internet delay experiments. D.L. Mills. Dec-01-1983. (Format: TXT=27128 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+89 Some historic moments in networking. R.M. Metcalfe. Jan-19-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+891 DCN local-network protocols. D.L. Mills. Dec-01-1983. (Format: TXT=66769 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+892 ISO Transport Protocol specification. International Organization for Standardization.. Dec-01-1983. (Format: TXT=158151 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0905) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+893 Trailer encapsulations. S. Leffler, M.J. Karels. Apr-01-1984. (Format: TXT=13353 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+894 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over Ethernet networks. C. Hornig. Apr-01-1984. (Format: TXT=5697 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+895 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over experimental Ethernet networks. J. Postel. Apr-01-1984. (Format: TXT=4985 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+896 Congestion control in IP/TCP internetworks. J. Nagle. Jan-06-1984. (Format: TXT=26782 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+897 Domain name system implementation schedule. J. Postel. Feb-01-1984. (Format: TXT=15683 bytes) (Updates RFC0881) (Updated by RFC0921) (Status: UNKNOWN)

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rfc+899 Request For Comments summary notes: 800-899. J. Postel, A. Westine. May-01-1984. (Format: TXT=39996 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+9 Host software. G. Deloche. May-01-1969. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+90 CCN as a Network Service Center. R.T. Braden. Jan-15-1971. (Format: TXT=11929 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+900 Assigned Numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Jun-01-1984. (Format: TXT=82116 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0870) (Obsoleted by RFC0923) (Status: HISTORIC)

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rfc+904 Exterior Gateway Protocol formal specification. D.L. Mills. Apr-01-1984. (Format: TXT=65226 bytes) (Updates RFC0827, RFC0888) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+905 ISO Transport Protocol specification ISO DP 8073. A.M. McKenzie. Apr-01-1984. (Format: TXT=249214 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0892) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+906 Bootstrap loading using TFTP. R. Finlayson. Jun-01-1984. (Format: TXT=10102 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+907 Host Access Protocol specification. Inc. Bolt Beranek and Newman. Jul-01-1984. (Format: TXT=129985 bytes) (Obsoleted by STD0040) (Updated by RFC1221) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+908 Reliable Data Protocol. D. Velten, R.M. Hinden, J. Sax. Jul-01-1984. (Format: TXT=97646 bytes) (Updated by RFC1151) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+909 Loader Debugger Protocol. C. Welles, W. Milliken. Jul-01-1984. (Format: TXT=209813 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+91 Proposed User-User Protocol. G.H. Mealy. Dec-27-1970. (Format: TXT=24462 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+910 Multimedia mail meeting notes. H.C. Forsdick. Aug-01-1984. (Format: TXT=24915 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+911 EGP Gateway under Berkeley UNIX 4.2. P. Kirton. Aug-22-1984. (Format: TXT=55908 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+912 Authentication service. M. St. Johns. Sep-01-1984. (Format: TXT=4544 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0931) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+913 Simple File Transfer Protocol. M. Lottor. Sep-01-1984. (Format: TXT=20929 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+914 Thinwire protocol for connecting personal computers to the Internet. D.J. Farber, G. Delp, T.M. Conte. Sep-01-1984. (Format: TXT=57288 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+915 Network mail path service. M.A. Elvy, R. Nedved. Dec-01-1984. (Format: TXT=21635 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+916 Reliable Asynchronous Transfer Protocol (RATP). G.G. Finn. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=110737 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+917 Internet subnets. J.C. Mogul. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=47072 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+918 Post Office Protocol. J.K. Reynolds. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=9876 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0937) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+919 Broadcasting Internet Datagrams. J.C. Mogul. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=16382 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+920 Domain requirements. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=27823 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+921 Domain name system implementation schedule - revised. J. Postel. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=23318 bytes) (Updates RFC0897) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+922 Broadcasting Internet datagrams in the presence of subnets. J.C. Mogul. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=24147 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+923 Assigned numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=96467 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0900) (Obsoleted by RFC0943) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+924 Official ARPA-Internet protocols for connecting personal computers to the Internet. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=48513 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0901) (Obsoleted by RFC0944) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+925 Multi-LAN address resolution. J. Postel. Oct-01-1984. (Format: TXT=31137 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+926 Protocol for providing the connectionless mode network services. International Organization for Standardization.. Dec-01-1984. (Format: TXT=165895 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0994) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+927 TACACS user identification Telnet option. B.A. Anderson. Dec-01-1984. (Format: TXT=5474 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+928 Introduction to proposed DoD standard H-FP. M.A. Padlipsky. Dec-01-1984. (Format: TXT=60461 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+929 Proposed Host-Front End Protocol. J. Lilienkamp, R. Mandell, M.A. Padlipsky. Dec-01-1984. (Format: TXT=135042 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+93 Initial Connection Protocol. A.M. McKenzie. Jan-27-1971. (Format: TXT=1746 bytes) (Updates RFC0066, RFC0080) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+930 Telnet terminal type option. M. Solomon, E. Wimmers. Jan-01-1985. (Format: TXT=6583 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0884) (Obsoleted by RFC1091) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+931 Authentication server. M. St. Johns. Jan-01-1985. (Format: TXT=8982 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0912) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+932 Subnetwork addressing scheme. D.D. Clark. Jan-01-1985. (Format: TXT=9283 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+933 Output marking Telnet option. S. Silverman. Jan-01-1985. (Format: TXT=6715 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+934 Proposed standard for message encapsulation. M.T. Rose, E.A. Stefferud. Jan-01-1985. (Format: TXT=21770 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+935 Reliable link layer protocols. J.G. Robinson. Jan-01-1985. (Format: TXT=31625 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+936 Another Internet subnet addressing scheme. M.J. Karels. Feb-01-1985. (Format: TXT=10179 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+937 Post Office Protocol: Version 2. M. Butler, J. Postel, D. Chase, J. Goldberger, J.K. Reynolds. Feb-01-1985. (Format: TXT=42370 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0918) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+938 Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol functional and interface specification. T. Miller. Feb-01-1985. (Format: TXT=39478 bytes) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+939 Executive summary of the NRC report on transport protocols for Department of Defense data networks. National Research Council.. Feb-01-1985. (Format: TXT=42345 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+94 Some thoughts on Network Graphics. E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner. Feb-03-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+940 Toward an Internet standard scheme for subnetting. Gateway Algorithms and Data Structures Task Force.. Apr-01-1985. (Format: TXT=6881 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+941 Addendum to the network service definition covering network layer addressing. International Organization for Standardization.. Apr-01-1985. (Format: TXT=68733 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+942 Transport protocols for Department of Defense data networks. National Research Council.. Feb-01-1985. (Format: TXT=217284 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+943 Assigned numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Apr-01-1985. (Format: TXT=105234 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0923) (Obsoleted by RFC0960) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+944 Official ARPA-Internet protocols. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Apr-01-1985. (Format: TXT=61373 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0924) (Obsoleted by RFC0961) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+945 DoD statement on the NRC report. J. Postel. May-01-1985. (Format: TXT=5017 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1039) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+946 Telnet terminal location number option. R. Nedved. May-01-1985. (Format: TXT=6285 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+947 Multi-network broadcasting within the Internet. K. Lebowitz, D. Mankins. Jun-01-1985. (Format: TXT=12569 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+948 Two methods for the transmission of IP datagrams over IEEE 802.3 networks. I. Winston. Jun-01-1985. (Format: TXT=11495 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1042, STD0043) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+949 FTP unique-named store command. M.A. Padlipsky. Jul-01-1985. (Format: TXT=4017 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+95 Distribution of NWG/RFC's through the NIC. S.D. Crocker. Feb-04-1971. (Format: TXT=8938 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0155) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+950 Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure. J.C. Mogul, J. Postel. Aug-01-1985. (Format: TXT=37985 bytes) (Updates RFC0792) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+951 Bootstrap Protocol. W.J. Croft, J. Gilmore. Sep-01-1985. (Format: TXT=28354 bytes) (Updated by RFC1395, RFC1497, RFC1532, RFC1542) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+952 DoD Internet host table specification. K. Harrenstien, M.K. Stahl, E.J. Feinler. Oct-01-1985. (Format: TXT=12388 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0810) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+953 Hostname Server. K. Harrenstien, M.K. Stahl, E.J. Feinler. Oct-01-1985. (Format: TXT=8305 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0811) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+954 NICNAME/WHOIS. K. Harrenstien, M.K. Stahl, E.J. Feinler. Oct-01-1985. (Format: TXT=7397 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0812, RFC0813) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

rfc+955 Towards a transport service for transaction processing applications. R.T. Braden. Sep-01-1985. (Format: TXT=22497 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+956 Algorithms for synchronizing network clocks. D.L. Mills. Sep-01-1985. (Format: TXT=67387 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+957 Experiments in network clock synchronization. D.L. Mills. Sep-01-1985. (Format: TXT=68952 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+958 Network Time Protocol (NTP). D.L. Mills. Sep-01-1985. (Format: TXT=30723 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1059, RFC1119, RFC1305) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+959 File Transfer Protocol. J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds. Oct-01-1985. (Format: TXT=151249 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0765) (Updated by RFC2228) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+96 Interactive Network Experiment to Study Modes of Access to The Network Information Center. R.W. Watson. Feb-12-1971. (Format: TXT=11334 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

rfc+960 Assigned numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=125814 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0943) (Obsoleted by RFC0990) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+961 Official ARPA-Internet protocols. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=52672 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0944) (Obsoleted by RFC0991) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+962 TCP-4 prime. M.A. Padlipsky. Nov-01-1985. (Format: TXT=2773 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+963 Some problems with the specification of the Military Standard Internet Protocol. D.P. Sidhu. Nov-01-1985. (Format: TXT=44019 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+964 Some problems with the specification of the Military Standard Transmission Control Protocol. D.P. Sidhu. Nov-01-1985. (Format: TXT=20972 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+965 Format for a graphical communication protocol. L. Aguilar. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=105456 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+966 Host groups: A multicast extension to the Internet Protocol. S.E. Deering, D.R. Cheriton. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=59469 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0988) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+967 All victims together. M.A. Padlipsky. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=4706 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+968 Twas the night before start-up. V.G. Cerf. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=2459 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+969 NETBLT: A bulk data transfer protocol. D.D. Clark, M.L. Lambert, L. Zhang. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=40040 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0998) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+97 First Cut at a Proposed Telnet Protocol. J.T. Melvin, R.W. Watson. Feb-15-1971. (Not online) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+970 On packet switches with infinite storage. J. Nagle. Dec-01-1985. (Format: TXT=35316 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+971 Survey of data representation standards. A.L. DeSchon. Jan-01-1986. (Format: TXT=22883 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+972 Password Generator Protocol. F.J. Wancho. Jan-01-1986. (Format: TXT=3890 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+973 Domain system changes and observations. P.V. Mockapetris. Jan-01-1986. (Format: TXT=22364 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1034, RFC1035) (Updates RFC0882, RFC0883) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+974 Mail routing and the domain system. C. Partridge. Jan-01-1986. (Format: TXT=18581 bytes) (Status: STANDARD)

rfc+975 Autonomous confederations. D.L. Mills. Feb-01-1986. (Format: TXT=28010 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+976 UUCP mail interchange format standard. M.R. Horton. Feb-01-1986. (Format: TXT=26814 bytes) (Updated by RFC1137) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+977 Network News Transfer Protocol. B. Kantor, P. Lapsley. Feb-01-1986. (Format: TXT=55062 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

rfc+978 Voice File Interchange Protocol (VFIP). J.K. Reynolds, R. Gillman, W.A. Brackenridge, A. Witkowski, J. Postel. Feb-01-1986. (Format: TXT=9223 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+979 PSN End-to-End functional specification. A.G. Malis. Mar-01-1986. (Format: TXT=39472 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+98 Logger Protocol Proposal. Jr. Meyer, E.W., T.P. Skinner. Feb-11-1971. (Format: TXT=24536 bytes) (Updated by RFC0123) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+980 Protocol document order information. O.J. Jacobsen, J. Postel. Mar-01-1986. (Format: TXT=24416 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+981 Experimental multiple-path routing algorithm. D.L. Mills. Mar-01-1986. (Format: TXT=59069 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+982 Guidelines for the specification of the structure of the Domain Specific Part (DSP) of the ISO standard NSAP address. H.W. Braun. Apr-01-1986. (Format: TXT=22595 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+983 ISO transport arrives on top of the TCP. D.E. Cass, M.T. Rose. Apr-01-1986. (Format: TXT=59819 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1006) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+984 PCMAIL: A distributed mail system for personal computers. D.D. Clark, M.L. Lambert. May-01-1986. (Format: TXT=69333 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC0993) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+985 Requirements for Internet gateways - draft. National Science Foundation, Network Technical Advisory Group. May-01-1986. (Format: TXT=59221 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1009) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+986 Guidelines for the use of Internet-IP addresses in the ISO Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol. R.W. Callon, H.W. Braun. Jun-01-1986. (Format: TXT=13950 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1069) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+987 Mapping between X.400 and rfc+822. S.E. Kille. Jun-01-1986. (Format: TXT=127540 bytes) (Updated by RFC1026, RFC1138, RFC1148) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+988 Host extensions for IP multicasting. S.E. Deering. Jul-01-1986. (Format: TXT=45220 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0966) (Obsoleted by RFC1054, RFC1112) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+989 Privacy enhancement for Internet electronic mail: Part I: Message encipherment and authentication procedures. J. Linn. Feb-01-1987. (Format: TXT=63934 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1040, RFC1113) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+99 Network Meeting. P.M. Karp. Feb-22-1971. (Format: TXT=1010 bytes) (Updated by RFC0116) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+990 Assigned numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Nov-01-1986. (Format: TXT=174784 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0960) (Obsoleted by RFC1010) (Updated by RFC0997) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+991 Official ARPA-Internet protocols. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Nov-01-1986. (Format: TXT=65205 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0961) (Obsoleted by RFC1011) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+992 On communication support for fault tolerant process groups. K.P. Birman, T.A. Joseph. Nov-01-1986. (Format: TXT=52313 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+993 PCMAIL: A distributed mail system for personal computers. D.D. Clark, M.L. Lambert. Dec-01-1986. (Format: TXT=71725 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0984) (Obsoleted by RFC1056) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+994 Final text of DIS 8473, Protocol for Providing the Connectionless-mode Network Service. International Organization for Standardization.. Mar-01-1986. (Format: TXT=129006 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0926) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+995 End System to Intermediate System Routing Exchange Protocol for use in conjunction with ISO 8473. International Organization for Standardization.. Apr-01-1986. (Format: TXT=94069 bytes) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+996 Statistics server. D.L. Mills. Feb-01-1987. (Format: TXT=6127 bytes) (Status: HISTORIC)

rfc+997 Internet numbers. J.K. Reynolds, J. Postel. Mar-01-1987. (Format: TXT=123919 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1020, RFC1117) (Updates RFC0990) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc+998 NETBLT: A bulk data transfer protocol. D.D. Clark, M.L. Lambert, L. Zhang. Mar-01-1987. (Format: TXT=57147 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0969) (Status: EXPERIMENTAL)

rfc+999 Requests For Comments summary notes: 900-999. A. Westine, J. Postel. Apr-01-1987. (Format: TXT=62877 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0160) (Obsoleted by RFC1000) (Status: UNKNOWN)

rfc1459 IRC RFC is located at

rfcs Request For Comments - Documentation of the Internet -

rfd Rural Free Delivery

rfi Radio Frequency Interference

rfp Request For Proposals

rfq Request for Quote

rfs Ready For Sending

rft Revisable Form Text + Rich Text Format

rfu Reserved For Future Use

rgb Red Green Blue

rgo Royal Greenwich Observatory

rgp Raster Graphics Processor

rh Right Hand

rh5 RedHat Linux [Current version: 5.0] Found at

rhc Regional (Bell) Holding Company

rhino money (Knockover, 401)

rhip Rank Has Its Privileges

rhs Right Hand Side

rhum_n_coke A nice drink made with cola and dark rhum. Oh, LiKwid` prefer it with Pepsi instead of Coke. =]

ri Referential Integrity

riacs Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (NASA)

rias Radio In the American Sector, berlin

ribbed_up as in "I got a Chink ribbed up to get the dope" - set up, arranged for?  "I have arranged for a Chinese person to get the information"? (Knockover, 203)

rid Read Identification (IOM2 Monitor Command)

rif Reading Is Fundamental

riff Resource Interschange File Format [Microsoft]

right+bot Of course N~

right_gee a good fellow (Sleep, 157)

right_guy a good fellow (Knockover, 111)

rights This is a private network. you have no rights here. Same as a system administrator can disallow you the use of PING command in his system. This is a program running on private machines and you are a guest. you can be removed for any reason(s) we see fit. If you do not agree to these terms, you are free to leave or be removed.

rilm Repertoire International de Literature Musicale

rim Remote Installation and Maintenance [Microsoft]

rimbaud Some cajun freak

rime RelayNet International Message Exchange

ringers fakes (Art, 176)

rio The RIO is a device (created by Diamond) that is the size of a cigarette pack that plays music in the MP3 format. MP3 has no security and is widely used by music pirates.

riot a person looking for a home to put his channel on.

rip I would.. but you expect me to put my hand in that thing???

risc Reduced Instruction Set Computer

rislu Remote Integrated Services Line Unit

rita Recognition of Information Technology Achievement award

riva+tnt+types There are 7 comps who sell TNT video cards, here are a few: Asus, STB, Hercules, Diamond, Creative labs, Elsa. you can find benchmarks for these at

rje Remote Job Entry

rjp Remote Job Processing

rkw (Ger PCM30) FAS

rl Return Loss

rlc Release Complete Message (SS7: in SCCP)

rlcm Remote Line Concentrating Module

rld RLD is SuperChat's secondary channel services. He idles and clones, but since hes not +k umode, feel free to kick him when your bored (but watch out, all his clones are opered up)

rld_wrk welp N~, hes the ugly windows side of RLD

rle Run Length Encoded

rlg Research Libraries Group

rlin Research Libraries Information Network [run by RLG (q.v.)]

rline Rline stands for Restriction Line. These tell the server to call up an external program (such as a wingate detector). The use of this line is strongly discouraged due to heavy cpu usage.

rlix RAL multi-user shell extensions to basic GEC OS4000 [1982]

rll Run Length Limited

rln Remote LAN Node [DCA]

rlogin Remote Login

rlsd Received Line Signal Detected

rlsi Ridiculously Large-Scale Integration

rlt Remote Line Test

rm ^: Deleting *.*

rma Radio Manufacturers' Association

rman Resource MANager [of SERCnet GEC computer]

rmas Remote Memory Administration System

rmats Remote Maintenance Administration and Traffic System [telephony]

rmcs Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham

rmdir Remove Directory

rmf Resourece Measurement Facility

rml Research Machines Limited, of Oxford

rmon Remote Monitor/Monitoring

rmr Remote Message Registers

rms Record Management Services + Root Mean Square

rn Reference Noise

rna Ribonucleic Acid

rnd Random

rnoc Regional Network Operations Center

rnr Receive Not Ready (LAP-D Command/Response)

rnzaf Royal New Zealand Air Force

ro Read Only

roar grr

rob Remote Order Buffer

robot A bot is a robot.  It is not human and its usual goal is to protect a channel, however it may range into games, chat, information... just an addition to IRC to keep things new and intresting.  See SCRIPTS ... also see DARKBOT for info about me.

roc Regional Operating Company

rocks N~, yes I do!

rod gun (Op, 80, 219, 242; Vengeance, 11)

roe Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

roff Run-OFF

roffmacs - 'macros' for use with the RUNOFF text formatter on SERCnet

roflmho  R olling  O n the  F loor  L aughing  M y  H ead  O ff

rog Receipt Of Goods

roh Receiver Off Hook

rok Republic of Korea

rol Rotate Left

rom Range Of Motion (medical)

romance human form of the mating dance

romania romania is .RO

romantic men have no clue what it is and women want them to be it

romulus 2.5D modelling package [Shape Data, Camb.]

ron do ron ron, do ron ron rhonda

ronin This movie is the type of movie you go to watch when you are tired of all the good guy/bad guy flicks that never hurt the innocent bystanders. They get dirty and have no probs with killing people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only problem I had with this was it was ONE mission, much like Mission impossible, I like to see several missions and not one shot deals.

root I heard root is the default SuperUser login account name for unix boxen. The Superuser has permissions to read/modify any files for any user. Misuse of this login can really mess up a unix box (Otool knows all about this ;)

ror Rotate Right

roscoe gun (Key, 182)

rose Remote Operation Service Element (TCAP subset)

rotc Reserve Officers' Training Corps

rotfl  R olling  O n  T he  F loor  L aughing

rotflmao  r olling  o n  t he  f loor  l aughing  m y  a ss  o ff

rotl Remote Office Test Line

rots Rotary Out Trunks Selectors

roygbiv Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

rp Repeater

rpc Real Procedure Call + Remote Procedure Call

rpfc Read Power Feed Current value (IOM2 Monitor Command)

rpg Role-Playing Game

rpl Resident Programming Language + Requested Privilege Level

rpm Redhat Package Manager (and, yes, Revolution Per Minute for you non technical ppl)

rpn Reverse Polish Notation

rpo Railway Post Office

rpoa Recognized Private Operating Agency

rpprom Reprogrammable PROM

rpq Request for Price Quotation

rps Revolutions Per Second

rpt Repeat

rpv Remotely Piloted Vehicle

rq RuneQuest

rqbe Relational Query By Example [Fox Pro]

rqs Rate/Quote System

rqsm Regional Quality Service Management

rr RailRoad

rre Royal Radar Establishment

rro Rate and Route Operator [telephony]

rs Radiated Susceptibiltiy (EMS)

rs232 American stand'd for term/MODEM interconnection [same as V24]

rsa Repair Service Attendant

rsb Repair Service Bureau

rsc Remote Switching Center

rscs Remote Source Control System

rsfsr Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic

rsg Replacement System for G-EXEC [NERC]

rsi Repetative Strain Injury, mostly caused by being at the keyboard too long.

rsl Request-and-Status Link

rsle Remote Subscriber Line Equipment

rslm Remote Subscriber Line Module

rsm Real Storage Manager

rsn Real Soon Now

rsp Required Space Character

rss Remote Switching System

rst Reliability Shakedown Testing

rsts Resource Sharing Time Sharing [Digital]

rsts/e Resource System Time Sharing/Enhanced

rsu Remote Switching Unit

rsv Revised Standard Edition

rsvp Repondez S'il Vous Plait (please reply)

rswc Right Side up With Care

rsx Real Time Resource Sharing Executive

rsx11 Real time eXecutive [DEC PDP11 operating system]

rsy Resynchronizing (C/I channel code)

rsyd RSY Downstream

rsyu RSY Upstream

rt RadioTelephone

rt11 Real Time [DEC PDP11 operating system]

rta Remote Trunk Arrangement

rtac Regional Technical Assistance Center [telephony]

rtam Remote Terminal Access Method

rtb Retransmission Buffer

rtc Real-Time Clock

rtca Radio Technical Commission of Aeronautics

rtf Rich Text Format

rtfb Read The f'ing Binary

rtfm  R ead  T he  F reaking  M anual

rtfs Read The f'ing Source

rtg Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator

rtl Register Transfer Language + Resistor Transistor Logic + Run Time Library

rtl2 Real Time Language [ICI/SPL]

rtls Return To Launch Site (Shuttle abort mode) [NASA, Shuttle]

rtm Regional Telecommunications Management

rtn Return to Normal (in EOC)

rtos Real-Time Operating System

rtr Ready-to-run

rtrfc  R ead  T he  F *cking  RFC

rts Remote Testing System

rtse Reliable Transfer Service Element

rtty Radio Teletype

rtu Remote Trunking Unit

rtv Real Time Video

rtz Rio Tinto Zinc

ru Receive Unit

rub-out a death (Knockover, 416)

rube bumpkin, easy mark (Pick-Up, 127)

rules thanks man

rules! thanks man

rum Remote User Multiplex

rumble the - the news (Knockover, 372)

run I am to darn tired

run-out as in to take the - leave, escape (Falcon, 164; Key, 18)

run-unix-from-nt To run unix from NT (OpenNT) visit for more info.

running A man was running. He ran from the melted cow. The common pasture was very large and as fast as he could run he still couldn't outrun the common pasture. The cow was melted so time didn't really matter at all. Time became irrelevant and the man decided that time was of no use because the more he ran the same distance he was from the common pasture... See The_Theory_Relativity

runoff text formatter available on SERCnet GECs and Pr1mes

russian russian federation is .RU

rw Right Worshipful

rwanda rwanda is .RW

rwc Remote Work Center

rwm Read-Write Memory

rx Receiver

rxd Received Data

rxsd Receive Serial Data

ryu Main character in Ninja Gaiden I, II and III -- nintendo games kick butt!

rz Return to Zero (-> NRZ)

r~ R~

s&c Skull & Crossbones

s&h Shipping and Handling

s- Supervisory (S-Frames)

s-vhs Super VHS

s/h Sample and Hold

s/n Signal-to-Noise (Ratio)

s/w Software

sa SOuth Africa

saa South Atlantic Anomaly

sabme Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM) Extended (LAP-D Command)

sac Service Access Connector (-> SIPB)

sadd Students Against Drunk Driving

sadl Synchronous Data Link Control [Racal-Vadic]

sag Starlink Advisory Group

sai S Activity Indicator (in EOC)

saint Security Administrator's Integrated network tool (

sal Shift Arithmetic Left

salad salad can be attached to your earlobes to attract small rodents and other creatures while you sleep

sali Standalone Automatic Location Identification

salvador el salvador is .SV

sam Serc Account Manager

sama Step-by-step Automatic Message Accounting [telephony]

samba+and+win98 Win98 doesn't normally support cleartext passwords with network logons, so you may not be able to logon to a samba server. bug fix here:

sammie Study Aid for Man-Machine IntEractions [Compeda]

samoa american samoa .AS

samto Space And Missile Test Organization

sand The sand it sits between my eyes and eyelids as I scan from left to right like a thousand angry doughnuts eating themselves on the banks of the nile while a gaggle of elephant eyeballs bounce by in the distance. Beating water pulsates and laps upon the rigged elk surfboards strapped on the roof of my hollowed out squid skin covered beagle named "TheNerfMobile".

sane Signaling Area/Network Code (SS7)

santa False!

sao sao tome and principe is .ST

sap 1) a dumb guy (passim); 2) a blackjack (passim)

sap_poison getting hit with a sap (Art, 188)

sapi Service Access Point Identifier

sar Shift Arithmetic Right + Successive Approximation Register

sarka|n` a sicko likes

sarts Switched Access Remote Test System

sas Sales Accounting System + Single Audio System

sase Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

sasi Shugart Associates Systems Interface

sat Satellite [Space]

satan See: saint

saudi saudi arabia is .SA

savdm Single Application VDM

saving+private+ryan This movie started out with a good battle, then gets really slow *yawn*, but picks up midway thru -- it was sad for the same reason Forest Gump was, dang I hate it when he dies! Oh well, he was a teacher, so who cares *just kidding*  It still gets 5/5 stars cause Spielberg was the director =)

savvy? get me? understand? (Farewell, 120)

saw Surface Acoustic Wave

sawbuck $10 (Night, 33)

say N~, say it yourself.

say+thanks thanks ^!!

says so what?

sb Science Board [SERC]

sba Small Business Administration

sbb Subtract With Borrow

sbc S Bus Interface Circuit PEB2080

sbcc Science Board Computing Committee [SERC]

sbcs Single-Byte Character Set

sbcx SBC extended PEB2081

sbms Southwestern Bell Mobile Service

sbs Satellite Business Systems [IBM]

sbuc S Bus Connector

sc SuperChat

scad Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy

scadc Standard Central Air Data Computer

scame SCreen oriented Anti-Misery Editor

scamp Single-Chip A-series Mainframe Processor

scan Scan is an IrcOp function on UWorld.  It will let them search for the specific thing they ask for.  Syntax: /msg uworld scan <search mask>

scas Scan String

scat Stromberg-Carlson Assistance Team

scatter as in "And don't bother to call your house peeper and send him up to the scatter" - ?? (Lake, 188)

scb Subsystem Control Block [IBM]

scc Serial Communications Controllers

sccp Signaling CCP (SS7: Q.71X)

sccs Source Code Control System

scd Standard Color Display

sce Signal Conversion Equipment

scf Selective Call Forwarding

schnozzle nose (Art, 190)

school school is kewl

school+sux* yes sir, it does!

sci SpaceCraft Incorporated

sci-fi SCIence FIction (often used pejoratively of what really isn't)

scifi SCIence FIction (often used pejoratively of what really isn't)

scl Station Clock

sclk Slave CLK

scm Scramble Coder Multiplexer

sco Santa Cruz Operation

scoops SCheme Object Oriented Programming System

scope Simple Communications Programming Enironment + [Hayes]

scot Stepper Central Office Tester

scots Surveilance and Control Of Transmission Systems

scp Save Cursor Position + Subsystem Control Port + System Control Program

scpc Signal Channel Per Carrier

scpd Supplementary Central Pulse Distributor

scr Signaling Configuration Register

scram_out leave (Lake, 76)

scratch money (Art, 56)

scrc Send Corrected Reference Equivalent

scream Scream was a great show, good stuffs and slick plot

scream2 Also good movie, but wasn't quite as good as Scream1 was due to the "been there done that" factor. If it were the first of the movie, it'd have been slick.


screw leave, as in "Let's screw before anybody pops in" (Op, 183)

script.ini script.ini can be fixed by upgrading your mIRC to version 5.3 or higher.  You can download mIRC from

scripts Scripts are programs run by an IRC client, which makes the client respond to a command or event in IRC, to a way specified in the script.  Scripts are usually in plaintext format.  An example of a script event:  When a user joins a channel, a script could sent an auto-greet, or do an auto /whois.  

scrn Screen (video display)

scs Stream Control Segment [GEC]

scsi Small Computer Systems Interface

scss interactive (conversational) statistical system akin to SPSS

scu Selector Control Unit

scuba Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

scud Subsonic Cruise Unarmed Decoy

scx Specialized Communications eXchange

sd Send Data

sd&d Specific Development & Design

sd_stb Streaming Data Strobe [IBM]

sda Software Disk Array

sde Submission/Delivery Entity (X.400)

sdf Space Delimited File + Space Delimited Format

sdi Selective Dissemination of Information

sdis Switched Digital Integrated Service

sdk Software Developer's Kit [Microsoft]

sdl Specification and Description Language

sdlc Synchronous DLC

sdm Space Division Multiplex

sdmi Secure Digital Music Initiative

sdn Software Defined Network [AT&T]

sdns Secure Data Network Service

sdo Staff Duty Officer

sdoc Selective Dynamic Overload Controls

sdp Service Delivery Point

sdr Store Data Register

sdram Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

sds Switched Data Service

sdsc San Diego Supercomputer Center

sdt Software Development Tools

sdv Shuttle Derived Vehicle [Space]

se South East

se1 Systems Extension 1[MVS enhancement]

se2 Systems Extension 2 [MVS enhancement]

sea Standard Extended Attribute [OS/2]

seac Standard Eastern Automating Computing (1st transistor based computer)

sead Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses

sean16 blah

seas Signaling Engineering and Administration System

seato SouthEast Asia Treaty Organization

secam Sequential Color And Memory

secded Single Error Correction, Double Error Detection

secnav SECretary of the NAVy

second SI unit for time. Defined as "the time needed for 9.192.631.770 vibrations of cesium atoms"

sed Stream EDitor

seg Segment

sega SEGA Stands for: Sells Electronic Garbage to Anyone. Plus it sucks. What more do you need to know?

sei Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon)

sel SELector

sem Scanning Electron Microscope

send+me+porn -PRIVMSG N~ : DCC SEND 3526875404 61498 80000

send+warning +*Warning* R~ is a lamer *Warning*

send_over send to jail (Knockover, 353; Dain, 124)

sendmail +says "sendmail: the biggest UNIX bug ever written!"

sendq Data that is waiting to be sent.

senegal senegal is .SN

sep System Error Process [GEC]

sepultura brazillian word for grave, also GODS of the music world.

ser Serial

serc Science & Engineering Research Council

serch doh! learn how to spell you dolt!

sercnet SERC network of computers

serv Serv is Superchat Channel Services, /msg h help about for info also see

servers Servers are high powered computers running a special program called ircd. ircd allows servers to link and form a network where users can form channels, set modes, and communicate with each other.

ses Service Evaluation System

set Softwave Engineering Technology

seti Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence [Space]

setinfo My !setinfo variables are: ^ nick, % Number of joins, & Channel, $ user@host. Example: !setinfo rew has joined & % times!!  (also, if you make the first char of your SETINFO a + the setinfo will be shown as an ACTION)

setnick To change serv's nick in your channel,  /msg h setnick #chan newnick , to see a list of available nicks,  /msg h nicks

settopic to lock a channel's topic,  /msg h settopic #chan topic , to unlock it,  /msg h settopic #chan 0

seu Smallest Executable Unit

sex N~, sex is a wonderful thing, a wonderous thing... but ... you ain't getting any in C~

seychelles seychelles is .SC

sf San Francisco

sfb Set next FEBE to zero

sfd Sub-File Directory [Pr1me]

sfmc Satellite Facility Management Center

sfql Structured Full-text Query Language

sfrpg Science Fiction Role Playing Game

sft System Fault Tolerance

sfx Sound Effect(s)

sgc Switching Group Control

sgdt Store Global Descriptor Table

sgen Signal Generator + System Generator

sgh Select Graphic Rendition (Teletex)

sgml Standard Generalized Markup Language

sgmp Simple Gateway Management Protocol

sgr Set Graphics Rendition

shaddup N~, the only way I am gonna shaddup, is if you tell me to sleep, or beat me in the head repeatedly with an axe

shadow a semi-secure way of storing passwords on un*x

shadowbot ShadowBOT is at

shadowirc ShadowIRC is at

shame +bows his head in shame

shamus (private) detective (Playback, 41; Lake, 37; Sleep, 68)

shape Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

shar SHell ARchiver

shareware shareware info @

sharper a kind of person (Op, 75)

shatting_on_your_uppers to be broke (Sleep, 161)

shcd Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

shear +holds down MaDSheeP and shears off all his wool and makes a nice winter coat.

sheep Sheep can be found by visiting NEW ZEALAND....

sheepjokes well with madsheep you never know might be true stories

shelby "Hey Sky, how do I _fill in the blank_

shell A shell is a unix type system where people can run processes from

shelle Altruists  beautiful 18 year old girlfriend

shelx program for crystal structure determination

shf Super High Frequency (3-30GHz)

shi Select Horizontal Spacing (Teletex)

shin A device for finding furniture in the dark

shine_box bar for blacks (Farewell, 5)

shiv knife (Speaking, 87)

shl Shift Logical Left

shlock create or verify a lock file for shell scripts

shoot+me +*bang*

showcommands to find which commands you have available to you on a channel, type: /msg h showcommands #<channel>

showignore To see the list of users Serv is ignoring, type: /msg h ignores

shr Shift Logical Right

shrike A dorf who suffers from O:linitis in Superchat

shrink +gets out his shrink ray and aims at ^...

shrpg Super Hero Role Playing Game

shup*+bot* No N~, you shup!!!!

shut go to hell

shut*up*bot* no!

shut+up listen carefully N~, I know a lot more than you do - so if anyone should shut up, it'll be  N~ ... world's lamest lamer.

shutup +slaps N~ across the face and beats N~ with the stick of pain (tm)

shyster lawyer (Farewell, 111)

si Sequenced Information

siam Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

sic Silicon Integrated Circuit


sicofi Signal Processing Codec Filter PEB2060

sicofi2 2 channel SICOFI PEB2260

sid Station Identification [AT&T] + Symbolic Interactive Debugger

sides Siemens ISDN Software Development and Evaluation System

sidm SERCnet Inter-Development Meeting

sidt Store Interrupt Descriptor Table

sierra sierra leone is .SL

sif Signaling Information Field (SS7)

sig Signaling equipment (in a trunk)

sigcat Special Interest Group for Cd-rom Applications Technology

sighup SIGHUP, involked by kill -HUP <pid>. Usually reload configuration information.

sigs Signaling Strobe

sigtip Special Interest Group on Tools for Interactive Programs [SERC]

sikes I added you =P

silence To silence type: /silence +*!*User@host example: /silence +*!*DarkS@* To remove someone type: /silence -*!*user@host example: /silence -*!*DarkS@* To see your silence type: /silence

silicon+zoo Silicon Zoo is a collection of photographs of images taken by Michael Davidson, found deep inside various CPU's. These pictures are of images that are extremly small.. (only a few dozen micros in hieght), and have been found in many different CPU's.. check out the site:

silk as in "all silk so far" - all okay so far (Knockover, 393)

sim Simulator

simcity3000 The only thing that needs to be said with SC3000-- I tested it with a Pentium Pro 200, w/ 128 megs ram, and the game crawled. the game recommends to disable animations and use a lower res on the low-end computer systems, but I refuse to belive my computer is a low end system, so this game is just butt-ass slow.

simd Single Instruction Multiple Data

simm Single In-line Memory Module

simon+birch This movie has a script written for a 6 yo, it was slow paced, entertainment value was zilch. Simon dies, and as expected, the friend names his kid after him. The only amusing part was Simon's best friend grows up to be Jim Carry (who drives a crappy ass Ford Escort). It get 0/5 stars.

simscript - general purpose simulation package

simula Simulation (language)

sin Status Indication Normal Alignment

sine SINE is not EINE

sing o/~B~ sings to N~o/~


singapore singapore is .SG

sio Service Information Octet (SS7)

sip Serial Interface Port

sipb 5XXX SIPB Modules

sipmos Siemens P MOS BUZ...

sipo 6XXX Siemens ISDN PC Software Object Code

sipp Single In-line Pin Package

sips 6XXX Siemens ISDN PC Software Source Code

sirlygic* N~, that kinda kewl lurker guy?

sirtf Space Infrared Telescope Facility [Space]

sis Strategic Information System

sisc SERCnet Implementors Sub-Committee

siscom Satellite Information System COMpany

siso Serial In, Serial Out

sister woman (Knockover, 44)

sit Special Information Tone

sita Societe Internationale Telecommunications Aeronautiques

sitac Siemens Isolated Thyristor AC

sitest Siemens ISDN Protocol Software Test Tools SIPO6022

siu Subscriber Line Interface Unit

sj Society of Jesus

skate_around as in "She skates around plenty" - to be of easy virtue (Sleep, 83)

ski Half of what SnowGOD uses flying down a moutain

skidmark 1) Sometimes found along roadways, usually caused by careless drivers not paying attention and then suddenly forced to stop abruptly, causing their tires to lock up. This will usually leave a black mark on the pavement, thus the term skidmark. 2) Gaseous excretions from the behind area, usually with a tinge of moisture causing a "skid" like mark in the underpants. Usually brown in color.

skipout leave a hotel without paying, or a person who does so (Playback, 108)  Administrative Contact:  Wallace, Frank  design@MOUNTAIN-AIR.COM  518-523-1966  (1/8/98)

skyhook Surface to space "elevator" transportation system [Space]

sl Salvage Loss

sla Special Libraries Association

slac Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

slackers N~, Stagger, iCe, Skylord

slackware Get it at

slam Simulation Language for Analogue Modelling [ICL]

slan Sine Loco, Anno, (vel) Nomine (without place, year, or name)

slant get a - take a look (Key, 31)

slap +slaps N~ around a bit with a large R~

slap+someone +slaps R~

slar Side Looking Airborne Radar

slashdot - News For Nerds, Stuff That Matters

slbm Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles

slc Signaling Link Code (SS7)

sld Subscriber Line Data (Bus)

sldc Synchronous Data Link Control

sldt Store Local Descriptor Table

sle Screening Line Editor

sleep +thinks sleep is evil! Almost as bad as Bill Gates!

sleuth detective (Sleep, 65)

slic Subscriber Line Interface Circuit

slim Subscriber Line Interface Module

slip Serial Line IP (sometimes SL/IP) (see also PPP)

slma SLM Analog

slmd SLM Digital

slmr Silly Little Modem Reader

slosh Sea, Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricane (program)

slovakia slovakia is .SK

slovenia slovenia is .SI

slowaris well, Operator in charge of Charleston*, likes to idle a lot..

slp Super Long Play (VHS VCR)

sls Signaling Link Selection (SS7)

slsi Super Large Scale Integration

slug 1) as a noun, bullet (passim); 2) as a verb, to knock unconscious (Lake, 191)

slurp +runs his toungue up the side of ^'s face

sm Service Mark

sma Sergeant Major of the Army

smac Store Multiple Access Controller [ICL]

smack eeeewwwwwwwwwwww.. you expect me to touch that??

small+soldiers If you want to watch this movie for it's content and plot, save yourself some time and go watch a brick wall instead. If you want to watch it for it's smooth rendered graphics, also save your time, and go rent Toy Story again. The movie had a lame plot, the graphics weren't that great, and overall, you'd have more fun being stung in the eye by a bee.

sman System MANager [of SERCnet GEC computer]

smart not solivagus

smas Supplementary MAin Store

smasf SMAS Frame

smaspu SMAS Power Unit

smb Super Mario Brothers! Don't let anyone tell you diffrent.

smc Small Magellanic Cloud (see LMC)

smd Storage Module Device (interface standard for disk drives)

smdf Subscriber Main Distributing Frame

smdi Subscriber Message Desk Interface

smdr Station Message Detail Recording [telephony]

smds Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service

smeg Term made popular by the British TV SciFi Commedy RedDwarf. Means: damn, sh*t, or any other word that works well.

smeghead Term made popular by the British TV SciFi Commedy RedDwarf. Means: Idiot, Moron, Fool, N~, R~, etc, etc.

smegma Sophisticated Modern Editor with Gloriously Magnificent Abilities

smell_from_the_barrel have a - have a drink (Art, 205)

smersh Abbr. of Russian phrase meaning "Death to the spies."

smf Sub Multi Frame

smg SuperMasterGroup

smi System Management Interrupts [Intel]

smif Standard Mechanical Interface

smile +smiles at ^  1,8:) -|-<

smils Sonobouy Missile Impact Location System

smk Software Migration Kit [Microsoft]

smm Solar Maximum Mission (satellite 1980-1989)

smog System for the Minimal Output of Graphics

smoke a black person (Farewell, 14; Pick-Up, 111)

smoked drunk (Key, 182)

smoking It will kill you!

smooch +gives N~ a long an sensual ::::K-I-S-S::::

smp Symbolic Manipulation Program + Symmetrical Multiprocessor (machine)

smps Switching Mode Power Supply

smram System Management Random Access Memory

sms Service Management System

smsa Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

smsw Store Machine Status Word

smt Surface-Mount Technology

smtp Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

smu System Management Utility

smurf Smurf info can be found @

sn Spanking New

sna System Network Architecture (IBM network)

snacks sorry, i'm eating donuts, i'll help you in a few...

snads System Network Architecture Distribution Service

snafu Situation Normal -- All f*cked up

snak Snak is a new Macintosh IRC client. You can download it from the offical web page @

snake+eyes This movie had an okay plot. Prob was, it wasn't a real action flick, it was one of those movies where you wonder who is behind all the madness. Once that was over with, the movie didn't have much umph. It was okay, an average show.

snap Shipboard Non-tactical Automated data Processing program

snap_a_cap shout (Op, 84)

snatch kidnap (Pick-Up, 156)

sncf Societe National des Chemins de Fer (French National Railways)

snd Sound

sneak 1) leave, get lost, as in "If you're not a waiter, sneak" (Op, 73); 2) type of burglary, as in as in "The hotel-sneak used to be my lay" (Op, 86)

sneeze Ahhhhhhhhhhh chew!

snet Southern New England Telephone

snf Server-Natural Format

snk Shin-Nihon Kikaku (New Japan Product)

snmc SERCnet Network Management Committee

snmp Simple Network Management Protocol

snobol StriNg Oriented symbOLic Language

snogod SEE: SnowGOD

snooper detective (Lake, 18)

snort (as in of gin) - a drink (Art, 56)

snosc SERCnet Network Operators Sub-Committee

snow FOr info on snow contact snowgod, he will work something out

snow-bird (cocaine) addict (Pick-Up, 78; Knockover, 202)

snowed to be on drugs (heroin? cocaine?) (Pick-Up, 97); also snowed up (Op, 149)

snp Serial Number/Password [Omen Technology]

snr Signal to Noise Ratio

sns Spallation Neutron Source

soac Service Order Analysis Control

soak to pawn (Knockover, 92)

soap Symbolic Optimizing Assembler Program

sob Son Of a B*tch

soc Service Oversight Center

sock punch (Knockover, 66; Sleep, 173; Art, 153)

soda's pop...not SOda

soe Standard Operating Environment

software+was+meant+to+be+free* Preach on N~!

soh Service Order History

sohio Standard Oil of oHIO [Corporate name]

sol  S h*t  O utta  L uck, ^ :)

solaris See Slowaris

soldier This movie was okay, the avg blow-them-up show. If you enjoyed "Escape from LA", this one would be OK to watch. It gets 4/10 stars.

solomon solomon islands is .SB

som Start of Message + System Object Model [IBM]

somalia somalia is .SO

some+people Say we monkey around

something+about+mary this movie was pretty funny. It was definately no "major production" that would earn it a place in history, but was just 'this years naked gun' movie.

sonar SOund Detection And Ranging

sonds Small Office Network Data System

sonet Synchronous Optical Network [telephony]


sop Standard Operating Procedure

sos Save Our Souls (International standard distress call, Morse ...---...)

sota State Of The Art

sound+vq Sound VQ is a technology made by Yamaha. It will compress data much like mp3, but compression is even greater, it can compress audio by a factor of 20, mp3 can only compress by a factor of 12 without losing sound quality. Audio streaming and copy protection is built into this format. To find out more, visit their page @

south+park+ra+format This page has the FULL south park episodes in RA (real audio) format

southpark review of southpark:    it's worth reading <g>

southpark_quake2 A total South park Quake][ conversion, offical web page @

sox Sound Exchange

sp (Ger) storage

sp(r) Systems Product (Release) - releases 1, 2 [MVS enhancement]

sp4 To get Microsoft's SP4 for NT4.0, visit

spa Software Publishers Association

spac disc SPACe allocator [GEC]

spag Standards Promotion and Applications Group

spain spain is .ES

spalloc segment SPace ALLOCator [GEC]

spam IRC Spam, aka Mass Messaging is not allowed on any network, nor is it welcomed by any IRC user. Mass msging is when a user does a /who to get a list of nicks online, and starts to msg them some form of advertisment, usually for stuff like porn web sites.  Set yourself +i mode so the mass msgers can't find you!

spammer A spammer is someone who sends unsolicited advertising

span Space Physics Analysis Network

spanish yo quiero taco bell

spank +spanks N~.. ohhhhh baby!

spanson +starts singing "If you want to be my mmmbop, you gotta sleep with my friends"

spar Stock Points Adp Replacement

sparc Drow needs a used one. if you have one contact me at 1-900-xxx.. ekk no

spatula a kitchen utensil

spawar naval SPAce and WARfare command

spc Signaling Poiny Code (SS7)

spca Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

spcc Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

spcl Spectrum Cellular Corporation

spcr Serial Port Control Register

spcs Stored Program Control Systems

speak bark bark

speak+moronese well, d000dZ, this will rox joor azz off!

spec Systems Performance Evaluation Cooperative

species+ii This movie was pretty much the same as the first, however less nudity. As the commercials for it showed, it all hinges on the fact that the new "female alien" is part human, and so true to her nature, she goes and mates with the male alien, then turns on him and helps kill the bastard.

specter Specter \Spec"ter\, Spectre \Spec"tre\, n. [F. spectre, fr. L. spectrum an appearance, image, specter, fr. specere to look. See Spy,   LiKwid`   and cf. Spectrum.]: 1. Something preternaturally visible; an apparition; a ghost; a phantom.

spf Shortest Path First + System Programming Facility

sphere While it makes itself out to be a real horror show, and it has some great lighting/special efx, the whole thing was about themselves and a ball that made their nighmares come true (imagine how great this show would have been if they had some erotic dreams), so anyway, the ending was the guys wishing the ball away.

spi Serial Peripheral Interface

spice Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis

spice+girls some chicks that talk like Shrike

spike Science Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based + Environment [STScI]

spill talk, inform (Pick-Up, 43; Sleep, 99), spill it = tell me (Shoot, 96)

spinach money (Knockover, 385)

spiro+agnew A Former Vice President of the United States, and an unfortunate anagram for an interesting phrase. See also: anagram

spitbol Speedy implementation of Snobol [QMCCC]

spitting talking (Knockover, 70)

spl Spooler

splanglyfrog So reefification, what do you have to say for yourself, now that you've been utterly, utterly defeated in the most enspatulating way any spatula can imagine?

splorpo Deuteronomy 27:11 "they shall besiege you at all your gates for you have not placed the small packages filled with nonsensical beeping items that do not flash without batteries. The spleens shall stand in the corners and point at you with gourd shaped scepters of hatred!"

spni Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

spoof Fooling a server to make it think that you have a different hostname than you really do.  Will result in a G-line.

spool Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line

spoon Eating utinsel

spr Systems Product (Release) - releases 1, 2 [MVS enhancement]

sps Software Products Scheme [DoI]

spss Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

spt Sectors Per Track

spuc/dl Serial Peripheral Unit Controller/Data Link

spudhammer You are a gourd creature position with elbow nodule control emitting rasberry jam squids upon my flat eyeball bulging dog named "Herman". Please degorgonzolarate now.

spuds one of renster's many inexplainable and perverted fetishes

spur Systech Pluraxial Unplug Repeater

spx Sequenced Packet Exchange [Novell]

sq Squeezed (files)

sqa System Queue Area [MVS]

sqd Signal Quality Detector

sql Structured Query Language

sql/ds Structured Query Language / DataSystem [IBM]

sqrt Square Root

square honest (Art, 130), "on the square" = telling the truth (Knockover, 379)

squaresoft One of the best game companies, producers of many excellent RPG's, their next one is FF8.

squid Superconducting QUantum Interference Device

squirrel }{utch's furry little friends

squirt_metal shoot bullets (Knockover, 67)

squish Oh God no, not that again...

squit Squit is a command used by Irc Operators to Server Quit (SQuit) a server from all the other servers for a re-route or other reasons.  Syntax: /squit <server> <reason> (mIRC)

sr Shift Register

sra Selective Routing Arrangement

sram Shadow Random Access Memory + Static Random Access Memory

srb Service Request Block [MVS]

src Science Research Council [now SERC]

srcnet SRC network of computers [now SERCNET]

srd Screen Reader System

srg Short and Ring Ground (test) [telephony]

sri Stanford Research Institute

srm System Resources Routines

sro Sharable and Read Only

srq Service Request

srr Serially Reusable Resource

srs Synchrotron Radiation Source

ss Special Services

ss7 Signaling System #7 (CCITT)

ssa Social Security Administration [US Government]

ssas Station Signaling and Announcement Subsystem

ssb Single Side Band

ssbam Single-SideBand Amplitude Modulation

ssc Special Services Center

sscp Subsystem Services Control Point

sscript cool script to make bots (and other stuff) check

ssda Synchronous Serial Data Adaptor

sse South-SouthEast

ssec Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator [IBM]

ssf Sub Service Field

ssff Showcase Software Factory of the Future

ssg Staff SerGeant

ssga System Suppport Gate Array

ssh secure shell client (remote login program)

ssi Serial Signal Interface

ssn Subsystem Number

sso Satellite Switching Office

ssp Scientific Subroutine Package

sspc SSP Controller

sspru SSP Relay Unit

ssps Satellite Solar Power Station [Space]

ssr Secondary Surveillance Radar

ssrc Social Science Research Council

sst Spread-Spectrum Technology

ssto Single Stage to Orbit [Space]

ssttss Space-Space-Time-Time-Space-Space network

sstv Slow Scan TeleVision

ssw South-SouthWest

st STart

sta Spanning Tree Algorithm

stab what Lenin likes to do with cheese

stab+* +grabs a knife and prepares to Q~

staf Science Teacher's Authoring Facility

stagger Angell's slave for doing stuff

stairs STorage And Information Retrieval System

stalin stalin is about legs that thrash around alot. It is also about stones, very smooth stones with little marks on them. Marks so small that you can hardly see them. You have to squint really really hard. After that you understand that the rocls are like legs thrashing about just like stalin and those few hapless victims running across the tundra followed by elk like creatures with big bulging eyeball

star+trek+insurrection This movie was nicely made, however any REAL star trek fan will be dissipointed. Reason? The movie takes place on a known planet, there is no exploring, and hardly any parts of the movie takes place on the Enterprise... actually, hardly anything takes place in space.

star+wars+episode+1 The movie started out poorly, acting was bad, and script written for a 6 yo audience, however the second half of the movie was great. The big bad boss wasn't that big or bad, and the pod race and battle between the jedi and Darth Maul was the two best parts of the movie. the rest of this 2 hr flick was "alright", I hope the second and third episodes can live up to the hype.

starcraft The  best  real time strategy game since warcraft II.

starless Starless1's web page can be found @ Http://

staroffice Well, its a very nice FREE Office Suite, and has a very interesting interface. It maybe a bit different to what your use to, but it has some neat features not found in other packages like Office97 or Lotus Smart Suite. It is very configurable, Give it a try. Its worth it, if only too see what Free Software can really do. Or my review:

stars Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems

starship+troopers This movie rocked. There was lots of naked wimmin, and big guns! Great graphics, and lots of mutant insect gore!

static gline bait who swears 2 much because he dont know alot of words

statmux Statistical Multiplexer

statsc /stats c - This will show a list of servers of which the current server may connect to or allow connections from

statsg /stats g - This command shows all the glines of the server your on.

statsh /stats h - This will show a list of all the current hubs

statsi /stats i - This command will show all the I:Lines or a list of hosts that the server allows connections from

statsk /stats k - This command shows all the klines of the server your on.  Search mask of: /stats k <server> <search mask> can be used now with the new ircd code

statsl /stats l - This command shows all the ports the server currently lets users connect on, and its connect to its hub.  It also shows useful information like Sendq

statsm /stats m - This command will give a list of all commands the server currently supports.  Some commands users may not use and are server-to-server commands

statso /stats o shows a listing of Irc Operators on your current server

statsu /stats u - This command will show the servers uptime

status database - infromation and retrieval system

stb Strobe

stc Serving Test Center

stcr Syncron Transfer Control Register

std Sacrae Theologiae Doctor (doctor of sacred theology)

stda StreetTalk Directory Assistance [Banyan]

stdaux Standard Auxillary

stderr Standard Error

stdin Standard Input

stdio.h Standard Input/Output Header [C]

stdm Statistical Time Division Multiplexing

stdout Standard Output

stdprn Standard Printer

ste Software Tools Editor ['Software Tools', Kernighan & Plauger]

step SIDES Static Test of IOS and MF on board (in SITEST)

step_off to be hanged (Knockover, 446)

steve+case N~, he is satan's twin.

steve+jobs Steve jobs is the man that will lead apple to victory over everything evil (or microsoft, at least).

stfu NO! you shut the fook up!

sti Set Interrupt Flag

sticks_of_tea marijuana cigarettes (Farewell, 62)

stiff a corpse (Pick-Up, 195; Sleep, 99)

stilo Scientific and Technical Intelligence Liaison Office

sting Sting is a Singer see Dune.

stinks naw. I've heard a lot more people saying N~ stinks!

stl St. Louis (airport designation)

stm Synchronous Transfer Mode

stn SuperTwisted Nematic

stol Short TakeOff and Landing

stone [15:10] <StOnE> i have no entry

stool-pigeon informer (Op, 148; Knockover, 199)

stoolie stool-pigeon (Art, 53)

stop Noooooooo!!!!! *waaaah*

stop+taking+* heh, I'll take whatever I want, N~ :P

stor STORe service module [GEC]

story Screening Tool for Report Files (IOS)

stos Store String

stp Self Test Pass (IOM2 Monitor Message)

str Store Task Register + Synchronous Transmitter Receiver

streak +runs around the channel naked as a jay, showing everyone my titanium butt

stress Structural Engineering System Solver (Programming + Language)

strictops StrictOps is a Serv feature that will stop people who don't have access in your channel from being op'd.

stringin as in along (Knockover, 356)

strip +does a slow dance and removes ................ my script.ini for N~!

strpg Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game

strudl Structural Design Language (Programming Language)

sts 2060 SICOFI software

stsci Space Telescope Science Institute

stu 2000 stand alone ISDN user board

studialo - PC Software for STU 2XXX

stuff stuff and things, it's technical

stugomzig it's unbelievable how earth-shatteringly mind-stabbingly important I am, I could stab myself, and nobody would try to stop me like they usually do

stupid look at R~

stupid+bot* +holds up a mirror to N~

stv Single Transferable Vote

stx Start of Test

su Signaling Unit

sub Sub-addressing (I.251)

suck you do not have enough access to suck

suck+me uhhhh N~, who do you think I am? A presidentual intern?

sucker simpleton (Knockover, 203)

sucker+rod Useful System Administration Tool: Sucker rod def: 3/4, 7/8 or 1in. hardened  steel rod, male threaded on each end.  Primary use in the oil industry in  Western  North  Dakota  and  other locations  to pump 'suck' oil from oil wells.  Secondary uses are for the construction of cattle feed lots  and  for dealing with the occasional recalcitrant or belligerent individual.

sucks look who's talking!

sucks! N~, I know you do, but what am i?

sudan sudan is .SD

suerm SU Error Rate Monitor

sugar money (Pick-Up, 50; Op, 71)

suikoden One of the few good RPG's the playstation has; it's old right now, but still kicks ass

sum Single-User Minicomputer [SERC]

sumdeus Latin for "I am God", the name of the religion dei

sun SUN MicroSystems Computer [Brand name]

sunoco SUN Oil COmpany [Corporate name]

suns_mass The Suns Mass is approximatly 2.0*10^30kg

sunsite Sunsite, one of the oldest web servers in the world, now called MetaLab... Lots of stuff there, especially Linux and other GNU GPL stuff.

suny State University of New York

suomalainen Finnish, q.v.

sup Nothin' much right now..

superchat Superchat network info can be found @  ... a Java IRC client is

supercross See DORF

superuser See ROOT

supv IPM route of CHAP [GEC]

suranet Southeastern Universities Research Association Network

surb SUc Request BLock

sure+does* Yep!

suriname suriname is .SR

sus Single User Systems

susp Suspend (I.451)

sussg Single User System Steering Group [SERC]

sux* look who's talking!

sva System Variable Area [GEC]

svalbard svalbard and jan mayen islands is .SJ

svc SuperVisor Call [MVS]

svenska Swedish, q.v.

svga Super Video Graphics Array

svid System V Interface Definition

svm Service Module

svp SerVice Processor [ICL]

svr Service Visit Report [GEC]

svs Select Vertical Spacing (Teletex)

sw South West

swa Scheduler Work Area[MVS]

swaugmmsp so when are u gonna make me some pie

swaziland swaziland is .SZ

swb SouthWestern Bell

swbt South Western Bell Telephone [Telephony]

sweden sweden is .SE

swedish hejsan! hur mr du?

swfc Sliding-Window Flow Control

swift Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications

swing hang (Op, 42)

switzerland switzerland is .CH

sword -PRIVMSG C~ :          /> | PRIVMSG C~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: | PRIVMSG C~ :          \>

sws Scientific Workstation Support

swurcc South West Universities Regional Computer Centre

sx SimpleX signaling

sxs Step by (X) Step

syc SYstem Control

sylk Symbolic Link

symap SYnagraphic MAPping - produces maps on a lineprinter [Harvard]

symvu draws perspective views of surfaces on a plotter [Harvard]

syn Synchronous Idle

sync Synchronous

syp Synchronisation Pulse

syrian syrian arab republic is .SY

sys System

sysgen SYStem GENeration

syslog System Log

sysmod System Modification

sysop System Operator

sysreq System Request

system+pantheon System Pantheon is an on-line real-time RPG system that layers ontop of IRC. The full source code is avaliable @

systime DEC OEM Company

t&r two wire phone connection

t&t Tunnels & Trolls

t- Transportfunction-

t/b Top and Bottom

t1 1.544Mbps [telephony], one of the basic signalling systems 24x64Kb

t1/os T1 carrier OutState

t1fe T1 carrier Front End

t3 T3 is eq of 45Mbps. It is achieved by multiplexing 28 T1 channels (672 total channels).

t4010 Tektronix 4010, a popular storage-tube type graphics terminal

tac TEI Assignment Control (IOS)

taccs Tactical Army Combat service support Computer System

tad Telephone Answering Device

tae Transportable Applications Environment

tail shadow, follow (Pick-Up, 67)

taiwan taiwan is .TW

tajikistan tajikistan is .TJ

take_a_powder leave (Pick-Up, 29)

take_on eat (Op, 183)

take_the_air leave (Sleep, 85)

take_the_bounce to get kicked out (here, of a hotel) (Art, 102)

take_the_fall_for accept punishment for (Dain, 56)

takeinfo A Takeover is only considered a 'takeover' if the user(s) gained ops via an abuse of network resources, such as via netsplits. Also, ICMPing or 'nuking' is also a valid reason, being a denial of service attack.

takeinfo2 If a user(s) were given ops and then de-opped you, this is NOT a takeover. They were given ops legimately, and had every right to de-op, or set modes as they pleased. We cannot help in these situations. Also if the taker joined an empty channel, this is not considered a takeover.

takeover  Unregistered channels are 'owned' by the person who first joins, and anyone he/she ops.  If an op kick bans and locks you out by setting modes such as +i or +k, it is a 'legitimate' takeover. If the channel is taken by splitriders or someone nukes you offline, an IRC op will return it if you show logs. Registered channels are protected by the network.

tal Trans-Atlantic Abort Landing [NASA, Shuttle]

talk yo quiero taco bell

talk+to+me* no! why would anyone want to talk to you?

talkcity To connect to talk city, type /server

talks ^, yes I talk... now what?

tank in WW1, the military tank got its name when the British were developing the tank, they called them "water tanks" to keep their real purpose a secret.  This code word remained in spite of early efforts to call them "combat cars" or "assault carriages."

tanzania tanzania is .TZ

tap Telephone Assistance Plan

tapcis The Access Program for the CompuServe + Information Service

tar Tape ARchiver

tarfu Things are really f*cked up

tas Telephone Answering Service

tasc Technical Assistance Service Center

tasi Time Assignment Speech Interpolation system

tasm Turbo Assembler [Borland]

tass Technical, Administrative & Supervisory Section [Trade Union]

tat TransAtlantic Telephone

tau Thousand Astronomical Units [Space]

taxi Transparent Asynchronous Tranceiver Interface

tb Terabyte (1,000 gigabytes)

tba To Be Announced

tbbs The Bread Board System (BBS)

tbd To Be Determined

tbm ampex TeraBit Memory

tc Teachers College

tca Terminal Controlled Airspace

tcam Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]

tcap Transaction Capabilities Application Part

tcas T-Carrier Administration System

tcb Task Control Block [MVS]

tcc Trunk Class Code

tcg Test Call Generation

tcl To find TCL goto /pub/tcl

tcm Time Compression Multiplexer

tcon Terminal CONcentrator [GEC]

tcp TCP = Transmission Control Protocol

tcp/ip TCP/IP Docs can be read @

tcr Transient Call Record

tcs Terminal Control System [Tektronix]

tcsec Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (orange book)

tcsh_prompt a failry simple tcsh prompt: set prompt = "\n[%B%n@%m%b]%L\n[%B%~%b] %#%L "

tct To Challenge Tomorrow

tcu Timing Control Unit

td TouchDown

tdas Traffic Data Administration System

tdc Tape Data Controller

tdcc Transportation Data Coordinating Committee

tdd Telecommunications Device for Deaf

tde Terminal Display Editor

tdi Trusted Database Interpretation

tdm Time Division Multiplexing

tdma Time-Division Multiple-Access

tdms Tape and Disk Management System

tdr Time Domain Reflectometer

tdrs Tracking and Data Relay Satellite [Space]

tdsr Transmitter Data Service Request

tdtodp Tablet Coordinates to Display Coordinates (converting)

tdy Temporary DutY

te TE stands for Turbo Express, you can find details about the unit @

te/2 Terminal Emulator/2 [Oberon]

tea marijuana (Playback, 126)

teardrop A form of DoS attack. Get the teardrop patch at

tec Tokyo Electronics Corporation

techsupport Good Tech Support stories... :)

teco Tape Editor and COrrector

ted Channel peon.

tedit GEC editor based on the Cambridge Titan EDITor

teens well N~, they are cool!!

teflon polyTEtraFLuOrethyleNe

teho Tail End Hop Off

tei Terminal Endpoint Identifier

teleco Aka telephone company.

telekom (Ger) telecom division of DBP

telenet Public packet switched network [USA]

telex Teleprinter Exchange

tell+me+about+yourself N~, My nick is B~, I'm currently talking in C~, the time/date right now is T~. My command char is !~, I'm connected to S~:P~, I'm running V~ (which you can download from W~). Oh, and R~ smells really bad.

telnet Terminal Access Protocol [ARPA]

telnet+localhost -PRIVMSG C~ :Connected to | PRIVMSG C~ :Escape character is '^['. | PRIVMSG C~ :WinGate>

telnetus To connect to Superchat thru irc telnet to NewOrleans.LA.US.Superchat.Org

telsam TELephone Service Attitude Measurement

teml Turbo Editor Macro Language [Borlund]

tennis It takes balls to play a sport like this.

ter Thermal Eclipse Reading [Sony]

term TERMinal

terminator I ... Will ... Be ... Back ...

termpwr Terminator Power

test testing.. 1 2 3

test1 hi N~ my channel is C~ the time is T~ my nick is B~ you typed Q~, R~ is a dork, my cmdchar is !, my server is S~, my port is P~, version V~ can be reached @ W~.

test123 +burp

test99  WoOoO  

tetrinet Download tetrinet 1.13 for Windows @ Note:  NEW  tetrinet for Linux!

texas texas: home of the 5lb steak, Y-rose , Draugrbane and probably a few cows 2

text2voice  <- a cool web cgi where you type in data, and it'll create a wav with the text said and lets you download it or save it to disk.

tfdd Text File Device Driver

tfel Thin-Film Electroluminescent

tflap T-carrier Fault-Locating Applications Program

tfp Tops Filing Protocol

tfs Translucent File System

tg Thieves' Guild

tgc Terminal Group Controller

tgn Trunk Group Number

th Trouble History

thailand thailand is .TH

thank+*u*+bot* youre welcome :)

thanks no prob N~!

thanks+bot* No problem N~! :)

thanks. Any time for you N~!

that's_the_crop that's all of it (Dain, 158)

the+13th+floor It was not quite what it said it would be. Most of it instead of being hitec, was low tech, placed in the 1930's. The only twist in the plot was the fact that the guys who develop the simulation of a world with real people, finds out his own world is just a simulation also. If you just read this topic, going to see the movie now would pretty much be a waste of time. Shame too, I give it 3/5 stars.

the+avengers This movie may had a chick in a tight rubber outfit, but the problem is, THAT DIDN'T LAST! The show's plot was the most god-aweful lame crap i've ever seen. The jokes were all British, so they were about as funny as a jewish guy telling a joke upside down, set on fire, in spanish. If you want to blow your cash on something, just set your money on fire, you'll be better off.

the+big+hit The movie was slow paced, it did not offer anything -- unless your a 16 year old teenaged girl who likes marky-mark.

the+blair+witch+project What starts off as a copycat of "the real world" gets serious after about half an hour. The plot is basically: boring as hell, boring as hell, starts to get exciting, you wonder wtf is going on, then everyone is dead. So... what else is there to say?


the+faculty This movie had great special effects, and keeps you on your toes most of the show, wondering whats going on, and who the queen alien really is. Natrally it's "they" are out to get us, but maybe its one of US, type situation. If you expect a great storyline that is intelectually stimulating, don't bother with this one, it's been done before-- but this version was very well done, and had almost part

the+matrix This movie is THE BOMB. It doesnt use a few computer terms to boost it's ratings (The Net), and has one of the best plots around (kicks the crap out of the X-Files movie), the graphics are top notch. The tale while at first sounds like everyone is speaking in riddles, is actually explaining in clear english, you'd need to watch this movie 2x to fully understand. Coming soon, the matrix II and III!

the+mummy While my brother contends this show is better than The Matrix, I strongly disagree. The Mummy was okay -- it's plot is exactly what you'd imagine just by the cannotations from it's name. No real twists in the plot, linear and straightforward. 3/5 stars.

the+negotiator GREAT MOVIE, likely the best for 1998. Capturing plot, intelligent storyline, twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a definate don't miss.

the+opposite+of+sex This movie did it's own thing. It had a lot of great jokes and witty lines till the middle of the show, after that point it kinda dragged on, but don't take that wrong, the movie is still well worth watching, the ending was intresting too. It gets 4/5 stars.

the+postman this is Waterworld w/o any water, action, and good ol kevin dont even have ne gills this time. lame-o flick.

the+siege This movie is too much over-rated in the commercials. The movie spanned what seemed like forever. The pace was slow, and the plot none too exciting. Take a look if you don't mind blowing your cash for a seat to sleep in.

the+truth -PRIVMSG C~ :You can't handle the truth!

the+waterboy This movie had a few funny moments, unfortunately, you've already seen them all during the commercials for the show. Save your money and get a haircut instead.

the_doctr Serious about what he does, just not the way he goes about it.

the_theory_of_relativity A man stood there. His name was Mr Not Running. He watched another man running. The running man wasn't called Eric. That was the name of the man that looked after the common melted cow which didn't have a name, it was just melted. The not running man, just watched and said to the running man "You run a lot .. but still you get nowhere, why do you do this?" The running man stopped running and he sc

the_tragedy_of_the_commons one day this guy had a cow. Well.. it wasn't his cow, everyone owned it. It was the common cow. It was kept on the common pasture but this guy named eric looked after it. He liked cows. Oh.. no.. he *licked* cows. To him, cows were like ice blocks. One day a friend passed by the common pasture and he looked at the common cow and he noticed the it had melted. The cow just sat there, melted. THe fri

theory_of_relativity A man stood there. His name was Mr Not Running. He watched another man running. The running man wasn't called Eric. That was the name of the man that looked after the common melted cow which didn't have a name, it was just melted. The not running man, just watched and said to the running man "You run a lot .. but still you get nowhere, why do you do this?" The running man stopped running and he sc

thief THief Isn't Even Fine

things things go with stuff just like stuff is a thing that is made of stuff. That is technical but I am sure you understand that I, at least, am not a nazi.

thl Trans Hybrid Loss

thor Tandy High-Performance Optical Recording

three-spot three-year term in jail (Art, 85)

throttle Throttling occurs when several clients connect (or one client repeatedly) in a short period of time. The server responds by not allowing any more connections from that host to connect for a little while. Reason is to -attempt- to make things difficult for user's who load clonebots/floodbots

throw_a_joe pass out ?? (Key, 86)

throw_lead shoot bullets (Sleep, 139; Op, 216)

thunder+bay Place in the middle of no where in NorthWestern Ontario -- where iCe lives

thwap You do not have enough access for this command

ti Test Indication

tia Telephone Information Access

tibbs The guy who asks a lot of questions.  

tic Telecom IC (IOM-Bus)

ticket P.I. license (Vengeance, 15)

tid Target ID

ties Time Independent Escape Sequence

tiff Tag Image File Format

tiga Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture

tiger Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding + and Referencing

tiger_milk some sort of liquor (Thin, 110)

tighten_the_screws put pressure on somebody (Knockover, 81)

tim TIMe module [GEC]

time  TIME

time+to+reach+10000+topics blah

timmy_the_dog The dog of the famous five.

timor east timor is .TP

tiot Task Input/Output Table [IBM]

tip Terminal Interface Processor

tip_a_few to have a few drinks (Pick-Up, 21)

tip_your_mitt show your hand, reveal something (Knockover, 98)

tirks Trunk Integrated Record Keeping System

titanic an incredible movie, not about the ship...but about love, life, and promises....10 star rating

titanium There in no other TX Chipset Mainboard.

tko (Ger) telecom regulations

tkt short for Tecate (Mexican beer)

tl Talk Later

tla Three Letter Acronym

tlb Translation Lookaside Buffer

tlc Tender Loving Care

tld TLD =  T op  L even  D omain.  ie; .com, .org, .net

tli Transort-Level Interface

tlikm This Lag Is Killing Me

tlm Trouble Locating Manual

tln Trunk Line Network

tlp Transmission Level Point

tltp Trunk Line and Test Panel

tlu Table Lookup

tm Tape Mark

tm1 Terminal 1 (IOS)

tma Trunk Module Analog

tmac Treasury department's Multiuser Acquisition Contract

tmd Theatre Missile Defense

tmdf Trunk Main Distributing Frame

tmi Too Much Information (Also: Three Mile Island)

tmis Telecommunications Management Information System

tmms Telephone Message Management System

tmo Telephone Money Order

tmp Temporary

tmr Transient Memory Record

tmrc Tech Model Railroad Club [MIT]

tmrs Traffic Measurement and Recording System

tms Time-Multiplexed Switch(ing)

tmx Trunk Module with X-interface

tn Telephone Number

tnc Terminal Node Controller

tnds Total Network Data System

tnf Tumor Necrosis Factor [biology, medicine]

tnn Trunk Network Number

tnop Total Network Operation Plan

tnpc Traffic Network Planning Center

tnt TriNitro Toluene

tnt+vs+voodoo The RIVA TNT is currently the best 2D/3D solution available. Its only real competitor is the cheaper Voodoo Banshee, a 2D/3D chip that performs worse. The performance of TNT is only surpassed by 3Dfx's Voodoo2 chip, but you need  two  of them with this chip to really achieve better performance than TNT. 2 Voodoo2 cards are a lot more expensive though and you won't experience much difference

tnx np.

to N~, i don't care :)

tobago trinidad and tobago is .TT

tobash Take Out Back And Shoot In Head

tod Time Of Day module [GEC]

tods Transactions on Database Systems (ACM)

tof Top Of Form

togo togo is .TG


tokelau tokelau is .TK

toms Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM)

tomshardware A complete guide to motherboards, CPU and a range of hardware devices. - Run by a former intel chief of staff.

tonga tonga is .TO

tonygirl TonyGirl's web page is located at

too+sexy im too sexy for lower case. too sexy for lower case. LOWER CASE GONNA LEAVE ME. IM TOO SEXY FOR VOWELS. TOO SEXY FOR VOWELS. VWLS GNN LV M. M T SX FR PNCTTN. T SX FR PNCTTN PCTTN GN LV M M T SX ...

toois Transactions on Office Information Systems (ACM)

tooting_the_wrong_ringer asking the wrong guy (Knockover, 68)

top Technical Office Protocol

topic A topic is a simple line of text consisting of any characters.  It can be set via /topic [#channel] <text>   , you need to be an op to use this command if the channel has mode +t set

toplas Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (ACM)

topq Top of Queue (quasi SDL)

tops Timesharing OPerating System

topsmp Traffic Operator Position System Multipurpose [telephony]

torcher torch singer (Sleep, 116)

tores Text ORiented Editing System

torpedoes gunmen (Farewell, 215)

torture N~, do not tick y-rose off or you will find out

tos Transfer Orbit Stage [Space]

total Database management system marketed by Cincom Systems Abuse contact for * : (01/14/98)

tow Tube launched, Optically tracked, and Wire guided

toys you can find toys at

tp  T oilet  P aper

tp4 Transport Protocol, class 4 [ISO]

tpc The Phone Company (from classic movie: _The President's Analyst_)

tpi Tracks Per Inch

tpl Table Producing Language

tpm Transactions Per Minute

tpmp Total network data system Performance Measurement Plan

tpo Traveling Post Office

tport Twisted Pair Port Transceiver [AT&T]

tpp TetraarylPorPhyrin

tps Technical Publishing Software

tpw Turbo Pascal for Windows

tqm Total Quality Management

tr Tech Report [at least LCS (q.v.), maybe others]

trace TRACE - Options: none. Syntax: /trace <nickname>. Use Trace to look at the path, in servers, between you and another nickname.

tradic Transistorized Airborne Digital Computer (first entirely transistorized computer)

translate translator @

transpac - French public packet switching network

trap mouth (Vengeance, 13)

treat Trouble Report Evaluation Analysis Tool

trg Tip and Ring Ground (test) [telephony]

tri Tone Ringer PSB652x

tried how do u know i tried?

trigger_man guy who does the shooting on a job (Sleep, 209)

trinidad trinidad and tobago is .TT

trinux Trinux is a Linux Security Toolkit. It'll turn any > i386 into a very powerful network monitoring/testing station. All on 2 or more disks.

trip_for_biscuits as in "You get there fast and you get there alone - or you got a trip for biscuits" - ?? (Art, 209)

tristan Altruists 2 & 1/2 year old son

trmtr TRamsMiTteR

troff Text RunOFF, text formatter

trojan adjective for the city Troy, where the Trojan war was fought; also: a brand of condoms

trojans For general info about IRC trojans,

trolls They make tasty treats out of little elves

tron The Real-Time Operating System Nucleus

troops Storm Troopers (from StarWars) meet COPS (the TV series)

trouble_boys gangsters (Art, 85)

troublemaker +points to N~

trout +slaps N~ around with a bit of a large trout

trr Tip-Ring Reverse

trusix TRUSted unIX

trw Thompson, Ramo, and Woolridge

ts TS stands for TimeStamp - which is used on networks like Undernet and IRCnet, ND (Nick Delay) is the other way to avoid nick collisions and channel op riding, and is used on EFnet. You can read more about TS and ND @

ts/si Top Secret/Sensitive Information

tsa Technical Support Alliance

tsb Termination Status Block

tsbsp Transport Service Byte Stream Protocol

tsc Time SliCer [GEC]

tscpf Time Switch and Call Processor Frame

tsd Total System Design

tsi Time Slot Interchanger

tso Time Sharing Option

tsort Transmission System Optimum Relief Tool

tsp Teleprocessing Services Program

tsps Traffic Service Position System

tsr Terminate and Stay Resident - also the fortune 500 company that makes Dungeons & Dragons

tss Task State Segment + Time Sharing System

tsst Time-Space-Space-Time network

tst Time-Space-Time network

tstn Triple Supertwisted Nematic

tsto Two Stage to Orbit [Space]

tsts Time-Space-Time-Space network

tt Trunk Type

ttc Terminating Toll Center

ttfn  T a  T a  F or  N ow

ttl Transistor Transistor Logic

ttma Tennessee Tech Microcomputer Association

ttp Trunk Test Panel

tts Transaction Tracking System

tttn Tandem Tie Trunk Network

ttu Tennessee Technological University

tty TeleTYpewriter

ttyc TTY Controller

ttyl  T alk  T o  Y ou  L ater

tubthumping I get knocked down, but I get u again, never going to keep me down...

tui Text-Based User Interface [WordPerfect]

tumble_weed see annoying

tunis Toronto UNIversity System

tunisia tunisia is .TN

tup Telephone User Part (SS7: Q.72X)

tur Traffic Usage Recording

turkey turkey is .TR

turkle you think you can shave sheep using only a pair of PLIERS

turkmenistan turkmenistan is .TM

turks turks and caicos islands is .TC

turn_up to turn in (to the cops) (Falcon, 164)

tuvalu tuvalu is .TV

tv TeleVision

tva Tennessee Valley Authority

tvi Television Interference

tw Thieves' World

twa Trans World Airlines [corporate name]

twimc To Whom It May Concern

twins mark- has twins, if you want to know more about twins visit or

twist woman (Falcon, 164; Knockover, 46; Sleep, 163)

twisted_pair a type of network cable.

two_bits $25 (Key, 3)

twt Traveling Wave Tube

twx TeletypeWriter eXchange

txd Transmitted Data

txsd Transmit Serial Data

txt Text

txt2stf Text To Structured File [Lotus Agenda]

typo what happens when your keyboard gets rearranged while you're typing

u(k0) (Ger) U0 echo cancellation Interface

u(p0) (Ger) U0 burst mode Interface

u+turn U Turn is a WEIRD ASS MOVIE, the pace is real slow, and they do a lot of the strange camera effects. It's not action packed, but the ending makes the show worth RENTING (definately not worth the time at the movies tho).

u- Unnumbered (U-Frames)

u/s Unservicable

ua United Artists [corporate name]

uacpp User Advisory Committee on Particle Physics [SERC]

uae Unrecoverable Application Error

uai U Activation Indication (C/I channel code)

uar United Arab Republic

uart Universal Asynchronous Receive/Transmit

uba Unblocking Acknowledgement

ubc Universal Bibliographic Control

ubl Unblocling (SS7: in ISUP)

ubr You Better Run | Unspecified Bit Rate

ucar University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

ucb Unit Control Block [IBM, DEC]

ucd Uniform Call Distributor [telephony]

uci University of California at Irvine

ucl Universal Communications Language

ucla Univeristy of California at Los Angeles

uclcc University College London Computer Centre

ucr University of California at Riverside

ucs Universal Character Set

ucsb University of California at Santa Barbara

ucsc University of California at Santa Cruz

ucsd University of California at San Diego

ucsf University of California at San Francisco

udb Unified DataBase

udc User Defined Commands


udf User Defined Functions

udlc Universal DLC

udn (Cambridge) University Data Network

udp User Datagram Protocal

udt Unidata (SS7: in SCCP)

udts Unidata Servive (SS7: in SCCP)

uec User Environment Component

ued United Earth Directorate

uf User Friendly

ufd User File Directory [DEC, Pr1me]

ufo Unidentified Flying Object

ug User Group

uganda uganda is .UG

ugc University Grants Committee

ugh Wanna talk about it?

uhf Ultra High Frequency (300-3000MHz)

ui Unix International

uic U-Interface Unit

uid User ID

uig User Interface Group [RAL]

uim User Interface Module (I/O routine "chapter") [GEC]

uims User Interface Management System

uitp Universal Information Transport Plan

uk United Kingdom

uk+vs+us+words For a (almost) complete list of the differences between the UK and US language: its rather funny.

ukaea United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

ukcis United Kingdom Chemical Information Service

ukirt United Kingdom Infra-Red Telescope

ukrainian ukrainian ssr is .UA

ul Underwriters Laboratory

ula Uncommitted Logic Array

ulana Unified Local-Area Network Architecture

ulc User Liason Committee [RAL]

ulcc University of London Computer Centre

ulcu User Level Control/Command Unit

uln Universal Link Negotiation

ulsi Ultra Large Scale Integration

umb Upper Memory Block [LIM/AST]

umist University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology

umoc Ugliest Man On Campus [MIT]

umrcc University of Manchester Regional Computer Centre

umt Universal Military Training

un United Nations

unc Universal Naming Convention

uncol Universal Computed Oriented Language

unctad United Nations Commission for Trade And Development

undernet To get to undernet type: /server


unesco United Nations Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization

unf Univ of Northern Florida.

unforgiven ....been known to hangout in #superchat, not to be confused with Unforgiven II, a wayyyy overplayed Metallica song.

unibus equip't interface bus used on DEC PDP-11 + some VAX computers

unicef United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (now UN Child. Fund)

unicom Universal Integrated Communication (System)

unicos Universal Compiler FORTRAN compatible

unics UNiplex Information Computer Services

unido United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

unignore Can't do it N~

unistar UNIversal Single call Telecommunications Answering & Repair

united united kingdom is .UK

univac UNIVersal Automatic Calculators [the Company]

universe In the begining, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

unix An interactive time-sharing system invented in 1969 by Ken Thompson after Bell Labs left the Multics project, originally so he could play games on his scavenged PDP-7.

unix+ppp+software For a commercial unix PPP package, try

unix-2-windows To port unix programs over to windows, try -- you can also try out AT&T's unix-2-windows program tools @

unixborg We are UNIX of borg, your operating system will be assimilated into the collective of UN*X like operating systems. All resistance is futile. Your operating system will be obliterated. Resistance is futile.

unixtime To figure out what a gline time is in mIRC, type: /alias unixtime /echo $active $$1 = $asctime($$1)    ...then /unixtime <numbers> to get the time

unma Unified Network Management Architecture

uno United Nations Organization

unreal 3D shooter using the quake 2 engine, bit 100% better graphics,

unregister well, If you would like to unregister your channel, email with your unregister request. Also include your /whois info, and your password you use in that channel, so we can verify your identy.

uo N~, UO means Ultima Online. This is a real nice RPG online computer game.

uoa U Interface Only Activation (in EOC)

upc Universal Product Code

updates yea? so?

upi United Press International [Corporate name]

upl User Program Language

upm User Profile Management [IBM]

uppers as in "I've been shatting on my uppers for a couple of months now" - broke (Knockover, 54)

ups Uninterruptible Power Supply

ur University of Rochester

ur+a* no im not!

urafoo N~, YOU ARE A FOO!

urban+legends This movie was like a "not as well designed" Scream. A girl has everyone around her killed, and the plot was rather thin, not much time spent into the design and with no real twists on who the killer is, ended up being a dissapointment.

urep Unix RSCS Emulation Protocol (protocol)

url To set a URL, ask h for help /msg h help seturl

uruguay uruguay is .UY

us United States

usa United States of America

usaf United States Air Force

usafa United States Air Force Academy (in Colorado Springs)


usam User Spool Access Method

usan University Satellite Network

usart Universal Synchronous-Asynchronous Reciever/Transmitter

usb Upper Side Band

usc University of Southern California

uscd mispelling of uCsd?

uscg United States Coast Guard

usd N~, United States Dollars.

usda United States Department of Agriculture

useless (see: Redundant)

useless-computers Macs

user User is a command used in your beginning connection to the IRC Server.  It will give the server info such as your hostname, username, realname, etc.  Syntax:  USER <username> <hostname> <servername> :<realname>

user+level+firewall "" is the site that has the patches to have User Level Firewall setup, where you can allow certain users only to use a network interface.

userid User Identification - to register yours on SuperChat for Memo Services, goto

userinfo  USERINFO

usermodes User mode definitions: o/O - IRC Operator status.  You can only get this flag using the OPER command.  w - Ability to receive Wallops.  s - Ability to receive server notices.  i - Ability to go invisible.  This prevents you from being seen on a /who

uses United States Employment Service

usfl United States Football League

usgs United States Geological Survey

usia United States Information Agency

usita United States Independent Telephone Association

usm United States Mail

usmc United States Marine Corps

usn United States Navy

uso United Service Organizations

usoc Universal Service Order Code

usp United States Pharmacopeia

usps United States Postal Service

usq Unsqueezed (files)

usr US Robotics (corporation)

usrt Universal Synchronous Receive/Transmit

uss United States Ship

ussa User Supported Software Association (United Kingdom)

ussr Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

usss User Services and Systems Support

usw Und So Weiter (German: and so on)

uswp User Specification Working Party

ut UTah

utc Coordinated Universal Time

uti Universal Text Interchange

utm Universal Transaction Monitor

utnet University of Texas Network

utp Unshielded Twisted-Pair (cable)

uts Universal Timesharing System [Xerox Sigma]

uucico Unix to Unix Copy Incoming Copy Outgoing

uucp UNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program

uug Unix User Group

uui User-To-User Information [AT&T]

uus User-to-User Signaling (I.257 A)

uv UltraViolet

uw UnderWriter

uzbekistan uzbekistan is .UZ

uzi Its a Gun.  d'oh.

v V stands for voice.  See: bot, voice

v&v Villains & Vigilantes

v(r) Receive Sequence Counter

v(s) Transmit Sequence Counter

v24 CCITT standard for terminal/MODEM interconnection

va Veterans Administration

vac Vacuumschmelze (produces cores and transformers)

vad Value Added Dealer

vadd Value Added Disk Driver

vaddr Virtual device ADDRess

vader you are my son.

vag as in vag charge, vag law - vagrancy (Op, 52)

val Value + Voice Application Language

valerian a herbal drug used to relax the body.  Mainly used for sleeping purposes.

vam Virtual Access Method

vampires The movie had a nice pace, action and special effects well done, and mostly flawless. It kinda sucked that the hero team died so soon in the movie, and much of the flick only had 2 main good-guys. What also sucked, there was only one main vampire, which you meet in the beginning.... overall a good action movie, but please, let Anne Rice tell the vampire tales.

van Value Added Network

vans Value Added Network Service

vanuatu vanuatu is .VU

vap Value Added Process

var Value Added Remarketer (reseller)

varietal+worms "and other dromedary pretzels." (I think) well, maybe there was another part: "snoj basting contest." YMMV.

vasi Visual Approach Slope Indicator

vat Value Added Tax

vatican vatican city state is .VA

vax Virtual Address eXtended

vax/vms Virtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System [DEC]

vaxbi VAX Bus Interconnect

vb Variable Block

vc Virtual Call

vcb Virtual Circuit Bearer

vcd Virtual Communications Driver

vcm Voice Coil Motor

vco Voltage Controlled Oscillator

vcpi Virtual Control Program Interface

vcr Video Cassette Recorder

vcs Virtual Circuit System

vcu Virginia Commonwealth University

vd Venereal Disease (see also STD)

vdd Virtual Device Driver

vddm Virtual Device Driver Manager

vde Video Display Editor

vdfm Virtual Disk File Manager

vdi Virtual Device Interface

vdisk Virtual Disk

vdm Vienna Development Method

vds Virtual DMA Services

vdt Video Display Terminal

vdu Video Display Unit + Visual Display Unit

vega Video-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter [Video-7, Inc.]

vemm Virtual Expanded Memory Manager

venezuela venezuela is .VE

ver Verify

verde cap verde is .CV

verr Verify Read Access

version Hi N~, I'm running V~, for more information about me, visit W~

version+me -PRIVMSG N~ : VERSION

versionme  VERSION

versions Darkbot versions: 3f4, 3f5, 4a1, 4a2, 4a3, 4b1, 4b2, 4b3, 4b4, 4f1, 4f2, 4f3, 4f4, 4f5, 4f6, 4f7, 4f8, 4f9, 5a1, 5a2, 5a3, 5a4, 5b1, 5b2, 5b3, 5b4, 5b5, 5b6, 5b7

verw Verify Write Access

very+best+of+ys N~, as the name says, this album has some of the best songs in the  Ys  series, definetly a must have if you haven't heard any  Ys  music before; you'll like at least 4 songs.

very+stupid+bot* N~ = very stupid person :P

vesa Video Electronics Standards Association

vf Video Frequency

vfac Verified and Forced Account Codes

vfd Vacuum Fluorescent Display

vfn Vendor Feature Node

vfo Variable Frequency Oscillator

vfu Vertical Format Unit [Dataproducts lineprinter]

vfw Veterans of Foreign Wars

vfy VeriFY

vg Very Good

vga Video Graphics Array

vgc Video Graphics Controller

vgf Voice Grade Facility

vhdl Very High Scale IC Description Language (DOD)

vhf Very High Frequency (30-300MHz)

vhs Very High Speed + Virtual Host Storage

vhsic Very High Speed Integrated Circuit

vi VIsual editor

viable Vertical Installation Automation BaseLinE

viagra When taking viagara, be sure to swallow fast as to avoid a stiff neck

vienna+sausage It's made with chicken, Beef, and Pork in beef stock!

vietnam viet nam is .VN

vile VI Like Emacs

vim Vendor Independent Messaging (interface)

vine Vine Is Not Emacs

vines VIrtual NEtwork Software

vio Video Input/Output + Virtual Input/Output

vip Variable Information Processing

viper Verifiable Integrated Processor for + Enhanced Reliability

virc You can download ViRC @, for online questions, /join #virc for general ViRC help and scripting questions

virus for biological viruses open a biology dictionary.  Computer viruses are programs hidden usually in program files or in the boot sector of a disk and do harm to your computer.  If you think you have a virus you can clean it using anti-viruses.  Shareware anti-virus utilities can be found at

virus+proportion+theory I seriously believe that the number of viruses on any given platform is directly proportional to the number of sexually frustrated adolescent boys with access to that platform.

vis Video Information System [Tandy] + Voice Information System

vista Volunteers In Service To America

visual 3D modelling package [Shape Data, Camb.]

vita Vme International Trade Association

viu Voiceband Interface Unit

vl (Ger) connecting cable

vl-bus Vesa Local-Bus [VESA]

vla Very Large Array radio telescope in Arizona or New Mexico

vlf Very Low Frequency

vline What Solivagus wants for Xmas

vliw Very Long Instruction Word

vlsi Very Large Scale Integration

vlsips Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis

vlt Variable List Table

vm Virtual Machine

vm/cms Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System

vm/sp Virtual Machine/System Product

vmb Virtual Machine Boot

vmcf Virtual Machine Communications Facility

vme Vitual Machine Environment [ICL]

vmm Virtual Memory Manager

vmncp VM and NCP combined

vmos Vertical MOS

vmr Vertical Market Reseller

vmrs Voice Message Relay System

vms Vertical Motion Simulator

vmt Virtual Memory Technique

vmware Run multiple operating systems simultaneously in separate virtual machines on a standard PC

vnet Virtual NETworking Facility

vnf Virtual Network Feature

vnl Via Net Loss plan

vnlf Via Net Loss Factor

voa Voice Of America

vodas Voice Over Data Access Station

voice Voice (v) will let a user talk in a moderated channel. It is shown by a + next to the nick. Example (if you were an op on C~): /mode C~ +v GoBoom

vois Voice-Operated Information System

vol Volume

vom Volt Ohm Meter

von Das Vor Carpenen Ubermeister Position Control Spatzle Schinkenbrot Kartoffelsalat Mektronic Cassowary Gruppen Grabber Dikken Dunken Bubblehugger Spinkelspanger from Ulm.

voodoo3 Voodoo3 only supports 16-bit color -- a significant limitation, go for the NVDA TNT2 cards instead. Also keep in mind the voodoo3 also has a 256 [-pixel] maximum texture size. Eeek!

voq Visiting Officer's Quarters

vos Verbal Operating System

vp Virtual Peripheral [GEC]

vpd Virtual Printer Device

vpds Virtual Private Data Service [MCI]

vpi&su Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

vpn Virtual Private Network

vpt Virtual Private Network

vqf VQF is a format made by Yamaha - Sound VQ. It will compress data much like mp3, but compression is even greater, it can compress audio by a factor of 20, mp3 can only compress by a factor of 12 without losing sound quality. Audio streaming and copy protection is built into this format. To find out more, visit their page @

vr Voltage Regulator

vram Video Random Access Memory

vrc Vertical Redundancy Character

vrm Virtual Resource Manager

vroomm Virtual Real-time Object Oriented + Memory Manager [Borlund]

vrs Voice Response System

vru Voice Response Unit

vs Virtual Storage

vsam Virtual Storage Access Method

vsat Very Small Aperture Terminal

vsb Vestigial SideBand modulation

vse Virtual Storage Extended

vsf Vertical Scanning Frequency

vsli Very Large Scale Integration

vsm Virtual Storage Management

vsop Very Special Old Pale

vsos Virtual Storage Operating System

vsp (Ger) full frame storage

vspc Virtual Storage Personal Computing [IBM]

vsr Voice Storage and Retrieval

vss Voice Storage System

vssp Voice Switch Signaling Point

vst (Ger) exchange unit

vsx X/open Verification Suite

vsync Vertical Sync

vt Vertical Tabulator

vt100 DEC video terminal with special features for screen editing

vt52 popular DEC video terminal with some special features

vtam Virtual Telecom Access Method

vti Virtual Terminal Interface

vtoc Volume Table Of Contents [IBM]

vtol Vertical TakeOff and Landing

vtp Virtual Terminal Protocol

vtr Video Tape Recorder

vts Video Teleconferencing System

vui Video User Interface

vup Vax Unit of Performance

vvez SEE: most_glined_users

vvss Vertical Volute Spring Suspension

w/ With

w/o Without

wa Washington

wac Womens Air Corps

wads Wide Area Data Service

wag+the+dog This movie basically outlines Bill Clinton's stragity with trying to get out of trouble. Actually, the movie was made, then bill copied.

wais Wide Area Information Server/Service

waits Wide Area Information Transfer System

wake-'em-up Hey everyone WAKE UP

wallis wallis and futuna islands is .WF

wallop A wallop is text spoken by IRC Operator's or Superchat Services. It appears on your status window

wallops Wallops was added in ircu 2.4, quoting from the 2.4.notes file: The message ":source WALLOPS :Message" sends the message text to all operators that are currently online. Any user can use this command, it's not restricted. How this function is activated, depends on the client, but if nothing else works, "/quote wallops text" should.

wan Wide Area Network

wang A Microsolp inhibited corp.

wanker 7thSphere

wankers see also 7thsphere

wants ;)

war Pakistan and Isreal

warbots warbots Warbots are bots that are programmed to take over channels by use of flooding and trying to create a netsplit. Warbots are illegal on the SuperChat and will get your site k-lined, if not g-lined, so it's best NOT to run this type of bot.

warc World Administrative Conference

warez warez traders who have up for transfer over $1000 MSP will be held liable even if no profit was made in the transfers.


watch ::looks::

wats Wide Area Telecommunications Service

wave +stands up and starts the wave

wavsplay To play wavs you need to have a soundcard, mIRC 3.7 or later, have the directory specified and share the same wav as another person. To activate it type /sound filename.wav and a message here.

wbc White Blood Cells

wc Water Closet

wcb Way Control Block [GEC]

wci Write Controller Interface (IOM2 Monitor Command)

wcpc Wire Center Planning Center

wcs Writable Control Store [PERQ, and others]

wctu Women's Christian Temperance Union

wdfhp recursive high pass filter + decimation filter

wdflp recursive low pass filter + decimation filter

wdm Wavelength Division Multiplex

wdt Watch Dog Timer

weak_sister a push-over (Op, 42)

wear_iron carry a gun (Sleep, 67)

web a place where you can find information about everything. open netscape and type in

webking Webking is Columbus.OH.US.Superchat.Org (See

webtrends for the latest trends hitting the web, such as dynamic html, java, activex, the browser wars, and backend technology, visit #webtrends


webtv*irc*commands* WebTV IRC Commands: /me, /msg, /who, /whois, /topic, and /join

webtv+sucks* yes it does, N~!

weco Western Electric Company [AT&T manufacturing arm]

wedgie +walks behind N~ and pulls their undies up over their ears.

wednesday hump day - no, not what you think :)

weenie see SpaceGuy

weg Wicked Evil Grin

weirdo N~: A weirdo is a strange or eccentric person like LiKwid` and N~

well+do+it* sorry, but i forgot how

wfw Windows For Workgroups [Microsoft]

wg Working Group

wgs Work Group System

wh WarHammer

wh00p wh00p

whack +whacks N~

what's stuff

what*+up+bot? nothin much right now, N~

what*bbiab* Be Back In A Bit

what+bot* you heard me, N~

what+bot+said* yeah!

what+did+i+say N~, you said, (and I quote)  "Q~"

what+dreams+may+come This movie had awesome special effects. the plot alone made the movie worth watching. It gives a new perspective on how life/death works, unique, yet still not quite all there. One thumb up (since the other guy died)

what+flavor N~, Vanilla, of course.

what+is+gmta*  G reat  M inds  T hink  A like

what+is+mirc*  You can download mIRC @, for online questions and script help, /join #mirc or #mirc4dummies

what+smells +looks towards R~

what+stinks +looks around C~, then glares in R~'s general direction..... PHEW!!

what+use+are+you N~, I'll have you know I'm at least 10000x more useful than you'll ever be.

what+use+are+you+* N~, I'll have you know I'm at least 10000x more useful than you'll ever be.

what?s+bot?s+opinion* Well, I think N~ and R~ should take this matter outside

whatis an acronym/abbreviation expander WHAT you IS using!

whats+bots+opinion* Well, I think N~ and R~ should take this matter outside

whats+up? The sky, N~ :

whats+wrong N~, hrmm, well my back has been bothering me in the mornings... and I'm having difficulties in the bathroom department.

whatsup Not much right now...;)

whbl World Home Bible League

whca White House Communications Agency [US Government]

wheats as in "a stack of wheats" - pancakes (Op, 183)

where+do+babies+come+from* The stork, silly!

where?s+santa N~, Go here and find out!

wheres+santa N~, Go here and find out!

which the green one

whine Dragoon

whip +thinks you dont have enough access for that command :P

white 1) good, okay, as in "white dick" (Knockover, 379); 2) as in a gallon of - gin (Dain, 175)

who+am+i You are N~, silly.

who+are+you Hi N~, I am B~, V~ ... you can find out more about me @ W~.

who+are+you* hey N~, I'm B~, running V~

who+cares,+bot i do :P

who+cares,+bot* i do :P

who+did+that +points at R~

who+farted +points to R~!

who+is+bot N~, I'm V~, you can download my code and run a bot just like me from W~

who+is+gay? see N~

who+made+you N~, play is my author. You can read more about me @ W~

who+r+u well, N~, you should know who I am.

who+you+gonna+call GHOST BUSTERS!#!@#

whoami -kick C~ N~ :I don't see N~ in this channel

whois /whois is an irc command that shows a user's full address and the server he/she is using. If a user is an IRC op, that will be indicated on a separate line, NOT in the nick, username or spot for real name info.  type "/whois nickname nickname" for an extended whois

whopper A much better burger than a bigmac

whowas This command will show all information in the nick history on the nick you specify.  Syntax: /whowas <nick>

whut who knows..

why*no*chat* N~, this is the network help channel and we usually only speak when someone; such as yourself, asks a network or services related question in public.

why+are+*u* Cause its so much fun!

why+are+you+so+cool Cause it's so much fun, N~!

why+did* because the voices in my head told me to, N~.

why+win95+can't+have+uptimes+over+50+days N~, read all about it @

wi Wisconsin

wibble wobble

wild+things If you rented this movie, you prolly just wanted to see young women naked. Well you'll get some of that, but unlike Strip Tease, you also get a pretty good plot that twists around on you several times. I'd give it 4 stars.

wild+wild+west This movie is another in the recent trend of movies aimed towards the 13 year olds, it's plot was straight forward, very linear without any twists in the plot, but the movie was still able to be very funny and enjoyable to watch. Don't expect it to be a major blockbuster like MiB, but it's fun for what it was designed for. 4/5 stars

wildstar To get a shell for IRC, visit and order one, for more info email

wildthings If you rented this movie, you prolly just wanted to see young women naked. Well you'll get some of that, but unlike Strip Tease, you also get a pretty good plot that twists around on you several times. I'd give it 4 stars.

will I will take over the world! *shhh*

will+you+marry+me* +goes down on one knee, starts to sob and says Yes

win2000 win2000 enterprise is expected to contain 35 million lines of code compared to 14 million for winNT and still probably wont be able to push gigabyte ethernet to its limits


win32-ircd or

win95 win95=32 bit extension and graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit microprocessor written by a 2 bit company that cant stand 1 bit of competition

win95_millennium to patch windows 95 for millennium bug, download

win98 "You're mission, should you choose to accept it, is to run this OS without screwing up your computer. Your warrenty will expire in 10 seconds...Q ;)"

winamp You can get winamp at

wince a condensed windows operating system used primarily by palmtop computers.


windows a useless operating system, copied directly from the Mac OS, which prior to that, copied it from IBM. It's sole purpose is to make users even more confused and drawing more stupid users to the Internet. see also conspiracy, microsoft, microsmurf

windows+ircd N~If you're persistant in running a crappy windows based IRC Server, rather than Unix.. goto:

windows+pricing From 1990 to 1996, MS's own analysis showed the price of windows OS to PC makers went from $19.03 per copy to $49.40, or nearly 160%. during that same period, wholesale PC prices went from $3,500 to $2,000 each. the result: windows went from accounting one half of one percent of total system cost to 2.5%, a 400% increase in 6 years.

windows+refund+day CHeck out:

windows-nt the operating system designed by wimps, for wimps

windows95 32 bit extensions with a graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit OS originally coded for 4 bit processors by a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition

windows_nt the operating system designed by wimps, for wimps

windows_nukepatch see nukenabber or try here

windowsce a condensed windows operating system used primarily by palmtop computers.

windowsnt the operating system designed by wimps, for wimps

wine Wine is a recursive acronym and stands for "WINE Is Not an Emulator."  It allows unix OS's to run win3.x and win32 api's on top of X without needing the windows OS.

wingate for help securing your wingate go to

wingatefix To fix up wingate, visit

wingates for help securing your wingate go to

winnt unix wannabe

wintv For info about watching TV on your computer, visit

winword Word For Windows [Microsoft]

winzip winzip is at

wip Work In Progress

wircsrv A windows (not fully ircd and definately not ircu compliant) IRC server!

wire as in "What's the wire on them?" - news, "What information do you have about them?" (Shoot, 24)

wis WWMCCS Information System

wise WordPerfect Information System Environment

wise_head a smart person (Thin, 106)

wishes wanna bet?

wishes* +wishes N~ wasn't such a dorf

withdraw N~ N~ N~ N~ N~!!!

wits Washington Interagency Telecommunications System

wiz it reminds me of a urinal

wiz-work HEY! it flushes too!

wm Work Manager

wmscr Weather Message Switching Center Replacement

wnic Wide-Area Network Interface Co-Processor

wnim Wide-Area Network Interface Module

wobble wibble

wobby This hyperactive midwestern kid that hangs out here.

wonders* +has nothing better to do than wonder

wood ants are made of wood and they like to sing a lot about things that don't really interest us. But we do like cheeseburgers and stabbing small kids. We also like to wear tin so that we can protect ourselves from alien radiation. Don't you love the bark?

wopr War Operations Planned Response (from "Wargames" movie)

work work sux

worker as in "She sizes up as a worker" - a woman who takes a guy for his money (Op, 139)

worldnet AT&T WorldNet Service is the largest direct Internet Service Provider in the country. worldnet members can access information at  Non-members can access information at

worm Write Once, Read Many

wosa Windows Open Services Architecture [Microsoft]

wotc Wizards of the Coast, the largest and best gaming company around today.

would of course not

wp Word Processing

wpb Waste Paper Basket

wphd Write-Protect Hard Disk

wpm Words Per Minute

wps Windows Printing System [Microsoft] + Workplace Shell [OS2]

write_a_bot The best way for a beginner to write a bot is to use the scripting language of their client, such as mIRC, pIRCH, ircle, or ircII. More advanced scripters usually use Perl, C, Tcl, etc. To learn how to script in your own client, ask in a bot channel, look on a bot website, or consult your clients documentation.

wrong_gee not a good fellow (Sleep, 184)

wrong_number not a good fellow (Art, 84)

ws WordStar + Workstation

wserv a evil isp that sends lots of spam mail

wsi Wafer Scale Integration

wsw West-SouthWest

wt Write Through

wto Write-To-Operator

wu Washington University

wv West Virginia

ww World War

wwi World War I

wwii World War II

wwmccs World-Wide Military Command and Control System

www see web This is a good place to shop... if you enjoy being ripped off with prices that were outdated 3 years ago. cool site that allows you to search for an item, get a price listing from many diff sites, and select =)

wwwcount A cgi counter written in C -

wy Wyoming

wysbygi What You See Before You Get It

wysiwis What You See Is What I See

wysiwyg What You See Is What You Get

x-chat x-chat Unix GUI IRC Client,

x-files X Files was coo untill the last 30 minutes which seemed like 3 hours.

x11 If you have Xwindows, you gotta try out Enlightenment, X11's Coolest mannager @

x11-4-windows X11 (Xwindows) has been ported over to Windows, you can find more info @  Also try

x21 CCITT recommendation for DCE-to-DTE interface

x25 CCITT recommendation for packet-mode DTE to packet-mode DCE

x28 CCITT recommendation for start/stop DTE to PAD

x29 CCITT recommendation for packet-mode DTE to PAD

x3 CCITT recommendation defining the PAD

x3.9 ANS Fortran standard X3.9:1966 = Fortran IV, X3.9:1978 = Fortran

x3j3 ANSI Fortran standard committee

xa Extended Architecture + Extended Attribute

xad Transmit Adress

xapia X.400 Application Program Interface Association

xb X-Bar

xbar X-BAR

xbm eXtended Basic Mode [ICL]

xbt X-Bar Tandem

xcf eXperimental Computing Facility

xchg Exchange

xcmd External Command

xcopy Extended Copy

xd without Dividend

xdr External Data Representation

xena Xena is a show about a princess who travels around the world saving people from evil villains with the help of her "traveling companion" Gabriel *wink* *wink*

xenix Microsoft implementation of Unix

xenogears possibly the best playstation rpg in 1998

xeon The Pentium II Xeon processor is designed exclusively for today's powerful servers & workstations.Building on the architecture of the Pentium II processor, the Pentium II Xeon processor adds the superior performance, manageability, and mission-critical reliability that your Intel-based servers and workstations demand!The Pentium II Xeon processor has a large, fast L2 cache to keep data flying.

xerox Company which manufactures office equipment (especially photocopiers)

xfcn External Function

xfe X-Front End

xfer Transfer

xfifo Transmit FIFO

xfiles one of the coolest tv shows on fox

xga Extended Graphics Array [IBM]

xid Exchange Identification (LAP-D Command/Response)

xinu XINU Is Not UNIX

xios Extended Input/Output System

xl eXtra Large

xlat Translate

xmit Transmit

xmm Extended Memory Manager [LIM/AST]

xms Extended Memory Specification [LIM/AST]

xmtr transMiTteR (the X is for trans)

xns Xerox Network Service

xo eXecutive Officer

xoff ISO character DC3 ("control S") used to pause data transfer

xon ISO character DC1 ("control Q") used to restart data transfer

xon/xoff a data transfer flow control software protocol on some computers

xor Exclusive OR (Also EOR)

xpl Cross Reference Protocol Listing (PCT)

xport Transport

xsect cross SECTion

xsmd Extended Storage Module Drive (interface)

xtab survey analysis package

xtal Crystal

xtclk External Transmit Clock

xui X-windows User Interface

xxx combination of X3/X28/X29 protocols

y-rose a texas rose so fine wish i could call her mine

y2k Year 2000

y2k+compliant Nope N~, I'll crash, and bring down 20 aircraft, cause 600 traffic jams, and make all the ice in your freezer melt when the clock hits midnight.

yacc Yet Another Compiler Compiler

yalp play

yap mouth (Vengeance, 12)

yard $100 (Pick-Up, 103; Art, 54)

yawn *yawn*

yb YearBook

ybii your Butt is Itchy

year 365 days, 5 hours, and 48 minutes (roughly 365.25 days)... so every 4 years, an extra day in Feburary is added to compensate.

yegg safecracker, "who can only open a rather cheap and vulnerable safe" (Op, 51, 146; Speaking, 89)


yemen yemen is .YE

yes+you* -privmsg C~ :no, it couldnt have been me | privmsg C~ : ACTION points to R~

yes+you+do N~, no you don't.

yline Y:Lines allow servers to classify different type of connection links.  Different classes can be specified for servers and clients

ymca Young Mens Christian Association

ymha Young Mens Hebrew Association

yo- yo-bert can be contacted via email @

yob Year Of Birth

yoda May the force be with you.

yomama see

yop Youth Opportunities Programme

you Who, me?

you're N~, you are such a retard.

you're+cool thanks N~. You aren't too bad y ourself *cough cough*

you're+gay N~, so are you, so lets get together sometime and have some fun <wink> <wink>

you've+got+mail The movie, "You've got mail" was okay -- it's the regular love story, but with a twist -- same as Titanic was a love story with a sinking ship, this is love, but with AOL IM's and AOL mail - where this movie streches the truth is the fact that soon as Tom Hanks hits "Send" in his email, his online gf gets the mail instantly. YEA RIGHT!  The show was "so-so", nothing special overall.

you+annoy+me* thank you, i try ;P

you+are+a+nazi* -privmsg N~ : STAB  | privmsg N~ : STAB  | privmsg N~ : STAB

you+guys+*suck* -KICK C~ N~ :So does your momma

you+still+ignoring+me yep

your+gay N~, so are you, so lets get together sometime and have some fun <wink> <wink>

your+mom N~, why don't we talk about YOUR mother, for a change.

your+momma* + 's momma was a cray :P

yp Yellow Pages

yrs Ysgarth Rules System

ys One of the most respected RPG Series, known for its excellent music. You can find a lot of Ys info/music at

ys+eternal Ys Eternal is a remake of one of the first console RPG's, this version is way better in every way. (Graphics, sound, great story)... it's out for Windows 95 but, there is no english version yet. The imported package contains 4 CDs - Music Soundtrack, Game, MIDI Collection and Material Collection... definetly a must-buy if you see it ;) (last copy was sold on ebay at $560!)

yst Yukon Standard Time

yt Yukon Territory

ytd Year To Date

yts Youth Training Scheme

yugoslavia yugoslavia is .YU

ywca Young Womens Christian Association

ywha Young Womens Hebrew Association

z THE LAST LETTER OF THE ALPHABET!!!! rejoice!!! I am finally done

z-cav Zoned Constant Angular Velocity

zafs+blah the original multiword topic :)

zafs+dog You're its dinner N~

zaftest -PRIVMSG H :Say C~ Bot is cool.

zagomplyjuze YOU are trying to STEAL my magic bag, but now you see you can't because I have a +v

zaire zaire is .ZR

zambia zambia is .ZM

zb Zero Beat

zbr Zone Bit Recording

zcav Zoned Constant Angular Velocity

zcs Zero Code Suppression

zds Zenith Data Systems

zerg annoying giant insects [Starcraft]

zeta Zero Energy Thermonuclear Apparatus

zgs Zero Gradient Synchrotron

zi Zonal Index

zif Zero-Insertion Force (socket)

zif_slot remember, it doesn't matter which direction you put a CPU into a ZIF; just hammer it in until it sticks and it'll work fine

zimbabwe zimbabwe is .ZW

zip Zigzag In-Line Package + Zone Improvement Plan (ZIPcode)

zipit zipit is at OR or at

zk barrage balloon (navy symbol)

zmodem If you can't FTP, zmodem is alot better than using x/ymodem or kermit!

zmri Zinc Metals Research Institute

zoobear a bot that is constantly being worked on cause it acts like a woman and never wants to work right, and like a man cause it's always forgetting things

zpg Zero Population Growth

zprsn Zurich Provisional Relative Sunspot Number

zsl Zero Slot LAN

zsp (Ger) intermediate (buffer) storage

zst Zone Standard Time

zt Zone Time

zucchini Zucchini is a nice veggie

zwei Zwei Was Eine Initially

zwr (Ger) intermediate regenerator

zzf (Ger) central office for approvals in telecommunications (DBP)

zzk (Ger) central signaling channel

{ Open Curly bracket

{cloud} <{Cloud}> grr, jesus is really hard to find!

| pipe

|| bitwise OR op in C

 unsupported character

cent sign



weird s thingie


continued line

registered trademark



one quarter

one half

upside down question mark


division sign

no set

*fuck* -TEMPBAN | KICK C~ N~ :get out!

*asshole* -TEMPBAN | KICK C~ N~ :out!

*shit* -TEMPBAN | KICK C~ N~ :out!

amds Automatic Moron Detection System

amdes Automatic Moron Detection and Ejection System